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    BELGIUM- Sprimont
    LEMMENS - Verified by Europages

    Since 1919, the limited company Lemmens, specialised in all types of metal cables (galvanised, bright, stainless steel, non-rotating, etc.), has broadened its activity to include all hoisting,...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | lifting accessories | lift cables | Cables - accessories | Slings, hoisting and stowage [+] Hoists and winches | Cords and strings | Nets and ropes | Wires and cables, steel | metal cables | steel leads | stainless steel cables | hooks | tarpaulin covers | stowage

    Brands : CASAR | CROSBY | TRACTEL | YALE | PETZL ...

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    FRANCE- Chatillon St-Jean
    DOREY - Verified by Europages

    For 70 years DOREY has been manufacturing, advising and designing industrial solutions for cutting and assembling of flexible and semi-rigid materials. We work in many different sectors from the car...

    Supplier of: Rubber and plastic welding | Rubber and plastic cutting operations | ultrasound welding equipment | welding | blanking [+] ultrasound assembly | machines and equipment for the graphics industry | sewing machines for tarpaulins | assembling machines | automatic eyelet fitting machine | cnc cut | hot air thermowelding machine | hydraulic cutting press | rotary cutting machine | automatic sawing machine

    Brands : Miller Weldmaster | Mitec Sigma | Solar Edge | Sysco | Autometrix

    • Plastgrommet - Quick Lifter Plastgrommet - Quick Lifter Others
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  • Seilerei Voigt Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH is your specialist for wire, fibre and plastic ropes, as well as for all solutions requiring ropes.Our range of products covers the following five product...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | wire lift cables for lifting goods | lifting equipment | fall-protection system for lifting equipment | lifting equipment for heavy loads [+] Truck-mounted cranes | Chains, iron and steel | Chains | Cables - accessories | loop fasteners | lift cables | chain pulleys for goods lifting cranes | hoists | overhead equipment | wire ropes

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  • We are a German manufacturer of spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers. As the proud inventor of the spring balancer, we have a long-standing history stretching back to the 19th century. We are...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | wire ropes | overhead equipment | pneumatic equipment | fitting accessories [+] balancers | tool holder | tooling accessories | occupational hygiene and safety | spring balancers | spring balancers | positioners | air spring balancers | production support | positioning systems, mechanical

    Brands : Carl Stahl Kromer | Kromer

    • Retractor Type ER00 Retractor Type ER00 Load range: 0 - 2,5 kg | Cable travel: 1,6 m
    • Tool Balancer Type 7261 Tool Balancer Type 7261 Load range: 150 - 300 kg | Cable travel: 1,5 m
    • Tool Balancer Type 7251 Tool Balancer Type 7251 Load range: 15-200 kg | Cable travel: 3 m
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  • Schulz-Stanztechnik GmbH, a company with over 50 years of history, has been providing products and services to numerous customers both domestically and abroad at its site in Halver, western Germany...

    Supplier of: Bearings, ball | tool manufacturing | spherical rollers | idlers | axial deep groove ball bearings [+] high-frequency cable clips | laser parts | punching and forming technology | turning and milling technology | ball roller tracks | heavy-load ball rollers | ball roller tables | thrust bearings | dlg100 | materials handling

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    DENMARK- Køge
    HOVMAND A/S - Verified by Europages

    As the world's leading manufacturer of mobile, battery-powered lifting trolleys, we work hard everyday to make working in the production sector safer and more efficient. Our stainless steel and...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | lifting equipment made from stainless steel | lifting equipment for barrels | lifting equipment for heavy loads | elevator towers [+] lifting gear, electric | lifting gear, manually operated | lifting trolleys, ergonomic | industrial lifting trolleys | stainless steel lifting trolleys | lifting gear for canteen kitchens and bakeries | lifting gear for reels | lifting gear for sacks and components | wheel lifters | lifting gear for crates and boxes

    • Stainless steel lifting trolley E300 Stainless steel lifting trolley E300 HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL LIFTER
    • Stainless steel lifting trolley INOX 200 Stainless steel lifting trolley INOX 200 POWERFUL, HYGIENIC AND WATERPROOF.
    • Stainless steel lifting trolley INOX 90 Stainless steel lifting trolley INOX 90 LIGHT, FAST AND EASY TO CLEAN.
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    GERMANY- Crailsheim
    HBC-RADIOMATIC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    In order to meet the requirements of our customers worldwide at the highest level, HBC continually relies on in-house development, design and production. This results in our trademark: First class...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | electric lifting equipment | Signalling - systems and installations | EDI, Electronic Data Interchange | Gantries [+] Radio control systems and installations | remote control systems, electronic | remote control systems | crane accessories | lifters | lifting gear | wire ropes | radio control units for construction site cranes | crane construction | radiocontrol

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  • SHZ Sächsische Hebe- und Zurrtechnik GmbH in Großröhrsdorf near Dresden has been at your service since 2002 in the search for high quality products manufactured in Germany. We manufacture lashing...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Ski lifts, chair lifts and cable cars | Lifts and escalators | Lashing straps | Swivel hooks [+] lifters | lashing chains | shackles | shortening hooks | hooks for safety loads | s-hook | lifting straps | round slings | lifting gear, manually operated | sling chains

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  • Now in its third generation, family-owned FEZER enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as a leading company in the field of vacuum and handling technology. We guarantee our high level of customer...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Mobile cranes | Lifting - vehicles | Vacuum pumps | vacuum valves [+] tippers | lifters | airtight components | grabs for cranes for goods lifting | lifting suction grips | suction cup | filtering membranes | mechanical hands | gripper devices for robots | vacuum systems and components

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    GERMANY- Grevenbroich
    RALF BRINKMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been specialising in moving energy supply systems for over 40 years and our products include hose reels, automatic hose reels, balancers, cable drums, cable reels, cable trolleys, slewing...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Cranes and gantries | Storage equipment and systems | Machine tools - metal machining | Truck-mounted cranes [+] Electricity - distribution equipment | Cables and wires, electric and telephone | Electrical components and parts | Electrical systems and equipment | trucks for irrigation | cable trolleys | overhead conveyors | watering hose winder | cable reels | cable drums

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  • About BLOKSMA-Engineering GmbH material flow technology. BLOKSMA-Engineering – a name that has now become synonymous with professional material flow, ergonomics, technically mature workpiece carriers...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | lifting equipment | crate lifting equipment | lifting and tipping equipment, combined | ergonomic lifting and tilting equipment [+] cargo carriers | transport logistics | workpiece carriers | workplace systems, ergonomic | operating equipment | dynamic shelving | rolling equipment for in-house transport | heavy load lifting | material flow planning | material flow systems

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    GERMANY- Woringen
    WIMO HEBETECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For over 30 years, WIMO Hebetechnik has specialised in innovative equipment for lifting, transporting and storing heavy goods. We only develop and produce devices at our site in Woringen in...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | load lifting equipment | sling chains | plate clamps | coil hooks [+] coil handling systems | coil tongs | coil pincers | grippers (pincers and grippers for load lifting) | handling equipment | lifting gear, manually operated | hoist chains | paper roll tongs | spreaders | hoist blocks for cranes

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    CROATIA- Karlovac, Kroatien
    KELTEKS - Verified by Europages

    We are one of the biggest full-range manufacturers of technical fiber reinforcements for composite materials in the EU. Our three factories are located in the heart of Europe in beautiful Croatia....

    Supplier of: Technical textiles for industrial applications | carbon fiber fabric | glass fiber fabric | basalt fiber fabric | natural fibers for bio composites [+] technical fabrics and reinforcements for composite laminates | technical textiles for composites industry | epoxy and latex coated textiles | fireproof fabrics | industrial fabrics for vacuum infusion, rtm and pultrusion | technical fabrics for hand lay-up and spray-up | fire-retardant fabrics for technical and industrial use | non-flammable non-combustible fabrics | flame resistant fabrics | fiber composite materials

    • Kelteks Cargo System Kelteks Cargo System Mobile shelf for heavy weight cargo
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    GERMANY- Bad Endorf
    KETTEN WÄLDER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a family business owned and operated by successive generations. Our philosophy is reflected in our customer-oriented and solution-driven production. Our goal is to provide top-quality products...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | lifting points | Chains - accessories | stainless steel chains | shackles [+] shortening hooks | conveyor chains | chain slings | anchor chains | niro anchor chains | stainless | chain slings | pump chains | forerunner chains | pocket wheels

    • Swivel Lifting Eye Screw CDS-PSA Swivel Lifting Eye Screw CDS-PSA cromox Swivel Eye Screws CDS-PSA, Grade 60, as Personal Protective Equipment
    • Swivel Lifting Eye Screw CDS Swivel Lifting Eye Screw CDS cromox Swivel Lifting Eye Screws CDS, Grade 60
    • Swivel Lifting Points CDAW Swivel Lifting Points CDAW cromox Swivel Lifting Points CDAW, Grade 60
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  • Emile Maurin Composants, specialist advisers in standardised components since 1871, deliver the right solutions for your specific industrial processes. Our expertise means we can respond to all your...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Mechanical transmission - components | Mechanical transmission systems and components | Access control - systems and equipment | Lifting - vehicles [+] Wheels, castors and rollers | Wheels, castors and rollers for goods handling | Wheels and castors for industrial trolleys | Hinges | Locks, bolts and keys | Runners for drawers | Crash-barriers | Upper works | Magnetic equipment | Anti-vibration supports

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  • ...and cargo nets. We are distributors of all types of accessories and equipment for lifting and handling. We sell boat fittings, such as turnbuckles, rigging screws, shackles, hooks, links, etc.

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | lifting accessories | lifting equipment | Cables - accessories | Upper works [+] slings | galvanised steel stay cables | shackles | eye bolt | hoists | cables and accessories for treetop adventure climbing | guys | accessories for conveyor technology | textile slings

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    LUXEMBOURG- Bettembourg
    LORTEL - Verified by Europages a fast service for: hanger arms and pallet lifts and other types of lifting equipment, as well as equipment for cable-stayed architecture such as clamped stainless steel accessories used to create stainless...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Hoisting brackets - cranes | Cables - accessories | Chains | Hoists and winches [+] Safety harnesses | Slings, hoisting and stowage | Travelling cranes | slings | lifting - forklift and pallet trucks

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    GERMANY- Südlohn
    BAUER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Bauer GmbH not only develops and manufactures attachments for the fork-lift truck, products for the environmental sector and recycling and waste containers. Founded in 1966, today the company...

    Supplier of: load lifting equipment | Machine tools - metal machining | Basket lifts | accessories for forklifts | metal tipping bins [+] stacker attachments | attachments for forklift trucks | chip containers | snow clearance tools | barrel handling | hazardous materials storage | hazardous materials containers | material containers | environmental storage technology

    • Crane hook type LH Crane hook type LH Secure pick-up and transport of heavy duty goods
    • Shovels, Forklift truck attachments Shovels, Forklift truck attachments Shovel with fork sleeves and emptying mechanism
    • Loading arms type LA / LAT Loading arms type LA / LAT Load handling equipment
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    NETHERLANDS- Barneveld
    AEROLIFT INDUSTRIALS B.V. - Verified by Europages

    Aerolift is specialized in the manufacturing of vacuum lifting solutions. With 60 years of experience, we develop and build customised lifting solutions for various industries, like the concrete and...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Lifting equipment | industrial lifting | customised lifting solutions | vacuum lifting solution [+] concrete lifting solutions | sheet metal handling | steel plates lifting | vacuum lifters | vacuum handling | lifting devices | heavy lifting | demoulding concrete | slab lifter

    • TBM lifting solution TBM lifting solution
    • Precast Concrete Piles Precast Concrete Piles
    • Pipe Handling Equipment Pipe Handling Equipment
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    GERMANY- Freudenberg
    HAACON HEBETECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    haacon hebetechnik gmbh, headquartered in Freudenberg am Main, is a manufacturer of special solutions in lifting technology. Business areas are Industrial Lifting Technology, Commercial Vehicle...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | lifting equipment | industrial lifting equipment | car winches | construction winches [+] loading system | electrical rope winches | lifting systems | made in germany | cable drum winch | transport systems | lifting gear | commercial vehicle equipment | aircraft loading system

    • Rack & pinion jacks - 1600 Serie Rack & pinion jacks - 1600 Serie Rack and pinion jacks for lifting, lowering, adjusting, fixing up to 0.5 t -10 t
    • trailer landing gear - S2000 Plus mega trailer landing gear - S2000 Plus mega Trailer landing gear, short design, static load 50 t, dyn. load 24 t
    • Rack jack 11 Rack jack 11 Rack jack for lifting loads of all kinds. Load range from 1.5 to 10 t.
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    BELGIUM- Waasmunster
    ALLWEB BELGIUM - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturer of slings, straps, securing straps, tubular slings, one-way slings & nets for heavy weights - our own BENECA brand lifting nets. Securing system, securing straps with buckle, tensioning...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Slings, hoisting and stowage | Hooks, metal | edge protectors | lifting nets for trucks [+] antislip mats | stainless steel ratchet fastenings | heavy lifting roundslings | cambuckle | lashing straps length on demand

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    ITALY- San Pietro Di Legnago-Legnago
    NICOLINI MARCO GROUP SRL - Verified by Europages

    Flagship company in the field of national and international transport, exceptional transport, lifting and the rental of all types of machinery. Trasporti Nicolini Marco Group is specialised in...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Mobile cranes | Transport - wide and long loads | electric front wagons | machinery transport [+] workshop and machinery removals by road | electric cranes | mobile electric cranes

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    ITALY- Ponte Buggianese
    NOVAMACH ITALIA S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Novamach's growth in the sector of electric and manual pallet trucks, lifts, hoists and winches has been marked by product quality and competitive prices. But that's not the whole story. Alongside...

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Forklift trucks | pallet movers | electric pallet movers | hoists [+] goods lifting windlasses | hand pallet trucks

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  • Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories

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    SWITZERLAND- Altendorf
    HEBETECH AG - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories

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    ITALY- Cologno Monzese
    TRACTEL ITALIANA SPA - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | goods lifting equipment | Safety in the workplace | security systems for lift trucks and carriers | self-propelled aerial platforms for lifting merchandise

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  • Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories

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    GERMANY- Düsseldorf
    TILLER BV - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories

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    ITALY- Gariga-Podenzano
    SAE ITALIA SPA - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories | Truck-mounted cranes | road haulage | oversize transport permits | pneumatic carriers for goods handling

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    SWITZERLAND- Ried Bei Erlen
    KIENLE'S HANDEL - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Lifting equipment - accessories

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