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    Luxodor is a renowned Greek candle manufacturer known for its exceptional craftsmanship and unique luxury-scented plant-based candles. With a deep passion for creating exquisite products, we bring nature's essence into every candle we produce/born Compared to many manufacturers, we always strive for the integrity of our wax. We firmly believe that a candle should be a true reflection of nature, free from unnecessary additives or controversial mixtures that could detract from its natural beauty. Our candles are burnt with a steady flame leaving no residue and delivering a truly mesmerizing ambiance. While focusing on vegetable wax , we also create unique paraffin candles made of high quality materials with EN certificates. Our design skills are based on smooth logs and rustic embossed textures using excellent raw materials, prioritizing quality. Fragrance is crucial for us. We also provide a great variety of timeless and new aromas, testing their compatibility with different plant bases and wicks in custom-made containers.



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    Active CBD is a French company expert in the wholesale and retail sale of derivative products based on cannabinoids. Aware of the growing demand for Hemp and CBD products, Active CBD has stood out on the French market but also internationally and today our range of products includes: - Indoor CBD Flowers - Greenhouse - Outdoor - Organic hemp oils, CBD, CBG, CBN, full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum - CBD and CBN extracts (isolate, distillate, crumble, wax, etc.) - Terpenes - E-liquids and cartridge for vape-pen - Wellness and Cosmetic Products based on Hemp and CBD for the Body and Face - THC/CBD analyzer - GemmaCert Accessories - CBD products for animals. - Hemp insulation for the building The legality of the products offered by Active CBD are scrupulously checked by independent laboratories in order to respect a THC level of <0.3% throughout its catalog. OUR ADVANTAGES - Free delivery from 50€! - Our CBD flowers are grown in France, Italy and Switzerland, particularly in greenhouses, but also outdoors and indoors. - 100% Natural - 100% Legal - The best Hemp and CBD products from France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States - A passionate team, ready to answer all your questions! Visit our website and discover all our Hemp and CBD product solutions!



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    AWGifts Europe is a giftware wholesaler and manufacturer of handmade bathroom, aromatherapy and home fragrance products. We Love Gifts. It’s important to be enthusiastic about what you do. Since 1995 we have been passionate about bringing the best in wholesale gifts to our customers, both in Europe and across the world. If you are looking for Wholesale Gifts, Giftware and Packaging - you’ve come to the right place! Currently we have over 3000 giftware product lines all available to order on-line with fast delivery across Europe. Thousands of gifts and gift related lines including candles, incense including Nag Champa, essential oils, massage candles, soaps, bath bombs, crystals, gemstones, tumble stones, Ear (Hopi) Candles, organza bags, wooden boxes, and packaging range. Whatever wholesale giftware line you want - we hope to have! AWGifts is like no other Wholesale Gift Company First, AWGifts - is Global - Deal with us and you deal direct. For seventeen years we have been building a great product range - offices/warehouses in China, Indonesia and India to source and design great selling gifts. Moreover, AWGifts - is Europe's Favourite Gift Wholesaler. Well over 100, 000 gift shops have registered with us, and over 70, 000 regular customers have entrusted us to become their trading partner. Visit our website for First Order Bonus, Great Deals and Fast Shipping across the Europe or contact us for more information.



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    A specialist in private label manufacturing, we have over 20 years' experience of working with leading brands as contract manufacturer or sub-contractor. Thanks to our extensive expertise in the scent industry, we are today able to offer you a wide range of customisable products. We can supply you with the container, customize it on your behalf, advise you and supply you with the precise perfume that you are looking for, and then take charge of packaging and packing the finished product.



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    Wholesale and supplier of spiritual products; meditation cushions, yoga mats, singing bowls, gemstones, minerals, sculptures, candles, essential oils and much more: Body care products - Shampoo - Skin care - Creams - Massage oils - Body creams Candles & candle holders Esoteric & Sacred Statues - Angel statues - Buddha statues - Hindu statues -Fragrance products - Essential oils - Bach - Aromafume - Oil burners - Oil diffusers Healthy lifestyle Home & Living - Furniture - Lamps - Decoration accessories - Feng Shui products - Chakra products - Design from Nepal, India, Tibet and more Incense & white sage - Nippon Kodo - Agarbatti - Goloka - Satya - Nag Champa - Marco Polo's Treasures - Tibetan Incense - Palo Santo incense - White sage smudges - incense holders - incense burners Jewellery - Gemstone jewellery & Mala bracelets - Bracelets - Necklaces - Pendants - Earrings - Rings Meditation products - Meditation cushions - Meditation mats & sets Minerals & gemstones - Agate - Amethyst - Rock crystal - Labradorite - Moonstone - Selenite - Rose Quartz Organic products Singing bowls & instruments - Gongs - Shruti boxes - Drums - Crystal singing bowls - Tingshas and bells Spirituality products Stationery Textiles Yoga products - Yoga mats - Yoga props - Support blocks - Yoga belts - Yoga wheels - Yoga blankets - Yoga bolsters The assortment can be viewed without an account at https: //www.phoeniximport.com For prices and directly order online, request an account.

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    Based in Turkey, ACESO Cosmetics brings over two decades of expertise in the cosmetic industry to businesses around the globe. Specializing in high-capacity production, we proudly offer up to 5, 000 units per day utilizing state-of-the-art, fully automated machinery and a dedicated expert team focused on Research and Development. ACESO Cosmetics is a recognized leader in the global market, exporting premium quality products to 32 countries. We excel in crafting bespoke private-label cosmetics tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring their brand stands out with distinctive, high-quality products. Our commitment to sustainability and health is reflected in our prioritization of herbal, natural, and organic ingredients. Our extensive product line includes: •Hair Care: Shampoos, Hair Masks, Hair Sprays •Hand and Face Care: Serums, Creams, Makeup Removal Gels •Body Care: Lotions, Natural Herbal Oils •Aromatics: Perfumes, Candles •Bath Essentials: Natural Soaps Each product is developed with precision and care, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients across different markets. All items in our portfolio are fully certified and approved by relevant authorities, providing you with confidence in their safety and efficacy. Working with ACESO Cosmetics means partnering with a leader in cosmetic manufacturing dedicated to your success. Contact us today to discover how we can assist in turning your cosmetic visions into reality.



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    With us you are in good hands. Benefit from tailor-made solutions from a family-managed company with extensive experience, great expertise and experienced employees. The focus of our daily work is your success, which we have embodied for more than 65 years. As a modern family-managed industrial company, we capitalise on the development and co-creation of your innovative ideas and products. As a result, we can quickly, flexibly and precisely react to varying requirements, and always give you our full attention when implementing your requirements. In the area of payroll service for the DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION, BOTTLING and PACKING of chemical, technical and cosmetic products, we offer you everything from a single source, from the initial idea to the finished product.



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    Wolf Sveče is a company that produces candles for graves, churches, hotels and restaurants. Our company was established in 1987 in Rače, Slovenia. Since our foundation, we have heavily invested in machinery to automate our production, and as a result, we specialize in large orders and have a reputation for delivering promptly. For our production, we use environmentally friendly materials. We only use vegetable oils. For most of our products we use recycled plastic which can be 100% recyclable again. We also produce candles in glass if required. Today, Wolf Sveče is well known for its weather-resistant products that burn with close to zero residual waste. That means our candles have much more persistent burning properties than the market; hence, in extreme weather conditions, they will continue burning while other candles easily go out. We look forward to your inquiries.



    cosiMed GmbH has been a manufacturer of products from the areas of massage, wellness, hygiene/cleaning and sports for 35 years. The quality of the products is at the heart of everything we do. Our preparations are, therefore, manufactured without exception in Germany. Not only the high quality but also the functionality of these products ensures steadily increasing popularity and a high degree of customer satisfaction. We place particular value on the use of renewable raw materials, pure essential oils and selected substances. New preparations are developed, existing ones improved and the latest scientific findings implemented as quickly as possible. We are, moreover, the European general importer of high-quality SANCTBAND products. The range includes training bands, exercise tubings, training sets, floss bands, gymnastics bands and therapeutic plasticine.



    Colloidal Silver, Natures answer to many ailments Herbal Tea with teapots and cups, so many flavours. Natural Soaps. Olive oil made with Herbs, Fruits and other flavours such as Bubble-gum. Genuine Himalayan Health Salt Lamps, all sizes and shapes. Candles, all shapes, sizes and fragrances. Warm relaxing Massage wax. various fragrances Mud face Masks. Various types. Shower Bombs and Fizzes. All types and sizes. Aromatic and Fragrant Oils, Diffusers and Reeds. A Selection of Soy Bean wax candles in elegant Jars.



    LONGLIFE - SABOARIA ARTESANAL PORTUGUESA, LDA is a company from Portugal. We design, create and produce soaps with Art, unique cork diffusers and candles. Since 2017, we have excelled in making a difference by offering exclusive and special products. Keeping this ideal the brand has evolved naturally and to achieve this, it resorted to local producers in order to incorporate into its products what is done best in Portugal, from wood to seamstresses, from cork to essences, from artisans to local ingredients. In 2017 we were invited by the Catholic Church to create a soap commemorating the centenary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fátima, it was with this challenge that everything has started and so one of the first soaps of Essências de Portugal was created. Whoever buys the products will always identify a bit of Portugal in them, hence the name Essências de Portugal. With this objective we will show what is best made in Portugal in all the countries of the world we are present. More recently, in 2020, and due to a result of sustained growth and exports to more than 20 countries, we had the need to increase our facilities and production capacity. Also, in this year, we created the Premium brand, Saudade, a word that does not has any literal translation in many languages and which is one of the most used in love poetry. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!