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  • Design and manufacture of injection moulded plastic parts, both customised and standard production. We are distributors of Moss plastic parts, offering one of the largest ranges on the market of... Supplier of: manufacture of injection moulded plastic parts | plastic injection moulding | Plastics - industrial raw materials | design of injection moulding for thermoplastics | moss parts [+] plastic technical parts | creation of prototypes using stereolythography | production of plastic parts
    SPAIN - Las Rozas De Madrid-Madrid
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  • KG has been producing injection-moulded plastics from its factory since 1934, manufacturing injection-moulded plastic parts, plastic packages, plastic boxes, measuring cups and measuring spoons. We have been... Supplier of: injection-moulded plastic parts | Packaging | Boxes, plastic | Plastic products for the medical industry | packaging for cosmetics [+] measuring cups | measuring cups and spoons | plastic parts | plastic boxes | plastics manufacturing | packaging for cosmetics | plastic components for medical technology | customised plastic packaging | containers for packaging purposes | round plastic containers
    GERMANY - Engelskirchen
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  • ...Navigation Industrial Ltd is a custom manufacturer of plastic injection moulds and parts molding in south of China (1 hour driving from HongKong airport). We can design the products according to customer’s plan or concept and make professional structure evaluation of customer’s... Supplier of: plastic moulds and parts | custom plastic injection moulds | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | plastic tooling and molding factory in china | plastics
    CHINA - Houjie Town
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  • with mechanical team for mould design, mould manufacture, plastic injection parts & metal parts design manufacture & CPU program design, circuit diagram design… for complete products assembly. Supplier of: Power electronics | power inverter | power supply units, electronic | uninterruptible power supply
    TAIWAN R.O.C. - New Taipei City
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  • developing plastic articles and manufacturing durable and precise tools in our own tool manufacturing facility with monitored production processes. This makes us an expert partner for all companies that require technical parts made from plastic and rubber. We manufacture custom parts in... Supplier of: injection-moulded plastic parts | Plastics - construction industry | Screws | plastic injection stopper caps | plastic stopper [+] cable connections, explosion-proof | concealed clasps | soft end covers | wing screws | wing screws for operating parts | threaded dowels | flexible plastic stoppers | plastic screws | plastic cover caps | plastic stoppers, technical
    GERMANY - Battenberg
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  • ...perfect partner for all your plastic injection projects.We supply a wide range of different industries, including: electronics, electrical equipment, office furniture, medical, defence, construction, renewable energies, machine equipment, water... Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | injection moulding of plastics | plastic part moulding | plastic injection mould | mould for plastic parts [+] Rubber and plastic - processing | Plastics - industrial products | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics | Plastic products for the electronics industry | Plastic products for the medical industry | Rubber and plastic welding | plastics manufacturing | plastic injection | technical moulding of plastic parts
    BELGIUM - Roclenge Sur Geer
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  • ...moulding, radiator hoses, extrusion. Plastic and rubber. Since 1946 we have specialised in the manufacture of moulded, technical, rubber parts. These parts are manufactured using different elastomers: natural rubber, SBR, neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, hypalon, viton, silicone, polyurethane, etc. Items made from neoprene and nbr, epdm articles, rubber... Supplier of: Rubber products | Rubber seals | moulded rubber parts | rubber profiles | rubber bellows [+] tyre vulcanization | rubber extrusion | vulcanised rubber | rubber hoses | metal rubber | rubber injection | silicone hoses | rubber steel | neoprene and nbr items | hoses and elbows in rubber
    BELGIUM - Brussel
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  • ...are manufactured on 16 NC-controlled injection moulding machines, some with handling systems in the closing force range of 200 - to 2500 kN. The machines are from leading European manufacturers such as Krauss Maffei, Arburg, Netstal, Engel... Supplier of: injection-moulded plastic parts | Forming - steels and metals | Plastics - industrial raw materials | Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry [+] Hand tools, non-power | Plastics - semi-finished products | brioche moulds | automatic lathe parts | technical-grade plastic parts | plastic moulded parts | mould construction for thermoplastics | furniture parts made of plastic
    GERMANY - Mühlacker
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  • ...components and customised injection-moulded parts. From CAD design to precision tools to injected plastic components – everything from a single source, manufactured by our highly qualified... Supplier of: injection moulded plastic parts with metal insert | injection-moulded plastic parts | injection-moulded parts, technical | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics - industrial raw materials [+] Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Plastics - semi-finished products | bobbins | plastic housings | custom injection moulding tools | plastic moulded parts | plastic precision parts | plastic spools | investment castings | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific
    GERMANY - Eppingen
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  • ...key areas, including: Mould and tool manufacturing with the development of plastic components; the production of injection moulding tools for prototype and series parts; pre-series mould validation; and the manufacturing of... Supplier of: injection-moulded plastic parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for medical technology | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches | injection moulds for plastics | injection-moulded parts [+] Plastic material processing | Model making | construction of jigs and fixtures | moulds production | quick prototyping | tool manufacturing | injection moulding | laminated moulds | test gauges | injection moulding tools for the automotive industry
    GERMANY - Illmensee
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  • ...We provide a wide range of custom machining parts service, using our imported 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers(MAZAK, Perfect Jet. Brother, OKUMA), our skilled machinists can make turned and milled parts using a wide range of plastic... Supplier of: Machine tools - metal machining | Turning - steels and metals | metal components | cnc turned parts | aluminium prototypes [+] precision machining | machined parts | machining of steel and metals - high-precision | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | plastic machining | brass complements | plastics manufacturing | aluminium components | welding components | mechanical components
    CHINA - Dongguan
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  • Brunn/Gebirge near Vienna, we develop and manufacture high-quality plastic products for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as for the food industry. Using state-of-the-art injection moulding and... Supplier of: Packaging | bottle caps | plastic boxes | synthetic caps | non-reusable packaging- [+] development of packaging | spice grinders | plastic screw tops | food packaging for the retail industry | packaging for the food processing industry | packaging for the pharmaceutical industry | packaging design | plastic packaging materials | packaging and packing material | packaging materials
    AUSTRIA - Brunn Am Gebirge
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  • that specialises in injection moulding of plastics and a range of post-injection add-on services. The company studies, develops and manufactures plastic parts for use in a wide range of industries:... Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | bi-material plastic injection moulding | injection moulding of plastics | manufacture of moulds for plastic injection | Plastics - industrial products [+] Plastics - construction industry | Plastic products for the electronics industry | Plastic products for the farm-produce industry | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | plastic parts for the automobile industry | manufacture of equipment for casting | plastics manufacturing | plastic injection | thermoplastics | technical moulding of plastic parts
    FRANCE - Rumersheim-Le-Haut
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  • plastic profile extrusion, injection moulding and acrylic processing technology, Plastiform develops and produces high-quality products for retail and industry. We focus both on manufacturing classic sales... Supplier of: injection-moulded plastic parts | Structural shapes, plastic | upvc plastic profiles | tool manufacturing | plastic parts [+] price label units | moulding of plastic materials | injection moulding | working of acrylic | plastics manufacturing | plastic profiles, extruded | extrusion of plastic profile sections | acrylic display stands | semi-finished plastic products | milling plastic materials
    GERMANY - Wetter (ruhr)
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  • ...system. It can be individually implemented in an injection mould. This enables the manufacture of plastic parts which can be fitted with mechanically demoulded hooks of various shapes and in sizes from 0.3 mm in same... Supplier of: Fastening devices | Hook-and-loop fasteners | fastening parts | clamping systems | stamping parts [+] plastic plugs | components for the automobile industry | plastic parts for the automobile industry | hooks by doma technology | consultation for hooks by doma technology | plastic hook-and-loop systems | hook-and-loop fasteners | hook-and-loop technology | connector technology | plastic hooks
    GERMANY - Mariaposching
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  • ...has 25 years' experience in the thermoplastic moulding industry. The leading company offers its customers a working process that starts by designing the part, assisted by CADCAM systems, then the making of moulds with CNC machining... Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Plumbing, domestic | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | moulds for engineering goods | semi-foam plastic moulding [+] accessories for valves | taps and fittings | moulding of plastic materials | mould design | moulds for plastic materials | chrome-plating on plastics | bathroom fixtures | manufacturing of small parts | tap handles and levers | cad - cam machining
    ITALY - Omegna
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  • Our company began with making injection moulded tools in 1999 and founded a production site for plastic injection moulding to manufacture plastic packaging in early 2000. Our plant has a mould production and a plastic injection moulding department. The... Supplier of: injection-moulded plastic parts | Packaging | Thermos packaging | Boxes, plastic | pails [+] plastic cups | packaging pots | packaging for the food-processing industry | plastic packaging items | plastic packing crates | rigid plastic containers | plastic buckets | packaging for the food processing industry | round plastic containers | packaging for dangerous goods
    GERMANY - Aldenhoven
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  • ...preproduction and small series which barely differ from series quality. Which is why the entire process chain, from tool design and manufacture through to the in-house production of injection-moulded parts. Supplier of: injection-moulded plastic parts | plastic injection moulded parts for small batches | plastic moulded parts | two-part injection moulded components | injection moulds for plastics [+] Prototypes, industrial | injection moulding | quick prototyping | mould building | moulds production | tool manufacturing | prototyping | rapid tooling | rapid tooling (for prototype initial samples) | prototype engineering
    GERMANY - Dieburg
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  • ...of silicone and multi-component parts using the injection moulding process. Our products include: Silicone metal connections, silicone sealing, rubber seals, sealing rings, bellows, precision moulded liquid silicone parts, silicone moulded... Supplier of: injection moulded silicone parts | two-part injection moulded components | Silicones | Rubber seals | Sealing rings [+] Mechanical brakes | moulded rubber parts | rubber-metal connections | rubber membranes | quick prototyping | silicone-metal connections | silicone seals | bellows | precision moulded liquid silicone parts | silicone moulded parts for medical technology
    AUSTRIA - Marchtrenk
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  • ...For this purpose, since the introduction of plastics processing in 1952, the company has developed, along with its qualified employees, to become an expert on injection moulding and thermo-moulded parts. Supplier of: plastic injection moulding | Plastics - packaging | Clock and watch supplies | Holders and cases - custom packaging | display [+] jewellery display cases | jewellery boxes | can | holster | watch cases | plastic boxes | plastic box | plastics manufacturing | packing boxes | custom boxes
    GERMANY - Lichtenau
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  • We manufacture our products using modern injection moulding machines, which have clamping forces of up to 300 t and shot weights from 2 g to 3000 g, and vulcanisation presses (up to 500 t). Among our range of retail products, we offer standard... Supplier of: Sealing rings | moulded rubber parts | rubber-metal connections | hydraulic seals | ffkm o-rings [+] plastic cnc turned parts | cnc water jet cutting | sealants made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) | pneumatic seals | sealing technology | flat gaskets | plastic joints | plastic turned parts | o-rings made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) | special seals
    GERMANY - Sachsenheim
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  • We currently use injection moulding machines with a clamping force range of 400–8000 kN for our production processes. A wide variety of plastic parts, including custom-made ones, with an item weight of 1–5000 g are produced in a shift... Supplier of: Food packaging | Articles for painting | diy items | giveaways, promotional products | door mats [+] bottle-opener | salad boxes | packaging bucket | surface boxes | stackable boxes | bread baskets | paint trays | paint grids | paint pots and lids | pallets for note blocks
    GERMANY - Dornburg-Camburg
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  • ...the production of individual stamped and drawn parts, as well as plastic injection moulding parts, through to the installation of the magnet systems, everything is located at one site in Hardt. With a modern machine fleet, innovative product... Supplier of: Magnets | magnets and permanent magnets | magnetic clamps | ferrite magnet | handling magnets [+] magnetic filters | magnetic support | magnetic accessories | gripper magnets | rod-type gripper magnets | filter magnet systems | mirror magnets | decorative magnets | miniature magnets | magnetic promotional items
    GERMANY - Hardt
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  •, one of the biggest plastic injection moulders in Baltic states with 5400 m² area of production plant and 3500 m² of warehousing facilities. At the moment company operates 71 injection moulding machines, which gives us flexibility to produce different size and purpose plastic parts from a... Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastics - industrial products | Plastics moulding | plastic components [+] injection moulding | plastic products for the food industry | semi-finished plastic products | plastic | plastic parts | plastics manufacturing | production of plastics | automotive plastic | injection molding
    LITHUANIA - Verbiskes, Moletai
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  • ...looking for technical-grade injection-moulded plastic parts and moulds made to your specifications, we are a competent contact partner for you. In short, we are your ideal partner for: Consultancy and project planning of customer-specific plastic parts projects, the development of... Supplier of: plastic moulded parts | injection-moulded plastic parts | plastic injection moulded parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for medical technology | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches [+] injection moulds for plastics | injection-moulded parts, technical | Plastics moulding | brioche moulds | plastics manufacturing | technical-grade plastic parts | moulded parts made from thermoplastics | plastic assemblies | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | plastic components for medical technology
    SWITZERLAND - Niedergösgen
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  • ...and processing the highest-quality plastic parts. Precisely moulding plastic – this is our core competency and our passion. In our modern building complex with on-site production hall and office wing, 30 employees use 23... Supplier of: plastic injection moulded parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches | plastic injection moulded parts, technical, for vehicle construction | plastic injection moulded parts for mechanical engineering | precision plastic injection moulded parts [+] injection-moulded plastic parts | injection moulded plastic parts with metal insert | Plastic material processing | plastics manufacturing | plastic moulded parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | plastic precision parts | plastic products | plastic parts for the car industry | technical-grade plastic parts
    GERMANY - Hatzfeld
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  • ...polymers. In close collaboration with our tool manufacturing and injection moulding divisions, we design, refine and re-engineer high-quality moulds, also offering this service to other companies. We process thermoplastic polymers (with the exception of PVC)... Supplier of: Plastics - industrial products | tool manufacturing | brioche moulds | machining of metals | plastic plugs [+] soft end covers | champagne stoppers | pourers | champagne bottle closures | top caps | decorative caps | technical plastic parts | two-component (2k) injection moulding | injection moulds | cnc metal machining
    GERMANY - Simmern
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  • works in the mould-making for plastics and plastic moulding and assembly sector using ordinary and gas-assisted injection moulding compliant with ISO 9001: 2015. It manufactures technical articles... Supplier of: Plastics moulding | Reinforced plastics - moulding | injection moulding | construction of moulds for plastic materials | pad printing [+] moulds | moulding rubber articles | technical item moulding | contract plastic moulding | assemblies | thermoplastics
    ITALY - Albairate
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  • ...who provides cnc machining, rapid tooling, plastic injection moulding metal sheet fabrication service in China over 10 years. Our technical staff can assist you in finding the right manufacturing approach and cost effective solution for your... Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Mechanical engineering - custom work | rapid tooling | cnc machine part | cnc milling machining [+] cnc lathe machining | cnc metal machining | cnc milling manufacturer | cnc machining | metal sheet fabrication | cnc machining services | machined aluminum parts | precision cnc machining | cnc aluminium machining
    CHINA - Dongguan
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  • ...designing and manufacturing 1 and 2 part injection moulds for technical plastic components in various sectors, such as electronics, medicine, the car industry, electrical appliances and packaging. Small and medium-sized moulds with... Supplier of: injection moulds for plastic | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | die adjuster | injection mould samples | moulds for plastic details [+] dual component moulds | bespoke injection moulds | moulds with over-moulding of metal parts
    ITALY - Monteviale
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