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    c: met GmbH – your primary point of contact and specialist for tin. Founded in 2007, c: met GmbH is an aspiring company with a focus on trading in tin and lead alloys. As the customer, you have access to our staff's many years of experience and in-depth metallurgical expertise. We resort to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and methods of analysis at our supplying production facilities, which are certified to the latest quality standards. We will provide you with metals both as raw materials and as semi-processed materials in a variety of forms of supply. State-of-the-art production methods guarantee consistent quality and maximum purity. Our raw materials and alloys are manufactured to international standards and your own individual specifications and areas of application. We calculate our prices on a daily basis based on current metal and exchange rates so that we can offer you prices that are consistently fair. Put our capabilities to the test!



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    "Capable and reliable since 1953." Westfalenzinn J. Jost KG is a medium-sized company in the beautiful Sauerland, which is virtually in the heart of Germany. It is currently managed by Marcus Jost, the third generation of his family to do so. We have constantly expanded the company since its formation in 1953. We are now among the leading manufacturers of anodes made of zinc, tin and lead and alloys of these metals; flame spraying wires made of zinc; rolled lead for radiation protection and sound insulation and soldering tin; with national and international customers. The size of our company means we always react flexibly to customers' requirements and advise you competently based on our many years of experience in the sector. Our top priority is to satisfy the needs of our customers. We do this by providing top-quality and reliable products and services plus faultless order processing. We permanently guarantee our high quality standards by continuously monitoring the raw materials, production processes and end products. Naturally, the hard work and motivation of our workforce also plays a major part here.



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    Established in 1964, Arslan Metal stands as Turkey's premier manufacturer of top-grade Lead and Copper products. With meticulous attention to detail, we provide an extensive range of copper products tailored precisely to meet our clients' specifications. Whether for the electrical industry, roofing applications, or various other uses, our copper products are available in soft, hard, and semi-hard variations. At Arslan Metal, our manufacturing process involves the precise upward casting of copper fluid, followed by meticulous presssing or rolling to craft high-quality copper goods. All our copper products are 100% electrolytic, boasting an exceptional conductivity of 58.50 micrometers per siemens, sourced from A-grade cathodes.Our lead Sheet are ony made by Rafined and min %99.95 purity ingots. Our comprehensive product lineup includes: •Copper Sheets •Copper Busbars •Copper Strips •Copper Rods •Copper Tubes •Coiled Copper Tubes •Copper Profiles •Level wound copper •Copper Tubes pancake •Lead Sheet, Roll •Lead bars Committed to upholding the utmost standards of environmental integrity, quality, and cost competitiveness, every aspect of our business operations reflects our dedication to excellence. Additionally, our drum cymbals are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring unparalleled quality and resonance. Moreover, rod turning products are precision-engineered using CNC Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy. Contact us for more information !



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    For 30 years, IDEALEX has designed and sold on-site radio-protective solutions to reduce radiological and contamination risk for people and at installations. IDEALEX has developed solutions to enable interventions to take place safely within a controlled zone: radiological protection, remote grabs, VOKKERO communications system, glove box, bag and hot cell components, controlled zone thermal welder and vacuum cleaner.



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    Metals Chemicals Maastricht BV (MCM) is specialized in trading and recycling zinc and lead residues to a worldwide customer base. We buy and sell more than 100.000 tons of high-quality zinc and lead residues annually. We ensure all stakeholders that our processes are conducted to high quality and professional standards by having the ISO 9001 certification. Furthermore, our environment management system is conform the ISO-14001 certification. Sustainability is in our DNA. Therefore, we attempt to lower the global industry’s carbon footprint by recycling secondary zinc material. Our warehouse and our in-house laboratory enable us to do several in-house treatments, provide useful information, and provide tailor-made commercial offerings to our business partners. In addition, our yard located in Maastricht, has a direct connection to the port of Antwerp and Rotterdam. This stategic location enables us to approach all important international ports of the world. Our people are the backbone of our organization. The highly experienced team provides knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of our customers. We are committed to contribute to the future by offering high-quality principles, striving for innovation, providing a safe and healthy working environment, and building long-term relationships with all our stakeholders. MCM is the sustainable partner in zinc, lead, and mining chemicals you are looking for!

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    The company FEINHÜTTE HALSBRÜCKE GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Lead and lead alloys industry. It is based in Halsbrücke, Germany.



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    The company LAM LAVORAZIONE PIOMBO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Lead and lead alloys industry. It also operates in the Lead sheets and bands, lead and alloys, Lead sheets and bands, pewter-lead alloys, and sheets of lead industries. It is based in Collegno, Italy.



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    The company EMAG HANDELS - GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Lead and lead alloys industry. It is based in Klagenfurt Am Wörthersee, Austria.



    LANHIT LTD is a manufacturer of high-purity chemical compounds: inorganic bases and compounds, rare-earth compounds, iodides and other chemical products for export and import. The company founded in 1991 by L.A. Niselson (Doctor of Sciences, a specialist in the field of rectification and crystallophysical refining, the author of 600 scientific publications) produces over 400 different compounds of 60 elements of the periodic system, based on its own R&D: • Anhydrous and ultra-dry metal halides (chlorides, bromides, iodides). The purity of the products is 99.9 to 99.9999%, organic compound contaminants are less than 0.1-1 ppm, the content of water, OH-groups and hydrolysis products is less than 1-100 ppm. Ultra-dry halides are produced by the manufacturer of chemicals in the shape of crystals, in powder, in monodispersed beads (balls). • Rare earth metal compounds (oxides, halides, carbonates, nitrates, sulphates, acetates, oxalates) with a purity of 99.9-99.999% with respect to rare earth impurities, the content of other metals not exceeding 50 ppm. • High-purity metals and metal oxides, including alkali metals packed in ampoules under vacuum. All of the company's permanent employees are university graduates, with key professionals holding PhDs and postgraduate degrees. Basic chemicals and derivative products produced by LANHIT can be used in many branches of science and technology: metallurgy, microelectronics and optoelectronics; in organic synthesis, etc.

  5. TRAS MM


    TRAS MM specializes in R & D, production and sales of precision connectors (Aluminum Ingots, Lead Ingots, Zinc Ingots, Zamak Ingots, Copper Scraps, Copper Wire Scrap, Aluminum Scraps, Used shipping containers (Used 20ft shipping containers and Used 40ft shipping containers) etc. Its products are used in Automotive Industries, computers Industries, telecom network equipment, industrial apparatuses, etc. The Company is armed with advanced precision mold manufacturing equipment, high-speed hardware pressing equipment, precision plastic injection equipment, automatic assembly line and inspection/testing devices. The company adheres to the business principle of "technology for development and quality for existence", and provides customers with quality products and considerate service based on its years of experience in R & D, production and management, great technical strength and the mature quality management system. QUALITY AND BEST OF SERVICES IS OUR GOAL AND SO OUR CUSTOMERS IS OUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.

  1. DOLMET S.C.


    DOLMET foundry production plant was founded in 1995 in Tułowice, in Opole Voivodeship. Since then, we have been specialising in the production of lead castings for high protection against ionizing radiation in nuclear technology. All lead alloys used in production comply with PN-EN 12569 – “Lead and lead alloys”. The products have specified dimensional parameters and meet the conditions presented in ISO 2768 – "General tolerances". During production we always follow the needs of our Customers, and our lead products are equipped with varnish coatings. Our range of products includes: - containers for radiopharmaceuticals and isotopes, - containers for radioactive waste, - shielding plates and elements for nuclear devices, - shielding walls as well as fittings and lead bricks, - covers for heads of X-ray devices and radiography machines, - protective fittings made of low-activity lead. Lead castings are produced in metal, ceramic and ceramic/metal moulds. Lead products for industry are mainly: - containers for chemical substances, - electrodes for galvanic baths, - fasteners for electrostatic filters in power engineering, - castings and products of various applications. During production we use technological processes that ensure a uniform structure of castings. Products are characterised by high radiation resistance. Please contact us ¬– DOLMET foundry production plant in Tułowice.



    Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. Is the leading trader in Iron, Aluminium, copper, plastic, rubber , Paper, copper cathode scraps in the Netherlands and Continues to Be a Family Business With Four Generations Working to Innovate the Recycling Industry. Dutch Scrap Recycling B.V. Has Grown to 4 Countries, Employs Over 200 People, and Has Been Recycling for Over a Century.



    At the metallurgical manufacturing the technological process of metallurgical processing of lead-containing burden materials is performed and gaining on their basis of lead and lead alloys. The modern metallurgical equipment of the “Megatex” LLC allows reaching the lead and lead alloys output volume up to 20 thousands of tons per year without the increasing of environmental impact. The technological process of metallurgical processing includes the following operations: Re-melting of prepared raw material, Refining (cleaning) of the remelt from admixtures in order to receive brand lead alloys and lead, Casting of refined liquid melt in the ingots and endless strip. The main products include metallurgical directions: Lead of С1, С2 brands; Lead-antimony alloys of ССуА, ССуМ, УС1, СсуАSe, ССуАSn brands; Babbits; Solders of ПОС, ПОСК, ПОССу and "А" brands; Other doped alloys on the basis of lead by costumers’ demands; Cable coupling terminals СС 70 -110. Melting of the prepared raw material to black lead is performed on the melting complex of Italian manufacturer which allows performing of the processes of filling of solder materials and their loading into the oven, melting of solder materials and casting of liquid metal and dross in fully automated and mechanized mode.



    EL BAT JSCo. Bulgaria is a company with over twenty years tradition in treatment and recycling various types of lead-containing waste and battery scrap. We produce field of soft lead and all types based lead alloys with chemical content according to client requirements. The production technology of the factory is in accordance with the best techniques and technologies existing in this sphere. All the requirements for the environment protection and safe working conditions are fulfilled. Products of the company are widely used in automotive industry, submarine, cable coatings, as well as in the chemical industry.



    Tusta Trading S.L. is a commercial intermediary of metal trading, dealing with international trading of commodities. We have been working in the metal industry since 1999, alongside Sarkuysan and other leading metal producers and distributors, building strong relationships and industry specific knowledge and experience. In 2015 Tusta Trading S.L. was established in Spain and we have been working from our office here in Spain since. We also have an office in Germany, and we travel regularly to Israel, London, Istanbul and Dusseldorf to visit with clients, suppliers and to showcase at events. The suppliers that we work with manufacture materials such as lead, high carbon ferrochrome, round and flat copper wires - BC, TC, strand, concentric; overhead catenary, busbars, tubes, enamelled wires, and more. We provide a full personal service to our clients, handling all queries such as material specifications, order to invoice, tracking and control of the shipments and it's documents until the release of goods at the ports. We pride ourselves on our strong working relationships with our clients. We are easily contactable by email and phone and always offer in person meetings when we visit the countries where they are based. Shipments from Istanbul to Ashdod and Haifa ports in Israel are scheduled weekly, with all prime cable producers.



    El Wahab One of the leading lead and lead products producers with annual capacity of over 70, 000 tons through eco friendly battery recycling and other lead scrap. If you are looking for Remelted Lead so you are looking for us, We are in the business of trading Metal Scrap since 1984. We also offering best quality with the economical price. Our smelters produce nearly 400 - 600 T/M, All our production ready for export. Our Lead Ingots are obtained by ores as well as by the recycling of disposed lead batteries. As We offer Lead Ingots in various specifications with purity levels of up to 99% Lead Ingot comes in form of rectangular brick weighing about 35-40 kg. El Wahab is one of the trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Lead figures in Egypt from scrap to ingots even to wires with highest quality in the medial east and Africa. El Wahab offers Lead Ingots in various specifications with purity levels of up to 99.7% Lead Ingot comes in form of rectangular brick weighing about 35-40 kg. The Lead Ingots, which El Wahab offers, are used as raw materials for making other Lead Products. Our Lead Ingots are obtained by ores as well as by the recycling of disposed lead batteries.



    WE MANUFACTURE "UNIQUELY" 100% MADE IN ITALY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY WEIGHTING / STREGTHENING ROSARY LINES FOR the Fishing ROPE Industry ~ Design Factory Production, Warehouse & Shipiment from/in Italy - Here below you can view our website link (Products Section) as attached which clearly illustrates what we do in the Fishing Industry ~ Manufacturing Unique Non Toxic "Eco Friendly Sinking Line" - a Stabilised Compound of IRON POWDER with a minimal percentage of plastic FOR Sinking Cords/Fishing Ropes (Seine Fishing / Trawling) Roping; Nets; Netting; Fish Farming & AquaCulture. ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE & NATURALLY EXTREMELY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY WE ALSO MANUFACTURE FLOAT LINES ( a Compound of Expanded Polyolefine Mix) should these be of interest to you. Looking to Future Environmental Aspects; Approaches & Attitudes We Must Promote Fornovys Products Only. What Makes us Tick ? We Design & Manufacture The Best - We Celebrate Differences; We Go Beyond Expectations & We Grow Together. https: //www.fornovys.it/ Many Thanks, Sincerely Yours, Hugo C.T. Putnam (International Trading Development) +39 3468404980 +39 3402825108 Our WareHouse Hours are from 08, 30-12 / 14.00-16.00Hrs (Italy Time + 1hr GMT) Chief Reference Person - Mr. Gabriele Berta Could you please so kindly send us Invoicing / Full Company Details - VAT/GST Number No. for Admin Division & Shipment of Orders / Free Samples.



    "Svinets" is a dynamically developing metallurgical enterprise founded in 1999 in Ukraine. The business reputation of our enterprise, professionalism, long-term experience of employees and a high - technology equipment have allowed establishing strong relations with consumers in Ukraine and foreign countries. Now we are one the world leaders in producing lead and lead alloys. Our enterprise is an LME brand offering Lead Ingots of various specifications according to EN standards. Our partners are the largest worldwide suppliers of starter batteries, manufacturers of fishing sinkers, car balancing weights and lead-based pigments and glass. We are open to cooperation with the companies searching for a reliable partner able to meet high demands on production quality and appreciate strong, sincere and long - term relationships with our partners.



    In 2001, our company started to buy and sell lead, manufacture lead doors and insulate imaging rooms against radiation. Since 2001, the imaging rooms of many private and public hospitals in Turkey and around the world have been insulated against radiation. All of the imaging rooms built during this period were delivered in an approved manner by the relevant institutions. As of 2012, our company has started to import Leaded Glass and has adopted the principle of providing a full range of services to its customers.


    United Kingdom

    Heaps, Arnold and Heaps Ltd are manufacturers of Lead, Tin, Zinc and alloyed products in extruded, cast and machined forms. Our wide and diverse product portfolio covers applications in a range of U.K and worldwide market sectors, including, engineering, construction, electronics, chemical, marine, medical and defence. Alongside our range of standard products, we offer a tool, mould making and machining facility, allowing bespoke products to be manufactured to client specification. Heaps, Arnold and Heaps Ltd pursue a vigorous development programme within existing and emerging markets, working closely with our clients to offer solutions to one-off projects or large volume production runsOur Product Range Includes: Tin Plating AnodesChrome Plating Anodes'Capsol' Plumbing Solder WireLead BallastLead CameLead Sash Bars and WeightsRadiation ShieldingIndustrial SoldersLead Profiles - Wire, Tape, Rod, Bar, Strip, BlocksLead Stampings



    Saru Shielding is dedicated to provide the best technical solutions to our customers for their Radiation Shielding requirements. Sarushielding has experts in metallurgy, radiation/nuclear physics and environment engineering to conceive, design, develop and manufacture lead products. Our professional team ensures that the products are developed with the end use in mind and deliver the best in class services and products in line with the requirement of today’s metallurgical and radiation shielding requirements.



    ResourceTie International AB, deals in raw materials and derivative materials of nonferrous metals. Among others, they are: Ores and concentrates of copper.Ores and concentrates of lead. Ores and concentrates of zinc.• Brass Ash (arising from the production of brass bars, pipes or tubes)• Zinc Ash (arising from the galvanizing or zinc oxide production)• Zinc Powder (arising from the semi-conductor production)• Copper Skimming, Slag, and Sludge (arising from the production of copper ingots or cathodes)• Lead Ash (arising from the recycling of scrap batteries)• Aluminium Dross (arising from the foundries of aluminium alloys)• Spent Catalyst (arising from the petroleum industry, containing molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, etc.) • Brass AshCu 10% min., Zn 20% min.• Copper SludgeCu 15% min.• Lead AshPb 50% min.• Nickel Wastes/ResiduesNi 10% min. • Zinc Ash or Zinc DustZn 60% min. or 90% min.



    We are in the business of recycling and trading Lead Scrap .We recycle Lead Scrap and exporting Remelted Lead Ingots. Our target clients are all Lead consumers. We trade in Remelted Lead Ingots result from Battery Scrap and other Lead Scrap. Usually we produce Antimony Remelted Lead Ingots result from Battery Scrap. We produce Soft Remelted Lead Ingots result from Lead Cables Scrap. Also we can offer other Lead Alloys with different specifications. Remelted Lead Ingots Result From Battery Scrap. PB : 97.000% MIN. SB : 2.500% MAX. Remelted Lead Ingots Result From Other Scrap. PB : 99.000% MIN.



     Shijiazhuang Zhaojian Metal Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which mainly engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of non-ferrous metal materials. he main products are metal ingots: zinc ingots, lead ingots, aluminum ingots, tin ingot, antimony ingot, magnesium ingot, etc.   Our production strict implement: Quality Standards-GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001: 2008. And the lead ingots, Zinc ingots have passed SGS Inspection.We will always observe the policy of “quality first, service first". Sincerely welcome old and new customer to contact us and realized our win-win cooperation.

  5. COM.A.V. SRL


    Sale and production of accessories for windows. Production of lead and brass-covered lead sections. We have implemented a sales network in Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Latium and Romagna. Our treated flagship products are lead profiles, crosspieces for double glazing, molecular sieves, insulators and grinders.



    We are a classic foundry operation. Our key area of expertise is in manufacturing goods made of lead and lead alloys, as well as pewter and its alloys. In addition, we manufacture products made from various plastics in injection moulding. Our products and services include lead, lead bands, lead wires, lead weights, lead granulates, lead alloys, lead profiles, lead pipes, lead shot, lead wool, curtain weights made of lead, radiation protection components made of lead and much more.



    Jin Weishun (Tianjin) Trade Co., Ltd founded in 2001 is a professional company for exporting metal ingot .We supply primary ingot for global for many years, To perfect our service, we provide the products with good quality at the reasonable price. Our main products as follows: Lead ingots, copper ingot, zinc ingot, aluminum ingot, copper scrap, aluminum scrap, etc.



    Lead Metal & Lead Alloy specialist. Manufactures, Lead Ingots, Lead Billets, Lead Wire, Lead Shots, Red Lead, Fishing Lead Weights, Scuba Diving Weights, Marine Weights, Battery Poles for car batteries.


    United Arab Emirates

    We are a trading house specialized in non ferrous scrap metals, we can supply lead scrap battery plates RAILS as per ISRI Specs, as well as other forms of lead scrap, including REMELTED lead ingots, refined lead ingots, and soft lead scrap.Our website is www.umtdmcc.comOur office is located in Dubai, UAE and we can be reached by email on umtdmcc@emirates.net.ae or by phone on +971504758163.



    we have been exporting lead ingot, tin ingot, copper scrap, aluminium wire, magnesium ingotfor a long time. Hoping to build up businese relationships with customers all over the world.If you have any inquiries for the products, pls don't hesitate to contact us.

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