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    Sohre-Leder is a leather supplier for the shoe industry and for the manufacture of orthopaedic insoles, belts and leather goods, and riding and dog sport items. The items made from our own raw materials are processed in accordance with our in-house recipes at renowned German contract tanneries, which turn them into the required leathers in the ranges chosen by us. Long-standing business relationships with slaughterhouses in southern Germany allow us to offer "Leather Made in Germany" – from the raw material to the finished leather. Thanks to our large warehouse capacity, we can guarantee the prompt delivery of all leathers from our product range, from a single piece to larger quantities. If you comply with certain minimum quantities, the leathers that you require can also be developed according to your wishes. Further services we offer are perforation and CNC cutting of leather. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

  2. ARGOS


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    ARGOS is a company based in Greece operating in the dog food industry. Our product range includes natural dried treats for dogs. Our mission is to offer our four-legged friends natural and healthy snacks to promote their overall health especially thanks to our snacks with natural fur. We use a special dehydration technique that maintains the meat's nutrients without alterating its natural state. Moreover, we have 20 years of experience in meat and we are aware of its importance in a dog's diet. Today we export to 7 countries and are present in more than 70 points of sale in Greece. We use raw materials of the finest quality and meet inspections are carried out by professional veterinarians. Our experienced team performs the processing and packaging of our products to ensure full hygiene and high-quality for each product. We adhere to the HACCP quality assurance system and strive to maintain high-quality standards. Our goal is to propose dog treats that respect their health as well as their instictive nutritional preferences. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    Since 1981, we have been producing and selling tanned leather for the leather goods and shoe industries. Thanks to our very well stocked warehouse with over 70 different colours, we can deliver the orders within a few days. We also import shearling leathers for shoe lining. Thanks to our widespread agent network, we distribute our products nationwide. We also operate in Europe and in the rest of the world.



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    The seasoned workers of our firm, Hijos de Pedro Pérez, perpetuate the art of leather tanning using a handcrafted formulated tanning process handed down from father to son across several generations.They work with great care, implementing the basic knowledge of a great tanner: "hides are a living material, and when working with them, they must be allowed to gently come".



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    Our company has a great deal of experience in the storage and marketing of raw, wet, salted hides, calfskins and leathers. We also sell pickled and wet blue skins. We have had a store for more than 30 years in NE Spain. Our experience and itinerary make us a reference on the market. Our other store in Madrid (central Spain) has enabled us to purchase in bulk.

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  1. COLOMER 1792


    Our company operates in the leather industry (in production and sales) and we have over 200 years' experience in the sector. We are global leaders in the sheep leather sector.Our plant is located in China and our distribution centre for the European market is in Spain. We offer a full range of items: pickled leather, wet blue leather, split leather and finished leather with or without wool for manufacturing shoes, leatherwork, jackets and decorative items.





    Rabbits Ltd. exports rabbit fur goods and materials: - headwear decorations (fur pom-poms for headwear decoration); - shoe accessories (“flower” accessory); - clothes accessories (outerwear fur trimmings and strips for outerwear knitting); - fur scraps; - tanned and non-dyed white and grey rabbit skins for fur clothes, headwear and accessories manufacturing. - Advantages of working with us: we sell on any Incoterms convenient for the customer, we offer profitable and flexible pricing policy, there is a possibility to place individual orders. - We guarantee high quality of our products and service.



    Leather Trends (DBA) Brazilian Trends is a trading company based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. In partnership with the most qualified and trusted tanneries from the southern Brazil leather cluster, we supply premium quality finished leather to worldwide. Our business lines includes vegetable tanned leather, embossed leather, suede and all leathers for handbags, shoes, upholstery, saddlery, cowhides for decoration and leather supplies. We are able to supply international brands, leather houses, factories and all leather business.



    Fundada em 1984, a Simaca comercializa peles e artigos sintéticos destinados a uma ampla gama de actividades industriais, com destaque para o setor do calçado. A empresa iniciou a sua atividade com uma pequena estrutura comercial e logística. A excelência dos produtos e serviços proporcionou um crescimento progressivo, transferindo-se em 1996 para novas instalações que potenciaram em especial o aumento de recursos humanos. Hoje, a Simaca tem mais de 30 funcionários. Como no início, a empresa aposta nos desafios emergentes, a equipa experiente dá resposta a consultoria especializada. A Simaca apresenta e combina novos materiais, mantendo uma estreita relação com o design, criando notoriedade e agregando valor à sua oferta. A customização dos produtos e a sua adequação às necessidades específicas também refletem a imagem da empresa. Sempre que necessário ou solicitado pelos clientes, os artigos são testados em laboratórios e entidades certificadas.



    Our company has a 23-year long traditions mounting animals and processing all kinds of furs.First-class mounting of European and African animals.Throughout these years we have followed all new trends, to be able to offer our customers the highest quality mounted animals, which are be preserved for future generations.We guarantee real art at reasonable prices! We also create fur carpets. They bring warmth and comfort to both the contemporary and traditional environment.They can be combined with different styles offering a vast range of designs and can decorate all homes, from a traditional country house to the most sophisticated city residence. They are perfect for, hotels, hunting residences, mountain lodges, pubs furniture shops and interior design studios. We adapt our products to meet the customer’s personal needs and preferences. Each fur carpet is unique and can be designed according to the customer’s taste.Our fur carpets guarantee you style, comfort and luxury



    Metaphor has been active in the market continuously since 1993. We specialise in selling all kinds of leather, both retail and wholesale. Our offer includes clothing leather, leather and leather cuts for leatherworking, and haberdashery, as well as for furniture. We also offer leather for car seats and leather for bookbinding. Our offer is addressed both to manufacturers of bags, shoes, wallets and furniture upholsterers, automotive upholsterers, bookbinders and tailors. We also offer mail order



    Our company has been serving the leather industry for 30 years and has a wide product range in skin. We offer our services in line with customer demands. Our company attaches importance to the R & D work. We export raw lamb and calf leather worldwide, with our high-tech factory equipment and our expert staff. We provide our customers with competitive prices in order to satisfy our partners. We see continuity and this gives us pride. Our company has a trade route between 4 continents and 9 countries. Our philosophy is honesty, efficiency, continuity and customer satisfaction. Our company's headquarters is located in Zeytinburnu. We are currently exhibiting our products. We also manufacture finished products on customer demand. We produce leather products to be manufactured according to the manufacturing operations of our customers. We respond quickly to your questions and requests.



    We deal with real fur and faux fur home design elements, like fur rugs, cushions, seats, pillowcase, chair cushion, blanket and other home designs. We use European fur skins and plates. On request we can fulfil individuel ideas as well. We use the following furs: sheep, lamb, rabbit, fox, rex rabbit, hamster, muskrat, swakara. In our newest collection you can find also the faux fur. Delivery from stock in some cases or for short termin. We use natural colors, basicly we don't dye, because my philisophy is that the original color and characters are the best. For the back materials for blanket and cushion we use cotton or other natural products. If you have any wishes, please, don't hesitate to contact me and together we will find the solution!



    The Leather House (“Skindhuset”) has over one-half-million square feet of leather & fur in stock, and is one the largest leather supplier/shop/wholesale/merchants in Denmark. We have more than 94 years’ experience as a supplier of all types of leather and fur, to individuals, business, industry, institutions, and school classes throughout the world. We have customers from South America, Australia, Iraq, North Korea, Russia and of course in our primary market, Europe. To ensure that our customers get the very best prices and quality, we source leather, hardware, and tools from around the world. We are family owned and operated company, with many combined decades of expertise in the industry. Our business is based on a proud tradition and history of excellent service and performance. We offer our customers the largest assortment of leather in Europe, and a great selection of quality and colors from which to choose. Whether it is skin, leather, fur, buckles, accessories or tools that you seek, the Leather House can provide it all.



    AR QUALITY is a Manufacturers & Exporters of Equestrian products, Leather products. Its a great deal of effort to gain our place in the Global market and thanks to all the customers who have trusted in our company and products, we hold a privileged position that few brands can achieve. These efforts and experience that comes with third generation we are now able to reward ourselves by producing the high quality products with competitive prices which will make life a great deal easier for all those who involved in the buying and selling of our products. Weare entering a new century where our quality products need to be guaranteed, not only the through craftsmanship that they display but also complying the latest manufacturing techniques. We are also benefiting from our new premises and we find ourselves in an excellent position to become one of the most important producers in the World.



    Curtidos Menacho is a leather warehouse located in Ubrique, a white village in the mountains of Cadiz, known as the cradle of leather craftsmanship. We are leather suppliers of big brands and fashion brands, as well as small leather craftsmen from all over the world. Leather industries have joined the "eco-friendly" movement by developing innovative techniques to treat leather using processes that do not involve polluting chemicals. Environmental legislation currently obliges tanneries to have strict recycling processes for water, chrome and other compounds that are then reused. For all these reasons, leather is a material to be taken into account for multiple uses. At Curtidos Menacho you will find leather manufactured in Spain of 100% European origin, taking care of the origin and production of our products to give you the assurance that you are making an environmentally responsible consumption when you choose us as leather suppliers to manufacture your leather goods. Curtidos Menacho is one of the companies with the greatest tradition and experience in the hide, leather and skin market, maintaining quality but renewing its production processes to keep the environment as clean as possible.



    We produce vegetable and chrome tanned cow leathers. Also, we supply good quality selected leather trimmings and shavings following the different client's requests.We have a big capacity of produccion and delivery and supply 24 tonnes full tracks.Our prices are always CIP (delivered), included tranportation, providing an excellent service, consistent quality, and a good comunication wich helps to increase business between the parties. We would prefer to deal with european clients due to our transport facilities however we will consider other options. Please have a trial to be aware of our good service and quality.



    our company use Ningxia sheepskin as raw materials , is what famous in ningxia for its light, thin, flexible and warm, Our company's products are from the technician research and development through degreasing, nimbling, baking, dyeing, cut into processing procedures such as shawls, cushions, scarves, vests, two fur mattress, bedspread series with work precise, reliable, and the bright color, layout soft, light and durable, noble gorgeous, pleased to the eye, enjoying wide popularity. Meanwhile, we are also in Fur, Rabbit, Waterloo-Paper and other materials for the garment, handbags.these fur products , which are very popular with customers from home and abroad.


    United Kingdom

    online sales of leather and hides for your leathercrafts! Buy Vegetable Tanned Leather Visit our listings, look at the leather that best suits your needs, and purchase it online, you will receive it quickly and easily within a few days. View our website eBay feedback & Google Reviews to learn what other customers are saying about us and our veg tan leather. Why not join our blog and send in pics of your finished products and get free advertising, What Is Veg Tan Leather Vegetable tanning is the traditional method of tanning leather, its method dating back to approximately 6000 BCE. Tanned using natural tannins, Products made from vegetable tanned leather include saddles, holsters, belts, wallets, bags, shoes and purses. Usually this kind of leather is stiff in the beginning but gets more supple with time and use. To learn more please visit my website http: //www.majestichides.co.uk where you can also buy veg tan leather VEGETABLE TANNED IN PITS, IN THE TRADITIONAL WAY IT LOOKS GREAT AND IT AGES BEAUTIFULLY, AND IT LASTS AND LASTS

  1. CREACIONES 1990


    Abampiel is a family company founded 25 years ago and specialised in the manufacture of leather goods. We manufacture all types of leather goods. Our bags and wallets are particularly outstanding. Our clients include Christian Dior, Guy Laroche, Balenciaga, Adolfo Domínguez, Farrutx, Mulberry, Chloé and Carolina Herrera. We also have our own brand.



    For over 20 years, Delcroix Concept sprl have been specialising in the sale of fabrics / simulated leathers / leather materials, saddlery, upholstery, creation of furniture and manufacture. For Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We offer our clients the very best quality in simulated leathers, leathers and textiles that exist on the market. Our company is aimed at professionals, individuals, project designers, interior designers and decorators.



    We sell fully vegetable-tanned leather in sheets, croupons, flanks and whole. Cow, foal, rabbit hides with various finishes. Please visit our online shop, where you will find a full range of high-quality beechwood-finished HEINZA tools and leather working machines, as well as accessories, appliques, hardware, cord and inks. We also manufacture bespoke animal skin rugs.



    I’d like to introduce our company Feyzioglu Leather dealing in the leather business since 1996. We have 25 of experience in the wetblue and crust leather trade. Along with our strong position in the domestic market, we are expanding internationally. We’d like to provide our services for wetblue at competitive prices.



    We have produced hides and chrome tanned cowskins and half calf for footwear and leather goods since 1976. Nuova Overlord Tannery develops in record time items perfected according to the requirements of our clients, thus providing them with perfectly adapted and customised items thanks to the flexibility of our production capacity which we make available to you.



    The company has expanded its business and added the manufacture of small leather items with hand-sewn finishing or separated stitches, available in a variety of colours. Small gift ideas that will satisfy the requirements of all clients. Covre applies strict rules of quality to its work, as demonstrated by the utmost care and attention to detail that characterises each of its products.



    We are a company of several generations dedicated to the sale of skins for all trades, and other leather goods, calzad0, clothing, design, upholstery and more.. We have the best qualities and textures so that our space ... not leave anyone indifferent.



    We are Bulgarian raw skins trades company based on Sophia/Bulgaria since 1993 we supply bull, cow, sheep, lamb etc. skins from all over the Balkans. Our products are matched EU norms. If you wish you can search our vet. number: BG2217001



    Wholesale hide and tannery trade. Hide tanning. We sell rabbit skins treated in different ways (frozen, salted, etc.). Discover our high quality products.



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