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    AGRANA manufactures top-notch starch products using modern and environmentally-sensitive methods. The raw materials: corn, potatoes and wheat. The result: top-quality starch products for numerous applications in widely different industries. The complex properties of starch are valued in the food industry, the cosmetic industry as well as in technical industrial sectors, such as construction chemistry, paper and board manufacturing, as well as in the textile industry. At AGRANA, we rely particularly on certified organic and GMO-free products in our starch product portfolio.


    Czech Rep.

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    GTW is a family-owned group of companies established in 2018 to support Organic Ukraine farmers in promoting and selling their crops directly to consumers. Over time, the demand and supply have increased significantly, prompting GTW to expand its involvement in projects that promote and assist the organic and non-GMO sectors. This includes activities such as product production and farmers financing. Our primary categories are as follows: Animal Food Sunflower & Soya Grains Oil Seeds Pulses Our diverse product range comprises organic spelt, animal food grains, organic beans, soya beans, mustard seeds, soya cake, corn, flax seeds, green peas, yellow beans, mung beans, soya oil, and many other items that can be explored on our website. By partnering with us, you gain access to a broad selection of organic and non-GMO crops from around the world. We prioritize deep integration and close collaboration with each local farmer, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, we offer flexible logistics solutions to cater to our clients' needs. At GTW, we firmly believe that working together as a unified team is always more effective and efficient for the future. To date, GTW Group has achieved an annual turnover of over 30, 000 metric tons of organic and conventional crops delivered worldwide. For more information, please feel free to contact us!



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  4. RESCO


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    Resco is a manufacturer of boluses for cattle, sheep, and goats to prevent different mineral deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, and other problems: a calcium bolus to prevent milk fever, a garlic bolus to improve udder health, a mineral bolus etc. A cattle bolus is a complementary feed that is an easy and economical solution to enrich an animal’s diet. To easily supplement the drinking water of poultry we offer five effervescent tablets with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Resco wants to do more than produce high-quality complementary feed for cattle and poultry. We want to focus on making the farmer's life easier as well. We know that farming is very rewarding, but also, that it can be very hard and stressful. Being a farmer isn't a nine-to-five job; it's early mornings and late nights, it's Monday to Sunday, it's January 1st to December 31st. But farming is also about living together with nature, seeing your animals and crops grow, about freedom, about tranquility... We kept innovating according to the vision that we want to deliver solutions to your problems. Next to the range of cattle boluses, we started to develop boluses for calves and sheep in 2012. Seven years later we established a new type of products. Next to producing boluses we also started manufacturing effervescent tablets for poultry. Contact us for more information !



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    EARL DE LA ROMANE is a family farm in the département of Cher, France. We are producers (pure traders) of fodder in natural and temporary grasslands comprising fescue, cocksfoot, timothy and rye-grass. The plants are harvested in the best possible conditions at flowering time. We produce cubic bales of 240x120x90 cm (equipped with six strings). Our bales weigh 400 kg on average.

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    SAYGINLAR AGRICULTURAL MACHINES LTD. Our company was founded by Hasan Hüseyin SAYKILI and his brother; S.Ahmet SAYKILI in 1984. The company has been providing agricultural machines and equipments for the city of Afyonkarahisar and around. Even though the the company was founded in 1984, the real beginning of business is with the block-making machine in 1971. After the production of this machine we have started to make a lot of innovative machines in accordance with the demands and needs of the agriculture sector using technology. The variety of our products range from manure spreader, liquid manure spreader, trailer, storage tanks, watering tankers, tractor cabins, tractor trailers, funeral services trailers, forklift carrier trailers, water and oil tankers, tractor mounted loaders, tractor mounted road sweepers, chisel ploughs etc. to feed mixing machines which are our main product range now. As a result of works that our R&D department has been conduction we have started to produce feed mixing trailer that both work with the help of a tractor and electricity since 2006. The capacity of these machines range from 1, 5 to 16 m3 covering the needs of small and big ranges. Briefly We have been serving the farmers for 34 years with our manufactured product range such as, feed mixer wagons, cattle feed mixer, feed mixer and crusher, manure spreader, manure spreader trailer, farm trailer, farm tipping trailer, slurry tanker, tractor road sweeper, road sweepers, agriculture machinery


    United States

    Founded in 1995, Richi Machinery has been developing steadily and steadily in the field of pellet processing. It is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of pellet plant equipment required for industry projects such as feed, biomass energy, and organic fertilizer. It has gradually formed a complete R&D, production, sales and service system, provide technical solutions and supporting products. In the past 30 years of innovation and development, it has become an enterprise with both hardware and software strengths in China’s domestic pellet machinery industry. The leading products cover more than 80 types of 3 major industrial modules: animal feed, biomass fuel, and organic fertilizer. Including : * 2.0-150T/H Feed Pellet Production Line, * 2.0-150T/H Biomass Pellet Production Line, * 1.0-100T/H Aquatic Feed Production Line, * 0.5-150T/H Organic Fertilizer production line * 0.5-100T/H Wood Pellet Production Line. All products have passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, EU CE certification and Customs Union CU-TR certification. At present, the marketing network of Richi Machinery has spread to more than 120 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania.





    Who are we : Quality Products @ Best Prices ! ! ! Our company employs professional and qualified specialists able to ensure the execution of every order in a quality way and on a timely basis. We create conditions for continuous improvement for our employees and encourage them to work as guided our core values: - - Quality products for every customer. - Timely execution of orders is a key to recommendations. - Each customer must be shown respect and special attention. - The optimal ratio between quality and price ensures a competitive advantage. - Mutual understanding between partners guarantees a successful way to cooperate. - We export and import goods of basic necessity in order to fight against expensive living on a global landscape - Quality products, customer satisfaction, standardized procedures and business value are our guidelines of operation in carrying out our business successfully.


    United Arab Emirates

    Trademax Corporation FZE LLC is a privately owned company that is active in supplying and distributing top-of-the-line products with competitive prices from major manufacturers around the world. We also provide a wide range of services such as logistics, financing and training. Our team is experienced in offering the best customer service during the processes of ordering, shipping, delivering goods, etc., as well as handling documentation, shipping and transportation requirements. We have two High-tech products: High-Tech Chelated Nano Fertilizers and High-Tech Chelated Mineral Supplement. High-tech chelated nano fertilizers are new products designed and manufactured based on Chelate Compounds technology, which is patented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This novel technology is used in the production of high-tech fertilizers with unique, incredible results in farms, gardens and greenhouses (soil-based or hydroponic). High-tech livestock, poultry and aquaculture feed supplements are new products manufactured based on Chelate Compounds technology, which is patented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This novel technology is used in the production of high-tech livestock, poultry, aquaculture feed supplements with unique, incredible results in industrial farms.



    The company has its head office in Chile. The company, operates in the agro-industry and is active worldwide. It provides a divisions of Meat Pork, Meat Beef, Logistics, International and Central Services. Faenadora Las Pataguas was created to respond to the need to slaughter and distribute pork meat. We produce, process and distribute our products autonomously. We have structured our production farms, processing plants and our own transportation network, in order to provide the best quality safety and services for our customers. With the aim of striving to meet up with the demand of our customers and satisfy their needs, we have always set a high standard to our core values to guide us on achieving our objectives. We process and distribute all Pork parts, Pork Cuts and other Pork requirements. Faenadora Las Pataguas understands and believes in a world where everyone enjoys well preserved, safe and healthy food with good taste and quality from reliable and sustainable sources.



    We Chengdu Chelation Biology Technology Co., Ltd. are a big and special manufacturer on Organic Fertilizer and Feed Grade AMINO ACIDS POWDER, AMINO ACID GRANULES and LIQUID, AMINO ACID CHELATED MINERALS in China with good quality and competitive price. Amino Acid Powder: Amino Acid Powder 30% Amino Acid Powder 40% Amino Acid Powder 45% Amino Acid Powder 50% Amino Acid Powder 65% Amino Acid Powder 80% Amino Acid Liquid 30% Amino Acid Chelated Minerals Amino Acid Chelated Copper Amino Acid Chelated Iron Amino Acid Chelated Zinc Amino Acid Chelated Manganese Amino Acid Chelated Calcium Amino Acid Chelated Magnesium Amino Acid Chelated Boron Amino Acid Chelated Potassium Amino Acid Chelated Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelated TE (Cu+Fe+Zn+Mn+B+Mg) Email: cdaohe88@aliyun.com www.cdaohe.com Cell: 008613699415698 Skype: youqingping



    Biocom Ltd. is a leading company offering new generation products for animal nutrition. The company possess 2 production plants: -Plant of production of milk replacers and concentrates for agricultural livestock; -Plant of production of compound feed and feed additives for agricultural livestock and poultry. Biocom Ltd certified according to STB ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP+B2 standards and has 3 own accredited production laboratories. The most important working principles of Biocom Ltd. are high quality and absolute product safety, high requirements to the level of customer service, innovative production and quick response to agricultural industry requests.



    SD-Becks company produces animal feed for livestock and poultry, extruded all-in-one fodder, and compound feed additives for poultry and all species of farm animals. SD-Becks has been working in the market of animal feed for over 4 years and distributes its products in more than 17 cities of Russia. The company produces biologically active feed supplements and natural feed free of growth stimulants and antibiotics: — Feed for dual-purpose chicken breeds, broilers, and quail; — Feed supplements for fattening pigs; — Feed for ducks and other waterfowl; — Feed additives for horses — a phytobiotic feed concentrate IMMUNO-POWER with vitamin and mineral mix. Extrusion makes it possible to destroy cell walls, break chemical bonds, and alter the physical and molecular structure of raw materials to create an animal feed that is more useful and easier to digest. Extruded feeds have five to eight times more soluble substances and are more nutritious and efficient. SD-Becks produces animal feed in close cooperation with the Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy on scientific developments and the implementation of advanced technologies in the feed industry. SD-Becks creates its rations using high-precision customized software, tests them in laboratories and research centers, and then the livestock feeds undergo final testing at agricultural companies.



    We are from India, export of food produce like rice , sugar , cashew and Spice , ground spice, whole spice and spice to business, traders, spice manufacturing companies, exporters such as cumin seeds, whole chillies, coriander seeds, whole turmeric, turmeric powder, chili powder, curry powder, cardamom, black pepper, chili pepper, cinnamon, clove, fenugreek seeds, dried garlic, ginger, saffron, Nutmeg, mace, mint, star anise, mustard seeds etc. product with capacity to supply on required contracts, if in planning on any import from India with us. The group is home to some finest brands from premium to mass retail estates in a host of sections including quick cafes and entertainment sectors. Domestic and International exports with over 25 different products encompassing 50 national & international clients.



    "GidroBak" is the leader in the production of flexible containers in Ukraine. We produce tanks with a capacity of 50 to 1, 000, 000 liters. More than 150 items of products: frame pools, flexible tanks, soft gas holders, storage tanks for fuel and lubricants. Quality guarantee for all products - from 12 months Features of our products 1 Convenient transportation The products are compact in size and light in weight 2 Easy operation No special preparation required 3 Practicality Materials are resistant to mechanical damage 4 Long service life Can be used for 10 years or more 5 Affordable price Cheaper than traditional storage tanks 6 Quality All products have successfully passed all trial tests. The quality control system ISO 9001 Why you should order flexible tanks from us: ✔ We are manufacturers, so we can offer our customers the lowest retail and wholesale prices ✔All our products are made of European high-strength and elastic materials, the quality of which is confirmed by certificates of conformity ✔ If necessary, we can produce products of non-standard sizes and configurations (for specific tasks) ✔We provide our clients with information and technical support, we accept applications from all regions We are interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation! For us there are no impossible tasks! Any question will be solved in the shortest possible time with the maximum benefit for the client!



    Lek Veterina is a FAMI QS certified European feed premix producer focused on liquid and water-soluble nutraceuticals and other specialties to support animal's health and welfare. We provide natural solutions in form of natural plant extracts and essential oils that reduce the use of antibiotics, support gut health and increase natural gut microflora. Used feed additives are certifed and controled, our suppliers are quality certified companies. Our supplements help to overcome heat stress, improve feed conversion and overall animal's health. Our products are sold in Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle and Far East and Asia. Our mostly know products are NutriSel, vitamin -amino acid supplement for overcomming heat stress in poultry and BronhiFit, a plant extract supplement for improving respiratory health in poultry.


    South Africa



    Satnam Psyllium India's leading Manufacturer & Exporter Of Psyllium products in the world. Satnam Psyllium Industries was established in the year 2000 and is today a leading manufacturing company in Psyllium (Sat-Isabgol) Seeds, Psyllium Husk and Psyllium Husk Powder Processing. Having its plant situated at Brahmanwada between Unjha and Sidhpur on State Highway near Unjha, which is is the Biggest Market Yard of Asia for Commercial Cash Crops and the Agri-Commercial Capital of Gujarat, India. Satnam Psyllium Industries is also a Government of India Recognized Export House, BRC Certified Company. The Plant facility also houses our sister concern M/s. Super Psyllium Industries. The facility has adopted Quality and Food Safety management System as per the guidelines of BRC Certified Company, HACCP strictly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)and Good Hygienic Practices (GHP). The manufacturing facility is spread over an area of 1, 60, 000 sft. and is adequately equipped with storage warehouses, processing equipment, a QC Laboratory and an Administrative block. The entire open infrastructure is fully paved making the facility completely pollution-free.



    Matrix Environment introduces a unique water remediation system: EzOx system.It drastically reduces the most persistent of problems—such as algae, duckweed, milfoil, and anaerobic conditions in bottom sediment.Matrix Environment is also active in the agricultural farm and citrus farm fields. Our Extremum O2 system removes foul smell from Livestock production, especially pig farms. Our Yellow Dragon Slayer System neutralizes the Huanglongbing (HLB) bacteria also known as greening disease on citrus farms. We are also involved in lake remediation with our EzOx system. Our company assists and represents research scientists in the development of their innovative inventions for finding solutions. The international interdisciplinary network with whom we are associated with consists of individuals of a very advanced scientific thinking. Together, they work in a multitude of activities. All of our unique and exceptional systems are oriented to meet today's environmental needs. These systems are the result of years of research by scientists that have devoted their life to improving the environment. Matrix Environment's mission is to facilitate the research and the marketing of systems that contribute to helping nature in compensating some of the imbalance existing in the environment. By having a system from Matrix Environment you know that you are light-years ahead of everyone and that you respect the environment


    United Kingdom

    Aroma Chimie engages a leading position as a producer of Livestock & Equine feed and supplements in the United Kingdom. We are directed by a strategy to produce products with essential nutrients & consistent quality for our customers. Aroma Chimie produces feeds & supplements globally for all major farming and equestrian markets under different brand names. Aroma Chimie is currently present & has agricultural footprints in 32 countries globally. We initiated the production of equestrian feed for our own horses to reduce wastage of money, increase efficiency and frankly to observe some results. The company then expanded the production to other livestock animals including poultry, cattle & swine. We believe that to understand an existing problem you need to feel the problem, see the problem and touch the problem in order to be able to tackle it. Today we are proud to say that we still are a farmer, a breeder, a rider, a coach, a nutritionist, a vet and a customer! Now we can all trust & benefit from the products which was grown from the root.


    United Kingdom

    At M&T we have expertise in international export of hay and haylage. We offer worldwide delivery on all of our products and have a huge range of customers across the globe. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to help every step of the way, from providing nutritional analysis, to arranging international documentation and shipments. Why M&T In choosing M&T you are selecting a company competent in international trade. Our team are here to guide at every step of the journey. Prior to purchase, we communicate with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. We work with the client to create their order, providing nutritional analysis and information. We have a dedicated logistics manager who will arrange relevant shipping documents, manage the process of arranging the shipping container removal and be on hand for contact during the delivery process. Benefits of British Hay British-grown hay is some of the best in the world. Due to the weather conditions our soil is perfect for growing lush, quality grass to create a premium product that meets all the nutritional requirements. Having varied year-round weather conditions and four distinct seasons means that we can confidently provide consistent levels of quality all year round.



    FEEDADDS, which focuses its activities in the fields of poultry feeding, cattle feeding and special feed additives, provides technical excellence in quality products and services in the food chain, especially vitamin mineral and organic acids, phytogenic plant-based products, supplements, critical period products, toxin binders, supportive and protective feed additives. continues with determination with its understanding .. With its customer and stakeholder-oriented approach, FEEDADDS, which continues to fulfill customer demands as economically and effectively as possible with solutions, products and resources, distinguishes itself from its competitors with its human and nature-oriented attitude in this journey. It provides a human-oriented service that enables creativity with superior business ethics and honest behavior by creating a social and commercial environment based on mutual trust and sincerity with the institutions and stakeholders it works with. Our institution has adopted the responsibility of its integrated relations with its customers, which is a requirement of this modern management, as a principle against nature. It has adopted the principle of protecting the environment and protecting the well-being of the society by ensuring efficient and economical use of resources in all service segments. All of our products have TSE EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and GMP (Good Manufacturing) certificate.


    United Kingdom

    Envirolizer is a natural mineral plant growth enhancer and adaptogen. Contains finely micronized and augmented natural calcite. The effective supply of calcium and silicon to plants increases photosynthetic activity followed by better CO2 utilisation and production of primary and secondary metabolites. Envirolizer provides an improvement in fruit and crop yields while increasing plant resistance toward environmental stress. Significantly improve the productivity and economy of your crops while increasing the quality and taste of your products. Earn MORE with LESS effort using Envirolizer®! Beat your competition with faster results, measurably heavier gains and premium quality products! A natural plant growth supplement applied through the foliar spraying method. It enables efficient delivery of calcium, silicon and other nutrients to plant due to micron and submicron natural calcite particles manufactured by proprietary advance micronization technology (AMT). Being a natural deposit rock, Envirolizer® contains calcite, silica and calcite-related minerals such as dolomite and ankerite that are made bioavailable via AMT. Frequent use results in Significant improvement in plant growth and productivity due to increased photosynthetic activity and nutrient uptake. Increased resistance to the negative effects of high environmental temperatures and hydro-stre-stress. Increased resistance to plant diseases, especially fungal ones. Increased biosynthesis of secondary metabolism.



    Bio Can Marti is the biggest organic farm in Barcelona area of quality shell eggs. Source of brown and white eggs, our procedures comply with the organic regulations and certifications. Production capacity of 1 million layers per month. All types of packaging available and Incoterm negotiable- ExW, FOB, CIF, etc. We have our logistics and sanitary regulations service, ready to export our products worldwide. We also produce organic broth (vegetable, chicken an beef) and organic meat of chicken and turkey. Short term and long term contract.

  6. VITA


    We are a company from Ukraine. The main field of activity is feed production, production of feed concentrates for growing and fattening pigs, poultry, cattle. Also we offer such products as: mixed fodder; vitamins; meal (soy, sunflower, corn) at competitive prices. Our products are proved to be effective, ecological and at a reasonable price and allow: - Ensure the innovation of the feeding process - Directly influence the formation of productive potential - Implementation of innovation - Balancing of rations In addition to compound feeds, we can offer you a wide range of our products, namely: - Amino acid vitamin mineral feed concentrate - ZHYVYNA™ - Calcium-phosphorus mineral mix - Calcium P™ - Protein vitamin and mineral supplement - DYVO™ - Accompanying feed ingredients And much more. Feel free to contact us and discuss all issues about purchase and delivery.



    Established in 2004, Qindao CTC Feed Corp. is a Canadian-owned enterprise which is located in Qindao Laixi Economic Development Zone, the place chosen for its unique advantages in transportation and resources. Our products are exported to countries such as Canada, USA, England, Middle East countries, Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, etc. CTC's business philosophy emphasizes environment protection, pioneer spirit and global harmony. We believe producing safe and pollution-free products is of vital importance to feed industry. With large scale drying , mixing and pelleting equipment, CTC has strong production capacity and a very effective quality control system. Our main products are plant feedstuffs including dried apple pomace, brewer's grains, seaweed meal, peanut stalk pellet, stevia meal, sweet potato pellets, imported American alfalfa hay and so on. These feed stuffs are widely used in areas of stockbreeding, agricultural industry and formula feed for poultry. Our products are particularly


    United Kingdom

    Harpers Home Mix Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality agricultural animal feeds. Harpers produces quality rations for dairy, cattle, sheep, horse, pig, poultry and game plus specialist feeds from guinea pigs through to rhinoceros. Harpers’ aim is to provide the highest quality feeds, with the most up to date advice. Available in blends, compounds, coarse mixes, pellets and rolls for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, poultry and game - Harpers Home Mix Ltd has a range of products to suit every stage of the animals’ development including medicated feed. Harpers Home Mix Ltd is unique by offering customers fixed formulated diets.Harpers Home Mix Ltd delivers throughout Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset, as well as supplying a network of Merchants.


    United Kingdom

    Harlequin Nutrition Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer of salt-based mineral licks for livestock. Harlequin Nutrition’s mineral blocks are supplied to a variety of markets, including dairy, beef and growing cattle, sheep, buffalo, camels, goats, horses, deer and pigs. Harlequin Nutrition’s mineralised salt bricks are pressed hard and thanks to a high degree of binding and cohesion will resist wet weather without crumbling. For the production of its lick blocks Harlequin Nutrition uses a pure source of clean white rock salt and trace elements and vitamins only, as permitted by European Union regulations.


    United Kingdom

    Wynnes is selling Hens – Hybrid birds. Wynnes has always young hens (pullets) available and sell pullets from 16 weeks of age. All the young hens from Wynnes are fully vaccinated against common poultry illnesses including salmonella, mareks, coccidiosis, Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis, etc. The Hens can be happy, healthy and productive in large flocks or simply as a pair the garden. Wynnes is also selling on-farm fabricated poultry housing and runs and everything necessary to keep poultry. Wynnes is expanding its products to reproduce the same formula as they have done with the poultry (i.e. hens, housing, feed, equipment, etc.) but this time also for sheep, pigs, alpacas, pygmy goats, and cattle. Moreover, Wynnes will be pleased to give you free advice before and after purchase.

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