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    Our company, located in Tulln, is dedicated to producing AgroBiogel, a novel bio-based water superabsorbent and agrochemical storage and slow-release system for agricultural applications which is 100% organic. AgroBiogel increases soil water holding capacity, organic matter/humus and fertility and helps plants from increasing droughts and irregular rainfall. They help farmers, plant growers, and home gardeners in their own homes or gardens to conserve water by reducing the frequency of watering. The hydrogels are said to help some of the more than 60% of the world's grain farmers who rely solely on rain-fed agriculture.



    The company BFL BELGIQUE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the De-humidifying equipment industry. It also operates in the damp treatment, damp curing, moisture absorption, and wall dehumidifiers industries. It is based in Bruxelles, Belgium.



    The company GLOBEMAR OPERATIONS S.R.L., is a Distributor, which operates in the Common wheat industry. It also operates in the moisture absorption industries. It is based in Bucuresti, Romania.



    The company ISOSEC, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Rehabilitation – works industry. It also operates in the antirust, and moisture absorption industries. It is based in Nogent Le Rotrou, France.



    Manufacturer of Cord insulation, polyethylene heat insulation materials, packaging materials and underfloor mattress Polyethylene Profiles Polyethylene Plates Polyethylene Pipes Polyethylene Packaging Products Polyethylene Joint Filler Wicks Elastomeric Rubber Foam Glass Wool Heat Insulation Products Stone Wool Heat and Sound Insulation Products EPS XPS Industrial Insulation Tapes Valve Jackets Acoustic Insulation Products Industrial Coating Adhesives Polyethylene foam material which is produced in the form of pipe, plate and wick, which has closed porous cell structure, produced for use in air conditioning, cooling, solar energy systems, packaging and construction sector. Flexible, high thermal insulation value, resistance to water and steam. These features provide insulation and cooling control. FEATURES Closed pores, İt is manufactured to be slippery to provide ease of application, and its flexibility is easy to implement without requiring special skills or training. It is neutral in taste and taste. No chemical reaction with air. No vapor permeability and no moisture absorption prevents condensation, which is a good preservative against corrosion Impact resistance is high. Its installation is easy and easy to cut. It’s economical. Recycled. It does not contain HCFC. USAGE AREA It is used for heat insulation of iron, copper and plastic pipes used in warm and cold lines in installations and industrial applications.

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    A typical false ceiling system comprises of a grid-work of metal t-bars suspended on wires from the soffit. These t-bars snap together in a regularly spaced pattern, typically 600x600mm or 1200x600mm. Each opening or cell is filled with ceiling panels. Light fittings or air grills can also be fitted in to the space normally taken by a ceiling tile. Dropped ceilings have improved dramatically over the years and can now achieve up to 90 minutes fire ratings, enhanced sound attenuation, absorption and high moisture resistance.



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    After working at Turkey’s top companies and getting experience in R&D, marketing, sales, and manufacturing, we decided to use that solid background of 20 years for companies that want to create their brand. “You want to produce cosmetics. Quality, innovation, differentiation, and long-term partnership are important to you. You only tell your expectations, you don’t want to deal with the remaining details ”: this is the short profile of our business partners. We are that partner who covers all the work regarding formulating, product design, purchasing, production, and documentation. We have a broad range of proven and stable formulations, and we produce high-quality products at affordable prices. We follow global trends, cutting-edge technology activities, and new generation formulations. Our skincare, haircare, baby care, sun care, personal care, and make-up products comply with European standards and are formulated with ingredients that perfectly match your needs. We can offer packaging and designs suitable for the product concept you want, and we provide you with the product that best fits your target. In today’s market, it is very important to sell rather than produce, so we manage the entire production process of our customers to ensure that you spend all your energy on sales and marketing. In this way, our goal is to win and grow together. You imagine your product; we make it happen. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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    Materials Trans Logistic is a leading manufacturer of building materials. We have over 500 quality products in our assortment, which are guaranteed to meet your construction needs and ensure the successful completion of your projects. We offer: reinforcement, cement in bags, aerated concrete, bricks and concrete blocks, plywood, asphalt and much more. We tend to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with our customers.  Our advantages are high quality building materials, meeting international standards and safety requirements; wide range of products, allowing you to choose the best solutions for your specific projects; reliable supplies and timely execution of orders so that your construction does not slow down; competitive prices, which will allow you to save on costs and increase your profitability; professional support at all stages of cooperation, including consultations on the choice of materials, calculations and assistance in organizing delivery. High-quality building materials are the key to a durable and strong building. We supply materials to construction organizations, industrial enterprises, wholesalers and retailers, shops and distribution networks, as well as individuals. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible supplier. The minimum delivery time, high quality products, favorable terms of cooperation, as well as an individual approach to each client, makes working with us convenient and comfortable.



    For more than 65 years we have been a leading manufacturer of radiator valvesfor oil-immersed transformers. Our product range includes radiator valves, protection devices, dehydrating breathers, welding parts for tanks as well as accessories for pressure control and oil level indication. What’s the formula for success that made us become a reliable and long-term business partner for many leading transformer manufacturing companies of today from the time when we established business in 1949? It’s our partners trust in our expertise and in the continuous performance of our network. We have been establishing subsidiaries and partner companies in order to deliver best service and to be able to live up to the rising standards of high quality transformer components. This close cooperation with our partners allows us to meet our own demands in terms of quality and costs of pre-products and finished components within our supply chain. Nowadays we manufacture with more than 100 employees in Germany and Turkey butterfly valves and dehydrating breathers for power transformers as well as oil level indicators, moisture holders, pressure relief devices, and tank components for oil-immersed distribution transformers.



    Topcod Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG is your partner when it comes to desiccants, moisture indicators, ESD foils and VCI foils. As a German sales partner for Topcod Industry Co., we can offer you complete solutions, consisting of foil bags with desiccant and a moisture indicator that displays the current level of moisture. Optimal moisture protection for your goods. Our desiccant products are highly efficient and environmentally sustainable. They are non-toxic and food-safe, and are produced in accordance with all existing standards and regulations; including DIN55473, MIL-D-346E, IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D, RoHS, REACH. We do not use dimethyl fumarate or cobald chloride. Topcod has over 20 years of experience in the area of desiccants, and supplies to well-known customers across the world from the Industry, Electronic Equipment, Automotive, Health, and Clothing sectors.



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    As former employees of Armold Automation, which was founded by Gerd Arnold in 1972, in 2002, Walter Werne and Andreas Thiel took over all the areas of the business and these have been continually extended since then. Our company objective is research, innovation and redevelopment, as well as the manufacture of different sensors. Our main products include online moisture measurement systems on the principle of high-frequency capacitance. These measurement systems are used around the world – especially in bulk goods. When used to measure the moisture content in sand, the materials research and testing office at the BAUHAUS UNIVERSITY in WEIMAR (MFPA Weimar) acknowledged in its test report no. B81/1666-03 (dated 15.12.2003) an almost linear probe measurement signal with regard to the moisture content. One of our company's latest innovative products is the OLAS (optical light absorption sensor) turbidity/solids content measurement device, patented worldwide. All products meet the internationally recognised CE standard.


    United Kingdom

    HAPLA is a manufacturer of Paddings & Strappings for the professional. The company has developed a comprehensive range of specialist materials to ensure that the podiatrist can treat a variety of foot and lower limb complaints where pressure reduction/offloading, absorption of shock energy/cushioning, reduction of shearing stresses and joint function alteration are required. HAPLA paddings, strappings and tapes are made of the highest quality materials and are secured to your patient with HAPLA’s medically proven adhesive system, the result of 35 years of scientific and clinical research, to achieve a strong, moisture vapour permeable, hypoallergenic adhesive which does not delaminate from the product. HAPLA is a registered trade mark of CUXSON GERRARD.



    Yucelin Health is designed to provide maximum protection and dryness taking into account the comfort of babies, patients and women. Hug Love diapers are equipped with elastic ears, high absorption and retention capacity, anti-diaper cream and moisture indicator. Hug Love, MyCloud and Neşem Brands, which received the approval of mothers of the world, are now in Turkey and all over the world ... Hug Love works for happier babies and happier mothers, and sees their lasting happiness as an ethical value.



    TECHNICAL DATAALL FEATURES THAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR DECORATIVE APPLICATIONS! • MATERIAL: Manufactured from polyester, fiberglass and stone dust.• TEXTURE: It gives an identical stone appearance with its look and texture.• WEIGHT/THICKNESS: It has a 5-8 kg/m2 average weight and a 3-5 cm thickness• SIZE: The product size is usually 133 × 330 cm, however, it can vary a few centimetres depending on the model.• UV resistance: It is absolutely not affected by ultraviolet rays.• IMPACT RESISTANCE: It is highly resistant against impacts thanks to its shock absorption feature.• WATER AND MOISTURE RESISTANCE: It is not affected by water and moisture. It can be easily used in places such as kitchens and bathrooms.• HEAT RESISTANCE: Not flammable. It can be used in the places where get intense sunlight or heat exposure.• SIZING: It can be easily cut via decoupage or a diamond saw.• APPLICATION: It can be easily applied to all surfaces which its rough construction is completed with screws and dowels.• CLEANING / MAINTENANCE: It is washable and wipeable. It does not require extra care. • FLEXIBILITY: Oval and moving forms can be given thanks to its flexible structure.•