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    Hemogum is a manufacturer/producer of technical rubber goods and offers cost-effective solutions for rubber, rubber-metal or rubber-plastic products. We achieve successful business results with constant development, stable investment policy and constant quality improvement of the existing and the introduction of new products. Hemogum disposes with CNC equipment, milling and spark erosion machines that are fully integrated in technological system. We design, manufacture and test new product from the previously determined requirements, from the design phase of virtual models using the most advanced 3D software, though examining with the end element method, up to the prototype and tools manufacture for mass production. We are able to maximally shorten the development time and expenses due to maximum usage of capabilities of modern software solutions. We are also very successful in dealing with reverse engineering according to the given sample, whether it is damaged part of an equipment or a new model. We are qualified to perform measurements, analysis and testing of highly complex parts, and then manufacture then as well, or make them as individual parts or either create a tool for their development. Hemogum produces custom products: parts for the needs of the automobile industry, freight traffic, agricultural mechanization, mining, construction, chemical industry, food industry and other products.





    We began to engage in rubber & plastic industry since 1998, factory was formally established in 2007, and changed its name to Shenzhen Anconn Rubber & Plastics Ind. Ltd. in 2015. We have 20 years of production experience in this industry. enterprise features: Products dimensions accurate to +/- 0.05mm. Main business: produce rubber parts, e.g.: rubber seals, rubber strips, silicone stoppers, rubber plugs, rubber caps, rubber O rings, rubber washers, self adhesive rubber feet, rubber pad, rubber sheets, rubber mounts, rubber grommets, rubber grips, silicone buttons, suction cups and so on, Panasonic, CAS and other big companies have cooperated with us. in the past 20 years, a large number of customers from Europe and the America have been accumulated, and the export turnover has reached 5 million euros, leading the industry product quality standards. We awared that talent is the foundation of enterprise development, we have a professional sales team, after-sales team and engineering team, as well as we have our own mold room, the quality and production time of molds have a good guarantee. Based on the increasing volume of customers, we had set up a company in Hongkong, will continue to open two branches in the future, increase our order digestion ability, so that customers are satisfied with our products and services.



    Our target is to offer perfect solutions with semi-finished products, cuttings and finished parts made of Polypropylen (PP), Polyethylen (PE) in very different variations like PE-UHMW, PE-HMW, PE-HD and special types like PE antistatic, PE conductive, PE antibacteria, PE ray protection, Polysterene (PS, SB), ABS, Polyamid (PA), POM, PVC, PMMA, Polycarbonate (PC) at best price. Furthermore, we offer new materials like liquid wood, new laminated materials like regenerated materials, new delivery forms like big boards with profiled surface, with new additives with characteristics like hardly inflammable, non-inflammable, high-temperature resistance, conductive, self-lubricated. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field of materials and can help you with our experience. Our cutting boards are best choice for cutting leather, cutting artificial leather, cutting textiles, cutting carpet, cutting paper, cutting rubber, cutting thermoplastics, cutting film material and many more. Our cutting machine are high-quality machines. We offer innovative cutting technologies based on a nearly 40 years of experience of our experts! We offer flatbed cutting machines with outstanding technical possibilities like kiss cutting over a material width of up to 1200 mm with a tool change time of less than 3 min.



    Based in Turkey, BoyutEva is a company that specializes in the creation of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) products. From raw materials to final goods, we provide a wide range of products for our esteemed customers with compatible pricing. The advantages of these items are their sanitation, their light weight in comparison to PVC and rubber as well as their resilience due to their shock-absorbing qualities. Their flexible designs allow them to serve for a variety of functions. A wide variety of medical applications, sporting goods production, the toy business, shoe manufacturing, and flooring options all make use of this versatile material. There is evidence that EVA products are effective sound, moisture, and temperature insulators as well. Top-notch environmental friendliness is guaranteed with every order. It is our intention to build a global distribution network of reliable and long-term business associates. Due to all of these factors, we were able to establish ourselves as the country's preeminent EVA product manufacturer. All of our items are produced with the highest global quality standards to provide an excellent customer experience. Moreover, our clients value our goods' durability and dependability since we strive hard we focus solely on meeting their requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us at any time for further detais and information @ info@boyuteva.com. BoyutEva is looking forward to cooperating with you for the best price and service possible.

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    Iran PVC Panels is a leading company for export of wall and ceiling PVC Panels in Iran.Offers the highest quality of PVC wall and ceiling panels dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge, and service, to designers, architects, fabricators , Building materials suppliers and discerning homeowners while using the latest technologies. Our objective is to offer quality PVC products, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist you on your interior and exterior designs.we are emphasizing on winning and retaining highest level of clients' gratification. Our experts share friendly relations with customers, which helps them in knowing their exact preferences and then providing products and solutions, accordingly. To give customers complete ease while dealing with us, we regulate some services.We believe that "Quality creates Value". We kindly wish that our PVC panels will help you out in daily life. And we are welcoming to cooperate with you all the time.IRAN PVC PANELS is your one-stop resource center offering a full range of high quality PVC PANELS for the homeowner , professional builder or building materials suppliers


    United Kingdom

    MatsDirect UK Ltd are experts in the floor matting industry and provide solutions to many flooring requirements. Manufacturers & suppliers of entrance matting systems for commercial and industrial premises in Aluminium and Rubber modular options to be placed in a matwell. Loose laid reception floor mats in both Rubber and carpet configurations along with anti-slip and anti-fatigue options to reduce the ingress of moisture and dirt from entering your building. Personal company logo floor mats, custom made with bespoke brand printed images in a range of colour options and sizes in both solid Nitrile Rubber for use at the entrance or reception area. Full colour printed carpet for brand awareness, to be used for product promotions point of sale or point of purchase to keep your branding in customers minds. Exhibition floor areas covered with our printed carpet really make your floor area stand out. Rubber electrical safety insulating matting to prevent electrical shock when working on open switchboards. All manufactured to IEC61111, ASTM D178, BS921 and VDE0303 standards and supplied with LOC and test certificates. Rubber and PVC mats and matting for walkways and temporary floor areas in roll or mat options with different finish profiles i.e. coin pattern, ribbed, pyramid, diamond, fluted ect. Interlocking and connectible Rubber and PVC floor tiles in various colour options, patterns and sizes for use in production areas wash down areas or food preparation.


    United States

    Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. is an award-winning converter, distributor, and fabricator of pressure-sensitive tapes, elastomers, coated fabrics, and plastic films. Since we set up-up in 1983, we have become an industry leader supplying mil-spec tape and mil-spec rubber products and services to the military, aerospace, electronics as well as other industries and a 3M Select Converter. ATS’s capabilities include slitting, rotary die-cutting, water jet cutting flatbed die-cutting, belt fabrication, laminating, sheeting, and more. Our precision engineering is of the highest quality, we are ICO Compliant and have mil-spec approved products. We are also Silicone Gasket Manufacturers.



    PROFIS LTD is a Greek manufacturing company having set high objectives and quality production standards, from the very beginning of its foundation since 1970. Today the company specializes in PVC profile fittings, Co-extruded plastic profiles, Rigid profiles, Water stops, Special profiles for wooden frames and doors and PVC gaskets for glazing and aluminum systems. The company provides optimum solutions even for the most demanding and difficult plastic profile application, enriching the variety of its products regarding rubbers and plastic profiles for general applications by producing soft, rigid and co-extruded pvc profiles, such as support flanges for glass panels, several rubber types for aluminum constructions and public construction works, as well as home use rubbers and hard plastic profiles for indoor applications. We have a fully equipped production unit with modern production machinery, excellent infrastructure and great production capabilities for every demand. All our products are fully recyclable and environmental friendly. We have also managed to eliminate the waste during the manufacturing process. In addition any raw material packaging or waste that may result during production is treated and packaged with care until it is sent to the waste recycling companies. We provide solutions for successful completion or upgradation of your innovations and products like Plastic profiles for the aluminum industry, solar panels, heat insulation, construction support etc.



    Dear Company Offical, the person with whom we are operating in the same sector; HDM RUBBER has been manufacturing rubber flooring and rubber flooring for sports complexes with a guarantee since 2012.  Since its establishment, the majority of our products have been used in 26 countries, especially European countries.  We are happy to announce that we will be selling our products ourselves as of January 2023, due to the positive comments we have received from our customers and that we have become the locomotive of the sector in our country/Turkey.  For these reasons, we are looking for professional people to work with abroad.  If you want to get more information about our company and our products, we would like to express that we will be happy to answer you.  To healthy days…  Best regards HDM Rubber GTIP NUMBERS: 401691 and 400821



    Société Normande d'Application du Caoutchouc (S.N.A.C.) designs and manufactures laminated elastomeric bearings (in neoprene and natural rubber) - steel reinforced pads, plain pads, sliding pads with Teflon PTFE, sliding plates, restrainted bearings, non slipping devices, bearing strips - for bridges, buildings, offshore platforms, folding lock gates... Our factory manufactures rubber bearings according to EN1337-3 with a CE certification: types A, B, C, D, E, F and their accessories. S.N.A.C. produces high quality bearings covered by a 10 year warranty (bearings with a design life of 100 years). Rubber compounds, steel treatments, bearing assembling and moulding are mastered by our technicians to propived the best reactivity and quality in accordance with EN1337 to satisfy the must exigent customers and durability of the structures. Tracability of raw materials, in-house and external controls are carried out at each stage of manufacturing process in accordance with the level 1 requirement of the CE marking. S.N.A.C. gives all its best to provide as quick as possible an high quality product to satisfy the customers.



    EKO SISTEM is a factory for the manufacture of recycled rubber products. Our manufacture facility is equipped with modern machines and technology for painting rubber granulate and production of pressed products from recycled passenger and truck tires. We manufacture resilient flooring tiles from recycled rubber as well as casters for various types of containers, also from recycled rubber. EKO SISTEM'S PRODUCTS ARE SUITABLE FOR: children's playgrounds kindergartens schoolyards sports courts sports grounds (tennis, basketball) fitness facilities areas under the tables table tennis halls parking facilities yards paths


    South Korea

    Since it was founded in 1993, Young urethane, has continuously developed technologies to meet the needs of customers and has made efforts to satisfy customers in the last 20 years as an eco-friendly company. It has been recognized for its technological power through diverse patents and certificates. In particular, the company acquired two patents for the method for recycling polyol waste and has produced related products. Young urethane has applied for a patent for foam filled fenders while it has produced foam filled fenders and supplied to client companies. Through much investment in various eco-friendly businesses, the company has put in efforts to contribute to the development and progress of products that can help improve the health of customers and the environment of the country.



    Rubber surfaces for Play, Sports and Leisure. Whether you are considering a new facility or wish to enhance an existing one then our product could provide the perfect solution. With a range of 19 different colours which can be laid as a single colour or blended to suit your requirements we can brighten up your space whilst increasing the safety of all who use it. Safe and totally non-slip, mixed on site and trowelled into place there is no cutting around odd shaped objects and no grouting required. Free draining there is less need for unsightly drains as water will disperse unseen over the surface. Very cool and comfortable underfoot even in the hottest temperatures you can walk all day on this surface barefoot. It can be laid in Changing areas, Patios, around pools, wet rooms, Hotels, golf walkways and Tee off points, Bars with children's play areas in fact anywhere a safe and nonslip surface is required. It can be laid over almost any existing surface with no need for additional building works. Help to avoid accidents and injury around the home, commercial environments, Bars, Public areas, Play grounds or anywhere a totally nonslip surface is required. We can add logos, images, numbers, patterns and borders to individual requirements. Free quotations on request with a design service available.



    Represented to you a declaration of our factory activities: Eletlal offers a high level of services to meet the expectations of the clients and is trying so hard to be a pioneer in the rubber industry and the first to provide the best service in the fields of manufacturing rubber products and the work of machining and mechanical engineering . To ensure the continuity of development, El-Etlal pursues its efforts towards development and excellence at all levels and consistently adhered to by it and adopts the latest and most accurate standards and specifications in the evaluation of efficiency and excellence in line with its policies to the highest possible quality. Hence, El-Etlal promises its clients with high quality, reasonable prices and the best possible service. El-Etlal exports its needs of raw materials from suppliers abroad (Germany - Italy - U.S.A).



    Savatech d.o.o. was formed in 2002 and continues the tradition of manufacturing industrial rubber products and tyres whose beginnings date back to remote 1920. Savatech manufactures a wide range of industrial rubber products : rubber profiles for the building industry, conveyor belts for various industrial applications and moulded products for automotive and other industries. Savatech’s programme Velo manufactures tyres for two-wheel vehicles such as scooters, moped, smaller motorcycles and go-karts, mini moto, ATV, industrial and farming vehicles as well as trailers. The Print programme manufactures offset printing blankets for the printing industry. All named products are manufactured from the in-house developed compounds that we supply to external users too. The industrial rubber products and tyres that are manufactured in the company Savatech have all been developed on the existing expertise of our employees.



    Hangzhou Green-Valley Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of rubber products including: EPDM granule, rubber tiles, rubber rolls, etc. They are widely applied to running track, children playground, sports court, kindergarten, nursery, gym, patio, walkways, equine, etc. Quality is in line with EN71, EN1177, SVHC, DIN, etc standards. Our products are hot sold both in domestic and overseas market. We accomplished many projects China, and also won trust in Japan, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, Turkey, UAE, Australia, USA, etc. "Customer Focus, Quality First" With this faith, we are keeping expanding oversea market. You are very welcome to contact us anytime.


    United Kingdom

    The Rubber Company has over 35 years of experience in meeting customers rubber moulding and extrusion needs. We manufacture , convert and distribute extrusions, gaskets, seals, mouldings, hose, matting, sponge , foam, sheeting, bellows, noise insulation, traffic management products.Materials for moulding, extruding and converting EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone, Nitrile, Viton, Butyl, Expanded Rubbers, Foam, Cork, PTFE, Paper, Non asbestos, Polyurethane, and Natural.As a company we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality products at very competitive prices. We strive to react to your needs quickly as possible and pride ourselves on meeting our worldwide customers very demanding delivery requirements.



    Our wide range consists of Roller Coverings(SR, NR, PVC, SI, SRC, FN, FELT, etc), High Performance Flat Belts and Light Duty(PHR, RT RUBBER, PVC, PU) Conveyer Belts.We also specialize in manufacturing needle-punched felt belts used in aluminum extrusion process. We provide real endless belts, pads, and rolls for run-out table and cooling line. Different combinations of fabric such as PBO, Kevlar, Nomex, and Polyester are used to accommodate various temperatures. In addition, we now have successfully developed coil wrapper and cable pulling belts. Please keep in mind that we can product special conveyor belts based on your needs and actual samples. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your questions and help with what you need.Key product: PVC/PU/Rubber conveyor belt, Roller covering, Timingbelt, Transmission belt, High speed flat belt, Teflon belt, Modular chain belt



    We can offer : double sided adhesive tape , High temperature resistant single side adhesive tape, Electrical insulating tape , Protection film tape, Marking tape, Optical tape, credit card tape, anti-static tape, copper foil tape, aluminum foil tape, absorbing materials.waterproof cloth tape, kraft paper tape, wet water kraft paper tape, easy tear tape. Outdoor advertising film sticker, floor film stickers, marking film sticker, reflective film sticker, screen printing film, decorative wall stickers, light box cloth, adhesive paper and film., printed labels stickers.Email : wym@xiangfuxing.comSkype: wuyiminhope1987Website : http: //xfx-tape.en.made-in-china.com/



    Yeedah Composite Material Corp. Ltd (was HYD) was established in 2005, in Southern China. We are engaged in manufacturing industry of HVAC. With our expertise in producing high temperature and fireproof products, our main categories are: High temperature duct / Fireproof fabrics/Flexible duct connector/Metal parts and accessoriesAbove mentioned products are widely used in machinery components, ventilation system, vehicle construction, building construction, and security facilities…etc. Our experiences of the sales team enable us to offer feedback to our customers within 4 working hours in working days. We always think from customers’ viewpoint so that we are capable to offer proper cost-saving solutions, effective and efficient communication, prompt delivery, and satisfying services.Our creative and professional team have designed most of our manufacturing equipment and developed our own production techniques.


    United Kingdom

    Established in 1973, Clifton Rubber Co. Ltd is an independent family owned business which is now one of the largest rubber manufacturer in the UK. As an independent rubber manufacturer Clifton Rubber can manufacture customer specific rubber products including: rubber mouldings, rubber rollers, polyurethane mouldings, rubber extrusions and rubber gaskets and seals. Clifton Rubber also manufacture and supply various standard rubber products to end users across a range of markets. As an experienced rubber manufacturer company we work hard towards being the best in industry by manufacturing high quality rubber products, maintaining competitive prices and providing a dependable service to our customers.



    Rino Profil ca obiect de activitate reintroducerea granulelor din anvelope uzate in produse reutilizabile moderne: terenuri de sport, sali de fitness, alei si cai de acces, locuri de joaca, izolatii fonice si acustice, placi antivibratie, domenii industriale, zootehnice, etc.Suntem o companie aflata in plina dezvoltare. Compania RINOPROFIL isi desfasoara activitatea de la sediul sau (birou + depozit, ) aflat in localitatea Marginea jud. Suceava.RINOPROFIL execută "ECO PARDOSELI ELASTICE" de cea mai bună calitate, la cele mai avantajoase preţuri, servind clienţii cu promptitudine, profesionalism şi eficienţă.Rino Profil si-a propus ca, din momentul in care o descoperiti, sa devina cel mai serios partener de afaceri pentru compania dumneavoastra.


    Taiwan R.O.C.

    The CCH Industry CO. LTD. is the professional in mold design and manufacture for rubber mold, over 30years.We have the finest graph engineer and tool maker, and I believe their work will satisfied the needs that you have requested.We have made some rubber mold such as the tooling milk liner, and many kind of engineering parts.We supply the rubber mold to many countries, for example: Malaysia, India, Indonesia, USA, China and Russia.Our company the CCH Industry CO. LTD. Would like to have a chance to support you in manufacture rubber engineering parts and cooperating with youIf you have any more questions please connect me or visit www.cchind.com



    Meetall Sports, located in the capital city of Jiangsu Province---Nanjing, with favorable geographic posistion and convenient traffic, is a professional supplier of sports products. Our products include tyre recycling machines, SBR rubber granules, EPDM rubber granles, playground rubber tiles, sport flooring, turf machines, basketball equipments, soccer equiments, etc. With the aim of putting our cusomters' need on the first place and doing business honestly and faithfully, we are devoted to providing only qualified and cost-effective products for the world market. Please go though our detailed product pages for further information. We believe that we can surely provide you an outstanding service, professional advice and very competitive prices. Looking forward to cooperate with you soon.



    FOUR FEATURES: 1.To granulate radial tires into fine rubber crumb with steel and fiber completely recycled at ambient temperature.2.The whole input tires, after the processing, steel are completely separated and fiber can be separated up to 99% or above. The finish product is high and competitive in the market3.Tight construction, small space and simple technique flow.4.Low energy-consuming, Low energy consuming and good performance-cost ratio5.Hight automatization, fewer labours requirement.6.Unique design, high output and long lifetime blade characterize secondary shredder and fine rubber shredder, which can improve the working efficiency and lower equipment maintenance cost.7.In line have dust remover , equipment running pollution-free, no fine dust, no fiber fly in the shop, meeting the environmental requirement of the government.



    Zhengyu Steam Hose Factory is a science and technology enterprise that collecting of research, development, production and sales of steam hose. The total investment is RMB 30, 000, 000 and the existing staff is 280.About UsOur factory has the first-class rubber hose manufacturing technology. The production of steam hose has a broad market and good reputation. Since established in early 2003, we introduced the foreign advanced equipment of hose manufacturing. Digested and absorbed domestic and foreign advanced technology of the same industry, we have established the strict quality assurance system, and obtained ISO9001 certification. According to customers’ feedback, all products have reached the international level of the industry.We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of rubber steam hoses. Our steam hose products are fabric reinforced steam hose, steel wire braided steam hose, PTFE steam hose, iron steam hose. These hoses are made from high quality synt



    Founded in 1987, Zhejiang Tian Tie Industrial Co., Ltd. has fixed assets worth RMB 40, 000, 000 and covers an area of 40, 000 square meters. Having approximately 600 staff, we are a key company in the domestic rubber industry, with high quality and highly prestige. Our company has been a specialized manufacture of rubber products since it was established. Due to high quality and good reputation, the outputting has already reached 185, 000, 000 meters annually. We are sure to meet all overseas customers' requirements, regardless of order size Base on the principle of "Quality first, Customers first", we focus most attention to our product quality throughout the manufacturing and packing processes. Besides, first-class testing machines are equipped to insure the products quality. Due to the effectiveness of our efforts, we have been issued ISO9002 certification for our manufacturing and sales systems.



    Conflex oil hose Co., Ltd. as a leader of China oil hose industry is getting recognized by increasing customers at home and abroad. As we all know, oil hose industry is getting increasingly intensive. A number of small companies make use of extraordinary price to attract buyers' attention. However, this action not only runs counter to the principle of fair competition, but also deceives customers' trust for their hoses are often inferior to qualified ones.Conflex oil hose Co., Ltd. is always believed that we help our customers to buy what they really need. Our company says no to inferior products and says yes to high-quality ones.Our productsConflex oil hose Co., Ltd. is committed to manufacturing, designing and dispensing oil hoses. Our fuel hoses mainly focus on petroleum, agriculture and automobile industries containing oil cooler hose, petroleum dispensing hose, fuel injection hose and so on. Premium materials are employed to give you peace of mind.



    Xiamen Neway Rubber Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in various plastic products, silicone products, rubber products, die casting products (zinc / aluminum alloy products) and mould more than 10 years, has passed ISO9001: 2008 certificate. Located in Xiamen City, the 2nd largest port of China, ONLY takes two hours from Singapore and one hour from Taiwan by plane. We are OEM factory, have our own tooling factory and production lines. Currently, our plant area is over 6000 square meters, and workforce of more than 250 experienced employees. From designing drawing, developing mould, testing sample, producing mass production, printing, packaging, to sales service integration, all processes are made by ourselves according to clients' requirements. MAIN CLIENTS NEWELL RUBBERMAID COMPANY (The World Top 500 Enterprises); CONSORIUM COMPANIES; TRD INSTRUM LTD; 4SITE ELECTRONICS; HOMEWARE PLASTICS CO., LTD, etc. Welcome to visit our factory in person, send your en

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