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    DEL'LA SOFT is a leading beauty, hygiene, and cosmetics manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey. At DEL'LA SOFT, we prioritize research and development to create private-label products like wet wipes and liquids, offering innovative solutions for the cosmetic sector. Our extensive product portfolio includes personal care products, micellar water, oral care products, skin and body care products, hair and bath products, wipes, air fresheners, hotel amenities, car care products, soaps, household cleaning products, and more. Visit our website to discover all our offerings! With years of experience in production and a strong emphasis on trust and quality, we are a full-service provider dedicated to meeting our customers' needs. Our bespoke and customer-oriented solutions cover everything from raw materials procurement and packaging selection to recipe development, production, filling, packaging, and quality assurance. Our Brands and products are categorized as follows : •DEL'LA SOFT – Cosmetics •DEL' LA MAMA – Pet Products •DEL' LA BABY – Baby Products •TRUDERM – Skincare Products •WELVET – Household Products •PerAx – PERAX •CARIXE – Car Care Products DIAMOND'S - Professional Salon Products be Star - Hair treatment Our production meets international quality standards such as GMP, GHP, VEGAN, and ISO. At DEL'LA SOFT, we are committed to excellence and confidence in meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. Contact us!



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    The Dreamly brand originates from the merging of two historical companies operating in two distinct well-being businesses, with a special focus on sleeping well: Elettroidea, a leading company in the production of slatted frames, and Mef, a leading company in the production of mattresses, pillows and wool accessories. Elettroidea and Mef have been market players for over 20 years and are specialised in producing items that have been designed according to the customers' needs and are customised in every detail. Production is entirely Made in Italy and the choice of top quality raw materials yields unique products that last in time. The perfect understanding of the whole manufacturing process and a careful raw material management translates into extremely short delivery times although the product range is vast.

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  3. WIBS


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    WIBS clothing manufacturer has been on the market since 1987. It is a family company that owes its success to a great passion for designing, sewing, and all this is based on many years of experience which allows us to stand out from the competition. Our sewing room is located in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland, a small city with great opportunities. It is there that from the ground up fundamentally create our products based on global trendbooks. We work with friendly fabric suppliers, providing women the highest quality in every detail of the product. Our assortment mainly includes ladies blouses, mini dresses, midi dresses, sets, pants and tracksuit sets. Our women's clothing has gained the recognition of many EU customers, thus we export a significant part of women's clothing outside our country. The main premise of WIBS clothing manufacturer is interesting design, carefully selected top quality fabrics and accessories, perfectly tailored forms, comfort and timelessness. The high quality of the product makes them pleasant to the touch, durable and suitable for every season of the year. In our workshop, we control the creation of garments from design to sewing, thanks to that we are sure of the highest quality of which we are very proud. Our clothing is sewn only by experienced specialists who pay great attention to the precision and the quality. Each season we successfully hit the tastes of the most demanding customers regardless of age and nationality.

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    Kalem Djordjevic nursery has a long tradition and more than 70 years of experience in planting material production in Serbia. With the latest technologies and know-how implemented into planting production we are getting top quality of grafted fruit trees, grapevine and rose plants. We provide a full service of design of orchards and other fruit plantations. The production of plants is in the central of Serbia, in the valley of the river Zapadna Morava, where specific microclimatic conditions give all prerequisites for the production of the top quality plants, controlled and analyzed by the expert services of the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Serbia. Therefore, our customers receive healthy, varietal accurate and certified nursery material with all necessary certificates and documentation. According to the customer wishes, the planting material can be carved, waxed, and for retail individually packaged. We pack our plants as: bare root, root packed with wet sawdust or certified peat moss, root packed ball in a plastic bag with picture or in designed carton box. We provide the service of designing and printing for packaging of our plants according to the needs of customers. Also, we can arrange special production of plants in advance where customer can choose type of rootstock and variety of plant that will be grafted. Thousands of satisfied customers and millions of plants are behind us. Please visit us and assure of the quality of plants.



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    Since 1998, various Turkish Mediterranean bakeries were opened in the largest cities of Belgium, such as Brussels and Antwerp. Besides the traditional Belgian and French pastries such as croissants, chocolate rolls, and etc, there was also a very strong demand for the Mediterranean pastries and sandwiches, such as simit, börek, filled with delicious feta cheese, olives, spinach, etc. The sector had a clear shortage of suppliers, who were specialized in the Mediterranean products. The reasons therefore were: -Expensive employment costs -Lack of professional, well-trained stuff -Shortage of the baker's production capacity -Permanent quality and service of the suppliers. In 2002 we decided to fill up this gape in the market. Our aim was bringing the flavor of Anatolia, Balkans and the Middle East with its rich and varied pastry specialties into the European market in a professional way and according to the EU standards. After a thorough market research, we have determined our product range, surely taking into account the tastes of European customers. We have created a niche market, cooperating with various partners / wholesalers in the region. What makes us different: -Permanent quality and service -Specific products -Use of the latest technology -Determination -Use of bio-products -EU-norms of safety and hygiene -Own distribution network of local suppliers through Benelux, Germany and France -Regular research oriented to the market and our competitors. Contact us !

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    "MOUNTAIN ROSE BULGARIA" LTD is a manufacturer and wholesaler of 100% natural raw materials. Our focus is on organic and natural products, which we deliver all over the world - from Bulgaria. We are proud of extensive experience (established over many years) in the manufacture and export of dried organic and natural medicinal aromatic plants, herbal extracts (TBC, powder, chopped), seeds, essential oils, hydrolates (flower waters), cold pressed oils, absolutes, concretes, capsules. Today, the company is proud of the image of a reliable and loyal partner, one of the main Bulgarian exporters. We trade with countries all over Europe, England, Australia, USA, Japan, China, Singapore, New Zealand and more. Some of the most popular, with healing properties proven over the centuries, are: Rose Damscene, Thyme, Calendula, Mint -, Motherwort, Lavender, Sage, Chamomile Roman and German, Rosehip, Raspberry, Blackberry, Juniper, Strawberry Leaf, Milk Thistle. hawthorn, pine, thistle, mint, calendula, horse chestnut, marshmallow, mullen and many other species. Most of our products are wild-grown and this is how we distinguish ourselves from many producers around the world. Bulgarian rose oil is popular all over the world as the queen of oils. We offer the highest grade Rose Oil, free of impurities and free of pesticides. Our rose water is preservative-free, high in rose oil and pure microbiology. Our policy for all the products we offer is identical to Rose Butter & Rose Water.



    Arnas family has been growing with the crops of the soil, trees, and vineyards in the Mesopotamian and Aegean region for more than 350 years and they carry their experience today. Dealing with soil and agriculture is our biggest passion. We combine our agriculture traditions with modern production technologies to create unique 100% natural products. We produce high-quality brands of olive oil, olives, coffee, handmade soaps, coconut oil, and other beauty products. We also offer realization of the PRIVATE LABEL designs. Our brands are: *Riccolivo Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil **The Mill - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Natural fermented black table olives - High-quality green brine olives - Tahini and tahini halva - Molasses - Specialty Coffees (Classic Turkish and 5 other special coffee types) ***The Soap Factory - 100% herbal handmade soaps - 100% natural vegan bath salts - 100% pure edible coconut oil ****Rosebella beauty products - Anatolian Rose extract face cream - Anatolian Rosewater - Anatolian Rose extract cleansing milk - Hand Cream with Anatolian Rose extract

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    Since 1950, Nesrin Colognes LTD. has been serving the sector by producing cosmetics and cleaning products, especially cologne. Nesrin Colognes, which has constantly renewed itself over the past years, has continuously expanded its product range according to current innovations and needs. With years of experience in cologne production, we created a wide variety and quality product understanding. Nesrin Colognes continues its commercial activities with Nesrin and Ikbal; high-quality cologne brands offered to the rapidly developing business markets throughout the country. Cologne types : •Lemon Colognes •Olive Colognes •Tobacco Colognes •Linden Colognes •Saffron Colognes Our range of Home fragrances: •Glazed Home Fragrance •Woody Home Fragrance •Ocean Home Fragrance •Garden Home Fragrance •Blossom Home Fragrance and many more are to be discovered on our website! Nesrin Colognes has also established the highest quality policy system to improve product quality continuously. In addition, we promote wholesale and retail sales based on customer satisfaction and quality service understanding. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We believe in the quality of products made in Spain, that is why we want to share them with the rest of the world. Asturians are proud of their goat cheese, Valencians of their paella, Riojans of their wine, but all of Spain rejoices when our products and recipes go futher than our borders. As Spaniards, we are proud of our gastronomy and the variety of products made in our land. The Gourmet Corporation was built as an inciative to expand various Spanish products into international markets. This way we support our producers, and offer our clients a wide catalogue of the best of our country.



    Since its inception in 2017, Flower Nation Limited has emerged as a leading exporter of quality fresh cut flowers. We consolidate flowers from top flower farms across Kenya and ship them to various destinations in Europe, Middle East and Asia. With our good network of local farms and wide floral experience, we are able to source the top varieties for export to wholesalers, distributors and florists worldwide at very competitive prices. Our firm adheres to stringent international quality requirements and standards governing the export of horticultural produce to ensure our exported flowers meet expectations of the destination market. We are duly licensed as exporter by the relevant Kenya government body, and members of the Kenya Flower Council.



    Four Seasons Quality, also known as FSQ, is in the business of distributing high quality roses in Europe and various other international destinations. Most of these roses come from Ecuador. Since its foundation, Four Seasons Quality has become a standard in the world of roses when it comes to quality and reliability. The roses from Ecuador, which meet Four Seasons Quality’s strict quality requirements, are sent every day to the Netherlands on conditioned and direct flights. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the roses are carefully received by our agent at Schiphol Airport and transported directly to our branch in De Kwakel. Immediately after they arrive, the roses are unpacked in our processing area. They are inspected for diseases, deviations, length and ripeness and then placed in water with a pre-processing substance. A large part of the roses will be sold before they even arrive in De Kwakel. After processing, the roses are placed in the cooling room automatically. Deliveries are made the next day, so that the roses have always spent one night in water in the cooling room. To guarantee the optimal quality of the products, a quality report is drawn up for each incoming shipment. Each of these reports is discussed with the breeder. Every day, flights carrying roses for Four Seasons Quality leave Ecuador for the Netherlands. This allows us to always supply fresh roses to our clients. Four Seasons Quality is open seven days a week.



    Burmino is a Turkish cosmetic company who work with exclusive distribution brands in the Turkish market. The last 3 years we have also started to produce our own Lavender Oils. Grown in the famous Mount Uludağ Valley in Turkey, our herbs produce natural essential oils of medical grade. Burmino is a Turkish manufacturer and has its own fields, where we have full control over our harvest process and distillation. Our Lavender and Rose floral water is suitable for the aroma therapy, health and beauty industries.



    Tabib Daru Company has been founded in 2004 A.D, by Ali Reza Mazaheri. He is an expert in the production and exploitation of pharmaceutical and fragrant herbs.Tabib Daru is one of the largest Raw Material Producers for Food, Herbal Pharmaceutical, and Health and Beauty Companies all over the world.Our company has some production units and lands in Iran and Tajikistan. These units have been producing pure and natural essential oils, oils, extracts, saffron, dried plants, dried fruits, gums, rose waters, nuts like pistachio and … .It has a high variety in producing essential oils, oils, gums, extracts, dried fruits, plant waters, saffron, pistachio, honey, and other related products. Tabib Daru Company has many sections; one important section is Quality Control Unit. In Tabib Daru Company, QC-related activities are performed in different steps of the production and release process of products by some proficient experts.You can visit our site www.tabibdaru.com. It is 8 years that we have exports to Spain, China, Bulgaria, Russia……. We have kept our relations with our customers during sanction-on-Iran period, because we have farms, a company and bank accounts in Tajikistan too. We also have bank accounts and an intermediary company in Turkey and Dubai.We have an exclusive sales agency in China.



    Dear Sir/Madam This is my honor to introduce me and my related company as an exporter from middle east (Iran). Review of your website determinates your esteem company has a long time experience in field of organic and healthy food production. We can provide you high quality of any kind of herbal plants specially licorice . Please find our web site mehrgreen.com I will submit you specification , quotation , sample and analysis based on your request. Please find the company resume attached. Hope we can establish a new business relationship. Any question please don't hesitate and contact us



    Rose Nurseries ‘Avramis Roses Co’ produce high quality roses since the beginning of 50’s. Using production and delivery methods of point Avramis Roses Nurseries are considered one of the best European rose nurseries because of the quality of the produced plants and their big and complete varieties list as well. Avramis Roses cooperate with David Austin Ltd (England), W. Kordes’ Sohne Rosenschulen GmbH & Co KG (Germany), Poulsen Roser (Danemark) and Tantau Rosen (Germany) and dispose a Tissue Culture Laboratory where elite rose plants are produced since 1987. About 650.000 plants are produced and sold every year to wholesalers, nurseries, garden centers, gardeners and amateurs mainly in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey and Livanon.

  4. ROSE & ROSE

    United Kingdom

    Rose & Rose Solicitors are dedicated to providing a quality legal service in a friendly and professional atmosphere. We are based in Kingston Upon Thames and strive to resolve disputes fairly, efficiently, and economically. Our innovative approach to client service blends the best of expertise, teamwork and service. Each day is dedicated to serving our clients' legal needs promptly, efficiently, and effectively, providing the highest quality legal representation. We are large enough to meet the diverse needs of our clients, yet small enough to stay personally accessible and committed to doing whatever it takes to solve a legal problem, add perspective to a business strategy, or develop a solution to avoid litigation in the future. We are passionate about our specialised and disciplined areas. We are committed and dedicated to providing a comprehensive client service in a friendly and personal environment. We are here to help you



    Our company Grup Saygin is an international group present in three different countries through its three different production areas : one in Colombia for the roses, one in Turkey including our headoffice for carnations, gerberas and orchids, and the last one in Spain for liliums, cactus and hortensias.Our commitment to quality and price is the sign of our identity over 30 years. Indeed our Flowers are among the best quality flowers in the world, and have been satisfying all our customers for 30 years. Moreover, our high-quality politics assures you the freshness of our flowers as we cut them only after the order confirmation and transportation is provided with a special focus on the cold chain safety, once again to offer you the best quality with the best life time for each flower.You can visit our website for more information and pictures of the flowers and if you need any other information don’t make any hesitation and contact us by the way you want.



    OUR BUISNESSCI Santa Maria Flowers and Greengroceries is a Colombian company located in the savanna of Bogota, dedicated to the selection and export of fines quality fresh cut flowers and vegetables. We count with a more than 15 years staff with a high knowledge and experience in growing, selling and habling and exporting of perishables offering a warranty of our quality control process, selection, package and distribution according to the market and customer requisitionHOW WE DO ITThrough our staff, we manage to run a extensive selection process and farm postharvest, handling quality assurance procedures to comply with the safety standards for handling plant flowers and vegetables.We do our work with PASSION, dedication and discipline, three pillars of our organizational culture that are reflected in the products we deliver to our customersSANTA MARIA FLOWERS1 Single call for all your productsProduct availability all year round.Fresh cut flowers and vegetablesFrom the farm to your h



    Our company export dried red roses flowers are conductive in making various perfumes and other items for cosmetics can eassily be exportfrom here

  8. ROSE

    United Kingdom

    Cleaning Services - Commercial, Industrial cleaning



    The company DURVESH INTERNATIONAL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Herbs and plants for cooking industry. It also operates in the ephedra herb, licorice roots, rose flower, and durvesh oils industries. It is based in Karachi, Pakistan.

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    The company INTER-ARBO, is a Multi-Category, which operates in the Nurseries industry. It also operates in the roses, conifers, azalea, and chysanthemums industries. It is based in Vlezenbeek, Belgium.



    The company MADAME VEUT DES ROSES, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Flowers industry. It also operates in the home delivery, and roses industries. It is based in Ivry Sur Seine, France.



    The company CALLE STEVEN, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Nurseries industry. It also operates in the shrubbery, trees, hedge, and roses industries. It is based in Wetteren, Belgium.



    The company ROZAOPTOM, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Flowers industry. It also operates in the roses, and small roses industries. It is based in Belti, Moldova.



    The company PHILIPPO ROZEN, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Nurseries industry. It also operates in the Indoor and greenhouse plants, floristry, Indoor and greenhouse plants, floristry, flowering plants, roses, and bouquets and floral compositions industries. It is based in Kalmthout, Belgium.



    The company FLORA SINA, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Spices industry. It also operates in the roses industries. It is based in Casablanca, Morocco.



    The company ROZEN SCHEERS, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Vegetables, edible roots and tubers industry. It also operates in the cut roses, roses, and roses for sale industries. It is based in Kontich, Belgium.



    The company HERGÓN STONE, which operates in the Marble industry. It also operates in the furnishing marble, indoor furnishings, artistic marble working, and rose industries. It is based in Elda-Alicante, Spain.



    The company ROSE GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Personnel recruitment, international industry. It also operates in the Personnel screening, and Personnel screening industries. It is based in München, Germany.

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