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    LITHUANIA- Siauliai
    REKYVA, AB - Verified by Europages

    Rekyva, SC is one of the biggest peat producers in Baltic region. Based in Lithuania the company produces natural peat and professional peat substrates for both hobby and professional growers. We are...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat products | peat moss | lithuanian peat | peat moss for sale [+] organic peat moss | professional peat substrates | peat substrates for growers | peat substrates for agriculture | peat substrates for landscape | peat substrates for mushrooms | peat in grow bag | peat for hobby | peat in big balles | peat moss wholesale

    Brands : SAULA | REMIX

    • Peat Mixes Peat Mixes Peat Supliers
    • Peat for animal bedding Peat for animal bedding Supliers
    • Peat for Thinning Peat for Thinning Supliers
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  • Supplier of: Peat and compost

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  • Supplier of: Peat and compost

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  • We produce BLACK PEAT extracted from our own peat bogs in Spain. We specialize in organic materials for gardening, farming, and environment, with a strong consolidation on soil and black peat...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | Fertilizers and soil conditioners | organic soil improvers | hydroseeding mulch | substrates

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    RUSSIA- St.petersburg

    1. Mining equipment (Leaching reactor and Centrifugal concentrators with floating bed) a various modifications and productivity we produce at our manufactures in Australia and Russia. 2. Peat...

    Supplier of: peat moss for landscaping | peat moss absorbent for oil spill response | Agricultural Production | concentrator gold | mining equipment

    • Peat for Greenhouses Peat for Greenhouses Degree of decomposition H1-H2, Ash content 2%, Moisture 22-28%
    • Peat for Landscaping Peat for Landscaping Degree of decomposition H1-H2, Ash content 2%, Moisture 22-28%
    • Peat tablets Ø32mm Peat tablets Ø32mm Moisture 27-29% Acidity (pH) of the aqueous extract 5.5 – 6.0
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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius

    PRESTO DURPES UAB provides peat and prepares various peat mixes. The company is interested in cooperating with wholesalers only. Our company prepares peat mixes according our Customer demands. The...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat products | Fertilizers and soil conditioners

    • PEAT AND COMPOST - 13 PEAT AND COMPOST - 13 Fertilizers
    • PEAT PRODUCTS - 14 PEAT PRODUCTS - 14 Peat Suppliers
    • BROWN PEAT - 5 BROWN PEAT - 5 Suppliers
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    ESTONIA- Tallinn

    High quality professional peat, substrates from Estonia. Ready for use products for germination and potting in a variety of package sizes.Mikskaar is an Estonian family company and one of the largest...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | substrates for plants | professional substrates | mycorrhiza mixes for germination | 10l 20l 50l 70l 140l 165l 225l 275l 5600l

    • Universal Potting Mix Universal Potting Mix For all plants. Professional quality for home use.
    • Peat moss Peat moss natural peat for making substrates, for landscaping
    • Peat Substrate for young plants MPS Peat Substrate for young plants MPS for vegetables, with black peat
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    LATVIA- Riga

    Quality and trust are our best qualities Dockers LLC has been operating in the woodworking industry since 1998. The company has over 21 years of experience in the woodworking industry. For many...

    Supplier of: bulk peat briquettes | peat briquettes | Firewood | ash firewood

    • Peat briquettes Peat briquettes Peat briquettes for heating
    • Fire wood, Peat briquettes, Ruf Hardwood Briquettes, Fire wood, Peat briquettes, Ruf Hardwood Briquettes, Fire wood, Peat briquettes, Ruf Hardwood Briquettes, Eco fuels, wood materials
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    LITHUANIA- Sepeta, Kupiskis

    JSC “Durpeta” is one of the oldest peat extraction and processing companies in Lithuania. Newly built our substrate factory is recognized as one of the most modern factories in the Baltic states....

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat | compost | soils and substrates | biomass

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    INDIA- Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu.

    Established in the year 2011, we, “M/S. Srimathi Exports ”, are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Coconut Products and CoirFiber, White Fiber, brown Fiber, Coir Pith 5 kg...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | coco peat | coco peat 5 kg block

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  • PreMiereCocos® can be considered as one of the pioneers in the coco peat(Substrate) market and have extensive experience in the Coconut Coir Peat(Substrate) Industry and coir based technology...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | Pot-grown plants | poplar growing | soils and substrates | supplier of horticultural products

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    LATVIA- Riga

    Peat moss supplier company GreenTerra LTD. Offering high quality white and black milled peat/substrates. We guarantee product availability throughout the year and provide production in various types...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat | peat products | sphagnum peat | peat moss

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    UKRAINE- Lyudyn, Dubrovytsya District, Rivne Region

    PEAT LAND UKRAINE LLC is a company specializing in the production of peat substrates under its own trademark PEATFIELD.The company was founded in 2008.The company’s operations include the full cycle:...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat substrates | growing media | professional horticulture | peatfield

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    TURKEY- Atasehir

    VERMISOL has penetrated into the world of agriculture with its entirely organic structure. The organic fertilizer is an important agricultural input for the human health, as it increases the...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | organic solid peat for flowers | organic fertilizer for vermicompost | liquid bio-fertilizer for growing flowers | biohumus for fertilized soil

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  • ELVA E.P.T. AS
    ESTONIA- Elva

    Elva E.P.T. Ltd. was founded in 1991. However, the production of peat started already in 1962, when the predecessor of Elva E.P.T Ltd. started using 30 hectars of peatland in Sangla district....

    Supplier of: Peat and compost

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    Dutch Plantin. Biggest Coir Pith / Coco Peat Producer in the World . Ideal for Potting Soil. For Green Houses.Compost mixing . Mulching.Growers of Tomato , Pepper , cucumber and other vegetable...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | Fertilizers and soil conditioners | coir

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    LATVIA- Aknistes Nov.

    Nordtorf Ltd. is situated in the Southern part of the Republic of Latvia, near the border with Lithuania, in Akniste. Nordtorf is a company specialising in the production and sale of peat and peat...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | block peat | milled peat | peat products | peat substrate

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  • Unexpected Chance LTD Co is private company. It is located in Rivne province, Ukraine, about 300 kilometers from Western border. It has the own peat deposit, storages on the railway station, special...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | we produce and realize a milled peat organic fertilizer | we produce and realize peat soil for mushrooms

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    LATVIA- Olaine

    The Joint Stock Company "Olaines Kudra" is one of the largest peat extraction, processing and export enterprise in Latvia. It was founded in 1940. Peat bog is located in a 25-kilometre distance from...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat moss | substrates | production

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    SRI LANKA- Kirindiwela

    Craft Masters is registered company in Sri Lanka (Government/Export Development Board & Department of Chamber) from 1996 & start with exporting House Hold Furniture. As our ancestors business (Fiber...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | coco peat bulk | grow bags | coconut water | coconut shell powder

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    LATVIA- Daugavpils

    AGRO IDEAL Compost is a high quality natural compost organic fertilizer. The compost “revives” the soil: lean, heavy clay or light soil is turned into well-structured fertile soil, and depleted soil...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | compost | natural fertilizers

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    LITHUANIA- Ringaudai

    We are able to supply any volume of high quality of natural sphagnum peat moss (fiber, white, black, also substrates and horse bedding) and guarantee the regularity of the delivery during all the...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat for fertilizers | peat moss sphagnum

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    ESTONIA- Tallinn

    The overall number of the peatlands is 9836 with a total area 1009 ha including 1.8 billion tons of fuel peat and 365 million tons of slowly decomposed Sphagnum peat. The majority of the inventoried...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost

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    BELARUS- Vitebsk

    Unitary Enterprise «Vitebskoblgas» is a compound, versatile and technically well-equipped company. Our enterprise was reorganized in 2007, three peat-exctracting plants, which are situated in...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | peat moss and substrates

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    BELGIUM- Nandrin

    Faune & Flore in Nandrin is a 1800 m2 area dedicated to gardening, plants, pets, interior and exterior decoration. We are barbecue enthusiasts and offer you a vast range of gas and charcoal...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | Bedding plants, bulbs and seeds | Pet foods | Furniture, designer | Furniture and decorations, garden

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    SPAIN- Valladolid

    Peat, topsoil, cereal substrates, seed recovery, organic fertilizers, bio fertilizers, rockery stones, bio fertilizer, organic fertilizer, soil for gardens, humus, peat for vineyards, mushrooms,...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost

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  • Engineering Bureau STEIGER offers wide array of consultancy services for the mining industry. We have cornered the local market during our 11 years of existence and gained experience in sites in Near...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost

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    ITALY- Casale Sul Sile

    Treviso Humus was founded in 1983 and since then operates in the Italian market of soils and substrates with professionalism and competence. Thanks to the materials sourced Italian, German and Baltic...

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | Soil | Garden furniture | loam | wood bark

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  • Pingxiang Eternal Agritech Co., Ltd. founded at 2008, in Pingxiang, Jiangxi province, China, is specializing in agriculture products, such as series of tea seed meal, series of humic acids and so on....

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | organic agricultural products | humic acid

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Chichester

    ...soil conditioners, top soil and turf dressing rootzones that are produced in West Sussex, and are peat free, organic and sustainably produced. We also offer bark, playground certified chip and turf.

    Supplier of: Peat and compost | compost | topsoil

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