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    Rekyva, SC is one of the biggest peat producers in Baltic region. Based in Lithuania the company produces natural peat and professional peat substrates for both hobby and professional growers. We are prepared to produce any mix our client requires. The peat of Rekyva AB is high-moor Sphagnum type peat, ideal for sowing a variety of seeds as well as plant germination and growing Our main products: Natural white/brown/black peat, pH adjusted peat, fertilized peat, professional substrates. Packaging: 20l, 45l, 70l, 250l, 300l, 3 to 6 cmb big bales. Fractions: 0-4, 0-7, 0-20, 7-20, 20-40, 0-40, 20-60. We keep modernizing, innovating, updating our machinery, and using high international management standards to be able to become one of the leaders in the peat and substrates producers in the world. Please visit our website or contact us if you have any inquiry, we will gladly help you.



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    The Private Agroindustrial Enterprise “Agroprodservice” became one of Top-3 agricultural companies in Western Ukraine in 24 years of its existence. The total area of fertile land cultivated by Agroprodservice is about 45, 000 hectares. We grow corn, winter wheat and barley, sunflower, soy, spring barley and wheat, rapeseed, peas and sugar beet. The total number of cattle is more than 3, 000 heads. of simultaneous maintenance, the annual production volume will be 1, 255 tons of beef meat. The experience of companies with European and world names is widely implemented, which contributes to the effective growth of yield and quality of grain of cereals and legumes, as well as of sugar beet root crops. The Private Agroindustrial Enterprise “Agroprodservice” company realizes the importance of preservation of the environment, that’s why one of the main company principles is “do not harm”. The company takes care of the environment and supports ecological programs staying devoted to our mission.



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    HERMES AGRI-COMPANY LTD is a reliable partner with 30 years of experience in the production and sale of high-tech organic fertilizers based on vermicompost under the Humiplus brand. We have a wide range of organic fertilizers based on vermicompost, available in liquid and suspension form. Humiplus products have an optimal concentration and convenient packaging, so they perfectly meet the diverse needs of modern farmers and demanding users who grow plants in their gardens or on their balconies. Humiplus plant growth biostimulants are certified by the international organization Organic Standard in accordance with EU Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. They are suitable for both organic and conventional farming. The effectiveness of Humiplus biological products has been confirmed by many years of research in the research institute and in the fields of customers. The advantages of our products are: 1. Multi-component complex composition: use one product instead of several, thanks to the complex action of 4 in 1. 2. Completely natural origin: preservation of all the properties of vermicompost and useful products of red California worms. 3. Prolonged action of the products: after application, they are active in the soil for several years, helping to maintain soil fertility; 4. Reducing the cost of mineral fertilizers: our own scientifically proven technologies to reduce the rate of fertilizer application by 30% while maintaining 100% of the result.



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    The company RAIFFEISEN WAREN- UND DIENSTLEISTUNGS GMBH, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Peat and compost industry. It is based in Schönsee, Germany.



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    KSK Developments is a technology company focused on the design and implementation of solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City. We realize tasks in the field of IoT, electronics and programming with elements of automation and information technology. We design: printed circuit boards, enclosures for electronic devices, tools and equipment for trenchless technologies and software development. We devote much attention to our products, taking care of the smallest details. We approach to our work reliably and practically. Always thoroughly we investigate any solution. All our products have found practical application in the real world. For several years, we caught up in work in the field of IoT explore the potential of the Internet of Things. Fascinated by the possibilities successfully we implement new solutions. We are open to technical innovations that we closely follow, analyze and find practical applications for them. Thanks to the cooperation with research institutions we perform technical approvals. Gained certifications are the best proof of the reliability of the work performed by us. KSK Developments is a Poland manufacturer of different types of IoT equipment, such as Temperature and Oxygen level sensing for composting, Water pressure wireless sensor, Wireless parking spaces' occupancy detector, Traffic counter and so on. We are looking for Worldwide Customers of our Products in the B2B segment.



    BTU-CENTER is a Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial biologicals for agriculture, one of the 25% of the largest manufacturers of biological products in the world, the largest manufacturer and exporter of such products in Ukraine. The manufacturer has 23 years of experience, more than 450 employees in the group of companies, own manufacture and R&D center Institute of Applied Biotechnology. The enterprise’s portfolio includes more than 60 preparations used in organic and integrated technologies for nutrition and plant protection, as well as for restoration of soil fertility on a total area of more than 4 million hectares. 9 biologicals are registered in the EU and certified for organic agriculture here. The production facilities are 10 000 of biologicals annually. BTU-CENTER is the only Ukrainian company that became a member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA).



    1. Mining equipment (Leaching reactor and Centrifugal concentrators with floating bed) a various modifications and productivity we produce at our manufactures in Australia and Russia. 2. Peat absorbent for oil spill response on a water and land. It works perfectly in any weather and extreme temp -50 … +60 оС. After use, it is utilized by burning as a high calorie secondary fuel. Oil absorption is 8-10 g of oil per 1 g of absorbent. 3. Peat moss for landscaping. Pressed sphagnum peat moss slabs are the finished product for covering any prepared surface for arranging grass plots, beds in public gardens, parks near houses, railroad beds and highways and bedding out grasses, flowers, decorative plants. This peat dried and pressed specially to save storage space, transport and shopping area. 4. Peat moss for growing plants in green houses are manufactured for growing plants of vegetable flowery decorative cultures under the conditions of greenhouse factories (orangery) with low-capacity technologies. 5. Peat moss tablets is manufactured for growing seedlings of various vegetable, flowery and decorative cultures under domestic conditions, on plots of land attached to a house, in the open and protected soil.





    High quality professional peat, substrates from Estonia. Ready for use products for germination and potting in a variety of package sizes.Mikskaar is an Estonian family company and one of the largest peat producers in our country. The main goal of our existence is to be able to serve any grower anywhere in the world with the best substrate to make the plants grow. Mikskaar has provided growers with peat products for approximately 20 years already. Our peatfields are well chosen and cared for, far from any pollutants and weed free; all peat fields are of substantial size and depth, located in Estonia. The factories are in Estonia, all well equipped for production of high quality substrates. All the installations are constantly tuned, improved and renewed. Diversity and flexibility are beneficial, we always aim to meet the needs and wishes of our customers and implement modifications if necessary. Mikskaar has the RAL qulity sign since 2002.





    JSC “Durpeta” is one of the oldest peat extraction and processing companies in Lithuania. Newly built our substrate factory is recognized as one of the most modern factories in the Baltic states. Inside the factory there is installed computer process management and quality control systems. Synergy of the specialists from the company and professional growers from all around the world resulted in substrate data base, which contains more than 500 recipes for flowers, vegetables, ornamental plants. Sod peat, brown and black peat are being processed these days. Based on demand apart from peat there are many other components added into substrates: fertilizers, limestone, clay, sand, perlite, microelements, bio hummus, coir and many other. Companies products are being exported to more than 45 countries world wide. 500 thousand m³ of peat are being extracted over one year period. Company participates in biggest global plant growing and technology exhibitions “IPM” Essen (Germany), exhibitions in Poland, Spain and many other countries. Our goal – responsible use of peat resources and produce highest possible quality products for our customers. Attention for grower – one of the most essential and important company’s business priorities. Guaranteed quality of the product as well as flexible logistics system lets us to maintain long term relationships in foreign markets as well as in domestic market. Trust of the customers and growers is very important indicator for us as a producers.



    Established in the year 2011, we, “M/S. Srimathi Exports ”, are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Coconut Products and CoirFiber, White Fiber, brown Fiber, Coir Pith 5 kg Block & Curled Rope ( 1', 3/4', 1/2'). Our production unit is located in Pollachi, south India. All the products are manufacturedusing excellent quality coconut husk. Moreover, owing to our fibre units situated nearby, we regularly export Brown fiber, White fiber and Curled Rope, Coir Peat and other products across the globe. we have been able to export our products to various countries such as South Korea, China, UAE, and Italy.


    Sri Lanka

    PreMiereCocos® can be considered as one of the pioneers in the coco peat(Substrate) market and have extensive experience in the Coconut Coir Peat(Substrate) Industry and coir based technology business. We have invested many years in this Naturally Bio-Degradable Organic and Eco-Friendly Coconut Husk and unleashed its maximum potential.  PreMiereCocos® has developed innovative products for Agriculture, Horticulture, Hydroponic and Landscaping Industry over the years, has produced this unique Soil substitute to improve the quality of soil less cultivation in Green Houses. Wide usage of coco peat(Substrate), coir based products has reached a point to where our coco peat substrates, other associated are available in different forms, varieties qualities to meet the demand of many Growers, Horticulturalist and Landscapers. Over the years, our coco peat (Substrate) and other associated Coconut Husk based has evolved to a high standard. PreMiereCocos was established in 2004 to facilitate and meet the worldwide demand of soilless cultures by Commercial Growers, Horticulture and Landscaping Industries. The Company is in the business of manufacturing and supplying Naturally, Bio-degradable soil substitutes, Soil Erosion Control and Landscaping Materials. To ensure consistent quality and timely supplies,  hindrances.



    PEAT LAND UKRAINE LLC is a company specializing in the production of peat substrates under its own trademark PEATFIELD.The company was founded in 2008.The company’s operations include the full cycle: from construction of own peatlands and peat extraction to production of peat substrates.Key specialization of PEAT LAND UKRAINE LLC is the production of high quality peat substrates for use in professional horticulture. We can produce approximately half a million m³ of substrate per year.We are the first company in Ukraine which uses the latest technological methods in peat extraction and production on its basis high quality peat substrates. During the manufacturing process we use only ecologically clean raw materials as well as a range of different additives, high quality mineral fertilizers from worldwide recognized producers.Our company strives to become the leading producer of peat substrates in Ukraine and puts much efforts on expanding its markets within Europe and world.



    Peat moss supplier company GreenTerra LTD. Offering high quality white and black milled peat/substrates. We guarantee product availability throughout the year and provide production in various types of packaging and different fractions thereby meeting each customer's requirements. We also ensure a professional service of export procedures, including certification, customs documentation, and product transport on land and sea. The company's strengths include excellent service, qualitative and secular delivery, favorable payment terms and competitive prices. We take pride in the current client loyalty and appreciation!



    VERMISOL has penetrated into the world of agriculture with its entirely organic structure. The organic fertilizer is an important agricultural input for the human health, as it increases the productivity of the soil and it has no chemical substance and is completely natural. In all over the world many health problems arise out of non-organic agricultural production. VERMISOL is not only of organic nature but also ensures improvement and enrichment of the soil. Our Company provides the farmers with information on the benefits and utilization of VERMISOL and applies personal selling with its experienced team constituted in the body of our Company. Although the technology has progressed so far, the agriculture is the most important factor for the human being. Today, developed countries give more importance to the production of the organic products and make their agricultural investments in this direction. Our country is largely an agriculture country. Therefore, upon consideration of the population density of our country, the organic agriculture should be given necessary importance. The agricultural products produced with VERMISOL are 100% organic and significant for the human health. Our priority target is to tell the farmers positive data of VERMISOL in the agriculture; to demonstrate its correct and appropriate usage; and to ensure healthy and strong future generations.

  6. ELVA E.P.T. AS


    Elva E.P.T. Ltd. was founded in 1991. However, the production of peat started already in 1962, when the predecessor of Elva E.P.T Ltd. started using 30 hectars of peatland in Sangla district. Nowadays, the area of production has extended to 620 hectars. In 1992, a peat packing shop was established in Tartumaa, Sangla, where peat is packed in bales of different volumes (250L and 300L). In the spring 2000, the production was extended by 6000L Big Bales. Today, Elva E.P.T is employing 45 people.As the packing shop of Elva E.P.T is not situlated close to harbours, most of the production is exported by road transport. However, according to the wishes of the customer, products could also be transported in sea containers or deck cargo from the harbour of Pärnu. By now, Elva E.P.T has proved itself as a reliable partner in 8 European countries. In 2002 Elva E.P.T. started with production of different equipment for peat harvesting works. At the moment AS Elva E.P.T. produces different e



    Nordtorf Ltd. is situated in the Southern part of the Republic of Latvia, near the border with Lithuania, in Akniste. Nordtorf is a company specialising in the production and sale of peat and peat products. The size of the plant is approximately 6000 m² and it features 7 production lines for the packaging of peat and substrata. Nordtorf Ltd., LTL Ltd. (which is connected to SIA Nordtorf) and Cesvaines Kudra Ltd., own peat-production licenses for six bogs. The company’s plant produces approximately 550 000 m³ of substrata and potting soil per year and the amount is increasing. The total area of all 5 bogs is 3050 ha. The extractable peat reserve is 52 million m³ in total. The peat reserve is enough to supply raw material for production for at least the next 60 years.



    Dutch Plantin. Biggest Coir Pith / Coco Peat Producer in the World . Ideal for Potting Soil. For Green Houses.Compost mixing . Mulching.Growers of Tomato , Pepper , cucumber and other vegetable growing. 5 kg blocks , 650 gm Bricks, Grow bags of different sizes Coco Chips , Special custom blends. Produced at our factories in India and around 2000 x 40' HC containers exported annually.Full Technical support form Holland. Quality guaranteed.Certified RHP ( Holland ) IMO ( Switzerland ) Export House status form Govt of India.



    Unexpected Chance LTD Co is private company. It is located in Rivne province, Ukraine, about 300 kilometers from Western border. It has the own peat deposit, storages on the railway station, special equipments. As the result the company has wide possibilities of producing and processing of peat, production of goods on it’s basis and transporting of the products to users. We produce and realize a milled peat organic fertilizer, peat soil for mushrooms and lump peat as fuel for heating of apartments and using in energetic sphere. According to conclusions of specialists, confirmed by practice, our peat considerably improves the quality of soils, stimulates the growing of trees, bushes and flowers, stadium’s grass, successfully used in lawns, flowerbeds, fields for golf, hothouses, for producing mushrooms, substrates etc. We pack the product in 70, 80l. sacks, big bags or other packing at Buyer’s request. Our company has an experience to export the product through ports of Black sea. We supply peat to Europe by trucks too.


    Sri Lanka

    Craft Masters is registered company in Sri Lanka (Government/Export Development Board & Department of Chamber) from 1996 & start with exporting House Hold Furniture. As our ancestors business (Fiber Mills) we 3 of them start expand & value add for coir products such as Coco Peat/Husk Chips balling for 5Kg blocks. All three partners very well looking after every & each products for exports with our well experiences officers. Now we are manufactures & exporters of Coco Peat, Coco Husk Chips &, Grow Bags & Coconut Shell Chips & Powder in higher scale. As extra income also exports our colleges products such as Coconut Flour, Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Coconut Kernels (Snacks) & Coir Fiber, Geo Nets. As per request of buyers exporting Sri Lankan Spices as value add products. At present our exports going to Canada, USA, Mauritius, Pakistan, New Zealand, Japan, Italy & South Korea. Near future hope to export Australia, United Kingdom (UK) & Poland. With our shipments we are giving following documents: * Covering Letter * Commercial Invoice & Packing List * Fumigation Certificate * Pythosanitation Certificate * Country of Origin * Certificate of Analyse (COA) * VGM Other than certificate required - buyer have to be requested



    The Joint Stock Company "Olaines Kudra" is one of the largest peat extraction, processing and export enterprise in Latvia. It was founded in 1940. Peat bog is located in a 25-kilometre distance from the Latvian capital, Riga. We are engaged in extraction and processing of peat, produce and sale milled peat moss, the packed peat substrates, natural/neutralized peat. Peat is available in 30 l, 150 l, 250 l, 300 l polyethylene bags and 6 m3 BIG-BALE packaging, we also sell milled peat moss. 70% of our production is mostly sold in European Union countries.



    AGRO IDEAL Compost is a high quality natural compost organic fertilizer. The compost “revives” the soil: lean, heavy clay or light soil is turned into well-structured fertile soil, and depleted soil is restored.AGRO IDEAL Compost is a universal natural fertilizer for planting and growing all types of vegetable, fruit and berry, decorative, coniferous, flower crops and lawn grass. It protects the root system from freezing, stimulates increased root formation in spring, and accelerates the growth of seedlings. AGRO IDEAL Compost also accelerates the growth of flowers. It increases their survival rate, the number of flower-bearing stems and the intensity of color. An ideal component for building a lawn.Why AGRO IDEAL Compost? provides plants with all the required natural nutrients; does not contain any weed seeds or pathogens; restores and improves the structure of soil; does not oxidize soil; increases the ability of soil to retain moisture and nutrients; increases the disease resistance in pl



    We are able to supply any volume of high quality of natural sphagnum peat moss (fiber, white, black, also substrates and horse bedding) and guarantee the regularity of the delivery during all the year, assuring also the transport and competitive prices. We could deliver our peat production by road transport and sea way transport. Quality of our natural peat (from high moor): 1. Degree of decomposition: 10% feeble and 20% medium, 30%-for fuel peat and 8-12%for fiber peat. 2. Ashes on: about 6% 3. Water suspensibility is correlated 1 : 7 4. Acidity pH 2.5- 3.5, 3.5-5.5, 5.5-6.5 5. Humidity is 45 till 60% 6. In dry peat is 94 till 99% of organic mass 7. Structure: S (0-10, 0-20, 0-30, 0-40mm) Packing: 1. H2 - H4, feeble decomposed, (more white), packed in big Bales of 4.5 and 6 cbm . 2. H2 - H4, medium decomposed, packed in big Bales of 4.5 and 6 cbm., 250 ltr bales and 150 ltr bales. 3. Substratum (5.5-6.5pH) packed in 80 or 250ltr bales.



    The overall number of the peatlands is 9836 with a total area 1009 ha including 1.8 billion tons of fuel peat and 365 million tons of slowly decomposed Sphagnum peat. The majority of the inventoried peatlands, namely 8238 peatlands are very small, less than 10 ha, having a very thin peat deposit. Consequently most of our peat resources are distributed in remaining 1598 peatlands with a total area of 901 thousand hectares. Not all peatlands are of industrial significance as the commercial peat deposit is lacking in them. There are registered 539 peatlands with commercial interest having an area of 680 thousand ha and active peat resources of 1.5 billion tons of fuel peat and 230 million tons of slowly decomposed Sphagnum peat



    Unitary Enterprise «Vitebskoblgas» is a compound, versatile and technically well-equipped company. Our enterprise was reorganized in 2007, three peat-exctracting plants, which are situated in Dokshytsy, Chashniki and Shumilino areas of Vitebsk region, Belarus were incorporated in «Vitebskoblgas». In 2011 a new plant for the production of nutritive substrates and peat moss was put into operation. The plant is equipped with modern high-tech machines produced by Premier Tech company. At present such products as peat moss packed in Big Bales, substrates, sod peat are produced at these peat plants.



    Faune & Flore in Nandrin is a 1800 m2 area dedicated to gardening, plants, pets, interior and exterior decoration. We are barbecue enthusiasts and offer you a vast range of gas and charcoal barbecues, planchas, braseros and bio ethanol fires. From March to October a wide range of patio furniture, sun umbrellas and fixed shading devices are on display. From November come and discover our marvellous Christmas market upstairs!


    United Kingdom



    Peat, topsoil, cereal substrates, seed recovery, organic fertilizers, bio fertilizers, rockery stones, bio fertilizer, organic fertilizer, soil for gardens, humus, peat for vineyards, mushrooms, aquariums, sanitation, humus...

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