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  1. Durdaslar


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    Durdaslar has been a prominent vegetable and fruit wholesaler in Kumluca/Antalya and the surrounding region since 1989. Founded by Durmuş Durdaş and his three sons, the family business has entered its third generation, carrying forward the family legacy. Durdaslar has grown significantly to become a leading institution in its region and one of the country's top. Our annual supply capacity exceeds 120, 000 tons of vegetables and fruits, and we strive for continuous improvement through institutionalization. In 2003, our packaging plant became a full-fledged company, serving Kumluca with a 3000-ton cold storage facility. We opened a commission in Elmali district in 2011 and expanded with multiple facilities in Antalya. We also have a branch in Bulgaria, providing cold storage for our customers. Our commitment is to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits to consumers during production, precisely as desired in quantity and timing. Our product range includes various tomato varieties (such as Regular, Pink, Plum, Oval, Seyit, Cocktail, Round, etc.), pepper varieties (California Pepper, Charleston, Hot Charleston, Pointed Green, Bell, Capia Red, Red Chili, Green Chili, Hungarian Pepper, Hungarian Charlie, Bianca, etc.), cucumber varieties (Regular, Silor, Spiky), zucchini, eggplants (Crystal and Regular Eggplant), watermelon, melon, pomegranates, oranges, mandarins, citrons, apricot, peach, strawberry, Please do not hesitate to contact us for more and discover our products!

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    The company OZ INCIR TARIM, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fruits and vegetables - import-export industry. It also operates in the packaged figs, syringes, packaged peaches, and Fresh fruits and vegetables industries. It is based in Bursa, Turkey.



    The company LEVENT GROUP ORGANIZATION & FOOD PRODUCT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Fruits, dried industry. It also operates in the dried figs, and packaged figs industries. It is based in Germencik, Turkey.



    We produce dried figs and fig derivatives with our 20 years of experience in the Aegean region of Turkey, where the world's best quality figs are grown. We have an annual export volume of 1200 tons. We export to 40 countries in the world. We carry out the packaging of dried figs in desired calibrated sizes in accordance with International Food Safety Standards. We have BRC and ISO900 certificates.

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    CARIA'S FARM having been a reliable and competent company in Turkiye for 2 years. Our company CARIAS FARM is a family owned small size company at the Aegean region of Turkiye and is a member of Izmir Chamber of Commerce and Aegean Exporters Associations. As a exporter company, our target is to be a European supplier to the food industry, mainly in the sun dried fruits sector. Origin of our products is Tire and Aydın both at the western Turkiye. We focus on (geographic signed as Aegean Fig) Smyrna dried figs. We are interested in gaining foothold in abroad and offering our entire line of products on the market.

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    The company COOPÉRATIVE WIRGANE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Organic cosmetics industry. It also operates in the Cosmetic of argan, packaged indian figs, edible vegetable oils, and organic argan oil industries. It is based in Ait Melloul, Morocco.



    The company BIO CACTUS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Unrefined vegetable oils industry. It also operates in the indian figs, and packaged indian figs industries. It is based in Soliman, Tunisia.



    The company ECOPROD, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Agriculture - import-export industry. It also operates in the packaged indian figs, and carob flours industries. It is based in chlef, Algeria.



    Nut Fruit Group was established in 2004 and has been able to provide high-quality products to many countries since. We pride ourselves on the quality we offer in our products and services which we believe have led to our long time relationships with customers. Nut Fruit Group is a group of leading companies who are growers, processing factories, packers, exporters and distributors cooperating together closely. Our exported products are "Pistachios", "Dried Figs", "Raisins", "Dates", "Date Syrup", "Date Paste", "Barberries", "Honey" & "Fruit Juice Concentrates" which are all available for export both in bulk or in consumer-packaging intended for retail. We also provide "Nut Bars", "Cereal Bars", "Chocolate Bars", "Dried Fruit Bars", "Date Bars" and "Protein Bars". To read more please visit our website: WWW.NutFruitGroup.COM or email us at inquiry@nutfruitgroup.com



    GANITA Fruit Turkey is a company that successfully wholesales and sells fresh products from Turkey. Packaging according to your market requirements – cardboard, plastic, carrier bags. *Prices vary according to packaging and caliber. If there is interest in fruits, let's discuss! We sell our products in accordance with all quality standards and the needs of our customers: Compliance with all necessary storage and transportation conditions. Quality control of goods from harvest time to loading. Complete package of documents for products and export. Worldwide delivery. We export the best quality fruits and vegetables from Turkey GANITA FRUIT TURKEY our products Tomatoes varieties, Pepper varieties Varieties varieties , Cucumbers, Zucchinis varieties, Potatoes varieties , Onions, Eggplants, Capia Pepper.chile pepper, california pepper, lettuce varieties, Garlic, Pomegranates, Washington Orange, Valencia Orange, okitsu mandarin, Satsuma mandarin, Dobashi mandarin, Fremont mandarin, Apple varieties, Strawberries (Sabrina, Festival Strawberries Air cargo) Grape, Tropical Fruits Banana, Citrus, Figs, Peaches, Apricots, Cherries Pears, Quinces, Apples, Watermelons, Melons Quince, Pear, Kiwi



    PERMANTO started its activity in the fruit sector with exports from Greece to companies in the European United, operating in processing and packaging taken from selected Greek fruit producers, taking in to consideration only the quality of products. NOW we export quality fruits taken directly from Greek producers which we can sell them to you in very good prices. PERMANTO expanded in exports of processed fruits as kiwi, citrus, cherries, peaches, grapes, strawberries, watermelons, melons etc. The selection of our producers who are supplying us with healthy and quality products is always in collaboration with our trusted partners and companies in Greece making our company the most reliable in the field. PERMANTO Limited also expanded in other areas, such as in the field of nuts and dried fruits like Chestnuts, Walnuts, Pistachios, Almonds, Dried figs, etc. PERMANTO standard products include excellent quality packaged agricultural products such as Greek Virgin Olive Oil and Greek Olives



    LA PRUNERAIE CHASSAT produces and transforms PGI appellation Agen prunes in the town of Fongrave in the heart of Lot et Garonne 30 km from Agen. We have been producing prunes for 4 generations. We have been transforming and selling them for 30 years. We use the same traditional production methods as our ancestors. It used to be called "black gold", but it is now referred to as a dried or soft fruit which provides energy, vitality, fibre, anti-oxidants, all highly beneficial for health. For us the most important thing is to collect fruit which is both sweet and mature. Traditional packaging provides a full range from preservative free prunes with stone to prunes with preservatives, with the stone removed manually (quality guarantee), bulk, in bags … Our range is completed with chocolate coated prunes, stuffed prunes and also other dried fruits: apricots, figs and honey.

  1. FARAN




    We are manufacturers of organic dried fruits, nuts and oils in Turkey. With our own organic projects in different countries, wide range of products are produced in our BRC certified facility. Our main products are organic sultanas, mulberries, figs, cherries, tomatoes, apricots, apricot kernels, hazelnuts and oils. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we are able to provide different packaging solutions. You can always get in touch with us for high quality products and competitive prices!



    We are Food Exporter Company based in Istanbul. We sell packaged and bulk food products such as nuts, dried fruits, spices, fresh fruit, oils(olive and sunflower), Turkish delights dried laural/bay leaves, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cumin, sumac, sage, fennel, anise, pickled goods, capers, artichoke (heart and globe) tahini, sulphureted dried apricots/ natural dried apricots, dried figs, dried raisins and dried tomatoes. All products are certified for your market needs. We believe in nurturing and healing power of natural food, spices and herbs. We believe deliciousness and fulfilling exquisite taste could be achieved by using what nature avails us. Our individual experience with natural products from growth to sales and our expertise with various processes of import and export as well as retailing, marketing and sales give us a competitive edge on the market. We have the capability to offer you competitive prices for high quality conventional and organic food products including but not limited to spices, herbs, dried fruits and other food products.



    RASA is an Iranian Trading & Manufacturing company.We have the pleasure to introduce our company under "KAB KUB” and "QUALI" trade mark, engaged in processing and exporting all kinds of Dates, Raisins and Walnuts. Our main products are: Sayer Dates in all grades (Pitted & Un pitted) in 200gr Cardboard box and 10kg Carton packaging Piarom (Mariami) Dates in 200gr Cardboard box and 10kg Carton packaging Zahdi Dates in 10kg Carton packaging Kabkab Dates in 200gr Cardboard box and 10kg Carton packaging Rabby Dates in 200gr Cardboard box and 10kg Carton packaging Industrial Dates (Pitted & Un-pitted) Walnuts and Walnuts kernel in 10kg Carton packaging Golden, Black(Sun-Dried), Sultana & Green Raisins Figs in 10kg Carton packaging Dried Apricot in 10kg Carton packaging



    we are a global company of dried fruits and nuts production and packaging and there is no broker, it is an opportunity to directly provide goods from us as a producer to the customer. The main focus of our company in recent years is on increasing our quality and production capacity for our main products, we separate all products in different quality categories based on international hygienic and our high-level standards. We do our best to satisfy our customers in order to achieve it we must have an innovative vision; for this reason, our team mix the experience and knowledge in international trading for about 14 years. We produce and supply : Raisins, Dates, Pistachios, Walnut, Almond, Dried Figs, Dried Apricots, Saffron. we are interested to cooperate with other companies who are work in this field.



    We don't want people like our figs, we want them LOVE it. As we believe in ourselves' quality of product and packages. We do not collect our figs from traders or depot owners. Best figs are grown in here between 600 - 800 metres up from sea level. We collect figs from farmers who live in Aydin mountain villages whose fig trees are in this zone. Then we can pack non-toxically or organic products up by any kind of package you want even one by one or 1 and more kg packages or bulk. So I assure you about satisfaction of the product and package. We have very experienced team members in our firm even we know which tree our fig is collected from. Our motto is "we don't sell what we don't eat". We want people to continue their lives with high living standards and enjoy what they eat. Because we do business without compromising quality of goods and packages. Also we are such self confident that you will be able to watch the product process live on the internet from our webpage.



    Lale is specialized in processing and selling dried fruits. Lale is a sister company of Gul Tarim which has been operating with the same product line since 1979. During this time we have gained reputation for processing quality products which are sold mainly to the US and Europe.Lale Foods Ltd. sells dried fruits; figs, apricots, dates, tomatoes raisins, sultanas, prunes. We are specialized in dried figs. Our 5000m2'ed factory is in Izmir, Turkey. Lale's young and innovative team produces healthy and delicious Mediterranean fruits, package them in the best and most technological way possible, and serve them in delicate, high-quality packages for your potential customers.



    we are a global company of dried fruits and nuts production and packaging and there is no broker, it is an opportunity to directly provide goods from us as a producer to the customer. The main focus of our company in recent years is on increasing our quality and production capacity for our main products, we separate all products in different quality categories based on international hygienic and our high-level standards. We do our best to satisfy our customers in order to achieve it we must have an innovative vision; for this reason, our team mix the experience and knowledge in international trading for about 14 years. We produce and supply: Pistachios, Cashew, Hazelnut, Walnut, Almond, Raisins, Dates, Dried Figs, Dried Apricots, Saffron.



    We are company, "PERPES FRUIT" and we are producers of marmalades for consumption and industrial needs.At this moment we produce cherry , apple, apricot marmelade and mixed fruit marmalade in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg packaging, and also for industrial applications in 250kg barrel packaging.We also have plan to start with fig marmalades production. Other raw materials that are added in marmelades are sugar, candy syrup and citric acid. Products are natural without pectin, so they can be used as fruit filling in biscuits in confectionery industry.2At this moment we work with confectionery industry "MEDELA" from Vrbas, Republic of SerbiaWe do not use any flavours, artifical colours, aditives, so products are high quality.Our products are controled by accredited laboratories.



    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as suppliers of fruit pulps and juice concentrates to the Global Food Industry. Our products meet with Global Food Safety standards including HACCP, ISO 22000 etc. Our processing facilities are also compliant to FDA standards. We are committed to deliver quality products at competitive prices on continued basis. We offer complete service package to our customers that include innovation, technical support, continuous improvement and market insight so that they can offer healthy and delicious food products to consumers. Our product offering include Mango Pulps (Alphonso, Totapuri, Chaunsa, Sindhri), Banana, Guava, Papaya, Grape, Apple, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Date, Fig etc.Considering above, we would be pleased to service your requirements for fruit pulps, juices and concentrates in the near future.Looking forward to do business with you.Thanks & Regards, Business ManagerEmail: marketing@odrglobalinc.com



    Our Cooperative is 50 years old Cooperative, which have more 500 members. Our main field of activity is fruit sapling production, some of our partners also produce outdoor plants.Fruits of our partners (japanese plum, cherry, fig, chestnut and persimmon) who have an orchard are kept in the cold storages we have established, and are packaged in our own packaging and sorting facilities and sent to the domestic and foreign markets by our Cooperative. So if you intereted we have offer to you fresh japanese plum, cherry, fig, chestnut and persimmon.



    Msc Agricultural Products Export and Import LLC.is based in Mersin-Turkey. As a supplier of Fresh & Dried Fruits and Vegetables, we have 15 years experience in the sector. Our main advantage is that, we procure the goods from the farms directly and prepare the packaging by our abilities. Main Products; Vegetables: Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pepper , Pumpkin, Eggplant, Leek , Onion, Garlic, Potatoes, Carrot, Beans. Fruits: Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Cherry, Quince, Pears, Pomegranate, Peaches, Nectarine, Apricot, Fig, Persimmon, Melon, Watermelon. Citrus: Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Pomelo.Our main principle is to deliver qualitative products to our valued customers. We also offer effective and competitive Logistics solutions.