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    Istanbul Döküm has flexible production methods enable to produce, cast iron, nodular iron, steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex and bronze in sand moulding system in a single foundry. Our foundry, as different from the hundreds of foundries across Turkey and Europe, is equipped to supply complex castings to customers. Our prices are competitive and our quality is at European level. With induction furnaces, total liquid metal capacity is 6, 5 tons and annual production capacity is 2500 tons. All of your castings are passed through a 3D simulation stage to prevent errors and defects. Istanbul Döküm is always on your side with your designs and projects from modelling to moulding, from casting to grinding, from machining to final inspection. In line with the pattern demand, the technical drawings are given to the pattern shop in our structure or to the pattern manufacturers we have been working for years. Depending on the demand of the customer, pre-machining and final machining, are done in our own machining shop and in the companies we have been cooperating with for many years. In the laboratory, for all productions, chemical analysis, mechanical yield - tensile - elongation tests, and when required hardness tests, UT, MT and MPI tests are provided. Industries we serve are, pumps and components, valves, general machinery, marine industry, turbines, hydrolic and petrochemical industry, iron and steel industry.

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    FCM Steel Industry Co. was founded in Dilovası/Kocaeli, Turkey in 2016. The location of premises is on the organized industry zone and it is very close to Sabiha Gokcen Airport as around of 30 km in Istanbul's Asian side. Besides it is between two important seaway ports which is extremely important especially considering exporting high masses. Our foundry has it's own engineering and design team including a pattern shop with CNC Router for producing own patterns. 3D design and analyze softwares are professionally applied into the castings. Induction melting is done with double ladle furnace and Alpha-set moulding line is used with reclamation unit. When casting is done, heat treatment and shot blasting could be done within the facility. Our lab consists main test equipments such as spectrometer, metal microscope, mechnical testing machines and also sand test equipments. Mainly our productions are medium-high alloyed steel castings, heat resistant refractory steels and stainless steel from small to large volumes with un-machined or machined conditions. We supply casts to industries such as construction, oil & gas, cement, mining, energy, iron & steel, pump, valve, defense, railway, heat treatment etc. and casting pieces from 1 to 60 kg with automatic moulding line or 60 kg to 1.000 kg with manuel moulding.


    United Kingdom

    We sell office supplies and stationery to companies on a nationwide free next day delivery basis. We have a huge range of products including paper, packing products, cleaning products, health and safety, photocopier and printing machines and all related products and consumables. We have a shopping cart website www.obsupplies.co.uk where you can browse and place your orders and you can pay securely using PayPal, cheque, or by direct bank transfer. If you prefer to speak to a human being, then the best way is to give us a ring by calling 01827 302848 and speak to one of the team. Once your account is opened (subject to necessary cheques ) you can start placing orders straight away. As you build an ordering history we can see your shopping patterns and call you if it looks like you might be about to run out of something that you use a lot of. We strive to be competitive and will always give you the best price and the best products. Our ranges include some of the countries most well known brands which includes Xerox, Fellowes, Sharpie, Rexell. We also sell well known budget brands such as qconnect and Initiative. So if you are looking to change your current stationery supplier than call Office Business Supplies. Stationey Supplies direct to your Business



    We are the Foundry specialized in manufacturing and exporting carbon, alloy and manganese steel castings. Our castings for machine building, shipbuilding, railroad equipment, processing industry, as well as for energy sector, cement plants and quarries are ranging from 1 kg to 12.000 kgs in weight. Production facilities, such as: Pattern shop, Melting furnaces, Hand & machine molding bay, Cleaning room, Heat treatment equipment, Machining shop, alongside with Quality control department, enable us to provide full service in supplying high quality castings. Felis Produkti’s strategy includes also the following QC and QA aspects: - Quality management system acc. to ISO 9001: 2008. Standard - Certified testing procedures (chemical analysis; mechanical testing; non-destructive testing). Situated in Industrial area of Sisak, the city about one hour of drive away from Croatian Capital - Zagreb, Felis Produkti holds the position of leading producer of steel castings in Republic of Croatia.



    We are reputed manufacturers of Cast Iron Products namely manhole covers, gratings, pipes, fittings, hydrants boxes, weights, water meter boxes etc. We can also produce castings as per customers drawings. We have capacity to produce 10000 tons per annum and employ around 200 workers. We have 3 engineers to look after the production and quality. We have laboratory to check the physical and chemical properties of castings. Our factory is also equipped with pattern shop, machine shop, epoxy paint facility, shot blasting etc. We are exporting our casting to many european countries like Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom hence we can assure of good quality and finish.

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    Our tailor’s shop was founded in 1998 and makes ballet leotards with great passion, character and a pronounced craftsmanship sense. The company's expert pattern makers and qualified tailor’s shop personnel design and carefully produce bodysuits, tutus, unitards, short skirts and other clothing items for dancing so that a high quality product can be ready quickly.

  2. DSB EURO, S.R.O.

    Czech Rep.

    Foundry, cast iron art, urban equipment, steel castings, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, modeling equipment. Products and services: Foundry, cast iron art, street furniture. Steel castings, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron. Modeling equipment, cast steel, pattern shop.



    We are a foundry manufacturing and exporting manhole covers, grates, automobile , ornamental, public works , industrial castings in cast and ductile/SG iron in several grades. We are make castings in non meganetic NI Resist . We have inhouse testing, machining, finishing, pattern shop etc. We have cope and drag, shell moulding, green sand, three part moulding etc.


    United Kingdom

    We are determined to write another success story: "VUUN" Vuun is the initiative of a software engineer who has implemented dozens of successful projects globally since 1999 in the information technology business. NOC Bilişim LTD (2008), Draf Turizm A.Ş. (2016), Doga Mineral LTD. (2006), Doga Medikal LTD. (2020), and now we are excited to add VUUN Tekstil Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş (2021) to our group. We are determined to write a new success story together with our experience in the cornerstones of businesses such as Project Management, Team Leadership, Cash Flow Management, R&D, and Customer Relations Management with our expert staff and business partners. We believe in building a business on the foundations of "love and enthusiasm". We know that a business can only be sustainable by working diligently. We decorate the walls of our workplace not with decorative paints, but with the rules of learning and communicating. We stand by our customers not only in their orders but also in their good and bad days. What are we doing with VUUN? In fact, we are transforming Turkey's the production and workforce quality into value-added services, as we have been doing and succeeding in different sectors for many years. This time our focus is on apparel. We handle the needs of our unique customers from end to end, contribute with our experience and foresight and make our unforgiven customers happy with the most affordable prices.


    United Kingdom

    Glass and Crystal Suppliers, Engravers & Decorators.



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    Welcome to Mida Tessile, your premier destination for high-quality textiles and clothing manufacturing. Specializing in importing and exporting knitwear, we have a textile factory offering a diverse range of products, including knitwear sample patterns, cashmere sweaters, and sustainable textiles, all proudly made in Italy. Our production process begins with a deep understanding of our clients' visions, turning ideas into reality with the finest materials and no limitations on yarn choice. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we program clothing patterns for our Stoll and Shima Seiki machines, achieving precision and intricacy in our designs. With our Shima machines, we excel in producing whole garment products like hoodies, streamlining the manufacturing process to quality control, washing, and packaging. Post-production, all pieces undergo rigorous quality control, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and longevity. In our confection department, skilled artisans meticulously sew the pieces together, offering custom labels and final packaging options before shipment. Whether it's luxurious women's apparel, baby and children's clothing, or sustainable textiles, Mida Tessile is your trusted partner in quality and style. Experience Italian craftsmanship at its finest with Mida Tessile. Shop now and make every thread tell a story of elegance and sophistication.



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    AKROMAK is a technical trading company established at the junction of the historical trade routes in Istanbul, Turkey. Our core competence is the export of castings. As Akromak, we choose the most suitable manufacturer for the needs of our customers. Our services also include other related activities, which are carried out both before and after the casting. With the existence of our various numerous suppliers, we can cover almost every casting need both in price and quality. Our services include: •Model-making • Steel Casting • Iron Casting • Aluminium Casting • Forged Steel • Aluminium Extrusion As well as : •Priming & Painting •Machining •Quality control •Testing •Certification •Packing f •Shipping •Pattern storage …and many more are to be discovered on our website! Machining of castings can be performed as required either by our partner foundries as in-house production or by experienced external machining shops. Through our circle of suppliers, we can deliver the parts both pre-machined and finished according to your drawings. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Established in 2017, TAILPETZ® is a Turkish pet products manufacturer. For us, color and pattern make all the difference; it identifies and expresses a personal style on TAILPETZ® harnesses, collars, and leashes are a very alternative way of expressing the personalities of our pets. We serve over 1100+ sales points in our pet shops, veterinary clinics, pet grooming saloons, and regional dealers in Turkey. With our distributorships in 5 different countries, our annual production capacity is 800.000 on a piece basis. Our production selection for cats and dogs includes: •Harnesses: Airmesh, Norwegian, H-type harnesses, •Collars: H-type collars, •Leashes in different colors and designs. Our mission is to produce quality, prestige, and trust in our business relations by combining them with our manufacturing culture. Our goal is to reach all around the world with our manufacturing culture and own products. Our designs are for all kinds of pet body sizes and reduce pressure. In addition, we use lightweight, air-permeable Air-Mesh outer in our product materials. Finally, we do our best to protect our pets' body temperatures by using the structure of fabrics, which does not raise the temperature in all seasons. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Pfeka is your shop for sustainable everyday clothing – formal wear, activewear as well as casuals with subtle touch of the African prints and patterns. We make clothing which you can wear to any occasion but with so much uniqueness and prints telling a story from Africa. Proud to be producing our own fabric which we design inhouse – fabrics showing the true prints, patterns, uniqueness and meaning inspired by African nature, wild, culture and history. It is our aim to create high-quality, less-impact yet long-lasting products.



    Whether you are a designer or you want to launch a brand in the fashion industry, we can help you from A to Z to see your ideas become a reality. We can work together the desired concept, we will choose the fabrics, we will deal with logistics, we will make prototypes, and in the end you will see your ideas becoming series products. Our offer consists in 3 impor tant services that we can deliver at avery high quality standard: 1. We make patterns for clothes (any type) 2. Garments Production (Cut Sew Iron Pack) 3. Logistics (fabric suppliers, trimmings suppliers, Accessories, Carrier) 1. Designing/Making Patterns - We design/make paterns, gradation, framing, starting from sketches, pictures, drawings, ideas. We work with designers, retailers, online shops, large, medium and small companies. In making the patterns we use intelligent tools to make digital prints and modern printing systems for printing them. We work with Gemini CAD systems. 2. Garments Production (Cut Sew Iron Pack) -Our production capacity is usually between 10, 000 and 20, 000 items per month. Depending on the project and its duration and delivery time, we can easily increase this capacity, as needed, through our own capabilities or by co-working with key partners with whom we can share production.



    Wholesale clothing outlet Stock-Hurt deals in the sale of branded clothes, footwear, underwear, jewelry, sunglasses from world famous brands and concerns such as: About You, BESTSECRET, C&A, COS, PrettyLittleThing, Bestseller (Vila, Only, Vero Moda, Selected, Jack Jones), H&M, Disney, Nelly, Justfab. Wholesale of women's, men's and children's clothing. The assortment of our clothes warehouse consists of outlet products, i.e. customer returns, end of collection (goods not sold in the store), excess quantities or samples (pre-production patterns). Customer returns may show slight traces of use (dirt), defects (jammed zipper, no button, break, break tearing at the seam, so relatively easy to fix) or no paper tags. The ends of the collection and samples are new, unused products. Some manufacturers, due to their policy, cut out all tags (both paper and internal), so new clothes may also be deprived of them. As a rule, outlet clothes do not have a size chart. Shop returns and collection tips are a mix of different models and sizes (you cannot choose single items, only packages). Samples are usually produced in one of the most popular sizes (women's M, men's L). We are also able to import clothing stocks (brands) on individual order, which we normally do not have in stock .



    LH Mosaic in Tangier and the showroom and Store in Spain manufacture and sell encaustic cement tiles, granito tiles hand painted arabesc tiles and zellige tiles. We offer more than 1200 designs and patterns in different shapes and sizes of CEMENT TILES and a permanent STOCK of over 50 designs of Encaustic cement and granito tiles that are available for immediate purchase in our ONLINE SHOP. Buy now and receive your tiles in 7 to 10 working day. We have more than 60 years of experience manufacturing Cement Tiles from father to sons since 1952. We use first quality products for the manufacture of our tiles under a strict quality control controlling the finish and definition of colors and drawings one by one. At LH Tiles we value our clients and aim to offer the most complete and comprehensive customer service we can for wholesalers and tiles retailers to choose the best models and designs according according to the trends of its customers. For retail and private clients we will offer you advice on the choice of handmade cement tiles to use in your floor or wall, advise you on the best accessories to complete your project and guide you through all the small details that we know are important. Providing our customers with the best possible support and service is one of our main aims


    United States

    At Faneema Cutlery, our primary goal is to provide excellent customer service to ensure a most pleasant shopping experience to everyone who is in search of top-quality knives online. ​Knives are the most important tool in every kitchen. This is why every culinary chef makes sure that he or she only uses the best quality knife.  More than a kitchen tool, though, knives are important in many different applications. When it comes to top-grade Damascus knives - hunting knives,  pocket knives, and even kitchen knives, you can trust - Faneema Cutlery. We are a reliable source of different kinds of knives, as well as razors,  tomahawks, and axes. One of the most popular and sought-after cutlery that we have in store is the Damascus knife. They are gorgeous. Each knife is a work of art. But that’s not the only thing that makes them so in-demand.  Damascus steel is high-carbon steel which dates back to 16th-century sword making. The beautiful waves and patterns in our blades are a product of forged alloys blended by skilled craftsmen. We, at Faneema Cutlery, also carry other types of knives, including daggers,  hunting knives,  pocket knives,  skinner knives,  cleavers,  Karambit Knives, and razors. All of which are guaranteed to be of the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Are you on the fence about which knife to get? We can help you make an informed decision. Contact us today and let us talk about the knives you need, be it for business or personal use.



    African Fly Tiers is a leading manufacture and wholesale exporter of best quality premium hand tied fishing flies. With over 3000 patterns to choose from, African Fly Tiers is your one stop shop for fishing flies. Our website lists only a small percentage of popular flies that we supply but we can deliver many other fly patterns of choice. Our tiers have many years of experience guaranteeing quality work and we have short turn around times. We supply all major international markets including United States of America (USA), Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavian Countries etc. We have regional offices in Kenya and Massachussets, USA. Established in 1997, we have been supplying the international market with thousands of premium quality fishing flies. And while doing so, we have created employment opportunities for many less fortunate individuals including persons with disabilities who have been able to find a sustaining source of income to support themselves and their families. By buying from us, you will be helping us grow that initiative and expand our workforce providing more people with opportunities while meeting your fishing fly needs. Contact us today for free no obligation quote or for samples of our work.


    United Kingdom

    Inkmill Vinyl provides custom vinyl graphics for homes and businesses. Graphic vinyl designs for residential and commercial interior design, frosted window film for privacy, window manifestations and visual merchandising solutions. Choose from a selection of ready-made wall and window patterns and texts or upload your own graphics for quick quotes on bespoke vinyl wall art creations. Vinyl wall graphics for logos for office branding, name signs and wayfinding signs Vinyl window manifestations for branding, interior design, visual merchandising, shop window display and health and safety requirements Frosted window film for privacy Bespoke vinyl wall graphic designs Custom vinyl lettering for names and signs Vinyl wall art for interior design in homes and businesses



    Big Difference GmbH & Co. KG, based in the town of Bad Bramstedt in northern Germany, was founded in 2011 and is active in the fields of wholesale and retail. The main categories in the range are adhesives (Everglue), accessories for motorhomes and caravans, electronics, LiFePO4 batteries (VANVOLT) and additives for camping toilets (Ambiti). In addition to sales, the service area is also important, particularly for resellers. For example, this means that companies can order an adhesive in their own decorative pattern, including a professional design according to custom requirements, safety data sheets, UFI code, custom product descriptions for their own online shop and optimisations for Amazon Marketplace.



    Claryx Ltd. is the leading Bulgarian manufacturer of paper bags. Production of advertising paper bag, shopping bags, carrier bags, luxury paper bags, printed bags, packing. Variety of papers, printing and finishing processes, color ropes and handles, custom sizes and design. The qualities which the PAPER BAG incorporates in its application and functions: With your CORPORATE DESIGN – created or just transferred perfectly by us onto the product, it adds value to business concepts and strategies. It is an intermediary of your CORPORATE IDENTITY. It has the impact of a powerful marketing tool in a non-traditional but at the same time attractive field of application of the product for every industry. It transfers your SLOGANS AND ADVERTISING STRATEGIES. A particularly economical decision for advertising campaigns and promotional events in marked formats and print. AN ITEM FOR A PRESENT OR FOR A WRAPPING for your clients and partners. An original and beautiful part of the present or the merchandise, complemented with the nice emotion of a sign of attention. AN INFORMATIONAL MEDIA for your current promotions and offers. The paper bag as a platform for spreading up-to-date information regarding events aiming at attracting a wide circle of potential customers. We offer attractive prices for our products with seasonal or industry patterns. For the individually printed and produced products, we offer individual and competent consultation and we guarantee exclusive making.



    Diamond Jute diversification & co. is one of the leading and most reputed names in jute diversification industry. We are the renowned manufacturer and most dependable and reliable exporter of jute diversified products with high quality and competitive price. The company is a professionally managed business house offering an excellent range of jute diversified handicraft products to our clients. Products offered by us are widely appreciated by our clients for their superior quality, creative design, lightweight and durability. We offer our products in customized form as per the specifications of our clients. Competitive pricing of our products and their design patterns makes them a desirable product for everyone. Our product range includes jute shopping bag, jute tape, jute rope, jute yarn, jute twine, jute promotional bag, jute wine bag, jute Christmas bag jute fabrics , burlap fabrics (Hessian, CBC) Geo-textile, Jute webbing etc.


    United Kingdom

    Bumpalumpa offers the best in designer baby clothes and kids designer clothes in the UK and worldwide. From high-end luxury labels including Pili Carrera, Absorba, Kissy Kissy and Rachel Riley to fun, colourful styles from 3 Pommes, Levi's, Kite and Tommy Hilfiger. You will find a rare selection of products at every price range. When looking for children’s clothes, we think it is important to purchase garments that will be worn and loved by your baby or child. That's why our Bumpalumpa.com fashion experts carefully hand select garments based on quality and impeccable styling. Our collections include comfortable babygrows, outfits, dresses, jeans, shoes and more. All your baby clothes requirements in one place. Shop today and discover sweet baby wear, gorgeous girls dresses and cool gear for boys. Let us dress up our babies in designer clothing that will ignite our kid's individual style and imagination. Our kid's clothes range from sizes premature baby to seven years of old. Fun patterns and mini-me styles made to ensure that his or her clothing have lasting comfort and are on trend each season. Some of our apparel have adjustable waistbands to allow for room to grow. Our baby collection often has popper fastenings along the legs for easy nappy changes. The majority of our clothes are machine washable and heard wearing to help the clothes to remain in good condition wash after wash.



    Our company has been manufacturing and marketing precision gauges and measuring tools since 1986. The SMT-MESSZEUGE® brand was created in 1995. The SMT-MESSZEUGE range includes thousands of measuring tools and instruments, testing devices, plus special and precision gauges. Some measuring instruments we manufacture ourselves, others we have exclusively manufactured by partner companies that have been working with us for decades. We also purchase measuring and testing equipment from leading global manufacturers. Measuring and testing equipment can also be provided with the respective factory calibration certificate or DakkS calibration certificate (from the German accreditation authority), for an additional fee. We work together with various calibration laboratories. According to your drawings, we can offer a range of special designs including: Micrometers, thickness gauges, special gauges (special adaptations, taper gauges, ring gauges, plug gauges, left-hand threads, etc.), graduated rulers, steel rulers, vernier callipers, parallel supports, steel or aluminium assembly rulers, straight edges, centring angle plates, scales, verniers, graduated rules, and much more. Our 340-page catalogue (available in English and German) covers 6000 of the most widely used measuring and testing devices. To discover our extensive range of products including detailed images, dimensions, drawings and standards, visit our homepage at www.smt-messzeuge.de. You can also find more measuring equipment, such as assembly rulers, steel rulers, measuring shims, measuring callipers, surface comparison patterns and surface standards in our shop at www.messmittel.tools.


    United Kingdom

    Mosaic Factory is the leading encaustic cement tiles, zellige tiles and granito tiles manufacturer. The online shop features 15, 000 m2 of cement tiles in online stock and a huge selection of 500+ designs, patterns, hexagonal, squared, patchwork and a online simulator to create your own personalized tiles. The company has showrooms in major European cities like London, Madrid, Paris, etc. and with easy international shipping and payment options. Specialises in decorative floors and wall tiles such as encaustic cement tiles, victorian tiles, patterned tiles, hexagonal tiles, zellige tiles and granito tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and more. Visit! the website or showroom or send an email to know more about Mosaic Cement Tiles.



    we produce every type of knitted fancy and solid fabrics for ready to wear garments, all types of yarn engineered, knitting type engineered and dyeing engineered fabrics are in our conventional product. all kinds of jacquards, yarn dyed patterns and printing can be served, we also serve a different seasons trend qualities by shopping and via product development.. we do serve very fast terminations, fast track shipping and fast qualitiy developments.. in this fast fashion century, time is the only cash.. do not miss it? let us help.. thx



    Berat Textile is founded in Osmanbey, Turkey in 1985. In 1996, we start our evening gown production with the brand J'ADORE. JADORE currently has a presence across 42 countries. Targeted at increasing the number of market up to 68 by the end of 2014, brand currently has JADORE specialty shops and more than 3000 corner sales points. Considering the franchise demands throughout the world, brand targeted at customer-oriented growth with the win-win policy. With its best quality materials, patterns, seams and trendy designs, she positioned in medium-upper and upper segments. With an annual production capacity of 450, 000 pieces, company targets at increasing its annual production capacity to 600, 000 pieces in the near future with reorganization of its substructure.



    Kata Kiosk is an illustrated gift brand ran from Vilnius, Lithuania as a form of self-employment. We create illustrated tourist souvenirs for the local market and illustrated greeting cards for exports (EU only). We now distribute 2 collections (x12) of greeting cards: traditional 'Family Occasions' collection & more artsy floral/geometric pattern based 'Gourmet' collection. Christmas card collection is in our plans for 2013, wrapping paper collections for 2014-2015. All of our cards are 15x15 cm, packed into plastic sleeves together with a matching envelope. All cards may be seen at http: //katakiosk.lt/category/atvirukai/ . Kata Kiosk focuses on small gift shops, decor & concept stores, creative stationery shops, and other small businesses. We try to offer a friendly price and look for the cheapest way to ship items in the EU. We would appreciate any interest from other small-medium business, so just say hi: katakiosk@gmail.com



    Bandidos offers made to measure shirts in a easy way. Forget about the complicated process of measure yourself and then filling up all the forms in the website. Or if it’s a tailor who do it, it can be even worse. Because every guy has a perfect fitting shirt in his wardrobe, we offer the possibility of just replicate that shirt. Maybe you did it on a tailor, or it was just by chance that a out-of-the-rack shirt fits you so well, but maybe you could have more shirts that make you feel like a million bucks. There are many reasons to get a made to measure shirt: 1. Customization. You can choose the pattern, the collar and even the cuff to really make the shirt perfect for your tastes. 2. Saving time. Who has the time to run through all the shop looking for a shirt made to your body? Now a day time is a luxury, and to be able to create your perfect shirt with only a few clicks is an advantage. 3. Better fitting. What better way of making a perfect fitting shirt than replicating one you already have? You’ll have all guaranty of getting a shirt made for your body without the hassle. 4. Price. As an online business, we don’t need to comply with the expenses of a traditional shop, so we can offer you a better price. You’ll get a made to measure shirt online for the price of a out-of-the-rack shirt. Visit Bandidos and see for yourself.

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