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    The company GHS SEPARATIONSTECHNIK GMBH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Irrigation systems industry. It is based in Landshut, Germany.



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    The company CREMONINI MECCANICA S.N.C. DI FABIO & DARIO CREMONINI, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Irrigation systems industry. It also operates in the Agricultural systems and equipment, motor pumps, electropumps, Agricultural systems and equipment, and agricultural products industries. It is based in Roncoferraro, Italy.



    Established in 2016, Alchemist Technologies manufactures agricultural machinery from Turkey. We mainly produce agricultural trailers with the ALCHEMIST TRAILER brand, such as bale trailers, traditional trailers, and monocoque trailers featured for the needs and comforts of farmers. On the same roof, we submit our marketing services to our business partners to serve and satisfy our customers' needs with a professional sales and technical team. We offer agricultural solutions such as : •Tillage equipment, •Planting equipment •Loader and accessories, •Haymaking equipment, •Fertilizers and manure spreaders, •Energy solutions, •Packing machines, •Sprayer equipment and animal husbandry equipment, please visit our website to discover more! Our principal partner KOMSILAJ Wrapper Round baller machines, is the true leader in Turkey and is known for its strength and most advanced features (These machines can pack tomato pulp and dry materials such as cotton). Our second leading partner is OPAL PIVOT, known for its high-performance sprinkler and gearbox-made Center, Linear, and universal pivots for agricultural irrigation needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Driptime ® is a brand of AR Agricultural Irrigation Company. AR Agricultural Irrigation Company has been producing valves, fittings, sprinkler and filtration equipment since 2008. Our company, which is among the companies that develops its production capacity every year in its sector, works on the use, dissemination and development of irrigation systems in our country and in the world with the products it produces. While our company delivers its products to our farmers with all its devotion, it increases its reputation day by day in the world market through its partners, distributors and representatives in many countries. Our company, which increases its product range day by day, has pioneered the inclusion of many useful products in the sector as a result of its efforts to produce new products related to the irrigation sector and to improve existing products.



    Our company was established as a manufacturer company in 1994 in Mersin/Turkey. It has been manufacturing machinery and machine spare parts required for both domestic and foreign industrial plants as name Acarsan since its establishment till date. As well as these Acarsan Groups second company Acar-Lazer carry on manufacturing of plate products (such as, cutting, bending, welding, electrostatic, painting, etc.) Acarsan Group to show its production and technology experience in Agricultural sector established Acar-Mak-San. Ltd. Co. in 2009. Acar-Mak-San. Ltd. Co. previously use its 16 years experience to design and product in agricultural machines and metal equipments under “Flower®” brand, later, concentrate in filter systems and irrigation. Acar-Mak-San. Ltd.Co. is manufacturing Filtration Systems under brand name ACRV Filter® and all certified with TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System. Especially in filter systems ACRV Filter® produces Automatic and Semi-Automatic, Hydraulic (Screen) Filters and Systems, Pump Suction Filters, Hydrocyclones, Moss-Sand (Gravel) Filters, Combi, Disk, Sieve and Nozzle Filters and Metalic Fertilizer Tanks. Acarmaksan continue develope its products in last technological labor. We supply our products to farmers with R&D activities. We aimed to provide easy using and maintance, comfort, minumum workmanship, energy-saving, low cost, maximum cleaning performance.

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    As Mita Foreign Trade Company, situated in Istanbul-TURKEY, we produce and export poultry equipments, hatcheries, poultry houses, silos and slaughterhouses for 28 years. Mita Foreign Trade Company has spread to many locations in the world mainly exporting to Middle East, North Africa and European countries since 1993. Our company carries out its R&D studies in the fields by working integrated with its expert staff. Mita Foreign Trade Company corresponds to the developments in the poultry sector by following up the emerging world technology and provides great number of employment opportunities by contributing to country export and import. Mita Foreign Trade Company enhanced its product quality to the top level by its outstanding service knowledge and adheres this as the company policy.



    SAMLONGDA Plastic Industrial Co., Limited is a high tech enterprise of plastic tubing, Polyurethane Tube (PU tube), PU Coil Tube, PE tubing, Nylon Tubing, PA 6/12 tubes and PVC Hose. We serve a variety of industries, including Pneumatic Industrial, Pneumatic Pipeline, automotive industrial, automated assemble lines, Air tools, agriculture, Industrial Waters, Gardening, Spray Painting, Marine and more. Our feature PU tube and PU Spiral Hose with100% new raw material are widely exported to Europe county. We are continual in designing, developing, marketing other kinds of plastic tube to meet different market demands, such as EVA Braid hose, Nylon 12 tubes, High Elasticity Coil tube, High pressure hoses, PVC Braid Hose, High pressure Layflat hose, Hose reel and pneumatic components etc. Our Pneumatic tubes are warmly welcomed by European, South America, South Asia customers. We are committed to quality service and products. Need more information? Call us Now!


    United Kingdom

    As Largest LDPE pipe manufacturer in China, Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company concentrates on LDPE irrigation pipes & tubes manufacturing for agricultural water-saving irrigation, garden irrigation and greenhouse irrigation systems. Established in 1996, Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company is located in Xiamen, Fujian province, China, and covers an area of 40, 000 square meters with R & D departments, mould workshops, product manufacturing workshops, quality control workshops and agricultural experiment stations. Moreover, Topper has built sound technical cooperative relationships with famous manufacturers and R & D organizations such as Syngenta, Netafim, Rainbird and Priva. Certificated by ISO 9001 in 2011, Topper has established comprehensive scientific systems of research and development as well as quality control. Moreover, we also exported our products to over 60 countries and regions as well as earn a good reputation from customers.



    Nawras drip for advanced irrigation systems is leading factory in drip irrigation. We produce regular pipes (hoses) (from 12cm to 100 above) internal dotted pipes ( hoses) tree groups pipes(hoses) We consider ourselves as business pioneer since we are the first factory where made the shortest distance between irrigation droppers are 12 cm as well we are the first co. where made research in sugarcane drip irrigating. We are using Servo_Tech in punching pipes holes to avoid dropper clogged. We are already exporting to 6 different countries (Lebanon , KSA, Yemen, Sudan , Palestine, Jordan) So Please if you don't mind and like to cooperate with us it will be more than pleasure



    Yulug Engineering Irrıgatıon Systems and Water Management company has been proudly providing services nationally and internationally since 1997. The main priority for Yuluğ Engineering is to protect water resources all around the world which gives, warning signs and to contribute to appropriate projects towards production. Therefore, projects and applications are made to provide economic benefits and protecting the natural resources. Yulug establishment is an expert in irrigation, drip irrigation, irrigation with treated waste waster, waste water treatment, subsurface drip irrigation, drainage, landscaping and etc. We have been providing projects and application, agriculturally and industrially in these aspects.We implement the intelligent application for our irrigation projects with our ‘ know-how’ knowledge and experience, we dispute against classic plumping perception in this sector. Yuluğ engineering participated in special education programs in United States, providing details about collecting, treating and improving waste water as an alternative to discharge of irrigation in developed countries. In Conclusion, we are an experienced establishment and capable of performing special projects with ‘ know-how’ knowledge. Our difference is, operating process will always be paralleled with that laws of nature. We will always make sure that creating economical and long lasting feasible projects will always be our priority.



    SERASAN | GREENHOUSE MODELS, GREENHOUSE PRODUCTS | Serasan Tarım Engineering Architecture | www. serasan .com.tr | serasan , greenhouse, antalya greenhouse, greenhouse products, greenhouse models, glass greenhouses, plastic greenhouses, serasan agricultural engineering architecture, gothic greenhouses, spring roof greenhouses, hobby greenhouses, glass frame greenhouses, turnkey greenhouse projects, greenhouse equipment , shade tulle, place cover, bee veil, the polycarbonate fastener aluminum and PVC clips, drip irrigation systems, greenhouses antalya , greenhouse mediterranean , turkey greenhouse . Our establishment has started to serve in Antalya as the center of greenhouse cultivation in the form of low tunnel and glass greenhouse manufacturing and installation. Later on, our country's efforts to enter the European Union and to obtain quality products in order to be able to take place in the developing world market, our modern momentum of greenhouse companies in our company with the needs of our farmers and our greenhouse companies in our country continued to serve with increasingly high and modern greenhouse plants in larger areas. ...



    Best Price Our financial policies depend on providing the necessary quality with real competitive prices.  Best quality Quality standards for countries and the multiplicity of different standards make competition more difficult, but it is our goal to produce a quality level that pleases everyone.  Always developing Always find new solutions, raise the level of technology it uses, the only way of being in this competitive market. 25 YEARS WARRANTY Alasu offers high quality all products in confidence with 25 years warranty  product variety We constantly update our product range in line with your needs and sectoral innovations  100% Suitable Our company, which has all the quality standards and certificates, can also provide special additional documents when necessary. ALASU We support the preservation of nature and green spaces and desire to leave a more livable world for young generations

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    The smart irrigation system for gardens and agriculture will let you to save water, fertilizers and energy. Furthermore, the system avoid problems due to excess of water in saturated soils. The smart sensors, that simulate the root of the plants are able to know the real needs of water the plants have. Once detected the needs of water, the sensors, automatically send a signal via radio to open the electrovalve and start the irrigation of just that area. Whit Intelliwater, the smart irrigation system, is possible to sectorize the garden or the crop for optimize the use of water.



    Dear Sir/Madam BKV Comp. was founded in 2013 and has been manufacturing Hydraulic Control Valves for Industrial Water Network and Agricultural Applications, Back-Flushing Control Valves, Gate Valves, Ball Valves Strainers Check Valves Air Valves and Hydrants and Agricultural Irrigation Systems with highly experienced technical Staff with the idea of Contract Manufacturing since then. Our Company has been successful in many of the businesses which conform the objectives they have targeted. Always keeping the quality and service to public in the forefront, Our Company has ensured the achievements and confidence in quality and services after sales with the leadership they have made both in the Domestic Market and International Market as well. Today, we offer Hydraulic Control Valves-Solenoid Valve and Hydraulic Pilot Operated-Diaphragm Actuator, Diaphragm Closure, Piston Close-Rated DN 40 (Included) to DN 500 (Included) - Rated Pressure PN 8, PN 40. We provide products which are made of metal and plastic as well to our customers in high quality and with affordable prices. you can visit https: //www.bkvvana.com/en and see our producess from our web site we are wait your interest. you can direct contact from +905495891939 whatsapp number too Gokhan Ergulu foreigntrade cheif



    AGRODRIP S.A. has been a commercial enterprise since 1984. In 1989, the company expanded its activities in the area of producing parts of irrigation systems.The manufacture of new pioneer products by the company's designing and development department and the certification of its products by the quality system ISO 9001 have contributed greatly to the company's progress.Nowadays, the company is able to provide reliable and complete solutions to the most difficult irrigation problems due to its well-organized worldwide sales network and the perfect technical support that is provided by its experienced executives. Today we are working in two innovative factories in the Industrial zone of Thessaloniki in North Greece and we are using new models of production machines in all the products of our range . Our product range includes fittings for any kind of irrigation (sprinklers , drippers , micro irrigation fittings , barbed and quick-lock fittings , valves and mini valves , compression coupli



    We are a consulting company with specializing on system for irrigation, pumping stations, control of the environment and other question of water.Professionally engaged in the business for 50 years with a lot of experience and knowledge from project in Sweden and abroad.We work with the latest technology and with high quality products. Our designer to help them create the best possible system with quality, economy and low cost of maintenance uses CAD system.Our clients and their needs have a top priority within company policy.Investment on automatic irrigation system for the turf areas will lead to, better work environmental, saving of expenses for employees, saving of water and water expenses, superior quality and necessary conditions for vegetation.We worked with all types of irrigation system at turf areas for example, golf courses, parks and landscape.


    United Kingdom

    Watermatic install automatic computerised irrigation systems to ensure that the watering of gardens and landscapes is performed without manual intervention on your behalf. This way, you can focus on your business and pleasure and let the garden 'water itself'! Using our advanced computerised system and sensors used to inform the system when and how much water to apply in each application. Watermatic install Irrigation products and have a variety of electronic controllers to allow intelligent distribution of water to the plants, lawn & tress.The type of controllers used for different application and are chosen depending on your irrigation needs. Agricultural irrigation and horticultural irrigation would require different types electronic systems, and we therefore require to visit your garden or landscape to discuss the most suitable option.In landscaped areas where an advanced automatic irrigation systems is installed can contain 'sensors' components to measure the dampness.



    The Buried Diffuser is a new irrigation technique which can be used for trees (fruit trees, forest trees, ornamental trees) and shrubs, vegetables in fields and in green houses, and plants in containers, pots or boxes. The Buried Diffuser is, with no doubt, the most efficient technique to bring water to the roots. - New solution to save irrigation water, energy, fertilizer, etc… - 0% waste by evaporation - 2 times less water than the drip method - 3 to 5 times more yield than drip irrigation - Very simple installation and use - Not expensive - Innovative with high commercial potential - Allows “anticipated irrigation” during the rain period and no irrigation during the dry period - Allows “the injection and the conservation of water in the deep soil layers”



    HERAY's main activity is the manufacture and supply of water filters for irrigation systems.Our range of products is very large: Metal Filters, Sand Media Filters, Turbocyclones, Moss Filters, Automatic Filter Systems. We also manufacture Water Filter Systems for Industry as well as Solar water heating Systems (with and without pressure).Not giving concession from the quality in manufacturing, our company implements the ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System. We have always been developing our corporal status with the certificates we received from TSE (Turkish Standard Institute) and the University.Our products are subjected to pressure and performance tests by the Quality Control Department and technical support service is rendered by our engineers during the after-sale assembling, commissioning and maintenance stages.


    United States

    If you're looking for a landscape designer, a landscaping company, an irrigation contractor, or just a weekly lawn care service, call Corporate Green first.Corporate Green, LLC is a full service professional landscape maintenance company. We are locally owned and operated and have over 100 years of combined experience in serving South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. We provide a full range of landscaping services, led by a team of licensed professionals. Some of the landscaping services we offer are Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Lighting, Landscape Irrigation, Termite and Pest Control, Bush Hogging, Chemical Application, Landscape Seeding, Gardening Landscaping, Lawn Care, Lawn Service, and Soil Sampling. Let our Landscape Contractors help you with all of your landscaping needs.Landscaping Contractors, Pest Control, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation Systems, Landscaper



    “Sprinkler Irrigation Systems”, “Drip Irrigation Systems”, “Filter Systems (Plastic & Metal)” and "Couplings" under the title “pressured irrigation systems” which are the need of the agriculture sector. Taking the customer satisfaction and quality production as a goal up till today, YADA has been the leader of the technology and innovation in the pressured irrigation sector since 1995. We have set out our vision as to be the leader in the customer preferences in Turkey and in the world with our product we make in the light of our management and production strategies we have constituted within the framework of our basic quality policy. Creating a safe, peaceful, transparent, democratic and profitable environment and maintaining its sustainability are our fundamental values working professionally in teamwork mentality with our employees, customers, and product and service suppliers.


    United Kingdom

    Porous Pipe watering/irrigation pipe, works by leaking water evenly along the length of the pipe, right where it is needed. Key advantages and applications; - Made in the UK from recycled materials to ISO9001 standards - Uses up to 70% less water than normal watering methods - Cost-effective if using a water meter / timer - Environmental; uses rain water via water butt / storage tank - Provides precise, gentle watering - Can be used above and 10-15cms below ground - Designed to work at low pressure - Easy to use - Long life. Available in Standard 1/2”, MicroBore 1/4” and ProBore 5/8” Waters; Garden borders and Flower beds, Vegetable plots and Plant pots, Seed trays and Capillary matting, Hanging baskets, Jardinieres and pot plants… Irrigates: Gardens and Landscapes, Greenhouses, Cloches and allotments, Landscaped areas under bark or mulch, Municipal road-side borders, Lawns and sports turfs, Fruit and vegetable areas and more… Also; Aeration in Fish Ponds, Foundation Watering.



    VIVAIO DEI MOLINI as created in 1940. We grow plants outdoors in the ground and also in containers and target the Italian and international markets. We plant and carry out grounds maintenance. Production of specimen fruit trees and ornamental plants currently occupies about 75 hectares in open ground, 20, 000 m² in open containers and 12, 000 m² in greenhouses. We regularly invest to ensure we obtain high, constant quality products over time.



    The company was founded in the year 2008 with the main activities: Ornamental plants nursery, Landscape design, gardening, irrigation systems installation, Regular garden maintenance. We are able to offer our services in Bulgaria and Romania.



    Senkron plastic founded at 2000 for producing PP Compression Fittings For PE Pipes. Senkron branded materials, beside its prestige and quality it has got different type and sizes for different applications such as agricultural irrigation systems, garden and environmental irrigation systems, pool systems ... Etc. We have got ts en ıso 9001-2000 and tsek quality certificate. We serve to many company in turkey and we export to the companies all around the world.



    Sutork Irrigation Systems Ltd. is one of the leading producer company of Drip Irrigation Plastic Disc Filters in Konya- TURKEY. We have been producing the plastic filters in high quality materials and the efficiency was approved by the tests of us and our international clients.



    Our company offering key - end projects, creates equipments and offering wholesale. Our products: - Irrigation systems - Water filtration, dosing and distribution - Greenhouses and equipments - Covering material - Soils, Coco - peat



    "ITALTAPE" is the dripper made with the most advance production technologies for drip irrigation in greenhouses and horticultural, tree-growing and gardening soil.



    Durrex Pumps is a professional Lobe Pumps manufacturer, the main products are Lobe Pump, Lobe Pumps, Rotor Pump, Rotary Lobe Pump, Rotary Lobe Pumps, Positive Displacement Pump and so.



    damla ve otomatik sulama sistemleri satış ve montajı su pompaları ve endüstriyel tesisat malzemeleri satışı

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