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    Natur Holz Pellet is a leading provider of high-quality and sustainable wood pellet products. Our company is committed to promoting environmentally friendly solutions for heating and energy generation, with a strong focus on renewable resources. We understand the importance of clean and efficient energy sources in today's world. With our extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we offer a wide range of premium wood pellet products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. We take pride in sourcing our wood pellets from carefully selected, certified suppliers who adhere to responsible forestry practices. By ensuring that our products come from sustainable sources, we support the preservation of forests and contribute to the overall well-being of our planet. We strive to deliver exceptional service, prompt shipping, and reliable support to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our valued customers. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is always available to answer any inquiries or provide assistance throughout the purchasing process. Our website serves as a convenient and user-friendly platform for customers to explore and purchase our wood pellet products. We provide detailed information about our offerings, including their specifications, usage recommendations, and environmental benefits. Customers can easily navigate our website to find the right wood pellets for their heating or energy needs.



    I am the Procurement Executive for the Sales & Marketing team of Simonds Farsons Cisk Plc, we are the only bottler in Malta for Pepsi Co products, having said that our business include brewing, production, sale and distribution of Beers like CISK (which is our own beer) / Carlsberg / Bud etc and soft drinks like Kinnie (our own brand), Pepsi co products and Water, importation, wholesale and retail of food and beverages; operation of franchised food retailers (Burger King / KFC and Pizza Hut); and property development. Our Main Brands (Cisk and Kinnie) are also being exported to other countries.



    Our company offers mineral water in bulk. Due to the properties of the water, the equipment used and the strict observance of the process, it is stored without preservatives very long period - 12 months (soda). The produced water is still and sparkling. The water is at a depth of 130 meters and bottled directly from the well. Chemical analysis of the water showed the presence of extremely necessary trace elements for human health. We have already worked out the smallest nuances not only wholesale trade of water, but also all the related details associated with the transportation and storage of water.


    United States

    Cixi Tianshuo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is China Watering Accessories Manufacturers and Watering Accessories factory, As leading producer of watering product in China, we distribute our Watering Accessories to over 37 country.with our factory of 18000 square meter, TS garden produce over 500 watering accessory, specialize in connector, watering nozzle, sprinkler, auto hose reel, micro drips, and wholesale Watering Accessories for sale. TS also provide the solution for all the needs from customers in watering area. TIANSHUO's Aim Be success with customers: providing high-quality, complete products and services to meet customer's requirements. Developing with employees: employees are our wealth, to provide staff with a good working environment and opportunities for development. Progress together with society: Assist to establish a sound market system, boost the economic development and fulfill social responsibility.


    United Kingdom

    Monarch Water is a long established manufacturer and wholesaler of water softener primarily for domestic applications. Monarch is the UK's No1 choice for installers with their Midi HE the No1 in its class. Monarch also specialises in domestic scale prevention systems. A recent addition to the companies portfolio of products is their range of softeners and filters for the HoReCa industry

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    "MOUNTAIN ROSE BULGARIA" LTD is a manufacturer and wholesaler of 100% natural raw materials. Our focus is on organic and natural products, which we deliver all over the world - from Bulgaria. We are proud of extensive experience (established over many years) in the manufacture and export of dried organic and natural medicinal aromatic plants, herbal extracts (TBC, powder, chopped), seeds, essential oils, hydrolates (flower waters), cold pressed oils, absolutes, concretes, capsules. Today, the company is proud of the image of a reliable and loyal partner, one of the main Bulgarian exporters. We trade with countries all over Europe, England, Australia, USA, Japan, China, Singapore, New Zealand and more. Some of the most popular, with healing properties proven over the centuries, are: Rose Damscene, Thyme, Calendula, Mint -, Motherwort, Lavender, Sage, Chamomile Roman and German, Rosehip, Raspberry, Blackberry, Juniper, Strawberry Leaf, Milk Thistle. hawthorn, pine, thistle, mint, calendula, horse chestnut, marshmallow, mullen and many other species. Most of our products are wild-grown and this is how we distinguish ourselves from many producers around the world. Bulgarian rose oil is popular all over the world as the queen of oils. We offer the highest grade Rose Oil, free of impurities and free of pesticides. Our rose water is preservative-free, high in rose oil and pure microbiology. Our policy for all the products we offer is identical to Rose Butter & Rose Water.



    Musashi Inc. is the leading manufacturer of LED Sensor Light and taking about 65% market share in Japan. Our Sensor Lights designed in Japan have good reputation by useful function and sophisticated appearance, and some products won GOOD DESIGN AWARD hosted by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. These items are assembled in Chinese factories under quality control of our company which are ISO9001 and BSCI certified, so we can provide high quality products which has international standard such as CE mark certified with reasonable price.We have also more than 40 years experience on Gardening Tool.Our products are Light-Weight and Powerful, so Everyone enjoy Gardening easily.We are developing new items and release every year.We have various line-up which is unrivaled.



    60 years old, but you'd never know it. Happy birthday San Benedetto mineral water! Acqua Minerale San Benedetto S.p.A. reached this important milestone in 2016 thanks to the wealth of values built up over the years - tradition, innovation, passion, corporate culture, expansion with an eye to eco-sustainability and, last but by no means least, unwavering attention on the consumer as confirmation of the all-Italian approach.

  4. ISTOK


    The company ISTOK, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Natural mineral water industry. It also operates in the wholesale mineral water, and non-alcoholic drinks industries. It is based in Penza, Russia.



    The company AGUA MINERAL CRISTALINA, S.L, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Natural mineral water industry. It also operates in the Mineral water, Mineral water, oligo-mineral waters, plain oligo-mineral waters, and wholesale mineral water industries. It is based in Molina De Segura, Spain.



    The company GEORGIAN FRESH FRUIT & VEGETABLE EXPORT CO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fruits and vegetables - import-export industry. It also operates in the wholesale mineral water, and sparkling water industries. It is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.



    The company NYMFI S.A. - WATER BOTTLING COMPANY, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Water - production and distribution industry. It also operates in the wholesale mineral water, and sparkling water industries. It is based in Rodos, Greece.



    The company STE DES EAUX MINERALES D OGEU, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Mineral water industry. It also operates in the Natural mineral water, Natural mineral water, sparkling water, and wholesale mineral water industries. It is based in Ogeu Les Bains, France.



    The company SLOBODA CO, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Non-alcoholic drinks industry. It also operates in the wholesale mineral water industries. It is based in Kiev, Ukraine.



    The company SC LACUL ALBASTRU SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Natural mineral water industry. It also operates in the wholesale mineral water industries. It is based in Chisinau, Moldova.



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    Innovative systems and individual components for whirlpool baths, spa jacuzzis and showers, high-performance pumps, as well as water revitalisation products and bath additives. They have been a leader in the water technology market for 40 years. Place your trust in premium components from the market leader and a highly skilled team of experts, who will find the perfect solution to meet your requirements. Flexible, fast and fuss-free – high quality brass, sheet metal and plastic parts and tools are developed and produced to suit your requirements. Koller Metall- und Kunststofftechnik is a business division of the Koller International Group. Timber wholesale is an important mainstay for Koller International Group. A wide range of wooden products are available to choose from at their head office site in Vienna and in Vitis.

  5. JORÙS


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    We are hemp & pumpkin growers/manufacturers and sellers. We produce food, cosmetics and extracts. From planting the seeds, watering, harvesting, to packaging — every step of the process is guaranteed to maximize your wellness. -Our hemp plants grow in clean soil free of solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. -Each recipe is carefully crafted using modern technology and tested by board-certified scientists. -Our products are made locally at our farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture practices. - Wholesale, - Private label, - White label. You are guaranteed the highest quality product from seed to shelf. Contact us for more information.



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    We were established in 1966 in Willich, Germany, as a spin-off of Carl Aug. Rothstein AG ‒ a company with over 90 years of experience fitting valves to the very first WC cisterns. Since then, we've supplied millions of brass float valves and other plastic components to the plumbing, air conditioning, agricultural, foodstuffs and chemical industries for construction and industrial engineering purposes. In addition to the patented type 480 small float valve for flat gutters, we developed the first automatic poultry drinking trough, patented it many years ago and have been selling it worldwide ever since. Continuous improvement in line with the requirements of customers and expanding markets of mechanical float valves, as well as the addition of trade products in the area of water supply systems in the agricultural sector (marketed under the brand name JFC in Germany), has entailed an extension to two locations for our family-managed company – Tönisvorst and Kempen on the Lower Rhine in the district of Viersen, based at the meeting point of Krefeld/Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach. The proximity to the Dutch border is the reason for numerous business contacts in Benelux countries. We supply industry and wholesale throughout Europe quickly and in a service-oriented manner. Regulating the fill level of water or other media in all kinds of containers is our passion, and the basis of over 55 years of success.



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    EMMALI HOLZ BV, established in 2007 in response to the local market's high demand for wood products. In 2014, we expanded our operations to the international market, supplying wood products to nations worldwide, including Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, America, and the Middle East. Our experts employ top-notch methods to process our products, adhering to international standards of wood production. Our well-equipped factory, along with modern equipment and warehousing facilities, enables us to efficiently carry out our production. Throughout the years, we have served a diverse range of clients, including retailers, wholesalers, and direct consumers, meeting their diverse needs and requirements. Our primary objective is to consistently maintain customer satisfaction. We achieve this by ensuring high-quality standards and meeting our clients' needs on schedule. We also strive to attain the company's set goals within each period, ensuring a promising future for the company. We collaborate with wood quality control units worldwide to deliver the best possible quality that meets our clients' needs and desires. Our internal inspectors assess the following parameters before external control: •Humidity. •Wood grade. •Product strength. •Product durability. •International standard requirements. •Compatibility with both domestic and commercial heating and hot water, or a fully integrated industrial steam solution for biofuel. Contact us for more information !



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    The local soap maker Nous Le Savons offers organic and natural cosmetics, with the Nature & Progrès label. All the manufacturing takes place at Grenoble, in the heart of the Alps where the firm has been based since 2017. Only the best ingredients are selected, for high quality French manufacturing. Its environmental and social commitments are part and parcel of its DNA: local raw materials, packaging that can be composted or is provided on a deposit basis, working with a centre for disabled adults, water saving and short circuit economy. Environmentally-friendly, ethical and affordable products: mild and exfoliating soaps, solid shampoos, deodorants, balms, natural mosquito repellent, and many more products. The soap making factory can supply retail outlets, purchasing pools and wholesalers with own label or white label goods.



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    Rotass is a new brand launched in 2022 by Chongqing Tonghui Gas Co.Ltd, a leading gas manufacturer in China. With an annual production capacity of 1.1million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, 60, 000 tonnes of Nitrous Oxide and 400 million pieces of 8g cream chargers, Tonghui Gas are well-positioned to meet the growing demand for qualified gas products. Rotass product range includes: - 8g/415g CO2 Charger, commonly used in home and commercial settings to carbonate water, soda, beer, and other drinks. - 8g/580g/615g/640g/1364g/2000g N2O Charger, widely used in bakeries, cocktail bars, or cafe to create perfect drinks, sauces, frothy cream, and mousses with a smooth, flurry, and savory taste. - Accessories for gas products. Our cream chargers are 99.95% pure N2O and food-grade certified both domestically and internationally. The self-produced canisters are thoroughly cleaned, and 100% tested for pressure and leakage. We're looking for distributors to meet local demand. As a wholesaler, you will have early access to the best prices and continuous stock, boosting your profit and improving turnovers. We offer local delivery for your pallet orders direct from our EU, US, and AU warehouses allowing you to focus on generating sales without the hassle of storage or delivery. Additionally, we provide OEM service that allows you to develop your brand with the support of our sales directors who will help you manage your orders. Contact us today to learn how Rotass can help grow your business.



    Our company was founded in 1938 and is still family owned. We manufacure floorsqueegees in accordance of the HACCP regulations. We also have HACCP brushes and poles. We have become a reliable partner in the distribution chain, supplying wholesalers, hygiene specialists, DIY stores, supermarkets, hard-discounters, ... We provide many products; mats (rubber, coir, PE, etc.), bath- and shower mats, hot water bottles, gloves, brushes, garbage bags, disposable protective cloting, ... We export in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and even the USA. We put our years of know-how at the service of customers who wish to purchase by full container. We arrange the container from the production line up to your warehouse. We can purchase goods we already have in our assortment, or goods in which we have the necessary experience, even under your private label.



    ELBAT CJSC was founded in 2007 as a joint German-Armenian enterprise. The state of the art production plant is built on a flexible manufacturing system that adapts to different product creativity and design. Elbat offers full-line of batteries for every type of vehicles from municipal, cars, motor coaches, trucks to heavy duty such as agricultural and construction vehicles. Our products are designed to outlive the high demand of electric usage in a vehicle, the severe climate changes and rough road condition backed with good value wholesale pricing and generous warranties. Elbat invested in one of the most effective state of the art anti-pollution equipment for water and air with a large capacity to filter impurities and harmful junctions. Elbat complies with European safety, health and environmental regulations. QMS: ISO 9001: 2008 and EMS: ISO 14001: 2004 certificates were achieved in 2011, before launching its first products. Now Elbat produces 3 types of batteries: Conventional Lead Acid Starter Batteries, Maintenance Free-CA/CA Technology batteries and Low Maintenance/ Hybrid Technology batteries. Elbat's well equipped laboratories test at each stage the battery components and characteristics according to the European and international standard requirements to ensure quality control.Every new battery on the production line is tested based on CCA parameters to assure each battery delivered to the customer is 100% power and quality guaranteed.



    GOGEN LLC manufactures and sells professional wood-fired heater stoves for bathtubs, barrels and pools, wood-fired bathtubs, sauna heaters, Furaco bathtubs and heater accessories. The company produces the following metal and stainless steel items under the MATEA brand name: • External heaters for Furaco tubs with a capacity of 25 and 45 kW. • Internal heaters for Furaco tubs with a capacity of 25 and 45 kW. • A stove pipe with safety screen against burns. • Sets for cleaning stoves and barbecues, ash dumps, grates made of stainless steel. • Wooden hot tubs that saturate the water with healthy substances from wood provide a soothing effect, help relax after a busy day, increase vitality and eliminate insomnia. GOGEN makes household stoves from AISI 304 food-grade stainless steel by method of high-precision argon welding. We check every batch of metal for consistency with the grade through measuring the percentage of chromium and nickel in the metal. The high content of these elements and the low carbon content make steel more resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Every article is supplied with a datasheet including 1-year warranty and operation manual. MATEA stoves stay in good appearance and quality while in service; they are safe and easy to use. We are looking forward to cooperation with manufacturers of bathtubs and sauna vats, wholesale buyers of steel stoves.



    Our company produce high quality foil wrapping tools for 12 years and we sell high volumes of products to sign market of Turkey. We prefer to work with wholesalers that supply foils, vinyls, printing machines and some sign materials. Our some products are; plastic squeegee, felt-edge squeegee, felt-edge water squeegee(birken), gold squeegee, premium squeegee, microfiber cloth for cleaning, Plexiglass Adhesives, Solvents, Cleaning Solutions. Our brand is Birken Wrap Tools. We are doing some exportation activities to european companies. Our company is the largest squeegee manufacturer of Turkey and offer solutions to sign companies. Birken wrap tools are quite popular in Turkey and OKC REKLAM has %85 marketshare of wrap tools and sign sector. Installation tools, sign tools, wholesale squeegee and microfiber print head wipe supplies. Vinyl application tools. Our expertise is felt edge squeegee.



    FAMA PROFI CENTRE Group is a manufacturer and supplier of emulsion paints, solvents, wood products, and natural wood furniture. The company provides wholesale of high-quality paints for major construction projects at competitive prices, the paints' quality is guaranteed by incoming and final inspections. The product range by Fama Profi Centre includes: —water-based and emulsion paints; —solvents and thinners; natural wood furniture, including ergonomic wooden desks for sitting and standing work; —FaMa PARQUET engineered wood flooring made of solid oak, birch plywood and coated with natural eco-friendly oils and waxes; —as well as primers, solvents, decorative paints for interior and exterior applications, wood preservatives of our own brands. The group of companies was established in 2006, though the origins of the first company that painted and sold wood products (wood windows and doors) go back over 20 years. Since 2016, Fama Profi Centre's in-house paint shop has been in operation, producing ready-to-install eco-friendly engineered flooring under the FAMA PARQUET brand. Over the years, FaMa Profi Centre has gained great experience in the paint production and woodworking industries, it has developed close partnerships and business relationships with the leading European and Russian factories, and has built a professional team of industry experts. Profi Center has introduced over 20 European brands to the Russian market and can do the same for your company's products.


    North Macedonia

    Solarico is a manufacturing brand for hot water storage tanks, water heaters, and solar thermal collectors for central heating systems. Our UniQube hot water tanks are made of a combination of plastic and composite (fiberglass) materials, which ensures A-class high energy efficiency. All tanks are equipped with essential functions for the proper performance of any heating system. It includes buffer function, hydraulic separation, thermal stratification, hygienic hot water, electric heater back up, solar function. Our tanks are high-quality products with 30 years warranty for the cylinder. Solarico products are exported in more than 10 European countries, to more than 20 wholesalers companies.


    United Kingdom

    From our strategic facilities in both Belfast harbour, Northern Ireland and Belview Harbour in Waterford, Republic of Ireland, Wilson Salt stock, manufacture, pack and deliver a wide range of salt products throughout the island of Ireland, United Kingdom and further afield. Our production facilities hold valid certification to BRC, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and FEMAS. Trading as an independent wholesaler, manufacturer, processor and distributor of commercial salt products since 1966 we offer best optimised products for each customer's needs, with the largest and most comprehensive range of own brand and factory packed products available. With an increased focus on the use of sea salt as a staple raw material due to the low levels of carbon required in its production, Wilson Salt remains the only independent manufacturer and processor of salt within the UK and Ireland and are happy to assist with any salt requirement you might have whether that be for salt for water softening, chemical use, food products, de-icing or private label.



    Golden beauty HairCo., Ltd. Was established in 2005, we are specializing in designing and manufacturing all sizes and colors of human hair extension and synthetic hair products with full style, refined technique and the reliable quality. aiming at providing the best service to the customers all around the world.Main products: human hair weaving and bulk, pre-bonded hair, Tape hair extension, hand-tied weft , Clip in hair, pony tail hair, Closure, mannequin head , hair accessories, all kinds of synthetic hair, Style Available: Straight Weaving And Bulk , Yaki Weaving And Bulk, Super Weaving And Bulk, Deep Weaving And Bulk, New Deep Weaving And Bulk, Water Weaving And Bulk, Regular Weaving And Bulk, Italian Weaving And Bulk, Body Weaving And Bulk35colors more availableor according to your color ringSize Available: 6″-30″or according to Your request.We offer retail and wholesale quantities of hair and supply hair to individuals, professional hair stylistsand salons all over the world.



    The company M&M Professional Cooking Devices was founded in 1974 by Michael Michailidis and registered as M. Michailidis 1988 after the addition of 2 new members was renamed as M. Michailidis & Co. The company has the same form of legal entity until today.Our self-owned establishment of 3500 sqm includes the production line, warehouse, offices and a complete exhibition of our products. M&M engages in the development and production of electric professional catering equipment like Electric water grills, Electric single fryers, Electric twin fryers, Hot plates cook tops, Restaurant equipment, Multi grills, Crepe machines, Deep fryers, Water electric grills, Electric contact grills, Conveyor toasters high speed.Our extensive experience and expertise in the field as well as our trained personnel along with state of the art equipment has resulted in the production of high quality professional cooking devices. Seeking wholesalers to promote our electrical professional catering equipment

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