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    Monómero started the activity in 2001 to transform Plastic raw materials into all kinds of packaging products. We have the most advanced equipment to make the best possible product to fulfill the needs of our customers. On the technical side, we have Co-extrusion equipment, high-quality printing press 8 colors, solvent-less lamination, and the most advanced bag-making machines to produce controlled atmosphere products (MAP), BIO Degradable BAGS, and much more. We also aim to produce thermoplastic flexible films and packaging, especially for primary uses, especially in the food sector. In addition, we have the best-qualified persons we can get on the human side. Our main goal is to work side by side with our customers, find the best possible solution for their packaging needs, and find and develop new products. Our Company stands for environmental protection and to achieve this goal. For example, we do our recycling indoors to ensure that every single plastic waste from our production is given a second life in our production process. Also, we stand for innovation; we are always open to new ideas. We also have our concerns with social matters. That's why we support the local community in issues that go from local parties to child sports. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!





    UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE S.L is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the cultivation, commercialization and export of table grape of the Vinalopo, as well as other types of fruit of the region.Our company is located in the municipality of Aspe, in the heart of the Vinalopo Valley. In this region the cultivation of table grapes has had a primordial historical importance.The Vinalopo Valley is located in a privileged place of the province of Alicante, between the mountains and the sea. Blessed with a mild microclimate throughout the year that benefits a generous land. From UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE we are proud to be part of this region of Vinalopo Bagged Table Grape, which sells millions of kilograms of this product every year in the main national and international markets.Why choose UVAS DEL VALLE DE ASPE? For the high quality of our products.The Bagged Table Grape of Vinalopo is a unique fruit in the world due to its particular ripening process.Unlike other table grapes, the Vinalopo grape grows protected under a paper bag that cares for and slow maturation and keeps all the grains of the bunch. Thanks to this traditional cultivation technique, the table grape of Vinalopo has exceptional physical and gastronomic characteristics, which have made it the only bagged table grape in the world with a Denomination of Origin "Vinalopo Table Grape."



    The company is spread over various areas defined by their grape quality between Mazzarrone, Valle dell’Acate and Chiaramonte. We have early and late grapes and our season lasts from May to December. We can export all over Europe and beyond in different types of packing units ranging from 30x50 carton trays to 30x40 and 30x50 wooden crates, etc. The vine is life to our company



    The company 'T MUNCKENEI, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Eggs industry. It also operates in the eggs for consumption, and packaged grapes industries. It is based in Wingene, Belgium.

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    The company LECOQUE EGGS, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Egg products industry. It also operates in the Eggs, Eggs, sale of pasteurized products and eggs, packaged grapes, and decorated eggs industries. It is based in Tongeren, Belgium.



    The company EIERHANDEL HOLEMANS, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Eggs industry. It also operates in the Egg products, Egg products, decorated eggs, sale of pasteurized products and eggs, and packaged grapes industries. It is based in Herselt, Belgium.



    The company FERME DE PLOMCOT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Eggs industry. It also operates in the fresh packed eggs, and packaged grapes industries. It is based in Wantercée-Baulet, Belgium.



    2G di Giordano Gioachino trades in produce. Export of fruit, packaged dessert grapes and other produce. Call in on us in Canicattì, Via Toselli 65, or check out our website to find out more: www.2gdigiordano.com. Phone: +39 922 735360 mob. +39 380 3316072



    GANITA Fruit Turkey is a company that successfully wholesales and sells fresh products from Turkey. Packaging according to your market requirements – cardboard, plastic, carrier bags. *Prices vary according to packaging and caliber. If there is interest in fruits, let's discuss! We sell our products in accordance with all quality standards and the needs of our customers: Compliance with all necessary storage and transportation conditions. Quality control of goods from harvest time to loading. Complete package of documents for products and export. Worldwide delivery. We export the best quality fruits and vegetables from Turkey GANITA FRUIT TURKEY our products Tomatoes varieties, Pepper varieties Varieties varieties , Cucumbers, Zucchinis varieties, Potatoes varieties , Onions, Eggplants, Capia Pepper.chile pepper, california pepper, lettuce varieties, Garlic, Pomegranates, Washington Orange, Valencia Orange, okitsu mandarin, Satsuma mandarin, Dobashi mandarin, Fremont mandarin, Apple varieties, Strawberries (Sabrina, Festival Strawberries Air cargo) Grape, Tropical Fruits Banana, Citrus, Figs, Peaches, Apricots, Cherries Pears, Quinces, Apples, Watermelons, Melons Quince, Pear, Kiwi



    We offer natural cosmetic products from Itria Valley (Valle d'Itria) in Apulia, Italy. Our product range currently contains creams enriched with grape polyphenols and meristematic cells (the "vegetable" stem cells): * Day Face Cream from Grape Polyphenols 50 ml/1.67 fl.oz. * Night Face Cream from Grape Polyphenols and Meristematic Cells 50 ml/1.67 fl.oz. * Eye Contour Cream from Grape Meristematic Cells 30 ml/1 fl.oz. * Body Lotion from Grape Polyphenols 200 ml/6.76 fl.oz. * Hand and Nail Cream from Grape Polyphenols 75 ml/2.5 fl.oz * Face Cleansing Milk 150 ml/5 fl. oz. Face creams are offered into a blue glass jar while the Eye Contour cream is inside an opal glass bottle. . We are looking for distributors in Asia, Australia and America . We provide our products all over Europe. The content description on each cosmetic package is printed in Italian, English and German.



    PERMANTO started its activity in the fruit sector with exports from Greece to companies in the European United, operating in processing and packaging taken from selected Greek fruit producers, taking in to consideration only the quality of products. NOW we export quality fruits taken directly from Greek producers which we can sell them to you in very good prices. PERMANTO expanded in exports of processed fruits as kiwi, citrus, cherries, peaches, grapes, strawberries, watermelons, melons etc. The selection of our producers who are supplying us with healthy and quality products is always in collaboration with our trusted partners and companies in Greece making our company the most reliable in the field. PERMANTO Limited also expanded in other areas, such as in the field of nuts and dried fruits like Chestnuts, Walnuts, Pistachios, Almonds, Dried figs, etc. PERMANTO standard products include excellent quality packaged agricultural products such as Greek Virgin Olive Oil and Greek Olives



    Alfa Vita O.E. was established in 1978 and became one of the leading export companies of Greece by handling significant quantities of fruits and always ensuring best quality.Our facilities are located in Vasilika, 25km from Thessaloniki, which is a rural area. The geographical position of our company is ideal, as fruits and vegetables are transferred directly and rapidly to our facilities from the harvest areas. Our cooling chambers storage capacity is approximately 5.000 tones, with atmosphere being electronically controlled 24/7, ensuring superior freshness and quality.Furthermore, our facilities are equipped with the modernest terms of packaging, including electronic grading production lines, processing machinery and stardardization machinery.The main product during the winter season is the kiwi fruit, for which "Alfa Vita" is one of the leading distributor sellers in Greece . During the summer season, our company exports apricots, grapes, cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums.



    Our production and marketing activities in the nuts sector continue until 1998. In 2018, AGROTEK has been established and continues to import and export dried nuts such as walnuts and dried apricots, raisins/sultanas, prunes etc. Our in shell and shelled walnut kernels varieties, which are packaged in our plant in Ukraine, supply reliable companies in domestic and international markets without making concession from quality. Dried apricots, dried grapes and prunes as dried fruits are exported to European and Middle Eastern countries. Our dried apricots are all from Malatya, Turkey. We have very strong business relationships partners in Malatya wich supply to us the best quality dried apricots and raisins in Turkey in freat quantity. We make export in bulk all types of whole pitted dried apricots and raisins/sultanas. Our apricots are two types: sun dried and sulfured. There are also diced sun dried and sulfured and dried apricots cube pieces. In the field of export we work accordingly imposed requirements of EU. We continue our challenging and are improuving our skills in export field.


    United Kingdom

    Grape Solutions is a young and fast-growing firm, founded in 2002 and based in Longfield, Kent, specialising in sourcing and supplying a comprehensive packaging solution to small and large commercial and private customers around the United Kingdom.We aim to offer you the highest quality customer service and expertise in packaging products, ranging from adhesive tapes to pallet protection, with everything else in between. And we work to offer you the best products and customer service at a competitive price. Our fast growth comes from our success in realising these goals.Our Managing Director, Justin Harris, came with long years of experience as a Purchasing Manager for a leading food manufacturer. Justin's direct experience in buying packaging products and related materials has given him a wealth of knowledge and contacts with which to build our business. His extensive network of suppliers is how we got our name; Grape comes from the extensive "grapevine" of contacts that have been ind


    North Macedonia

    Kav-Komerc is a trade and transport company founded in 1990, specialized for purchase and export of fruits and vegetables. Annually, we export more than 15.000 tons of fruits and vegetables in European region, Balkan countries and Russia. Our main goal is to meet the growing needs of our current and future customers, achievement of excellence in the area of trade and transport services. The quality, packaging and preparation is very good controlled, for satisfaction and meeting the criteria of our customers. Our product line is: table grape, apples, winter cabbage, oranges, early potato, short cucumber, spring cabbage, tomato, pears and more.



    The firm was born in 1940 guaranteeing production and delivery of fruit and vegetables products. In 1988 it presents on the market with a new company organization which is furtherly transformed today incorporating Ortofrutta Meridional S.r.l.The firm has shifted from an ancient peasant tradition addressed to a small public, to the most modern farming technologies, concerning the cutting, packaging, storage and delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables products, guaranteeing a strong presence of the firm on Italian and Foreign markets and of the large distribution The firm has its office in Corato (Bari) and is it spread out over the surface of about 25.000 mq provided with all technologies fit for guaranteeing all different working processes aimed to the achievement of quality growth; it has brought our firm to reach 12 million euros sales, thanks to the totality of our company organizationthat resorts to about 250 employees who get down the whole year to the production of grape and veg



    Dear Costumers, We are company from Serbia, and we are exporting fresh fruits and vegetables.Main activities of our company are purchasing, packing, cooling and export of fresh fruit and vegetables from Serbia.We are doing this business since 2007, and to this day, we successfully export our products to the Russian and EU market.Items exported: Apple, Pear, Plum, Nectarine, Peach, Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Sweet Cherry, Apricots, Grapes, and other fruits. Method of payment, delivery schedule and method of packaging are matter of agreement between buyer and seller.If you are interested do not hesitate, please contact us!


    North Macedonia

    Plodovi Fructus is a company specialized in export of fresh fruit and vegetables. Annually, we export more than 30 000 tons of varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables. Our products are produced, prepared and packed in strictly controlled conditions to meet the wants and needs of the most demanding customers in the European region and Russia. Currently, our largest markets and respective partners are: Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Poland. Ensuring the meeting of our high quality standards, we direct and control the time of harvest, required maturity for transport, selection, preparation, packaging and delivery towards final destination of our customers. Our product range consists of the following: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, red and bell pepper, salads, corrugates, watermelons, melons, persimmons, peaches, apples, table grapes, plums, pomegranates, and others.



    I would like to make a short introduction of our company. We are Mountain Flower S.r.l in Bolzano, Italy. We are specialized in import-export of fresh fruits and food stuff all around the year mainly to North Africa and Middle East. We are working with Libya, Jeddah, Riyadh, Bahrain and Dubai at the moment. We can provide you fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, pears, kiwi, oranges, coconuts, pineapples or any other fruit according to your request. We can also provide food stuff such as olive oil, tomato paste, juices, small packaging cakes, chest nuts, pasta noodles; spaghetti etc. We would like to know what other products are you interested to work with. Once we have your inquiry we can offer you the best compatible prices to start working with you. Hope to hearing from you



    By absorbing the raw material from the producers, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Peza ensures a descent income for them and their families encouraging them not to abandon the land that they love and care for. It is important to mention that PEZA UNION produces wine from 15.0000 tones of wine grapes yearly while at the 2 private oil factories 6.000 tones of olives are grinded. The bottling of olive oil reaches the 2.000 tones while of wine the 8.000 tones every year. The innovative package Tetra Pak exceeded 4.000 tones in wine and olive oil last year. PEZA UNION owns 10.000sq.m. of storage area, for the distribution of its products in 3 centers of handling final products, which are strategically placed around the state, and also a fleet of tracks which consists of 28 vehicles. The number of employees of PEZA UNION is 130.



    “A lovely day begins with the sweetest things…”As being the leader brand in the sector in terms of taste and quality and being preferred by consumer, AZIM CONFECTIONERY is change ideas about Halva, Jam, Tahini, Grape Mollasses, and Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa in Turkey. AZIM Halvas and Jams with their new packaging, gives one the sensation of being on a tropical island paradise. The flavors do a tribal dance in your mouth. By the way we have been a major supplier of Private Label/Store Brand Products. EVERYTHING that AZIM CONFECTIONERY produces is available to our Private Label/Store Brand customers.



    Msc Agricultural Products Export and Import LLC.is based in Mersin-Turkey. As a supplier of Fresh & Dried Fruits and Vegetables, we have 15 years experience in the sector. Our main advantage is that, we procure the goods from the farms directly and prepare the packaging by our abilities. Main Products; Vegetables: Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pepper , Pumpkin, Eggplant, Leek , Onion, Garlic, Potatoes, Carrot, Beans. Fruits: Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Cherry, Quince, Pears, Pomegranate, Peaches, Nectarine, Apricot, Fig, Persimmon, Melon, Watermelon. Citrus: Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Pomelo.Our main principle is to deliver qualitative products to our valued customers. We also offer effective and competitive Logistics solutions.


    North Macedonia

    CD FRUIT is a producer of fruit juice concentrates and puree.Products: apple juice concentrate, apple pulp, peach pulp, sour cherry juice concentrate, grape concentrate, carrot pulp, pumpkin pulp, plum pulp, sour cherry pulp, apricot pulp, strawberry pulp, blueberry juice concentrate. Packaging in aseptic bags in metal drums or in bulk.