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    NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the world including in the United States, in Germany, in Great Britain or in Japan. We mostly manufacture copper and aluminium products as well as tungsten alloys. These products can be used for various applications, and therefore in several sectors such as electronic information, power facilities, automobiles, ships, aerospace or national defense industry. Our advanced equipment allows us to operate on more than 200 kinds of products. Over the years we have formed trusting and solid partnerships with metal material manufacturers internationally. Our customers trust our experience to provide them with precise production and processing, fast logistics and a quality after-sales service. We can also offer suggestions for the material suggestions beforehand. We deliver high quality products at the best price in the shortest deadlines possible. Thanks to the quality of our management system, we are proud to be certified according to the ISO 9001 standards. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    Contain Haus is one of the leading companies in the container industry. Our company, which produces in Germany and Turkey, is also a leading R&D company using advanced technology in its field. As one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field of container and building systems, we are redefining the standards in Germany and throughout Europe. We, as Containhaus, offer solutions that are fully tailored to the needs of our customers, creating custom plans and thus complying with the wishes. These are ideal as office containers, residential containers or construction containers. Containers and prefabricated buildings are becoming more and more important, which means that modular construction methods are gradually becoming the first choice in both residential and commercial areas. As a container house, we have complied with the request and have designed our living containers in such a way that they can also be used in the commercial sector. Especially in the production of the new generation, the high standards developed by our company are in line with the German standard. Office containers produced according to German standards give you a modern office. In large-scale projects such as hospitals, shopping malls or institutional buildings, we can produce single-story or multi-story container models according to your needs. Please contact us for more information!



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    Module-T is a brand of Group TMEC based in Instanbul specialized in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of containers and prefabricated, fully-equipped modular buildings in the worksites of companies operating in the fields of public infrastructure development, mining, as well as the gas and oil industry, among others. With more than 15 years of experience, we export and install modular prefabricated containers (portable container, modular container, porta cabin), prefabricated and modular buildings with all necessary equipment for offices, sanitary facilities (WC and showers), locker rooms, conference rooms, dorms, infirmaries, kitchens, canteens, workshops, security booths and warehouses. Module-T also installs and furnishes prefabricated individual houses, as well as bungalows, villas and vacation homes. We produce all the structures and the steel chassis, the sandwich panels, as well as the joinery for windows and doors in our factories in Turkey. Today our production capacities amount to approximately 10 000 modular containers per year. Our strenght lies in our quality customer service, the diversity of our range of modular solutions and competititive prices, which allowed our company to develop on the global market, more specifically in Africa, the Middle East and America. Moreover, we are proud to be certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002 and ISO 45001 standards. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



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    We are an association working with only small & medium-sized manufacturers in Turkey and marketing their goods on their behalf of them. You can find everything you need from Turkish Manufacturers through us. We have a wide product portfolio, such as : •Nesting Tables, •Round Ovens, •Turkish Delights, •Air Compressors, •Roller Blinds, •Washing Nets, •Home furniture, and visit our website to discover more about small, medium-sized qualified manufacturers. Our services include : •Professional guide to help your business thrive, •Pure business opportunities, •Reaching out to the most competitive prices by using our TMU association, •External services to help you get better prices for freights, examinations, etc. many more are to be discovered on our website. Come and join us to find the Easiest way to find SMALL & MEDIUM-sized manufacturers! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    PREFABEX, is a company that provides design, production, and delivery of turnkey prefabricated solutions including prefabricated buildings, prefabricated houses, containers, cabins, light steel structures and structural steel buildings. With over 17 years of experience, we have made major inroads into the prefab market, capturing key areas of product and service and established a track record of success in delivering high quality prefab solutions. Our goal is to become one of the leading providers of modular solutions in the Middle East and Africa. We offer a wide range of products and services such as: Products: Modular Buildings, Modular Houses, Living Containers and Portacabins, Portable Fiberglass Kiosks, Sandwich panel cabins, Containerized Residential and Commercial Facilities, Light Steel Houses and Villas, Light steel Buildings, Pre-engineered Steel Structures and Hangars Services: Design, Assembling, Aftersales training and support, Turn-key projects. We have successfully delivered many projects all around Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. In addition, our professional assembling teams are ready to fly to your country to assemble our products with their international experience in assembling prefabricated structures all over the world. For big projects, our site engineers can join the team to guarantee smooth flow of site works and to handle communication and coordination between all team on site. We excel in providing quality products and services.

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    We are a company with 10 years of experience, specialising in installing heating, ventilation and plumbing solutions, and welding and locksmithing throughout Europe. We also offer our customers the option to have welded components produced at our plant in Lenart. The pride of our company is the EOScale brand, which represents the pinnacle of exclusive developments in the construction of modular homes. Our houses are functional, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient, and they integrate innovative solutions from the construction industry. EOScale homes offer innovative and sustainable living solutions that meet the highest quality and design standards. Bismont also has a modern production facility with advanced manufacturing capabilities to ensure precision and efficiency in all areas of our business, from assembly and welding to the production of modular homes. These capabilities underscore our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology and delivering projects of the highest quality. Backed by our expertise in assembly, welding, and the production of modular homes, we are eager to expand our international footprint and bring our expertise to a wider range of projects. We look forward to working with you and to using our many years of experience and innovation to ensure the success of your projects.



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    The company RUSTICASA-CONSTRUÇÕES, LDA., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Buildings, prefabricated industry. It also operates in the Prefabricated houses, Timber-built, Prefabricated houses, Eco construction, Timber-built, and wood houses industries. It is based in Vila Nova De Cerveira, Portugal.



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    The company LEXERIMMO.AT GMBH, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Prefabricated houses industry. It is based in Klagenfurt Am Wörthersee, Austria.



    Sensoylar company was established under TURKOGLU brand name in 1978, one of the Turkey’s premier manufacturers of contruction materials such as water meters, valves, water and gas flexible metal hoses, installation and fittings, fire equipments products and special fabrications. It has become one of the leading companies in the industry while being a professional and reputable brand in the field by its product reliability, durability, quality and stabilty. Our products can be used in all fields of water, gas and wastewater industry. The company has been continuing to invest in technological products based on the needs of the markets by R&D activities in order to increase sales rate for both the domestic and international markets. To meet to the needs of its customers and dealers, the company has a wide network of dealers in domestic and international markets by expanding its product range, product quality, sales and after-sale services. The company has been exporting to many markets worldwide and has acheived to be followed by competitors in the industry. Most of the production and managerial process is certificated with ISO 9001, IS0 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE marked, MID, ISO-EU directive, GOST, EN and TSE norms. Increasing the number of engineers and technicians which enable to attain better quality, dynamic and profossional structure.Our company aims to be the brand that is followed in the industry by following the determined vision and missions. Sensoylar / Turkoglu



    Inci Prefabric & Container was established in 2018 as its modern and innovative face with a high knowledge to meet the market needs in the field of modular building technologies. We offer pre-engineered building solutions in many areas, from worker camps to social housing, from mass housing to social facilities, and from modular structures to commercial and specially designed buildings. We manufacture tiny houses, modular containers, solar energy systems for modular structures, prefabricated buildings, and many more to be discovered on our website! Our flat pack modular containers and prefab buildings are designed and packaged to facilitate on-site assembly and reduce transportation and logistics costs. In addition, we provide inspection and assembly services for construction site living quarters and various prefabricated modular buildings for your large construction projects. As a manufacturer of the prefabricated container and modular cabin structures in Turkey, we export to European and African countries. Our steel structures and sandwich panels are certified according to international standards. We design and manufacture specific projects to meet the architectural and quality requirements of our customers. Contact us for more information!



    In response to the need to minimize the consumption of our planet's resources, we have chosen to build ecological wooden houses for our customers, eager to leave their children a healthier planet! We want to be recognized by our customers for our commitment to the reliability, durability and quality of our homes! When we build a house, we take care of at least three of the five principles of passive house: 1. The continuous insulation in the walls, floor and roof to minimize heat loss from the house in the winter and overheating in the summer; 2. The tire building well sealed to minimize air leakage that can occur at the joints between exterior walls, at the joints between the floor of the exterior walls, roof and carpentry, as well as the perforations for installation; 3. The elimination of thermal bridges to prevent energy loss; The other two factors relates to windows and a ventilation system of the house: 4. Use of performance joinery to reduce the heat transfer; 5. Use a ventilation system with heat recovery to ensure constant fresh air in the house.For the passive house certification we take appeal to our partners, designers accredited by the "Passive House Institute" in Germany, fulfilling all the principles to the smallest details, in accordance with German standard calculation PHPP (Passive House Planning Package). The houses are designed in specialized software in order to provide durability and ensure the security and comfort of residents.



    Frame House group SIA is Latvian company engaged in manufacturing the Prefabricated Wooden Frame Houses since year 2003. The German technology and German equipment we use, allows us to provide Wooden frame constructions with industrial accuracy and of highest quality. The product we made — is an excellent basis for the low energy houses (up to passive standard), which became essential for the European building reality. The technology we use allows us to manufacture the wooden frame house construction for an individual project of our client. For the customers who don’t have their own project we offer wide range of options: project made by your local architect, projects already build by a customer from your country. Moreover, the experienced team of our high educated technicians, engineers and designers could adopt a project made for traditional building (brick, concrete, etc.) for the wooden frame technology. We make all necessary loads and stress calculations for our constructions, in strict accordance with European requirements (DIN1052.2004). We are especially focused on the pre-manufacturing process, to be able to discuss all the details, to make sure our customers would receive exactly what they want. Our mission is to assist our customer with converting the project of his dream-house into the modern, energy efficient, ecology building of highest quality, which would be a family nest for many generations.



    Our company has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of wooden construction. We have experience in sending prefabricated wooden building structures to Europe, in particular, such countries as Poland, England, Germany. In connection with the expansion of the company's capacities, we are looking for new customers, partners to implement the customer's needs and cooperation. WE OFFER: Profiled log production according to customers request and plan P rofiled log construction of: residential wooden buildings (houses, cottages, townhomes); commercial wooden buildings (restaurants, cafes, offices, hotels, shops); outbuildings (bathhouses, saunas, arbors, garden houses) W ood heat treatment of: beam, boards (front, terrace, parquet), decking, objects and details for construction and decor We are ready to cooperate and perform the best implementation of customers requests



    As Silhouette Group We are a UK based international manufacturing company that has opened a 150k sq ft factory in Turkey. We manufacture tiny houses, pods and lodges with sip panel fabrication and tailor made lite steel structure with traditional insulation methods to cater for the buyers needs, inside and out. We currently are manufacturing 12 lodges per week which adhere to international standards. I've researched property websites and as prices are increasing, tiny homes could be the answer for potential buyers that want to save money and still have a great place to live. If you ever need any information on our products, then I will be very happy to help. Attached is our brochure please look through and let me know if you're interested. Our prices are 20% cheaper than our competitors so I would love for you to take a look at our samples of our products that are attached. It also would be great if you could show potential customers our products. If you would like to arrange a call or visit by one of our directors please do not hesitate to contact me. We would also welcome you to visit our factory in Turkey. It would be great to do business with you!



    ZAZ Produkte is a company for Sports Clothing and all sort of Gloves in Germany and having partner Manufacturing company. We believe in good profits not only for us as well for our customers without compromising the Quality of our products and services. This made us possible after a vast experience of manufacturing of our product.Our focus and vision for Sports industry is not new as this is our third generation in this business, and every Generation take the Industry to a new era. We always develop latest techniques in the manufacturingto give our 100%. WHAT WE OFFER: ZAZ Produkte provides the following high levels of : - • Customer Service • Customisation of Products In-House • Clear & Concise Communication • Complete Customer Satisfaction • Competitive Prices • Confidence in Ordering • Complete Peace Of Mind This extra edge over other manufacturers is made possible due to its “CONTINUOUSLY STRIVE FOR IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION” concept which has become a daily practice in the company.We are ready to take sports to the next level, so let's shake hands to make this possible. Thanks ZAZ Team.





    Up to the present, SP has adopted "producing with high quality material" as a principle by performing works. Thus has so far gained custoer satisfaction. By providing variety of products at different levels and costs we expanded our production line from simple economic watering hoses to include ISO guranteed High Density PE pipes to be used at infrastructure level. We make sure to control the quality of our products through controlling the raw material, the production process and by conducting tests at different bars to insure secure usage and long-life of the products. Our products main catigories are: Braided Hoses LPG Gas Hoses Transparent Hoses Spiral Suction Hoses Jacuzzi and AC Hoses Thermal Hoses Pastel Hoses HDPE 100 Pipes PE 32 Pipes

  6. RIHTER D.O.O.


    Our long-standing tradition in the field of constructing prefabricated houses has made Rihter one of the leading manufacturers of low-energy, passive and zero-energy buildings. Since 1990, we have been recognised on the market as a thoroughly development-oriented company with original solutions certified by the most renowned institutions. Advanced solutions, flexible architecture, comprehensive solutions to solve the housing problem, kindness and responsibility as well as commitment to our work are the well-known advantages of the Rihter company. Our operation has long been noticed by foreign clients, with whom we have been collaborating successfully for a number of years. We constantly exchange our knowledge and experience with them and thus further improve our daily operation. Our Vision: Our desire is to be a flexible company with an adjustable vision that can respond to changes as quickly as circumstances demand. In the past, our company has faced numerous challenges, so today we can reliably say that we have acquired plenty of experience, knowledge, and expertise, which we integrate into the long-term strategy for our company’s development in the form of new ideas. Content preparation for online promotion is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Found (www.eu-skladi.si).



    “Variant” Factory is the leading manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding for monolithic building in Ukraine, operating since 1995. Variant Factory Ltd. is a part of a production corporation of five enterprises involved in metal working and in manufacturing of metal working machinery. The corporation started from a company for metal sections, stamps and molds production. And as a next step of the engineering skills of the staff of the company Variant Factory started to develop different systems of formwork and scaffolding, now dominating in the market of Ukraine. The specialists of Variant Factory permanently design new lines of products. And strong team of managers, export executives and service engineers are doing all the best to support each and every project in every phase of it. The result of our efforts is trust of hundreds of customers among which there are many well-known construction and mounting organizations, production enterprises and sales companies from Ukraine and other countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.



    Constructional Wood Manufacturer ; Wood Process Capacity ; 50000 m3 per year • ThermoWood Official Manufacturer 130.000 m2 ThermoWood production capacity per year. • Massive Panel Producer ; 300.000 m2 per year • CLT Cross Laminated Timber Producer and Wooden Wall House Production with very short assembly period . • Glulam and Glulam Beams ; 9.000 m3 per year • Mast Production 8.000 m3 per year • Window Profile 53.000 linear meter per year • Wooden House ; Carcass Wooden House , Masonry Wooden House and CLT Wooden House • CLT Houses • Wicker Roofs , Wicker Roofed Mystical Gazebos , Wicker Visors • Wooden Projects of Building , Bridges, Houses, Hotels , Roofs etc. or wooden section of the projects


    United Kingdom

    Philosophy By buying our mobile homes, customers simply want to feel warm, safe and comfortable. Our mobile homes are made using the LUXUARY CRAFT DESIGN method. In this method, luxury does not mean the material value of the thing itself. It is a celebration of time, appreciating the manufacturing process and the materials used. Time is not only hours of work, but also years of experience, which resulted in the possibility of crafted mobile homes. The LUXURY CRAFT DESIGN philosophy is also the selection of the best quality raw materials, not just the cheapest solutions. In the production process we do not use artificial panels, foamed polystyrene, putty or acrylic plasters. They are all artificial materials that lower the standard of the whole house and reduce comfort. We also know that no siding can replace the smell of wood. All-year mobile homes HYTTEE P&P Homes are the best ecological materials close to nature and design consistent with the principles of Scandinavian design. Wood Fibre Insulation - in harmony with nature The year-round mobile home is basically a flat equipped with household appliances and modern technological solutions. Thanks to this, mobile homes are fully functional throughout the year. Customers, asking us about the houses, were usually surprised that we use wood fiber insulation. In fact, many people were not aware of its existence or properties. And it is the use of wood fiber insulation that is the hallmark of the HYTTEE P&P Homes brand.



    Technium Space has taken steel-frame prefabricated homes and modular buildings to new levels of sophistication. Exclusive, made to order, energy efficient, high quality, advanced prefabrication steel-frame homes. Delivered Quickly - Efficiently - On time - On budget. To anywhere in the world. (And more economically than you probably realise! ) There are no restrictions on style, size or your concept. We use no off-the-shelf components, in any project. Every one is 100% individual and unique in every aspect and detail. Bespoke manufactured to address all global regulations and requirements. Including hurricanes and earthquakes. (In addition to all other climatic conditions of course.) Prefabricated houses (and all buildings - commercial, hotels, resorts etc) supplied and delivered to include all high-specification internal fittings, finishes and equipment. From top to bottom and all in between. In-factory techniques ensure advanced levels of prefabrication of all our steel-frame panels, (all walls, floors, ceiling, roof etc, all fully insulated) ensuring reduced construction times and improve economy. Why choose from a brochure?   -   Free your imagination! With 100% design flexibility, this is where dreams of that new living space rapidly become reality. Prefabricated / modular homes - reinvented. We look forward to hearing from you. Wherever in the world you may be. Technium Space . . . creating dream spaces.



    We are manufacturer, supplier and builder of quality timber framed pre fabricated eco houses, all of our buildings comply to local municipal regulations and codes, we offer a full design and build service , or you can choose from our extensive standard range, with sizes starting from 60 M2 -800M2 from single story to 3 storey buildings, all buildings come complete with wiring and plumbing, the level of finish is negotiable.We work with customer own architect or designer , also with building and construction companies, we supply only, or supply and fully install Our installations are Guarnteed 10 Years as standard.All materials used are of highest quality and standard and are listed as part of any contract. Or alternatively send us your own plans for us to give you a free quote for manufature and supply only. .For more information please contact us now.



    VIT BŪVE Ltd. is a building company with more than ten years of experience in manufacturing timber frame houses and providing construction services. We are defined by high quality of services and products secured by experienced staff and professional partners, as well as the efficient use of the company-owned factory advantage. The wide range of up-to-date services of „VIT BŪVE” Ltd. is highly appreciated in Latvia, Scandinavia, and other European countries – majority of the company’s production is exported, hence the assembly services are regularly performed outside Latvia. Main services: Design: Apart from an extensive range in standard project catalogue also customized design service is provided to meet the desires, resources of each particular customer. Manufacturing: The company experience accumulated over the years and the elaborate manufacturing technology allows to accomplish any panel technical solution without significant limitation. Prefabricated timber frame houses consist of wall, ceiling and roof panels that are manufactured in our factory by precisely made technical drawings. Delivery: We takes care of delivery. We bring the prefabricated element house kit directly on your construction site. Every single delivery is insured. Assembly: Assembly of our prefabricated timber frame house is carried out by employees of VIT BŪVE who are highly professional so that the house is assembled exactly according to the plan to ensure maximum quality.



    "Rytena modul" is one of the leading suppliers in Lithuania of prefabricated modular buildings with almost a decade in the industry. With headquarters located in Kaunas and with an total area of 6, 000 square meters dedicated for production, we are currently operating two production plants in Lithuania, with a full facilities of welding, painting, metal-works and assembly area. The annual output has reached 1200 modular units per year.Since 2013 company operates individually, previously it operated under Ryterna Group (one of the biggest garage doors manufacturers in Lithuania) as its branch for modular housing. Ryterna modul has developed into a strong modular building provider for foreign markets. The integration of innovative design, ability to fulfill requirements of architects, designers and advertising agencies with continuous research & development, superior production, quality control, fast delivery and modular buildings tailored for individual preferences.



    Easyhome LTD is Bulgaria based construction company specializing in prefabricated homes contruction.Our company has been on the market for over 10 years and during that time we have proven ourselves as the leading company in the prefabricated houses sector in Bulgaria.Choosing us to build your house is a wise decision as we make no compromises with quality and we only use building materials and methods that have been tested and proven as the best solutions for constructing prefabricated homes.Why Choose Us? - We construct our houses using a steel frame, making it earthquake resistant.- We use the finest insulation materials for heat, sound and hydro insulation of your new home making it extremely high energy efficiency .- Each and every house has been built in accordance to your criteria and recommendations and has its individual building project.-and much more...

  7. QHOME


    QHome Group is a Ukrainian manufacturer of modern modular houses and buildings at European standards. Thanks to many years of experience in designing, working with various structures and materials, and introducing the latest technologies, we have developed a simple, reliable and ergonomic design of a house designed for full-fledged year-round and comfortable living. Quality and reliability are confirmed by active sales of QHome houses in Western Europe. The principal position of our company is to offer the Customer a product completely ready for operation, according to the principle "Come in and live". QHome houses are assembled exclusively in the workshop, with a full fine finish, including the installation of the necessary engineering equipment, built-in furniture and plumbing. The production time of the house starts from 8 weeks. QHome has developed a line of standard projects of various sizes and configurations. We also carry out exclusive orders, commercial, retail premises, infrastructure facilities, etc.



    The CREO CUBE team consists of production employees, experienced specialists in the field of architecture and design entrepreneurs and building inspectors. Many years of experience in construction in the capital group in which Creo Cube allows us to implement not only prestigious, but also technically advanced projects. Comprehensively prepared and fully finished modules are transported to the destination and installed there in no time. The most modern materials are used to build the modules. When carrying out preparatory work on the plot, on special prepared production hall, a finished building is built according to Investor's guidelines. Our offer includes both ready-made and finished modules made to meet current market expectations, as well as created and designed according to the Investor's special guidelines. Our buildings made of ready-made parts are amazing in terms of functionality and at the same time meet safety standards, requirements fire protection and health and safety regulations. The constructions are in no way inferior to the traditional ones solutions – comfortable conditions allow for both leisure and study. Systems modular are characterized by good insulation warm and aesthetic. Each module has its own metered electrical installation, plumbing and ventilation with heat recovery. In addition, thanks to the use of ecological heat pump equipment in combination with our photovoltaic installation results in low operating costs for future building owners.



    Hello(YASSU) my friend, from YUSUFPASA- ISTANBUL-TURKEY, CYPRUS-GIRNE and PLOVDIV-BULGARIAI am a CYPRIOT (E-315321 )certified civil engineer Pr. Manager, Commercial property investors financial broker from EU markets and Notary sworn Translation and studyabroad offices in TURKEY+CYPRUS+EUROPE.We are engaged in the business of engineering construction investments, project management and project financeWorkspace investment from 30, 000 USD - 12.5% Rental Yields PA ın E-5 ın PLOVDIV*BULGARIAAccept this as a request of cooperation, upon surfing my webpage, we are also running a VILA TOUR travel & Furnished flats and NEVIZADEM HOTEL agencywww.gercektercume.netEstablishing a company in Turkey-TR North Cyprus+CYPRUS+EUROPE is an easy process as I have five citizenships to send legal invitations and all the legal procedures can be completed within a month. However, right consultation is a must at this stage not to encounter problems in the future. We are dealing with professional chartered accountants and EU citizen guides to have residence and Work permit in any of the above mentioned countries who will be at your service once you decide to start up a company and business in Turkey-Cyprus and any country of EUROPE.. In Cooperating Foodstuffs business like eg Hazelnut, Wallnut-Almond, Cashewnut, Groundnut ETC to existing products.-OK from TURKEY & BULGARIAI, -Establish a Good Relation with Suppliers around the globe that are ready to dance to the tune of, fail play, integrity, honesty, re



    What counts more than any spoken word - house construction References from VIVA massive house? Because the positive construction experience of our customers are reflected by numerous reference to a letter from the homebuilding customers again as well as by numerous recommendations from our satisfied customers. In our opinion, speaks with regard to showing nothing clearer words than past deeds quality and reliability. Not only, therefore, is important for us to satisfy our customers today, so we can still benefit from our reputation tomorrow. To also give you an insight into past projects of our company, you will find below a small selection of our references. If you are interested and they want one or the other project closer detailed information, call or simply use them the contact form at one of our staff to contact.

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