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    Bij Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines ontwikkelen, bouwen en verkopen we oplossingen voor het ontbramen, afronden en finishen van metalen plaatdelen en het afzuigen van slijpstof. Ontstaan uit de overtuiging dat de ideale ontbraammachine nog niet bestond, vanuit daar zijn we steeds doorgegaan met innoveren. Wij doen het graag anders… omdat het volgens ons beter kan. Hollandse kennis, kunde en vakmanschap. Al onze machines worden volledig in eigen huis ontwikkeld en vervaardigd met enkel A-componenten. Kortom, een Nederlands product om trots op te zijn! Visie De machines van Q-Fin bieden productiebedrijven in de plaatverwerkende industrie de meest effectieve en kostenefficiënte oplossing aangaande het nabewerken van hun producten en zorgen er voor dat zij plaatdelen met een constante finish conform specificaties kunnen leveren. Missie Q-Fin wil in 2025 tot de top 3 van Europa behoren als het gaat om het bouwen van toonaangevende ontbraammachines. Door constante innovatie en de hoogste klanttevredenheid wil Q-Fin bekend staan als leverancier van ontbraammachines met maximale GrindingPOWER®.



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    SHANGHAI NPACK is one of the China leading manufacturers in the field of liquid bottling machineries located in Jiading district, shanghai, Expertise in Liquid bottling Equipments. The npack Brand idea since 2006 and registered on 2012, it is one of the earliest liquid servo filling machines manufacturer in China. Nowadays NPACK is proudly offering a wide range of liquid filler. Main technologies offered are as follows: •Liquid Servo Piston Filler •Liquid weighing and filling machine •Overflow liquid filling machine •Servo pump liquid filling machine •Gravity Liquid Filling Machine •Overflow filling machine. NPACK never stop working, efforts, investment R&D, improve employee benefits, customer service quality. Our goal is making the liquid filler to be efficient, precise, intelligent and reliable. We try to make our Clients more productive, competitive, reduce packaging cost and material waste.We aim to become the constant point of reference in the theory and practice of liquid filler, a new type of packing system, new type of service.NPACK is growing company that can builds customized automated liquid bottling solutions and Based on the continuous investment in R&D.npack is also the company that creates value of the success and shares the value with all our customers, empolyees. We try to built a widespread sales network all over the world, and welcome to agence our equipments, cooperation.



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    DAMS Machinery, a leading manufacturer of food processing machinery based in Turkey, specializes in delivering industrial-grade equipment that adheres to international quality standards. Since our inception in Izmir Kemalpaşa, we've committed ourselves to excellence, crafting Dough Processing Machines, Bread Slicers, Packaging Machines, Cooling Towers, Fermentation Towers, Egg-Sesame Sprayer Machines, and Product Transport Conveyors to meet the highest standards. Our product lineup includes: •Tortilla Line •Dough Processing Group •Packaging Group •Bread Slicer/Split Group •Water Sprayer and Sesame Machine •Cooling Tower •Fermentation Tower •Customizable Designs on Demand Beyond our standard offerings, we excel in tailor-made solutions, meeting specific demands with customizable machinery and supplying spare parts and consumables, backed by comprehensive service. At DAMS, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. We stand by our clients from pre-purchase consultations to post-service support, ensuring 100% fulfillment. "The perfection of the Machine" isn't just a slogan; it embodies our corporate ethos and life philosophy. DAMS Machinery: Setting global standards, delivering perfection worldwide while adhering to international quality standards. Contact us for more information !



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    The EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark manufactures drawn, sanded and polished bright steel using the cold deformation process and standard profiles and custom profiles according to customer drawings in almost all steel materials. Our high quality products usually end up being used in system and mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and in medical and energy technology. Drum dyeing machines and spring production machines from the brand Proll & Lohmann as well as heat and chemical surface treatment from the brand BAK are manufactured at EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark's Werdohl plant. Among other things, the EZM metal working and service GmbH makes spindle bearings, straightening machines for round and profile materials with powered straightening rolls as well as custom orders. The innovative combination of heat, blasting, straightening, milling and planing processes at the EZM profile machining plant in Rohr/Thüringen represent a cost-effective alternative able to compete with traditional manufacturing technologies.

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    Whether systems for cryogenic deburring and decoating, high-pressure washing, blasting media recovery & preparation or steel construction, welding technology, mechanical processing, sheet metal working and 3D printing – the owner-managed family business Berg Stahl- und Maschinenbau e.K. embodies first-class quality in development and production. With more than 40 years of experience we can fall back on a wide range of expertise: ■ machines for cryogenic deflashing and cryogenic decoating, special high pressure washing, blasting media recovery, coating, annealing furnace >elastomer and plastic industry ■ 3D-printing service silicone & plastics, microscopic analysis service ■ offshore constructions ■ steel constructions, soundproof cabins, cladding and coverings, machine frames, assemblies and much more ■ components for offshore technology ■ welding processes (MIG, MAG, TIG, resistance spot welding, stud welding, electric welding, welding robot systems), CNC milling machines 3/4/5-axis up to 7 m milling length, CNC lathes up to 3 m, CNC flame cutting machines, plasma and oxyfuel, CNC press brakes, hole punching machines, round roller and much more ■ surface finishing (painting, hot-dip galvanising, chromating, sand and glass bead blasting, pickling and burnishing) and much more Take profit from our broad business range! We supply worldwide.

  2. LBI


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    LBI (Les Bronzes d’Industrie) is a foundry that provides centrifugal (spun) casting. We have the capacity to handle a wide range of diameters, from 80 to 5000 mm and up to 20 tonnes, working with alloys created in-house. Our catalogue includes copper alloys, stainless steels, special steels and aluminiums. We manufacture and machine round items (rings, sleeves, tubes and cylinders) using centrifugal (spun) casting processes. We deliver parts as blanks or machined.



    Established in 2016, Alchemist Technologies manufactures agricultural machinery from Turkey. We mainly produce agricultural trailers with the ALCHEMIST TRAILER brand, such as bale trailers, traditional trailers, and monocoque trailers featured for the needs and comforts of farmers. On the same roof, we submit our marketing services to our business partners to serve and satisfy our customers' needs with a professional sales and technical team. We offer agricultural solutions such as : •Tillage equipment, •Planting equipment •Loader and accessories, •Haymaking equipment, •Fertilizers and manure spreaders, •Energy solutions, •Packing machines, •Sprayer equipment and animal husbandry equipment, please visit our website to discover more! Our principal partner KOMSILAJ Wrapper Round baller machines, is the true leader in Turkey and is known for its strength and most advanced features (These machines can pack tomato pulp and dry materials such as cotton). Our second leading partner is OPAL PIVOT, known for its high-performance sprinkler and gearbox-made Center, Linear, and universal pivots for agricultural irrigation needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !



    TFON Makina A.S was established in 2019 within Telefoncular Metal Ltd. Co. TFON produce two types of machines in a different sector. TFON Machine offers high standard solutions to its customers because TFON Machine is aware of the fact that one of the biggest problems encountered in the metal industry is the problem of burrs, sharp edges and flatness that occur after cutting sheet metals. For perfect solutions, TFON produce deburring and edge rounding machine. Our machine provides R2 edge rounding performance and one of the biggest specification for our customers is “custom machine”. We can provide many different deburring operations. Under the TLF Crane brand, Telefoncular started to manufacture Fully Folding Crane, Garbage Truck Crane, Mobile Crane because TFON Crane is aware of the cranes needed in the sector and providing solutions to its customers. Specializing in the processing of high strength steels, Telefoncular is the main supplier of international manufacturers of construction, fire brigade and airport vehicles, all of which are leaders in their field. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

  5. TREN D.O.O.


    With over 30 years of experience, TREN D.O.O.is a family company specialized in machine building and metal processiong based in Slovenia. We operate in the manufacture of dedicated production machines and iron and steel modular production lines industry according to our clients specifications. TREN D.O.O. is an expert in machine building, we provide automation services for production processes that enable you to monitor your machines and help you achieve better material efficiency, control devices such as fans, screwdrivers, automatic flow scales, reversing devices and cardboard sewing machines, and maintenance services on all machines by a highly qualified team that prevents, detects and eliminates all errors thanks to the latest technologies and equipment. We also provide metal processing services such as : •Milling •Turning •Cnc wire erosion machine •Round and plane grinding •Welding •Material cutting •Surface protection Our expertise enables you to increase your productivity and optimize you production processes thanks to our customised and personalized solutions which can be one of your key competitive advantages. We coordinate with our clients in every step of the project and accord great importance to our customer satisfaction. We are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 standards and Platinum Excellence 2020. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with further informations. Don’t hesitate to contact us.



    Paksan Makina is one of the most important producers of balers in Turkey and in the World, founded by Özhan Pak and his partners in 1970. Robot welding machines, CNC workbenches, laser cutting machines, SolidWorks drawing program and using the latest technology such as world-class machines are produced. Paksan, which has developed its product range every day, continues to add new products to its business. In addition to the production of Baler Machine, it has also added the production of Round Baler Machines, Horizontal and Vertical Feed Mixers, Self-Propelled and Row Independent Silage Machine, Tillage Machines, Silage Packing machine, Movers and Rakes. Paksan is exporting to 6 continents today continues to invest in Turkey and the world Without slowing down.



    MÜLLER OPLADEN is an owner-managed traditional German mechanical engineering company founded in 1919. The US specialist WATTS has belonged to the MÜLLER OPLADEN corporate group since 2016. At both their German site in Leverkusen-Opladen and their American site in Seattle, MÜLLER OPLADEN produces 3D profile flame cutting machines for round pipes, tanks, dished ends, square pipes and steel girders, as well as mechanical welding systems such as longitudinal and circumferential welding systems. Efficient, reliable and durable solutions are created from the individual machines to the automated manufacturing systems including handling. Customers in more than 70 countries are distributed across the oil and gas industry, container and power plant engineering, in the shipbuilding industry, in steel construction and in systems engineering. Service points in Germany, the USA, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and Brazil guarantee the markets are directly supported.



    We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Semi Auto Flat Screen Printing Machines, UV Coating machines, UV curing machines, Semi Auto Round screen printing machines, manual round screen printing machines, Pad printing machines, printing machines, online UV curing Systems, Fully Auto UV Coating and Curing machine, Auto UV Coating and Curing machine, Offset attachment with coater and UV Dryer, Roller Coater machine and PVC profile printing, coating and curing machines in various sizes. We are a customer-focused company, with a strong commitment for quality that has helped us to built quality products. Furthermore, we improvise the quality of the products which enables us to keep in line with the standards of the industry. We provide excellent after sales services to ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Founded in 1979 with a factory located in Taichung City, Propiston has been one of the leading manufacturers specialized in Hydraulic Component.Propiston’s full range of products include Piston Pumps, Electro-Hydraulic Controls, Pressure Control Series, Flow Control Series, Directional Valves, Modular Valves, Logic Valves, Cartridge Valves, etc.The plant of Propiston is over 2, 000 square meters. Propiston installs CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and CNC grinding machines to manufacture quality hydraulic component, and inspect them with Zeiss coordinate measurement machine, Mitutoyo true roundness machine and other high precision inspection instruments. Propiston has been always trying their best, and has passed ISO 9001: 2000 certification in 2006.With solid reliability and excellent performance, Propiston brand image has earned a high evaluation from global customers.



    Wuxi Unovo Machinery Co., LTD, China TOP Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer with Finland Machine Design Technology, Advanced driven system, forming system. Main products: Wall panel roll forming machine, Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine, Steel Step Tile Roll Forming Machine, Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Standing Seam Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine; Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine; Steel C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Metal Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, U Profile Steel Roll Forming Machine, Metal Stud Roll Forming Machine, Metal Track Roll Forming Machine, Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine; Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine, Roof Decking Roll Forming Machine; Downspout Roll Forming Machine, Round pipe roll forming machine, Smoke tube roll forming machine, Down pipe roll forming machine; PU Foam Roller Shutter Machines.



    Kromas products are successfully used in more than 10.000 companies in 81 countries in 5 continents.More than 3000 surface finishing processes developed by Kromas are being successfully implemented, without alternatives.- Round Vibratory Machines- Multichannel Continuous Finishing Systems- Trough/Tub Vibratory Machines- Linear Tub Vibratory Machines- Vibratory and Belt Drying Machines- Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines- Centrifugal Drying and Degreasing Machines- Surface Finishing Barrels- Surface Finishing Automation Systems- Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Systems


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    MAW CHAWG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. established in Taiwan. It is a manufacturer of spandex & metallic(lurex) covered yarns as well as high quality(oeko-tex) artifical yarns.The yarns we produce are widely used in many fields of the textile industry. They are used in the production of narrows, hosiery, embroidery, knitwear, knitted fabrics (flat and round knitting machines) and at weaving plants. Some of them are also used for special technical purposes such as bamboo yarn, nano silver yarn…so on. Maw Chawg' use of advanced equipment and excellent raw materials allows us to produce products that are both competitively priced and consistent with American and European standards.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    Our company has high criteria for both cutting technique and technology. We also have highly efficient R and D team innovate our current machines all year round. And we also have a wide variety of machines with any possible cutting sizes to meet customers’ needs. All the machines are the construction of high strength casting, and have guaranty of accuracy in the process of cutting, and steady movement.In order to provide the best quality machines to our customers, all of our machines are achieved Conformity European (CE).Besides, we treat our customer’s needs as the top priority. And we are the most reliable among our customers. There is no denial that all of our customers are proud of our achievements in that we always go out of our way in exhaustive efforts to satisfy our customers’ needs.



    Shanghai PeiFeng Electronics Co., Ltd was set up in 1996. It began with the R&D, production and operation of slot-in telephone. With the development of the company, its products cover the fields of electronic production, electronic mechanism, packing mechanism, food mechanism, beverage mechanism, dairy mechanism and bio-pharmaceutics mechanism, etc. At the same time, our company has also produced several kinds of single-machine. For example, vertical automatic label-casing machine, top of the bottle label-casing machine, OPP label-pasting machine for round bottle of hot sol, steam shrink stove, heat shrink stove, automatic Packing machine, etc.



    Xuzhou Jin Ming Knitting Co., Ltd. is a weaving, dyeing, garment processing in a modern enterprise. The company has highly qualified staff, professional technicians and scientific management system. Companies bringing in the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other advanced equipment, has more than 50 sets of knitting machine, 10 sets of multi-tone lines round machine, 5 sets of jacquard machines, 50 sets of dyeing machines, yarn dyeing cheese the size of cylinder 20, 10 shearing machine, two sanding machines, 80 sets of drum dryer, 2 full shaping machines and other production equipment. Company's "velvet crown" brand knitted velvet fabric, with its yield, quality, variety and sales advantages of the first four, known as "China's Velvet Crown", by domestic and foreign clients.



    Our Main Equipment: Razor Wire Machine, Gabion Mesh Machine, Nc Round Hole Mesh Machine, The Netherlands Met Machine, Template Mesh Machine, Welded Mire Mesh Machine, Large Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine, Fencing Mesh Machine, CNC Bridge Network Platoon Welding Machine, Straight-type Wire DrawingMachine, etc. Our products are exported to all over the world, mainly includingAmerican, Canadea, England, Switzerland, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Pakistan etc . Owing to the quality services, delivery just-in-time, the super quality and competitive price, our international marker share is rising, along with the wide support and a high reputation. Moreover, contacting with the manufacturers and the wholesalers in these area, there is a Long-term stable and good relationship between us.



    Hunan Sanxing LEO Machinery Co, LTD is a high-tech company specilaized in manufacturing high-quality machinery and providing excellent services for the glass industries.Our main products include glass straight line double edging machine and glass straight line round double-edging machine series with complete specifications, both of which have acquired CE certificate; electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, twisting shaft CNC bending machine and CNC hydraulic shearing machine etc. We try any effort to meet the different requirements of customers.



    Shanghai Longzhen Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise group integrating with research, development, production and sales of large and medium-size quarrying and mining equipment.With the operating histories of over 35 years, and employing in excess of 200 people, Longzhen is growing to be the leading company in this area .We are officially authorized for international trade among over 120 countries and regions in the world, including Australia, South Asia, Middle Asia, and South Asia, South America, Middle East, East Europe and most parts of Africa.The products we mainly serve include: vibrating feeders, jaw crushers, impact crushers, sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher), stone shaping machines, cone crushers, rounding vibrating screens, sand washing machines, belt conveyor and various wearable casting, etc. Thanks to our advanced technology, high-quality craftwork and perfect after-sales service, our products are well known both at home and abroad. In a



    Jinan Bestrade International Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of solar collector, spare parts for solar water heater. Meanwhile, we are also a professional supplier of production machinery for solar water heater, such as welding machines, punching machines, polyurethane machines, cutting machines, bending machines, inner tank tendon pressing machines, out tank edge pressing machines, rounding machines.For more information, please visit our website: www.bestsolargy.comOur products have been exported to more than 20 countries, If the products we offer above are what you need actually, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer the best quality and competitive price to you. Our catalogue and sample are available upon your request.



    Janković d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia. Production of high quality plastic packaging for cosmetics. Production of machinery and equipment. Pad printing and hot stamping. Plastic packaging. -Hot stamping. -Pad printing. -Frosted effect. -Semi-transparent colors. -Excellent sealing. -Production of packaging or other plastic products by request. Plastic packaging catalog (ENG): http: //www.jankovicdoo.rs/PDF/JankovicPackagingCatalogue2012.pdf Machinery and equipment. -Automatic and semi-automatic volumetric filling machines for liquid and creams. -Automatic labeling machines for round, square and packaging with other shapes. -Aluminium cap closing machines. -Machines for welding precutted aluminium foil on packaging. -Machines for cuting and welding aluminium foil from roll to packaging. -Conveyor belt. -Conveyor belt with built in mechanism for labeling, printing, etc.. -Rotary tables with soft start/stop. -Mills for solid food products. -Design and fabrication of machinery on request.


    United States

    Our products include: 1. Round/Square H.F ERW Straight Seam Welded Pipe Production Line Including : (1)ZTF-1 to ZTF-4 Round Pipe Forming Machine (2"-28"); (2) Direct Square to Square Tube Machine & It's New Generation(60*60mm-600*600mm); 2. H.F ERW Straight Seam Welded Pipe Production Line for Both Square and Round Including : (1)Round to Round Forming Machine(1/2"-8", 15*15mm-170*170mm); (2)Round to Square Forming Machine(1/2"-8", 15*15mm-170*170mm); (3)Turkshear Forming Square Tube machine, which can both produce round and square tubes(1"-8", 25*25mm-170*170mm); (4)Multi-functional Forming Machine (2"-28", 60*60mm-600*600mm) (5)XZTF Round to Square Forming Machine (2"-28", 60*60mm-600*600mm)   *The ZTF series, Direct Square to Square, and the Multi-functional machines are roller saving system, which can realize auto-control of  60% to 100% rollers. That means you don't need to change molds when you produce a new size of pipes. 3. Non-welding cold rolled section steel production line. 4. Slitting line 5. Stainless steel pipe production line 6. Other auxiliary equipment and rolls(molds) etc.



    Our company joined the bakery sector in 1986 in Turkey by resolving a major problem of our bakers in Turkey manufacturing volumetric dough dividing machine which enables production of Turkish type bread. Later, production line is extended by manufacturing dough processing machines (rounding, proofing, long moulder), convection bakery ovens, cyclothermic bakery ovens with stone base, multi-deck tube ovens with stone base, hamburger and sandwich loaf processing machines, dough machines and spiral dough kneading mixer (fixed and mobile), PLC controlled fully automated high capacity baking lines and now, product range almost includes 150 products.



    HAFOMA is state for HAndmade FOod MAchinary. We're producing small machines and lines for cookies, cake, coffee and cold press juices. In our portfolio we made small mixers for sugar, walnut, poppy tanks for cooking cream, etc. We have very interesting machine for round cookies. Also, we have special dozer for up to 10 ingredient on PLC controller for dry porridges and dry soup or all other dry or burst food. We are specialized for small coffee roster for 3kg and 5kg machine capacity. Also, we have very interesting Cold press juicer - https: //juiceoman.com/en/ All our product you can see on our YouTube channel https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UC4KyoWAjszsevOxXF4RFPjQ



    China Qingdao Kangkun Machinery Co., Ltd. is rated as Chinese experts in metal materials rust removing and proofing. The products including, ground cleaning machine,straightening, rust removing and paint brushing machine for scaffolding steel pile,screw thread round steel rust removing and proofing machine, angle steel rust removing and proofing machine,U-bar rust removing and proofing machine,square pipe rust removing and proofing machine,I-beam steel rust removing and proofing machine,round pipe rust removing and proofing machine. The company is honored with China patent "star enterprises", which has been elevated by the AAA level credit enterprise, honored as Qingdao "Enterprise with excellent credit standing". The Kangkun brand has been registered by AIC.Company purpose: Business integrity, technological innovations, quality and service expanding the market, pursuing development with all friends. Ground Cleaning Machine: With the development of economy and life, the buildings are buil



    Paperfox is a designer and manufacturer of unique print finishing devices. We develope new innovative solutions for a lot of creative people in the companies, in the offices, in the school or a little office too.. The following post-press machinery manufacture: die cutter, punching machine, euro hole punch, kiss cutting machine, creasing, perforating machine, corner rounding machine, rewinder and other machine.

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