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    Established in 1982, Asli Industry is a machinery and spare parts manufacturer from Izmit, Turkey. We aim to produce and deliver the parts we manufacture in the fastest way without sacrificing quality by successfully integrating our technology and experience. We aim to grow and develop by following the latest technological advances and continuing our investments. As Asli Industry, we conduct projects with our customers and work on project demand. We manufacture our machinery and spare parts for various industries such as the mining industry, defense industry, automotive industry, rolling mills, and energy industry. Our machine parkour consists of: •CNC Vertical Lathe, Vertical Machining Center, •Horizontal Machining Center, •Universal Freeze Machining, •Steel Construction manufacture, •Radial Drilling Machines and visit us to get more information about our production! Our mission is to increase the value continuously and significantly we add to our customers through our effectiveness, agility, and organizational efficiency. With more than 41 years of experience in the machining industry, we continue to thrive and expand our business. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!





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    Established in 2006, Nurer Makina is a leading spare parts manufacturer located in Izmir, Turkey. We are committed to delivering high-quality products to our clients worldwide. Specializing in spare parts production, we serve various industries with our advanced machinery, including CNC vertical machining, double-column CNC lathe, and CNC borverk, ensuring precision and efficiency in manufacturing. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the superior craftsmanship of our products, whether it's rolling mill equipment, mold manufacturing, welded constructions, contracting manufacturing, or press manufacturing, meeting the highest industry standards. Beyond manufacturing, we provide tailored solutions to ensure customer satisfaction, leveraging our expertise in manufacturing and engineering for seamless collaboration from concept to delivery. Driven by innovation, we cater to diverse industries such as iron & steel, defense, machinery & engineering, food, and automotive. We continuously invest in technology and talent to stay ahead in the competitive market, evolving our capabilities to meet evolving market demands. Experience the difference with Nurer Makina. Contact us today to discover how we can support your business needs.


    Czech Rep.

    VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s. is an important engineering company with own steel production that focuses especially on the supplies in the area of heavy steel castings, machined forgings, ship crankshafts and components, equipment of steel plants and rolling mills, forming equipment and rolled tyres for the railway industry.We direct our efforts to increasing of the share of production and supplies of machinery products with high added value. The main goal of the area of Engineering of special devices for heavy industry are the supplies of the main components for surface and underground mining, production coke and raw iron both for the external customers in the Czech Republic, Europe and Asia, and especially for companies of Vítkovice Machinery Group (Vítkovice Power Engineering, Vítkovice Gearworks, Vítkovice Mechanika).



    · Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster · Furnaces - Charging Cars - Melting Furnaces - Holding Furnaces - Annealing Furnaces - Launder Equipments · Rolling Mills - Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills - Aluminum Hot Rolling Mills - Aluminum Foil Rolling Mills

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    Welcome to PARSMEGA, your premier destination for cutting-edge technology solutions in major agricultural productions. Our dedicated R&D department pioneers innovation in grain silos, grain dryers, mills, mill systems, pasta production machines, and industrial cooling systems. As a vital part of the PARSMEGA family, we prioritize unrivaled customer support and the delivery of top-tier products.PARSMEGA specializes in turnkey projects, offering comprehensive solutions across various industries to meet the unique needs of our clients. Catering to a global clientele across 32 countries, particularly in Central Asia, Europe, and Africa, our commitment is to continually expand our global reach while elevating our service standards. Meet our subsidiary, SOLLS SHOES, operating under the PARSMEGA umbrella. Renowned for producing a diverse range of men's and women's footwear styles, SOLLS SHOES boasts a state-of-the-art production facility in Gaziantep, with a seasoned team ensuring the daily production of thousands of high-quality products. Our dedication to innovation and excellence solidifies our position as the preferred supplier for chain stores and a trusted exporter to numerous countries.Noteworthy is our collaboration with renowned brands such as DS Damat, Boyner, and more, a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that define SOLLS SHOES. For further information, feel free to contact us!



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    Welcome to Worldwide Machining, your premier hub for top-tier manufacturing solutions.We've committed ourselves to delivering an unmatched range of tailored production services. Situated in the heart of Ankara, Turkey, we specialize in machining and offer a dynamic suite of services designed to surpass your expectations. Our collaborative focus revolves around project-based partnerships, covering an extensive array of manufacturing processes. From casting, welded construction, forging, and gearboxes to investment casting, heat treatment, laser cutting, machining, plastic injection, and surface treatment, we've got your needs comprehensively covered. Our expertise extends across diverse materials like Aluminum, Bronze, and Stainless Steel. With an emphasis on sourcing and crafting the finest raw materials, we ensure your products uphold the highest standards. Our journey starts by sharing samples to align our offerings with your vision. This personalized approach ensures that our end products perfectly resonate with your aspirations. Our mission : By tapping into our in-house production prowess and streamlined raw material utilization, we deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices. Our services : •Casting •Welded Construction •Forging •Gearboxes •Investment Casting •Heat Treatment •Laser Cutting •Machining •Plastic Injection •Surface Treatment Your manufacturing triumph is just a conversation away. Contact us for more information !

  3. KEDY


    Standard is frequently insufficient; every day, valuable resources are squandered in businesses due to a lack of appropriate lifting solutions. Furthermore, poor lifting frequently results in costly and preventable damage. Learn how to use our consulting knowledge to make your company's procedures not only safe, but also quicker and more environmentally friendly. The end outcome of our consultation will meet your expectations in every way. For over 10 years, in the field of load & material handling equipment, KEDY® is your project partner and issue solver. The specialized lifting technology solutions from KEDY® are not only long-lasting but also kind to the material, secure for use with cargo transportation, and easy for staff to use. Whether it's a cost-effective standard solution or a unique adaption, KEDY® will discover the best answer for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    Doga Makina is an Istanbul-based company with more than 44 years (since 1978) of experience in the Manufacturing Sector. Our main activities include the production of precision parts, CNC machining, hydraulic chuck production, casting finishing, and more. Doga Makina is a well-known brand in Turkey for producing auxiliary parts, rolling pulleys, rolls, rings, etc. Because of our high manufacturing standards, since 2001, we have been certified with ISO 9001. We are a professional supplier of precision parts customization, we can provide you with: CNC machining parts, precision die casting parts, precision injection molding parts, MIM molding parts, precision stamping parts, plastic hardware molds. One-stop services such as non-standard automated design and manufacturing. Our CNC equipments are all from Germany, Japan, Korean We also produce turning and milling metal cutting work by the requested technical drawing in serial production. Thanks to our high-skilled team, we operate in Iron Steel, Construction, Energy, Automotive, Defense Industry sectors, and more – in Turkey and Worldwide! Do not hesitate to contact us! Advantages of Ordering CNC Machined Parts from Doga Makina: - Rapid Turnaround - Precision - Custom Finishes - Material Selection - Quality Control - Fast Delivery across Europe



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    Torneria Serra uses technologically pioneering equipment and machines like milling cutters, rolling machines, transfers (vertical or horizontal axis), draft control tapper drillers, and gear cutters. The company also has CNC threaders and lathes (automatic, multi-spindle, with NC, with bar or sliding head) to carry out CNC precision turning, medium- and large-scale automatic milling, the drilling of metals and mechanical precision assembly.



    SC FORJA NEPTUN S.R.L. was established in 2002 as a private company with 100% Romanian capital and is specialised in producing quality forgings. One of our priorities is to promptly meet customers’ requirements, as expected. Rapidly developing offers and delivering products on or before set deadlines are Permanent Goals for Forja Neptun. Team and resources The company has modern and advanced equipment as well as mechanical, chemical and non-destructive testing laboratories, to check and guarantee the quality of the raw materials and parts. FORJA NEPTUN has the ability to produce forged parts, made from carbon steel, alloy steel and high-alloy steel as well as from non-ferrous materials. With its various open-die, close-die or free-forging equipment, Forja Neptun can produce parts of different shapes and sizes, weighing up to 5000 kgs. Semifinished products can be delivered as forged, machined, heat treated, with all requested quality documents. In order to meet customers’ requirements and demands in the field of manufacturing of close-die forgings, we operate five modern maxi-press lines (750 ÷ 4, 000 tonsf), equipped with induction heating and automatic temperature. The free forging is provided by hydraulic presses and free forging hammers. All these are new, purchased in 2011 after the construction of a new production site and a new administrative building, having a total area of 60, 000 m². A rolling mill is also available for the production of small rolled rings.



    AIC - Automazioni Industriali Capitanio is a global system integrator providing advanced and tailored automation and robotic solutions for the steel industry, with the aim to continuously improve both efficiency, competitiveness and safety of the production processes. With more than 1000 applications worldwide and more than 40 years of history, AIC can boost an unique experience in both greenfield and revamping projects in meltshops, continuous casting machines and long products rolling mills. AIC is a reliable and technological partner for both project of new installation and revamping of existing mill. A long time experience of all main mill makers allow a deep knowledge of different mechanical equipment, combined with the benefit of independent Automation supply. Each tailored power & control solution is a guarantee of: - Lower cost for economic yield - Matching with each specific process constraint - Re-use as much as possible of existing hardware - Partner not bound to any specific platform - Low investment and fast return on step-by-step schedule. Thanks to the team of highly skilled professionals, the company designs, manufactures and commissions turn-key electrical, automation, PLC safety systems and robotic applications, ensuring long-time experience and technical know-how for engineering, AC and DC drives, PLC and SCADA for complete Levels 0, 1 and 2 automation and process control that are the critical issues of Mini Mills.



    ZUMBACH ELECTRONICS is one of the leading manufacturers of online testing, observation and control systems for the cable and wire industry (from wire drawing to fibreglass, including extraction of insulation and jacketing), for plastic extraction (single fibres, catheters, hoses, pipes and profiles) and for the metal industry (hot and cold rolling mills, continuous casting, turning, grinding, polishing and QC testing equipment).



    Since 1974 we have been operating as a designer and manufacturer of agricultural machines under the business name of Kołaszewski. The company was initiated by Lech Kołaszewski, and its registered office is located in Bytów, the Pomeranian Province. Since the beginning of our operations, we have focused on developing our own design solutions. The strong position on the market and a number of satisfied customers allowed us to expand our offer and start selling spare parts for agricultural machines and loading equipment. Currently, our range of products includes: - loading equipment (forks, shovels, grippers, snowploughs), - agricultural machines (concrete mixers, ploughs), Within the scope of additional services, we also deal with metal processing and, above all, laser cutting. Furthermore, we offer the sale of equipment necessary for pig farming. We sell feeding equipment, such as feed bucket with clasp, hydraulic milling cutter and rigid milling cutter. For telescopic and wheel loaders we manufacture various types of heavy, rolled or clamshell shovels used for loading grain or soil. We invite you to take advantage of the offer of Kołaszewski from Bytów and to visit our website.



    Founded in 1931, ELWA is a medium-sized company now in the third generation of the same family, and exhibits all the benefits of knowledge and experience being passed down the generations. Though we have long-standing traditions, we move with the times and utilise the very latest technologies to devise solutions for our customers. With our headquarters and our production facilities located just west of Munich, we truly embody our "Made in Germany" quality promise. ELWA is the market leader in developing and manufacturing industrial instantaneous water heaters and special systems for use in shipping, power plant construction, rolling mill construction and renewable energies. Inside our extensive 6400 m² production facility, our highly trained staff manufacture instantaneous water heaters alongside equipment for shipbuilding, industry, the energy sector and even motor sport. In our core business of preheating modules, we have a wide range of products that offers something for every medium.


    United Kingdom

    INOXIA LTD is an established supplier of woven wire mesh sheets, rolls and manufactured filters and mesh products. Specialising in one off prototypes and small production runs at very competitive prices. As well as stocking of a range of stainless steel woven wire mesh cloths, INOXIA holds supplies of round bar, trim, eyelets and other material for fast filter or mesh product manufacture.As well as woven wire mesh products, INOXIA also supplies fine chemicals in laboratory to small production quantities and ball milling equipment to complement our range of powder size engineering solutions. The combination of wire mesh and chemicals lends itself to a very broad range of sectors, including, construction, research, automotive, agriculture, DIY, food, retail and film.



    We represent Ukrainian Leading Manufacturer LLC “Zaporozhye Mechanical Plant” (“ZMP”) of almost 150 years history enterprise specializing in production of wide range of spare parts, tools and equipment for railway rolling stock. Also, “ZMP” has all means to carry out such manufacturing capabilities as turning, grinding, milling, boring, hobbing, galvanic coating, casting non-ferrous and black metal, processing on pneumatic hammers etc. The number of the spare parts produced exceed 400 items (liners, bushings, valves, pistons, gears, shaft worms, bolt with nut, crane indicators, reducer worms, spindles, pins, valve inlets, shafts, driving speedometers, pump primings, nozzle adapter, indicator tap adapters etc.) We are the all-cycle manufacturer interested in long-term relationships as a supplier for your company. Our qualification is proven by the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001-2015 issued by State enterprise «Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification». We are pleased to offer you cooperation in the sphere of production of spare parts for the railway rolling stock or in any related industry. We are ready to develop and produce products, especially for your needs.



    "Makster C.O.P" Ltd. provides high-quality metalworking services. We have production facilities, technological capabilities and equipment for: Cut to strips from hot dip galvanized, cold rolled and hot rolled steel coils, Cut to length of cold rolled, hot rolled and galvanized coils with thickness from 0, 20mm to 2, 3mm and with from 40 to 1000mm. Metal details production with the use of milling, grinding, boring and slotting machines. Outsourced production from Maxter catalog's list of products with client's raw material Profiles punching, Sheet bending, Sheet punching. The company serves markets that consume traditional or “custom tailored” cold formed profiles from steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Additionally, the company produces metal products upon demand and as per technical specification provided by the client. Maxter S.O.P. Produces a big variety of cold shaped profiles and accessories for dry-wall construction. WIDE RANGE OF REINFORCMENT PROFILES PRODUCED FROM GALVANIZED STEEL AND SHORT TERMS FOR ADOPTING NEW MODIFICATIONS AS PER CLIENTS REQUEST. VINEYARD STEEL POLES. Maxter S.O.P produces С, U and ∑ in several variations: profiles produced from hot rolled steel; profiles produced from hot dip galvanized steel; profiles produced from hot rolled still, drilled and subsequently hot dip galvanized. Maxter S.O.P. engineers, produces and assembles steel constructions for land and roof solar installations. The structures we offer are composed of C, U and Σ profiles.



    ADAM Fabrication offers Welded and Non-Welded Metal Fabrication & Machining services by using Steel, Stainless Steel (Inox), Aluminium and coatings like hot dip galvanization, electro plating, powder coating, wet paint, and so forth. We are offering competitive, high quality, on-time and sustainable solutions for your metal part requirements. We export to almost all countries across Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. You can visit our web-site to get more insight about our services; www.adamfab.com List of some of the items that we fabricated previously; Trailer Parts Chassis Bollards Military Targeting System Components Shafts Cladding Supports Displays Dock Levellers Electrical & Circuit Panels Fences Frames for Machinery Platforms Rail System Parts Yacht Equipment Kiosks Conveyor Parts Weight Discs Trolleys Solar Panel Components Safety Barriers Solar Panel Pallets Industrial doors Heat Exchangers Loading Dock Equipments Access Control & Anti-Terror Security System Parts Agricultural Machinery Parts Anchor Plates Battery Storage Racks & Shelfs Brackets Cooking Oil Filtration Boxes Cylinders Cylindrical Parts Decorative Accessories End Plates Façade Fitting Elements Feed Roller Mills Filters Forklift & Manlift Parts Gate System Parts Ground Support Vehicle Equipments Guards Handling Equipments Heating-Cooling Systems Load Safety Equipments Mills Packaging System Components Paper Rollers Rollers Rolls for Mills Machining Parts Spare Parts Other Custom (Bespoke) Components



    Our production is based on the development and growth of the volume of products. Freskop owns his own business - the production facilities, which enabled the introduction of new product lines and hence the adoption of new technology - organizational forms. Our production is continuously control, improve and expand our product range. Very precise machines allow quick adjustment to the demands of making both the simplest and most complex parts, assemblies, equipment, tools and machines. For all products we have certificates issued by leading institutes for quality control in Serbia. Production: Spare parts for Cavo 310, spare parts for T2GH, spare parts for mining machinery, spare parts for printing machines, spare parts for construction machinery, spare parts for the railroad, gears up to 12 modules, prockets up to 1 1/2 inch, pulleys, tools for plastiku- shafts, splined shaft, industrial doors, tools and accessories, transport rolls, parts of pneumatic motors and drilling sets, hand sowing machines for greenhouses, shaker for plums, construction cranes, cranes in the assembly process, electromotive winch special purposes, screw the edge JUS - u, DIN - in, drawing and sample, the quality steel, prohrom, brass ... Services: CNC - Milling, classical milling, chalking, gearing, welding, cutting, chemical protection, grinding, thermal treatment, locksmith services, and more...


    United Kingdom

    For over 80 years SSE have been manufacturing the highest quality cold formed butt-weld Pipefittings, Extruded Outlets, Manifolds, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Caps, Stub Ends, Flanges and Swage Nipples. SSE also offers specialised turning and machining services. Having our own large fully equipped in house machine shops, we can offer a range of subcontracting machining services. Whether it be for single items, free issue or high volume manufacturing, SSE can offer superior service and quality second to none. We can offer First Stage or Pre Machining on bar as well as on forgings to take them near their net shapes, not only reducing your finished machine costs but also allowing you to concentrate on the finished product. Typical first stage machining processes would include Trepanning, Cutting, Turning, Milling, Boring and Drilling. If you have the requirement, we are carrying good stocks of F51 & F55 Flange Blanks or could accept your free issue material to machine. Our West Midlands facility is fully equipped with Heat Treatment, CNC Lathes, Vertical Millers, Radial Arm Drills, Multi Head Bevelling Machines, Automatic/Manual Saws, and alongside some of the largest cold extrusion presses in Europe we can offer the full service from design to manufacture and in house testing and examination. SSE are a ISO9001 accredited company and hold various approvals including Norsok, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Rolls Royce and Exxon Mobil.



    Research and Production Association "Dneprofmash" is a diversified enterprise in the field of rolling production. For many years of activity, the staff of the enterprise has accumulated vast experience in the field of rolling steel profile pipes for industry purposes. The company has the necessary equipment and qualified personnel. It has production workshops, pipe mills, warehouses for billets and finished products. The total assortment of profile pipes with an annual volume of up to 25 thousand tons is more than 500 profile sizes. SPA "Dneprofmash" produces assembly and low-tonnage parties: - according to EN 10219, seamless steel square pipes with a cross section from 20x20mm to 280x280mm and rectangular pipes with a cross section from 20x40mm to 400x160mm with wall thicknesses of 2-14mm; - according to EN 10210, seamless steel square pipes with a cross section from 100x100mm to 250x250mm and rectangular pipes with a cross section from 140x60mm to 350x150mm with wall thicknesses of 6-20mm; - according to Technical conditions of Ukraine 27.3-19155426-001-2003 different shaped and thick-walled profile pipes. Consumers of metal products are shipbuilding, agricultural engineering, cargo-passenger transport, railcar and diesel locomotive building, mining and metallurgical complexes, construction and repair organizations.

  3. YENAR A.S.


    As Yenar A.S. , We are one of biggest producer of high alloyed double centrifugal casting rolls for flour mills, coffee mills, oil mills, animal feed mills, chocolate refiners and also any type of designed mills that are crusher or grinder. We have been maintaining our experience of more than 20 years in the sector in our modern production plant established on total 40.000 m2 area, of which 18.000 m2 is covered. We have been one of the important companies of Turkey and the world since 1995 with our equipment range having the highest technology manufacturing rolls which are the need of many food sectors by means of double pour centrifugal casting method. Manufacturing annually 22.000 units of rolls at various diameters and lengths as of 2014, our company has been the fastestgrowing company of Turkey in the sector by supplying to hundreds of food sector producers in domestic and foreign market by means of ourprofessional sale teams. More detail : www.yenar.com.tr



    Starting in 1960 as a research and design institute for steel flat products and metal coatings, UZINSIDER ENGINEERING is now a leading engineering company in Romania active in the field of metallurgical, heavy machinery, power industry. For over 52 years, we have been active in engineering and design of plants, equipment, and machinery pertaining to all the sectors of metallurgical industry (coking plants, sintering plants, blast furnaces, steel converters, BOF, EAF, LF plants, continuous casting machines for slabs/blooms, heavy plate rolling mills, hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, pipe mills, steel strip processing lines, lifting & handling equipments, pressure vessels, ovens for heat treatment, dedusting and environment protection plants etc.).We drawn up engineering for equipment belonging to steel converters, EAF, LF, casters, rolling mills, strip processing lines, furnaces and ovens, dedusting equipment and plants, etc.



    Dnepropress, heavy hydraulic presses plant, was established in 1955. The plant has developed and produced more that 140 models of presses with total number of 12, 000 items as well as hundreds of mud pumps and high pressure pumps that are used in a variety of sectors in industry and extraction. The plant’s technical resources enable it to conduct the full maintenance cycle from melting to mechanical processing and assembly of large-size units and machinery. We manufacture: PRESS-FORGING EQUIPMENT AND REPLACEMENT PARTS HIGH-PRESSURE PUMPS FOR PRESSES, MUD PUMPS AND REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR MINE-MILL MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT HEATING PLATES FOR WOODWORKING INDUSTRIES METAL STRUCTURES OF ANY COMPLEXITY REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR METALLURGICAL AND ROLLING EQUIPMENT FORGINGS: • ingots up to 12, 5 tones • forgings of all levels of complexity of carbon, alloyed, corrosion resistant steel grades and titanium alloys.



    We, as TOSYALI WIRE ROD AND Beam Profiles Rolling Mill Produce WRC, De-bar in coils and Merchant bars etc in Turkey. Link: https: //www.tosyaliholding.com.tr/en/our-scope-of-activity/products In our mills, we are using newest high-tech equipment, laboratories and qualified personnel, and we have our own EAF We can produce our own billet. With our high-capacity rolling mill, we are able to supply internationally well-known standards such as; wire rod SAE 1006 -SAE 1008 -SAE1010 - B500BW B500C and profiles S235JR - S355JR/J0/J0 Etc. As Tosyalı Wire Rod, we have a general range of: - 5.5 mm to 25 mm size range of wire rod, - 8 mm to 32 mm size of debar, - 8-10-12-14-16 mm size range of debar in coil, With Production Quality Standards as: • SAE1008 - 1010 for Mesh, • SAE1006 - 1008 for Galvanizable wire, • SAE1006 for Thin wire, • SAE1010 - 1018 for Nails etc. PS: Capacity: 720, 000, 000 mton/Year As Tosyalı Iron & Steel we have range of merchant bar profiles of: - Equal Angles between 30mm - 120 mm, - UPN between 50 mm - 160 mm, - IPN between 80 mm - 160 mm, - IPE between 80 mm - 160 mm. With Production Quality Standards as: • S235JR/J0/J2 • S275JR/J0/J2 • S355JR/J0/J2



    Janković d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia. Production of high quality plastic packaging for cosmetics. Production of machinery and equipment. Pad printing and hot stamping. Plastic packaging. -Hot stamping. -Pad printing. -Frosted effect. -Semi-transparent colors. -Excellent sealing. -Production of packaging or other plastic products by request. Plastic packaging catalog (ENG): http: //www.jankovicdoo.rs/PDF/JankovicPackagingCatalogue2012.pdf Machinery and equipment. -Automatic and semi-automatic volumetric filling machines for liquid and creams. -Automatic labeling machines for round, square and packaging with other shapes. -Aluminium cap closing machines. -Machines for welding precutted aluminium foil on packaging. -Machines for cuting and welding aluminium foil from roll to packaging. -Conveyor belt. -Conveyor belt with built in mechanism for labeling, printing, etc.. -Rotary tables with soft start/stop. -Mills for solid food products. -Design and fabrication of machinery on request.

  8. OROMAT D.O.O.


    Rough mechanical processing of steel, forging, and rolling products. Quality and precise production of all types of metals on 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machines. Oromat d.o.o. was established on 13.05.2015. The main activity of the company is the mechanical processing of metals on CNC milling machines and lathes. We are a production-oriented and worker-friendly company. We strive for quality and the precise processing of steel products. From the very beginning, we have intensively invested in technological equipment to maintain the highest level of quality. We also take care of customer satisfaction after performing the service for them, as we believe that only through close cooperation can we achieve the highest level of quality and satisfaction. Quality assurance and environmental protection have been an integral part of all workflows at Oromat for years. As well as the general market requirements, our management system meets the requirements for the ISO 9001 standard and other requirements in the fields of environmental protection, safety, and health at work.



    Structural Engineering Company from Romania, working internationally in countries like Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Russia.In 2011 we won Special BIM Jury Prize at International Nemetschek Contest - Germany. We do shop drawings for any kind of structure made of steel, concrete, glass or mixed. Our team can make a project starting with the concept, together with architects, until the shop drawings and all Specifications, BOQ, As build projects. We are a company specialized in computer aided design of complex structures in civil engineering and industrial field, such as: High-rise office and residential buildings, pavilions, exhibitions, auto showrooms, plane hangars, car parkings, warehouses using following materials: High resistance concrete; Concrete with rigid reinforcement; Steel, Aluminum , Timber, Glass, Masonry etc.We have experience in designing also: - foundations for equipments and machines for rolling mill stands, electric melting furnace- technological galleries - c



    HIGH QUALITY AT LOW PRICES! ! ! A modern metallurgy plant The plant has two major production shops: the Melting Shop (the EAF shop) and the Rolling Mill. According to the design, the melting shop consisted of two electric arc furnaces (the 1006 EAF) and two billet continuous casting machines (the CCM), all designed to produce about 700, 000 tonnes of steel per year. The total output in the first year of operation was as low as 206, 000 tonnes of steel billets. The installed metallurgical equipment appeared to be inoperative. Both the EAFs and the CCMs revealed certain deficiencies in the design that prevented the efficient operation of the units. IIn 1985, the EAF shop started its modernisation to redesign and up-grade its production line No. 2 (the EAF-2 and the CCM-2). The work involved many foreign engineering companies and equipment suppliers. As a result, the EAF shop shifted to the operation based on only one production line (the EAF-2, the Ladle Furnace, the CCM-2) in 1998.

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