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    EDEN FARMER is a leading export and production company specialising in sunflower, vegetable, maize and palm oils, and in the manufacture of fruit and vegetable preserves, powdered milk, sauces, and pasta. We are proud to offer you a wide variety of superior quality fresh and frozen products carefully and sustainably cultivated with respect for the environment. Our superior quality oils, including olive oil, sunflower oil and maize oil, are carefully selected for their quality and exceptional flavour. We work with local farmers and international suppliers. Our dedicated team of export and distribution professionals have thorough expertise in this area and can cater for the individual needs of each customer (importers, exporters, wholesalers, purchasing departments, agrifooods industry, etc.). At Eden Farmer, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products, bringing healthy and delicious food to all of our customers in France and our export customers, whilst supporting our local and international suppliers.



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    E.H.W. Worldwide, established in 2011 in Cyprus, is a global force in sourcing and distributing quality products at exceptional prices. Our commitment to "quality products for the best price" drives our year-round accessibility. We rigorously select premium suppliers, ensuring only the finest products reach our customers. Spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, we directly import from leading sources such as Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, and more. With a recent expansion in Germany, we adeptly serve diverse markets, fostering enduring partnerships. Our upcoming logistics hub in South Africa exemplifies our strategic growth. Fueled by our devoted team, E.H.W. Worldwide thrives as a market leader, delivering an unparalleled customer experience. At E.H.W. Worldwide, our mission stands as a testament to our dedication. We endeavor to provide our customers with a transcendent experience, marked by the procurement, supply, and distribution of products that exceed expectations. As we transcend boundaries and traverse industries, we remain committed to making every business interaction with us an unforgettable journey, replete with unparalleled quality and value.



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    The Avimosa Group. From the farm to your dining table. Control and quality throughout every stage in creating our products. We produce chicken and eggs for consumption. Animal feed factory



    In 2017, ABM Club has united several large and small enterprises for supplying of agricultural products and food to the world market. Today, we have an experienced team of specialists and reliable partners in Ukraine and overseas to fulfill the tasks of exporting and promoting high quality commodities worldwide. Production capacities allow us to produce competitive goods in large volumes in the following areas: grains and cereals, frozen products, canned seafood, oilseeds, flour, legumes, dairy products, vegetable oils, juices, spices and ingredients, berries and fruits, vegetables, animal feed, sugar, eggs and poultry meat, beef, confectionery, beverages, honey, organic food, etc. We deliver commodities directly from the production facilities and if you wish to visit the enterprise, we will organize a presentation at the factory for you.Most of products presented by ABM Club could be produced under the Private Label service for the supply to wholesale customers and retailers. Our company participates in investment projects in various industries, represents the interests of foreign companies in Ukraine on long-term partnerships. We care about nature and do everything possible to protect the environment from pollution by production waste. Organic cultivation of agricultural crops and food production is one of our main priorities. We invite customers, food manufacturers and farmers for cooperation. Let's feed the world together!

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    JDF Import-Export GmbH was founded on 27th July 2000. Our head office is located in Germany. We meet the highest standards on the commercial market. We profit from the difference in pricing between goods abroad and in other markets. We purchase goods at the best prices and sell them where there is demand for them. We offer products at lower prices than those established in a given country. We specialise in sales of global FMCG brands. Within just a few years, we have established a significant position as a key player on the German beverages and confectionery market. We are currently developing our scope of activities in overseas markets. We offer attractive prices and efficient order fulfilment as well as labelling and repackaging of products. We offer a range of texts in English, German, French, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Spanish and many other languages. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our products. Please take the time to view our other products on our website.

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    FRUVE is a processor of fresh fruits and vegetables and we work exclusively for export markets. Located at the agricultural heartland in Izmir, Turkey, we are less than an hour’s drive from the sea- and airports. We can process almost all fresh fruits and vegetables in the following formats: • Oven Semi Dried IQF Frozen • Oven Dried • Ready to Eat Oven Dried √ Suitable for pizza topping, confectionary, bakery among others √ All processes are done in own factory - No outsourcing Purchasing only through contract farmers, we minimize the use of pesticides and herbicides and prevent all GMO seed and chemical hormone usage. Our team of agricultural engineers visit farmers throughout the year to ensure compliance to our strict standards. What does this all mean for you? Traceability from FARM to FORK. All processing is done in our own factory, and no work is out-sourced. It is no accident that our motto states, “FRUVE means QUALITY, and that’s our PROMISE! ” We look forward to building a mutually beneficial and long-lasting business relationship with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!



    Nourish life is our commitment. This is not limited to food production - it extends to projects, initiatives and causes we embrace. In order to deliver quality products, we have a team dedicated to innovating every day. We are more than 100, 000 employees worldwide. A large team that has a global vision, without leaving aside the local needs.Each member of our team is important to make BRF one of the largest food companies in the world. We are guided by values that serve as a compass for our work. Ethics in all actions, transparency in our value chain and innovation are non-negotiable points for us.Our portfolio has more than 30 brands, among them the giant Sadia and Perdigão, which together started the history of BRF. Qualy, Paty, Dánica and Perdix, among others, represent the company around the world with a common purpose: to produce items with a quality standard that begins with the creation of our animals and ends at the table of our consumers.But we do none of this alone: in addition to the BRF employees, we have the support of more than 13 thousand integrated producers, more than 30 thousand suppliers (4 thousand only of grains, bran and oils) and more than 200 thousand customers.Operating in this way, it potentiates small human acts and expands the possibilities of personal development. The renewal of relationships, in a collaborative and inclusive way, is made possible by the permeable contour that today integrates the whole world.



    Tuana Tat Gıda ve Unlu Mamulleri LTD.ŞTİ.” has started to serve its customers with its plenty of product range with its innovative structure, self-confidence that it has as an enterprise, its vision that it realized by noticing the sectoral changes on time. In the following years, it developed and improved its first customer and the production center which it has created with limited opportunities. While increasing the number of costumers, on one hand, it has also made efforts to raise production standards on the other hand and reached the tens of costumers with knowledge and experience extending to years. We have met the production standards of competitors that qualify the brand value in the sector as compliance with the Turkish Food Codex and we are continuing to provide services to our valued customers over the quality standards of many companies in the sector in our 3500 m2 production facility.

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    AN Consulting is a a Purchasing agency engaged in frozen chicken paws. mainly for the China market and Import license for China. We offer our clients a unique service, from medium companies over Enterprise's to Investors, we provide access to imported frozen food were normally only those with proper and hard to accomplish licenses have. Details and Background ALL the protein companies performing these exports such as JBS, Aurora, Marfrig, SADIA, BRF and so on are large scale industrial businesses. There are no small producers with the ability to export poultry products, especially to China. These companies do not sell directly to international buyers. Most of them have facilities in China and other regions with sales offices, those are selling only to China mainland companies. Currently the capacity is already sold out for the next years Those companies have a “trading desk” they are selling their production in the futures exchange market, several years in advance, mostly to GACC Exporters and Global Trading Firms like US and their local Partners. CHINESE CERTIFICATION / EXPORTING TO CHINA The Chinese government has a strong presence in Brazil, auditing and certifying individual slaughterhouses / cold houses. In Brazil the Chinese Government uses the Brazilian “SIF number” as a key, every specific cold house, at a specific location, has its own SIF number. Brazil has thousands of cold houses, but only those specific ones are certified by the Chinese Government.

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    Food Navigator Ltd. is a member of the most dominated Hungarian agricultural production groups. The group's key activities essentially run along three lines. On the one hand, our poultry processing plant solely involved in production of waterfowls, such as young duck, young goose and other parts with a special emphasis on suitability of different customer requirements. Factory has been working according to ISO 9001-2009 and HACCP system. We have established food safety system according to the standard IFS and BRC. We also offer fattened goose, duck foie gras and other fattened duck, goose parts. These products are made in a smaller slaughterhouse and they are mostly hand made, which ensures extra, top quality. The other significant division of our company is production and export Hungarian refined honey products such as acacia, mixed flavor, sunflower, linden, goldenrod, rapeseed, phacelia and other varieties. We are one the major honey producers and packers in Hungary, processing approximately 3500 tons of different honey each year. Raw materials come from controlled fields, selected and processed in our modern IFS certified factory, which has a total size of 4000 square meters.



    Food safety and the life's quality of our consumers are the main principles of our company. All the products that we deliver nationally and internationally are according to the norms and international standards of food safety under the control of the veterinary and environmental health authorities. AGROPROD CRASNA Cooperativa Agricola was founded in 2009 as a merger of several poultry producers. The group includes 6 chicken farms and one slaughterhouse which has the capacity of slaughtering 30.000 pieces per day. Our modern slaughterhouse, built according to all EU standards was opened in January 2016. We process the chicken meat daily to the highest quality and hygiene standards. We have the possibility to slaughter in the HALAL for Arab communities. We meet the requirements for the following certifications for the management system and food safety FSSCC 22000; ISO22000/2005; ISO/TS 22002-1/2009. From the beginning, we had the ambition to deliver our customers the best meat of exceptional quality and freshness. Our goal is to deliver the very best of high-quality meat, fresh and frozen to all our customers from all over the world. Therefore, we want to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. Our portfolio is adapted to the retail and en-gros market both in Romania and all over Europe. In the following years, we are going to continue the developing process and strengthen partnerships worldwide by creating new and stable cooperations abroad.


    United States

    Seara frozen foods export is putting forth an entire scope of Frozen Food items. We are tallied among the main exporters, shippers and dealers of Frozen Meat Products, for example, Halal Frozen Chicken, Chicken Eggs, Frozen Beef, Frozen Pork and that’s just the beginning. We exports our items to USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and different nations for its freshness, predominant quality, important nourishment and in addition driving edge innovation. Our offered items are in synonymous to unmatched quality and also norms.

  1. P.D. HOOK

    United Kingdom

    P. D. Hook is a family owned business founded in the 1950s on the existing hatchery site at Cote in Oxfordshire. It has grown to become the largest independent hatchery company in the UK and a major player in the UK poultry market. We currently produce poultry across the full spectrum including Organic, Free Range, Freedom Foods, Oakham and Red Tractor. We are committed to ongoing investment in our production facilities. This will ensure we have an efficient farming base to meet the standards required by the retail sector and consumers. We operate a fully integrated business supply chain in partnership with the world’s leading breeding and feed companies, Aviagen, Cobb, Hubbard, ABN and 2Agriculture. This enables us to produce, manage and control the process to the highest possible standards, involving each stage of the production process from rearing through to growing.



    We are a team of young enthusiasts from Serbia, who have started a business of growing chickens in a completely natural way. Our chickens are not grown in cages. They grow in a completely natural surrounding. Also, we grow them for 70 to 90 days instead of 38 to 42. That means our chickens’ meat is maturely aged, more quality and tastier then ones grown in a modern way. Our chickens are NOT TREATED with antibiotics, nor hormones, nor are they fed GMO soya, nor cereals. All of this means our chickens grow with absolutely no stress, so their meat is healthy, full of proteins and contains less fat. We have ISO 22000: 2005 certificate, which includes HACCP certificate also.We sell whole chicken or it's parts such as breasts, drumsticks, wings, etc. We usually pack it in 12 kg packages (meat is wrapped in a plastic bag, which i then placed in a cardboard box). However, we can change the packaging and adjust it to your company's needs and requests.



    we are manufacturers and exporters of processed and unprocessed frozen chicken feet/paws, grade A , and other animals offal. our factory is located in Cameroon in the city of Douala, it was built according to the highest international standards, quality controlled and ready to export to any country in the world guarantee the best quality at a very reasonable price. Processed: Price: 1- Chicken Feet processed/ Grade A / 35g up 2- Without Yellow Skin 3- Washed & Clean 4- No Black Spot 5- No Feathers 6- No Bad Smell 7- No Broken Bones 8- No Blood 9- No bruised Unprocessed: 1- Chicken Feet unprocessed/ Grade A / 35g up 2- With Yellow Skin & Nails 3- Washed & Clean 4- No Feathers 5- No Bad Smell 6- No Blood 7.No Bruise 8. Moisture Less then 3% 7.- Packing 5 kgs in PP bag and 4 x 5kg in big bag April shipment: 2x40' CNTRS Quantity: 20000mt / month Delivery Payment: TT and LC. Document Provide: 1. Phytosanitary certificate issue by the government of


    United States

    We are Exporter Meat & Poultry we've achieved our goal and are now proudly serving many repeat customers.Our customers look to us for great quality and incredible service we try deliver on these expectations every time we believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed.Opportunity sales offer the highest quality service products on the market today.Since 2000 we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goal.Our 11 years of experience an commitment to excellence have us the reputation as the best product, service and satisfactions



    All kinds of casting works and CNC works are carried out on a project basis

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    Importer and distributor of exotic meats, game and poultry since 1996 in whole Europe. We focus on quality to provide best services to our customers. Please visit our website on : www.caf-exotic-meat.com


    United Kingdom

    PREMIERE POULTRY LTD, offers a selection of quality breaded chicken fillets and supplies frozen breaded and battered chicken products all over the Island of Ireland and into England and Scotland. PREMIERE POULTRY’s breaded chicken fillets are the most tasty combination of chicken breast, herbs and fillings. PREMIERE POULTRY LTD offer delicious creamy peppered fillets and the world-wide famous chicken fillet Kiev. PREMIERE POULTRY LTD services the wholesale and catering markets.



    Globaltrading Slovakia, s. r. o. deals with frozen poultry production. Our main activity is processing chicken and turkey meat with subsequent freezing by the IQF method. In 2017 we bought Variovac Optimus 35 machine which packs poultry into MAP and secure it on 14 days, and Elixa 21 machine which packs frozen poultry into polystyrene tray.


    United States

    Feoga Ventures LLC imports and Exports Frozen seafood and Meat related products ( Chicken Leg Quarters, Chicken Upper back, Chicken Wings, Hen Leg Quarters, Sardinella Aurita, Herrings, Horse Mackerel, Mackerel etc) around the world.



    We are producer of canned meat such as luncheon meat, corned beef, sussages , Also we produce frozen hen, frozen meat . Producer of baby cereal and baby foods under our brand Neolac privat aline acceptable Visit our web for more infos.www.sara-food.com


    United Arab Emirates

    We are manufacturers and exporters of frozen poultry , meats , sea foods , finger foods , delicatessen , frozen vegetables , sausages , burgers , hot dogs , franks and many more items. For almost 20 years the company has been one of the leading food manufacturing distribution and export company. Please visit our website www.galadariedam.com


    United Kingdom

    We manufacture all Halal product in U.K London and export world wide , Kebab , samosas, Chicken Tikka, Shami Kebab, wings, Ready Meal, We can Manufacture under your own Brand as well let us know your aim.



    Company working regularly in the sectors of fresh/frozen chicken, turkey, duck, pork, beef, vegetables and seeds. Regular sales to the Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Austria, Belgium. Exporting frozen poultry to West Africa. Company activity including bird seeds and raw materials supply for pet food industry.

  7. FUANA S.A


    FUANA S.A is an exporting company , based in west African country Cameroon. We supply good quality fresh and frozen live stocks and sea food. we have a great expertise in this trade domain and our products are of premium quality.We are looking for buyers and potential business associates all over the Globe.


    United States

    Blizz foods is a company that has been dealing with chicken and poultry products for over 20 years and have a great mastery of this domain . We export our products to Europe and also some parts of Asia . We have over 50 employees for over a decade now and produce over a 500 Metric tons of chicken feet monthly, whole chicken and other poultry products .



    JBS is a global leader in beef, lamb and poultry processing and is also heavily involved in pork production. With over 185, 000 employees worldwide, the company has 340 production units and businesses in the foodstuffs, leather, biodiesel, collagen, metal packaging and cleaning products industries. Operating on all consumer markets, JBS is the world's largest exporter of animal protein, selling to over 150 countries.


    United States

    we are looking for companies that can supply us large amount of whole chicken, chicken feet and paws will you please send us your information with pricelist so we can make an order we need now 2000 MT of whole chicken and 30, 000MT of chicken feet and paws, we are very serious in getting your information. We look forward doing business with your company.

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