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    GERMANY- Oberhaching
    BÜRKLIN GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Bürklin Elektronik is a specialist distributor of high-quality electronic equipment, with more than 75, 000 items from over 500 manufacturers kept in stock. We currently offer more than 1, 500, 000...

    Supplier of: resistors | Electrical & Electronic Components | Condensers | Relaying | Sensors [+] Electricity - distribution | crimp contacts | display | heat dissipators | aerators | metrology | microcontroller | jack outlets | wires | d-sub

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    GERMANY- Bremen
    LILOTRONIK E.K. - Verified by Europages

    We are an independent wholesaler for electronic components (active, passive, mechanical). We have been successfully supporting our customers from industry and the research sector for more than 25...

    Supplier of: Batteries | Condensers | Elements, electric | Potentiometers | Transformers [+] Switch | Battery chargers | jack outlets | batteries | diodes | transistors | oscillators | cases | torches | cables

    • Resistors Resistors
    • Resistor Networks Resistor Networks
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  • With passion for precision and quality the German brand burster precision measurement technology develops and manufactures since 60 years as one of the most important suppliers precision instruments,...

    Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | Calibration equipment | torque sensors | metrology | pressure sensors [+] temperature mesurement and control | measurement amplifier | data loggers | position sensors | measuring equipment | process monitoring | calibration service | quality assurance | precision | pressing technology

    • Platinum resistance thermometer  - 1144-PT,1146-PT Platinum resistance thermometer - 1144-PT,1146-PT Platinum resistance thermometer simulation, DIN EN 60751, small, precision
    • High-precision resistors- 114x,  116x High-precision resistors- 114x, 116x highest standards of temperature stability, error tolerance and durability
    • Precision high capacity resistor - 1282 Precision high capacity resistor - 1282 Nominal load 20 W, ranges 1 mΩ ... 100 mΩ, accuracy 0.02 %, frequency 50 Hz
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  • MJC Elektrotechnik GmbH – your supplier for power electronics components. Power electronics has become considerably more important in the last decade. In almost all areas of business and industry,...

    Supplier of: Resistors | load resistors | power resistors | wire wound resistors, cemented | power diodes [+] power electronics | power transistors | field effect transistors (mosfet) | high voltage rectifiers | igbt modules | igbt drivers | capacitors for power electronics | plastic capacitors | power semiconductors | power semiconductor components

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    GERMANY- Neuenrade
    SCHNIEWINDT GMBH & CO.  KG - Verified by Europages

    ...1902, we have produced electrical high-voltage resistors and are thus one of the leading suppliers of electrical equipment for energy distribution. We use state-of-the-art process technology to...

    Supplier of: brake resistors | dummy load resistors | protection resistors | neutral earthing resistors | Elements, electric [+] Burners, industrial | cartridge heaters | flow heater | steam wand | electric heaters | heating rods | air heating | electric air heaters | flange heaters | space heaters

    • CSN® Brake Resistors CSN® Brake Resistors
    • CSN® Filter- And Damping Resistors CSN® Filter- And Damping Resistors
    • CSN® Testing And Load Resistors CSN® Testing And Load Resistors
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    ITALY- Milano
    INFRA RODON SRL - Verified by Europages

    Since 1947 and thanks to our collaboration with the American company Emerson Electric, Infra Rodon srl works in the field of IR electric heating applied to industrial processes. Infra Rodon provides...

    Supplier of: resistors | ultra-flat adhesive resistors | Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - temperature | electrical heating elements | electric immersion heaters [+] radiator panel | heating cables | cartridge resistance | infrared lamps | electric heating | infra-red radiators | heating through infra-red rays | barrel heating belts | armoured heating elements

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  • ...the company started with producing carbon film resistors and then produced different resistors. Our activity focuses on the production of temperature sensors, wireless devices, measuring devices...

    Supplier of: Resistors | resistors for electronics | Electronic components | electronics | industrial equipment [+] temperature sensors | gas hobs | 1-module coffeemaker | electric water heater | gas water heaters | gas cooker | precision parts | wireless devices

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    ITALY- Brescia

    CRC Progetti Srl nasce nelle vicinanze di Brescia (Italia) nel 1978 per opera di Francesco Piva ed oggi è diretta dal figlio Stefano Piva. Nella sede operativa di San Zeno (Brescia, Italia) si...

    Supplier of: manufacturing of electric resistors | Elements, electric | electric heaters | costruzione forni elettrici industriali | costruzione resistenze elettriche

    • Radiant tube Radiant tube Radiant tube
    • Exchanger Exchanger Exchanger
    • Heater with protection for aggressive solutions Heater with protection for aggressive solutions aggressive solutions
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    UNITED KINGDOM- Burgess Hill

    Electronic Component Manufacturer and Distributor of products, services and solutions to commercial and industrial users of power electronic components.

    Supplier of: Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | Semiconductors | power electronics | power electronic components | heatsinks

    • Passive Components Passive Components
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  • ...complete series of capacitor, semiconductor and resistor. Also we would like to help customers work out electronic solutions as required or needed.We aim to help everyone in machine and industry...

    Supplier of: resistor | Semiconductors | exporter | semiconductor | capacitor

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  • Take advantage of our 4 million-unit monthly capacityCE, UL and CQC marks | ISO 9001: 2008-certified | Since 2001Operating since 2001Shenzhen KHX Electronics Co. Ltd was founded in March 2001. We...

    Supplier of: Resistors | wirewound resistor | power resistor | cermaic resistor | aluminum housed resistor

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  • SHENZHEN DINGDEFENG TRADING CO LTD, aka. DDF, professional electronic distributor since 1999, specialized in trading all sorts of original electronic components & IC chips. Solid reputation in...

    Supplier of: resistor | Vehicles - electrical and electronic components and parts | transistors | intergrated circuit

    Brands : HGF

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  • Over 10 years'experience in electronic industry makes Microchip Technology Co., Ltd. become one of the oldest independent distributors.During this long period, we always strive to supplying...

    Supplier of: Resistors | Active electronic components | diodes | transistors | parts of capacitors

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    ...have made solid, steady progress as a high power resistor manufacturer. This year many of our products are UL® approved and have IP65 and/or IP54 ratings. Through our network of licensed agents,...

    Supplier of: Resistors | resistor chips | shunt resistors | precision resistors

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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- Hsin Chu County

    ...manufacturer of passive components such as resistors, inductors and capacitors in Taiwan. With strict quality controlled and short lead time (2 weeks), we have developed our business greatly....

    Supplier of: Resistors | inductors | capacitors

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  • a Taiwanese-invested enterprise which has two resistors manufacturing factories in Shenzhen, China. With 20, 000 square meters workshop area, we are engaged in the resistor designing, manufacturing and marketing. Having strong technical strength, advanced production machines, precise test...

    Supplier of: Resistors | power resistors | cement resistors

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  • ...Trimmer Potentiometers, ZINC OXIDE VARISTOR and Resistors, also deal in semiconductors. Our staff has over 10 years of experience with excellent English. All of our employees have a strong work...

    Supplier of: Resistors | potentiometers | pcbs

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  • ...supplier of electronic components such as fixed resistors, transformers, coils, and inductors to global clients. Our products apply to various kinds of electronic, digital, multimedia, and...

    Supplier of: Resistors | manufacturer of electronic components

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  • VTRONS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is professional manufacturer of Trimmer Potentiometer in development and production, based in Chengdu, China, our team are dedicated to provide the most reliable and...

    Supplier of: Resistors | chinese trimmer potentiometer manufacturer

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  • P & B Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise specializing in manufacturing all ranges of aluminum electrolytic capacitors compliant RoHS, and fingerprint locks in China. We have reached...

    Supplier of: Resistors | electrolytic aluminium capacitors

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    CHINA- Dalingshan,Dongguan

    ...The name is a portmanteau of variable resistor. Varistors are often used to protect circuits against excessive transient voltages by incorporating them into the circuit in such a way that, when...

    Supplier of: Resistors | varistor | fuse

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  • ...products, we are engage in the entire series of resistors designing, manufacturing and marketing.Having strong technical strength, advanced production machines, effective raw material management system and excellent customer services, we have won a...

    Supplier of: Resistors | shunt resistors | precision resistors

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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- Xinyi Dist., Taipei , Taiwan

    ...a company in southern Taiwan for manufacturing resistors. We then merged with another firm to produce electrolytic capacitors, which later became our main product line. Later the company further...

    Supplier of: Resistors | capacitors | varistors

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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- Kaohsiung

    Unix Tech provides key market areas of NTC /PTC Thermistor / Humidity Sensors / NTC Temperature Sensor/ RTD Sensors/ PPTC Resttable Fuse, Thermal Fuse and related components, mobile phones, HVAC and...

    Supplier of: Resistors

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    HONG KONG- Tsuen Wan

    D&K operates a distributor franchise for Mac8 Japan and we specialize in all kinds of electronic components: Capacitors, Integrated Circuits (IC), Transistors, LED and PCB Accessories.Passive: AVX,...

    Supplier of: Resistors

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    ITALY- Avigliana

    Our company has been active for many years on the market for shielded electric heaters for industrial applications, and we are known for the high reliability and high technology of our products. Our...

    Supplier of: Resistors | electric heaters | cartridge resistance

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    CZECH REP.- Horní Slavkov

    ...of technical ceramics for textile and electrical engineering industries. Products: Semi-finished products, Insulation tubing (ceramics), Resistors, Fuses, Conductors, Textile thread guides, ceramic.

    Supplier of: Resistors | Ceramics, industrial | porcelain | fuses

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  • We are specializing in kinds of capacitors and resistors. For the capacitors, there are aliminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, ceramic capacitor and film capacitor both SMD and DIP. For the resistors, there are...

    Supplier of: Resistors | smd resistors | chip capacitors

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    SPAIN- Beriáin-Navarra

    Company dedicated to meeting companies' refrigeration requirements, supplying them with both electric cables and heating cables.

    Supplier of: Resistors | Elements, electric | cabling | flanges | electrical heating elements

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  • CYG Wayon Circuit Protection Co., Ltd., is a global leading provider in manufacturing and supplying circuit protection components and modules.

    Supplier of: Resistors

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