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    Since 2008, our manufacturing company GOLF COSMETICS, based in Istanbul/Turkey, has specialized in aerosol and liquid filling with personal & home & auto care products. We manufacture not only our brands but also provide contract manufacturing brands. We use the latest technology machinery for production, the production capacity of our factory is 100.000 pcs for Aerosols and 50.000 pcs for Liquids in a daily basis. Our factory has been under construction which will be 8000m2 in 2023; thus, thankfully we are getting bigger day by day in order to give the best service for our clients. Indeed we have specialized in aerosol filling over the years with an extended product range, including air fresheners, deodorants, shaving foam, auto silicone, lighter gas, and many more to be discovered on our website. We also offer hygiene products such as disinfectants, liquid soaps, Eau de cologne, cotton buds, and paper cups. Thanks to our highly qualified exclusive distribution partners, our company's ever-growing global success enabled us to present on domestic and internal markets in more than 40 countries. (mainly the Middle East, Europe, Balkans, Africa, Asia) Besides, as we work every day under GMP standards to ensure the quality of our products, we are also proud to be certified according to ISO 9001 standards. Our goal is to participate in creating the next generation of cosmetics with our quality products. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    Arthur Schopf-Hygiene GmbH & Co. KG is a company with national and international operations. The production of high-quality animal hygiene products, disinfectants and biocides for the agricultural, veterinary and foodstuffs industries is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. You are guaranteed the best customer service and a solution-oriented approach thanks to our innovative products, in-house research and development and our employees' technical expertise. The manufacturing range in the field of animal hygiene comprises approximately 300 products, making it the most comprehensive range of products of all comparable companies in Europe. Around 70% of these products originate from our own development and are manufactured in-house. Thanks to the high flexibility of internal structures, a large number of products can also be offered under private label. Pest control has been part of the traditional range for decades, for which a recognised effective overall system is offered. The company is now the market leader in Germany in this sector



    BTU-CENTER is a Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial biologicals for agriculture, one of the 25% of the largest manufacturers of biological products in the world, the largest manufacturer and exporter of such products in Ukraine. The manufacturer has 23 years of experience, more than 450 employees in the group of companies, own manufacture and R&D center Institute of Applied Biotechnology. The enterprise’s portfolio includes more than 60 preparations used in organic and integrated technologies for nutrition and plant protection, as well as for restoration of soil fertility on a total area of more than 4 million hectares. 9 biologicals are registered in the EU and certified for organic agriculture here. The production facilities are 10 000 of biologicals annually. BTU-CENTER is the only Ukrainian company that became a member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA).



    COSMETIC PRO BV is a company based in the Netherlands specialised in the wholesale of cosmetics and beauty products since 2013. We offer authentic products and services of the highest quality. Our wide product range includes beauty, skin care and hair care products. Over the years we earned the trust of numerous retailers such as department stores, perfumeries, drugstores and luxury hypermarket stores, enabling us to grow and establish an international presence on the cosmetics market. Today we export our products to all continents. We also offer drop shipping, OEM services and design custom packaging according to your needs. Moreover, we are also a distributor of renowned cosmetic brands as Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Sisley and certified shops as LOREAL, THE BODY SHOP, OBELIS, SEPHORA, DOUGLAS, UNILEVER or P&G. COMSETIC PRO BV is also a leading supplier and manufacturer of gift sets that are produced in our own factory from the existing products in our stock. All our products are elaborated from rich formulas in compliance with the current laws and regulations in our sector. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !


    United States

    Isabella's Clearly is a natural beauty and health brand with a mission to help people lead healthy lifestyles. Our products are handcrafted in the USA with plant-based ingredients that are powerful and effective, without toxins, chemicals, or preservatives. Combining traditional herbal knowledge with modern techniques, we use nature's best resources to craft solutions that are beneficial for the body, mind, and health. Inspired by the everyday needs of women, men, and children, our products help our customers achieve their beauty and health goals using nature's best ingredients. We source responsibly, package minimally, and craft amazing products that our customers love.

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    We are manufacturer insect control products in Antalya We are exporting company Physiological and biological structures of pests are examined in the control of agricultural areas. We continue to develop our products as a result of our research on the most effective pheromone, card and roll sticky traps, delta, water trap, funnel, light and other types of traps and biological protection systems. Together with our team, we offer a reduction in the loss of the manufacturer's product, an increase in its quality, and a positive gain for the country's values ​​and lands in the field of biological protection systems. By presenting the application methods in the agricultural struggle of the plants cultivated in different ecological regions, it is ensured that the development is accelerated and the production richness is increased. For this reason, we represent products with biological and organic content. We think that it will gain even more importance and every work done for human health will be more beneficial. For this reason, we continue to do useful work with our team.



    Ital Tiger LLC from Ukraine produces 2 kinds of soft fresh rodenticidal bait: «Rat's Death #1» (the rodenticide paste with 0.005% brodifacoum in sachets) and «Rat's Death #2» (the rodenticide paste with 0.005% bromadiolone in sachets). We purchase the active ingredients - brodifacoum and bromadiolone - exclusively from the Italian company ACTIVA Srl. The Italian packaging machines produced by SCHMUCKER Srl (Italy) enable us to pack our products in the following packaging: * bags of 100g and 200g; * pots of 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, "Pests’ death №2" is a ready-to-use insecticide for domestic and professional use which provides instant action and long lasting residual effect (21 days). We are ready to help your company with the registration of our products in your country. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us (office@italtiger.com).



    As a new company but at the same time with many years of experience in the field of production and marketing of biocides, our goal at FOTOPHARM is the continuous development in the field of pesticides and public health. We promote reliability in all our activities and invest in innovation, quality and safety of our products and services. We create every day with a passion for innovation and a non-negotiable commitment to quality, with respect for our consumers, our employees, society and the environment. We actively invest in the economy and the market through a course of growth, innovation, quality and contribution and we support society and our employees against the times of the times. We strengthen the international profile of our company through strategic alliances, and export expansion of our network in Greece and Cyprus. Our priority at FOTOPHARM is to ensure the consistent quality of our products and services. We produce and market a complete range of approved biocides (rodenticides, insecticides) and essential supplies (sticky traps, bait stations, etc.), in order to meet the needs of every professional. In our products we always choose top quality raw materials to ensure their excellent efficiency. At FOTOPHARM we monitor the market developments and renew our product line, aiming at your most complete and highest quality supply of state-of-the-art products. OUR VALUES Reliability Confidence Experience Quality Consistency


    United Kingdom

    Hockley International limited is a privately owned, UK-based company with over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture, formulation, packaging and exporting of agricultural, environmental health, industrial and veterinary products. Hockley have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience throughout its various departments. A close working environment and excellent department interaction helps to ensure a seamless, effective working process which ultimately leads to satisfied stakeholders. Hockley has both French and Spanish speaking staff and welcome any enquires in either language. We supply our products to over 90 countries worldwide and enjoy a reputation for supplying competitively-priced products of superior quality to agricultural, veterinary hygiene and environmental health industries.



    Created in 1974, LABORATOIRES ACI's mission is : the formulation, conception and distribution of chemical and organic products, design of applications for hygiene, industrial maintenance and surface coatings. We focus on three key activities : research and conception of products in our laboratories, production, and distribution throughout France, with a network of highly trained and dedicated salespeople, and in around 30 countries with Laboratoires ACI International and a network of exclusive distributors.Our range of 200 products is divided into six categories: hygiene, disinfection, sanitation, water clean-up, degreasing and chemical preparation of surfaces, coating surfaces, various maintenance functions and mortar treatment.



    Terra Nostra GmbH manufactures and distributes the versatile and natural biocide agent margosa extract. Developer of biocide agents, supplier of Margosa extract, house dust mite spray, mite spray, neem extract, repellents against mites, ants, flies, ticks, repellent against fleas, manufacturer of repellents against house dust mites, repellent against red bird mite.



    Entosav is a leading group company which was founded as a pest control organization PCO company in Turkey in 1995. Now, having 4 companies and providing employment more than 1000 people, we continues to display activities in different fields, primarily in production, servicing, public health, pest control, bio-security in terms of animal health in farms & poultries, plant protection, environmental planning, landscaping, construction and contracting. Entosav is keep delivering lots of new and differentiated solutions that address unmet market needs in scientific way and that Entosav is the leader in public health market by having around 40% market share in Turkey for the last 7 years. We offer exclusive technical service (know-how), special vehicle, equipment-tools and unique tailored made comprehensive range of products such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides which mainly formulates all kinds of formulations in the market of several countries.

  1. SPAA


    SPAA is active in the production and sale of Biostimulants, Bio natural control products, Special fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, Phosphites, Basic substances, Strengtheners, Plant extracts for Professional Agriculture. Our strength always has been our products’ quality obtained thanks to our R&D and the capacity to respond to all needs of agriculture. With a great agronomic experience on all crops of 20 years, our core are the Biostimulants mentioned above, in particular our SURNAN, 100% vegetable protein hydrolyzate obtained from corn gluten proteins with proprietary and patented technology, SURNAN S which includes elementary Sulphur and Biocontrol line with plant extracts and some micro-organisms based product. We work on B2C and B2B channels. We offer various solutions for both nutrition and natural control, with a personalized and customized service based on the requests of our customers.



    Introduction of Zouping Derui Trade Co., Ltd.Zouping Derui Trade Company which has a solid economic foundation, strong relation network, complete technology and personal configuration import and export corporation is endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs, With accessing to the WTO and growing import and export trade, our company provides carefully door-to-door service for the traders, importers and exporters. We do have impeccable import and export service system and close cooperation relationship with many ship-owning companies and airline companies. So that we can afford the best service of shipping, air transportation lines and customs clearance, taxes paying, insurance buying, cargo transferring, checking and suitable distribution way fast and safety and other services. We have a wide range of commodity information network, partners all over the world; we in the "guide to create the best service" business philosophy, through the unremit



    Hi there, Our copper sulfate and zinc sulfate are both certified for use as organic crop fertilizers and soil amendments. Our copper sulfate is also certified for use as an organic crop pesticide and for organic weed and disease control. Copper Carbonate Technical Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Feed Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Sapphire Crystals Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Fine Crystals (Pesticide Label) Basic Copper Sulfate Technical Grade Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate Feed/Fertilizer Grade granular, mini-granular, powder forms Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate Industrial Grade Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate Technical Grade Zinc Sulfate Solution 33% Zinc Chloride Solution 62.5% Zinc Chloride Solution 50%Like I ealier mentioned, we cover Agrochemicals fromFungicideAcaricideOther Agrochemicals & PesticideOrganic FertilizerBiological FertilizerHerbicideMolluscicideFertilizerCompound FertilizerPlant FoodAgrochemicals & Pesticides ProductsNematicideNitrogen FertilizerPhosphate FertilizerUreaPlant Growth RegulatorBiological PesticidePotassium FertilizerOther FertilizersInsecticideRodenticideStates: Powder , Granular, Liquid and FlakesTypes: NPKPotassium ChlorideRock PhosphateHumic AcidCompostPotassium SulphateManureAmmonium NitrateTSPCalcium NitrateDAPSSPRelease Type: QuickControlledSlowOrganic FertilizerOther FertilizersNitrogen FertilizerPotassium FertilizerCompound FertilizerPhosphate FertilizerPlant FoodUreaBiological FertilizerypeNPKPotassium ChlorideRock

  4. A.R.T.S.



    South Korea

    We, DAEGIL CO., LTD. is the manufacturer of glue and sticky traps for rats, cockroaches, flies, and other insects. We have produced the environment-friendly and high quality glue traps for over 40 years and became a leading company in Korea with our own experience and technical skills. Now, we are doing our best to enhance our competitiveness in world market. Recently, we have been exporting our first-class products around the world and our quality and technique has been recognized as the best in this field. You can be protected from the toxic effects because our products do not contain any harmful ingredients. Moreover, our products can help protecting the environment by cutting the use of chemical and poison which destroys the ecosystem. Our glue traps are very cost-effective, so you can get a maximum of efficiency at a minimum of cost. Our products have super strong adhesion and long-lasting effects.



    Forehigh is a Chinese company, who was established in 1997, not only an agrochemical producer, but also a supplier of food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials and veterinary products. With more than 10years international business experience, in an innovative and professional way, Forehigh provides customers with ingredients for their industries, provides suppliers with channel to the world market, provides employees with advancement opportunities and provides all stake-holder with satisfactions and happiness.



    Wellmax Agrochem is one of the leading exporters of agriculture chemicals in China, exporting products to South Asia, South East Asia, Central & Southern America and Middle East. Wellmax has a team of experienced and committed staff with the aim of providing excellent services to its clients. Wellmax Agrochem specializes in the origination and delivery of strategic raw material, finished products, adding value at each stage of the supply chain. Wellmax Agrochem supplies insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, PGR, rodenticides, acaricides, molluscides and intermediates. The company also provide registration and technical support upon client's request. Wellmax Agrochem has also been working closely with the factories to introduce new products and introducing them to our clients. Wellmax Agrochem is able to provide to client various sized packagings.



    As an ISO9001: 2000 Certified, ISO14001: 1996 and OHSMS Certified company, Fengshan Group focus on agrochemicals for 25 year’s. Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd is one of the leading agrochemical manufacturer and exporter in China, especially strong on R&D on pesticides. With the strength of the R&D center and the group integrated administration, our pesticides products gained great popularity in market domestically and globally.Technicals! Formulations! Herbicides! Insecticides! Fungicides! WP, WDG, SL, SC, SP, EC, PP and Mixtures! Quizalofop-P-ethyl! Nicosulfuron! Trifluralin! and Glyphosate! Propargite! Imidacloprid! Acetamiprid! and Chlorpyrifos!



    AgroBase Co., Ltd is compound of several parts including research institute, agrochemical factory, equipment factory and international trading company etc. The company specializes in the marketing, R&D, and manufacturing of Agrochemicals, Intermediates, Chemical equipment and Fertilizer etc. We have good relations with many domestic agrochemical, pharmaceutical factories and professional institutes, so we have extensive channel for various information. With the support of our own plant and many good relation partners, our products have been exported to many countries and areas in the world. Based on the good quality and excellent services, we have gained high popularity among our end-users all over the world. The company's strategy is to keep providing better products & services to our customers. We are devoting to cultivating worldwide "green agriculture", developing top crop protection technology, providing high quality, environment friendly products to the growers around the world. W



    Shenzhen Zonewins Special Materials Co., Ltd(ZWS) is the word's leading producer and manager of New Pesticide in china.The company's main products include Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Plant Growth Regulator, Rodenticide, Bifenthrin Deltamethrin, Flufenoxuron, Spinosad, Methomyl, Buprofezin, Imiacloprid, Fipronil , Fenproximate, Nitenpyram, Sanitary Pesticides, Fumigating Insecticides, Strongly Insecticides, Abamectin, Acetamiprid , Chlorfluazuron , Cyfluthrin , Cypermethrin, Alpha-cypermethrin , Diflubenzuron, Dimethoate, Emamectin benzoate, Hexaflumuron, Malathion, Pyridaben, Spirodiclofen, Teflubenzuron, Chrantranil, Triazophos etc.It is a designated pesticide enterprise in China.



    Your reliable agrochemical partner in China Shanghai MIO Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional and reputable agrochemicals manufacturer in china including Herbicides, Fungicides & Insecticides. We are holding two production factories in China that integrates R&D, synthesizing and formulation. All were awarded ISO 9001 certification. We start to produce TC from 1991, we are also very strong at formulation recipe development, with abundant and excellent production experience of the following formulation types: SC, FS, CS, OD, EW, EC, SL, ME, WDG, DF, WP.



    Welcome to your insektfrit hjem (bug free home) We have a wide range of products within insect removers and repellers and we are constantly trying to find new exciting products for our range. We try to give a good experience when shopping for insect repellers low price, fast delivery and good customer service. We have a selection of products that will ensure your summer will be a little more fun on the terrace, without you having to worry about waking up full of mosquito bites. At our webshop, we have collected products such as Mosquito lights, Electric insect repellent, Mosquito nets for doors and windows, etc. In addition to a wide range of products that keep the insects away from the house, you can also find knowledge on the subject on our blog. In the summer it is time for Mosquitoes and it also often gives mosquito bites. However, some people can not get through the summer without looking like a pincushion, of just mosquito bites.

  5. OR.MA. SRL


    OR.MA. manufactures automatic diffusers, air fresheners and insecticides, natural pyrethrum aerosol sprays, light traps and other items for controlling insects and purifying the air. The Orma catalogue is divided into two parts. In the fight against parasites, we provide luminous traps with Eurofly, Flycontrol, Ecofly sticky panels, as well as safety containers for raticide bait (bait station for rats) Masterbox, available in 5 different formats. For further details: www.enocentro.it



    We are pest control products manufactory in South China, founded in 1987, we have fly glue trap series, cockroach removal series, mouse glue trap series, ant removal series.Our products won the “China Quality Credit Grade AAA + enterprise”title.In the domain of pest control, now we become the top quality and most famous in China.We want to find business partners from oversea for long term and good cooperations, if you have interest please kindly contact us for more informations.



    Molina Agro sells phytosanitary products for olive trees located in Jaen. The excellent quality and competitive prices of our phytosanitary products for olive trees have made us a market reference. Our team will of professionals will take care of you with efficiency, commitment and responsibility. At Molina Agro it is important for us to offer our clients top quality products suited to their needs.



    Laboratorios VINFER S.A was set up in 1980 for the manufacture and distribution of insecticides. Located in the city of Albacete, we operate from vast modern premises in the Campollano industrial zone where we manufacture and package our aerosols: cleaning , air freshening, insecticide and hygiene products. We strive to consolidate and grow by focusing on developing sales across three separate channels: household, professional and export.



    Viridaxis produces aphid parasitoids based on a unique plant-less process. Our products are renowned for their outstanding quality and reliability. Major investment is continuously made in the R & D sector with emphasis being placed on the development of practical and effective products to fight against aphids and promote sustainable agriculture at the same time.



    Manufacturer and Exporter of Agrochemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Acaricides, Public-Health Products (House-Hold Pesticides), Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) and Organic Fertilizers.

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