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  • ...has become a renowned leader in Europe in food preservation. Beautiful design, unparalleled refinement, bright transparency: using WECK® jars will allow you to create a line of products that you made with knowledge and passion.... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | jars for food | jars for food industry packagings | glass jars for canned food | glass preserving jars [+] glass jars | glass jar for foodstuff preserves | glass jars weck® | preserving jars | canning jars | Tinned Foods | Packaging, glass | domestic sterilizers weck® | home canning and preserving | weck® canning articles

    Brands : WECK®

    ITALY - Trieste
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  • Systempack Manufaktur has been your reliable partner in the areas of special bottles, beer bottles, disposable bottles, swing top bottles, swing tops, bottle printing, bottle cases and bottle caps... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | jars for food | preserving jar | Thermos packaging | bottles for packaging [+] glass caps | bottle cases | glass canister | canister glass | bottles for the drinks industry | reusable transport packaging | swing tops for bottles | plastic crates | plastic bottles | pet plastic bottles
    GERMANY - München
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  • ...years’ experience, the company WECK®, which invented the preserving glass jar, has become a renowned leader in Europe in food preservation. MCM Emballages is pleased to display the latest models of WECK® jars on their online catalogue. Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | jars for food | jars for food industry packagings | weck glass jars for canned food | glass preserving jars [+] glass jar for foodstuff preserves | glass jars weck® | preserving jars | Sterilized preserves | Tinned Foods | domestic sterilizers weck® | weck® glass lids | weck® rubber gaskets

    Brands : WECK®

    FRANCE - Geispolsheim Gare
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  • Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | jars for food | glass preserving jars | Tinned Foods
    ITALY - Trieste
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  • Bottles and jars, glass, Glass containers for honey, glass containers and jars for food Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | jars for food | Glass | glass containers | honey
    GREECE - Ierapetra Crete
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  • the leading European distributor of Weck® jars and accessories, such as tubs and also clips, seals, lids, funnels, clamps and so on. MCM Emballages imports the Weck® brand of jars with clips into... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | glass clip jars | lidded jars | seals for jars | protective covers for jars [+] screw lids for jars | jar lids | lidded jar autoclave | lidded jar pasteurisation | glass preserving jar | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment | Bakery and confectionery industry - machinery and equipment | Packaging, glass | sterilisation and pasteurisation autoclaves | autoclaves for the food and cannery industry
    FRANCE - Geispolsheim Gare
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  • ...Exports PLC pioneered the manufacture and export of Rubber mats for numerous applications and Food grade jar sealing rings and specialized products for the US, European and the Asia Pacific markets. Supplier of: Rubber - household products | Rugs and carpeting | rubber mats | industrial mats | mats [+] carpet | rubber | flooring | door mats | cow mats | horse mats | anti-fatigue mats | fire retardent mats | electrical safety mats | rubber flooring

    Brands : Arpico | Richard Pieris

    SRI LANKA - Ja Ela
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  • ...bottles, jars, and containers for food products, disposable dishes, toothbrushes, disposable clothes, and insulation fixings. We are manufactures plastic containers and bottles for pharmaceutical products,... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | we provide the efficiency of our company | responsibility is in the hurt of our relationships | unity of company
    UKRAINE - Kyiv
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  • ...flip tops, disc tops, flip-flop, etc.).For the food industry: - PET jars loose and pasty products; - Caps for PET bottles and jars; - PET-a spice jar of 70 and 100 ml; - Dosing with a mesh diameter of the... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | packaging for cosmetics | plastic packaging | crystalglass

    Brands : Crystal Glass

    UKRAINE - Brovary
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  • ...Serving Carafe, Coffee Pot, Vacuum Food Jar, Thermos Lunch Box, Thermal Soup Container, Vacuum Baby Bottle and much more, located in the world-famous "City of Hardware" - Yongkang Zhejiang.With the... Supplier of: Tableware | thermos flasks | travel mugs | vacuum flasks | water bottles
    CHINA - Gushan Town
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  • ...quality glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industry. Our annual output of 250 million pieces covers products such as glass spirits bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, perfume bottles,... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | glass jars | glass bottles
    CHINA - Xuzhou
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  • with all type of plastic moulding, blow and/o injection mould, glass mould for bottles, jars, food containers, perfume containers, medical bottle containers according to your design o samples. Supplier of: Blow moulding of rubber and plastic | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | glass moulding | glass mould | plastic mould
    CHINA - Suzhou
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  • ...using fresh milk from Swiss cows.Today Pharmalys offer a complete selection of baby foods. The range covers baby milks, cereals and products in jars. The Pharmalys baby foods story continues apace. Supplier of: Milk substitutes for babies | baby milk powder | infant milk
    SWITZERLAND - Sierre
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  • Anhui Hongyu Packaging Import and Export company has 20 years exporting expierence, main products covering food container, storage jar, wine bottle, jam jar etc. Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | storage jar | glassware
    CHINA - Hefei City
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  • Packaging details/weight : (mason jar, food grade plastis basket) / from 50 gr to 5 kgFor further information please contact usPan GrupDPTU PAN GROUP LTD.Export –import KrushevoUl. Supplier of: Foods, health | pleurotus mushrooms | mushroom pate
    MACEDONIA - Krushevo
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  • ...sizes, and colors. 2.Beverage Bottles in standard and popular styles or unique form. 3.Food jars, daily sauce bottles, and Spice containers. 4.Boston Round Bottles in Amber and Cobalt Blue Glass. Supplier of: Package stamping machinery | glass bottles | pet glass
    CHINA - Xuzhou
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  • ...all types of foods via its autoclave training department. We are distributors of KORIMAT multi-function sterilising autoclaves, Weck® glass jars, and STERIL SYSTEM ST-60, the new all-stainless 60-litre sterilising autoclave. Supplier of: food preserved in jars | sterilisation of jars | weck preserving jars processed in autoclaves | autoclaving jars | Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment [+] sterilisation and pasteurisation autoclaves | sterilisation of preserved foods | professional sterilizer autoclave | food sterilisation | food hygiene | professional pasteurisation | professional vacuumizer | stainless steel steriliser | stainless steel autoclave | training in using autoclaves
    FRANCE - Geispolsheim-Gare
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  • ...etc. We make containers for cosmetics, food products, wine, beer, liquor, beverages and glass jars for candles. We specialise in new mould development and providing customised bottles and jars for all types of... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, glass | jars for food industry packagings | glass jars | candle jars | Nightwear [+] cotton nightdresses for women | nightgowns | nightdresses | pyjamas | silk pyjamas | women's pyjamas | bathrobe | perfume bottle designer | lipsticks | nail polish
    INDIA - Delhi
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  • Open Joint Stock Company Mogilevkhimvolokno is the large manufacturer of polyester products: PET for injection molding and for processing bottle-grade PET; polyester composite materials, polyester... Supplier of: Polyethylene | Polymers | polyester threads | polyester filling | glycerine [+] pet-preform | fibres, artificial and synthetic | films for packaging
    BELARUS - Mogilev
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  • ...Our company is aware of its position in the food chain. Compliance with food laws is the absolute rule of our company. Our company, which has a complex integrated enterprise including raw material den, jar,... Supplier of: jar caps | jar preform | Plastics - household products | plastic packaging | pet preform
    TURKEY - Adana
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  • Dongguan Fukang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It is a factory producing and exporting plastic bottles. Our company mainly produces all kinds of drug and health product packaging... Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic | plastic food jar | plastic medicine bottle
    CHINA - Dongguan City
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  • Supplier of: jars for food industry packagings | Advertising publishing - design and production | illuminated boxes
    RUSSIA - Moscow
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  • ...minimum order 20 cases Our marmalade is available for direct shipment in 270gr glass jars made from pure Greek biological fruits Aronia very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C .... a super-food product In Stock. Supplier of: Organic food | marmalades | aronia | aronia marmalade | goji berries marmalade [+] preserves, jams and marmalades | marmalade on sale | organic aronia marmalade | organic marmalade | organic aronia jam | natural aronia jam | fresh marmalade | wholesale marmalade | wholesale aronia marmalade | goji berry bio
    GREECE - Giannitsa
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  • supplements. Powders are packed in jars, sachets or sticks. Our offer: hyperproteinated diet products (powder and ready to use), meal substitutes, sports nutrition products, food supplements... Supplier of: Sports foods | Foods - sports | Dietary and organic foods | nutricosmetics | nutricosmetics subcontractor [+] bespoke nutricosmetics | hyperproteinated sachets | diet products | diet product subcontractor | weight loss product subcontractor | weight loss products | bespoke slimming products | hyperproteinated products | hyperproteinated product subcontractor | hyperproteinated products
    FRANCE - Aix En Provence
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  • ...abrasion-resistant, rub-resistant, resistant to disinfectant and cleaning agents, permeable to water vapour, suitable for people with allergies, harmless to health and compliant with food legislation. Supplier of: Optical fibres | Glass | fibreglass fabrics | fibreglass spun yarns | glassfibre slabs [+] glass fibres | glass fibre technology | interior decoration | interior decoration and furnishings | laminated tops | laminated flooring products
    GERMANY - Marktschorgast
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  • We produce products for the food sector, industry and the hotel sector. Packed in barrels, bags, tins or jars. Supplier of: Olives | Olives - preserved | pickled preserves | snack | stuffed olives [+] green olives | table olives | black olives | olives | pickled vegetables
    SPAIN - San José De La Vega-Murcia
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  • ...chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Containers, boxes, stackable and modular open-mouth containers, rubbish and recycling skips, inflated containers, drums, bottles, cans, jars and stackable baskets. Supplier of: Pallets | packing dolly | pallets for packing | standard pallets | packing platforms [+] plastic containers | plastic crates | plastic boxes
    ITALY - Pero
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  • can also offer a range of services that include assembly, folding and gluing POS materials in card, hand labelling all types of containers including bottles, jars and all other types as well as sleeving. Supplier of: Packaging | packaging for cosmetic products | food products packer | assembly of make-up boxes | labelling pots and flasks [+] filling bottles and tubes with or without racking cock | sleeving cosmetics | boxing and packing lipstick and lip gloss | shrink wrapping and bagging | assembly and folding of boxes and cardboard counter fittings | boxing and palletising | packing and filling for perfumes | packing sub-contractor | sleeving and wrapping for cosmetics and perfumes | manual packing and all types of assembly
    FRANCE - Montereau Fault Yonne
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  • ...stores worldwide. Our product portfolio involves a wide range of Grinders, Sprinklers / Flappers, Flip-Top Closures, PET / Glass Bottles, Jar-sets and Accessories, and Exclusive Designs for special customers. Supplier of: jars | Plastics - packaging | grinders
    TURKEY - Izmir
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  • Best Food TI is a company that processes vegetables and fruits into glass jars and cans. Supplier of: Vegetables, pickled | roasted peppers | apple pepper
    MACEDONIA - Radovis
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  • 6 bottles WECK Flacon® 540 ml
    WECK jars Juice FLACON®
    Lids in glass and rubber rings (clips not included). Ideal for the fruit juices and of vegetables,... See product
    12 glass jars WECK...
    12 glass jars WECK Corolle® 220 ml with lids and rubber rings (clips not included). Ideal for the... See product
  • Stretch films for pallets...
    Stability is essential for this type of pallet, which is often very heavy and loaded with products... See product
  • Cosmetics
    15# nail
    QYT 500 12000 Packing:1pc/ Net Wt.:12ml // 0.4FL OZ See product
    Converting films
    Application Flat film, clear (or with colour concentrates)for further lamination (with or without... See product
  • Rolled sheets, plates & films
    The JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plasticized PVC products... See product
  • Printed Glass
    Custom UV Digital...
    Boran Reklam uses an advanced technology, which enables it to produce glass printed with UV curable... See product
  • Packing Material
    We provide best Packaging Materials which are required for packaging of industrial goods. Packaging... See product
  • cardboard boxes
    Covered cardboard box with foam pad for one necklace or pearl necklace inside 028040.001001... See product
  • IML - In Mould Labeling
    In Mould Labeling to...
    In Mould Labeling is a decoration method where the packaging and the label merge together during... See product
  • Technical applications...
    Seals / vibration and...
    Seals / vibration and shock absorbing parts made of cellular rubber or foam rubber Foam materials... See product
  • Classic-Line Enduring appeal
    Bamboo vintage silver
    The Classic-Line series comprises thermoformed design sheets. Using various tool moulds and surface... See product
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