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  • Our Tubus honeycombs are innovative cores for extremely lightweight and highly stable lightweight products. They meet the highest precision and durability requirements. Thus, our honeycombs are the... Supplier of: semi finished products | semi-finished products made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (grp) | Plastics - construction industry | slabs for building trade | panels [+] thermoplastic materials | honeycomb slabs | sheets of honeycomb polypropylene | sandwich core material | sandwich panels | sandwich building components and lightweight building components | plastic panels | plastic moulded parts | plastic honeycomb panels | lightweight panels
    GERMANY - Königsee-Rottenbach
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  • ...base and minor metals, scrap materials and semi-finished products. Our large range includes ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rare metals and a variety of metal and intermediate chemical products. Supplier of: semi-finished products | Stainless steels | Aluminium and aluminium alloys | metal scrap | lead [+] secondary aluminium | antimony | metal trader | base metals | minor metals | zinc shg | lead bullion | ubc | lme
    SLOVENIA - Šempeter Pri Gorici
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  • (Sintering press method) A large portion of this is machined into finished parts or leaves us in the form of semi-finished products. Supplier of: Plastics - semi-finished products | semi-finished plastic products | cog wheels
    GERMANY - Ahaus
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  • company for all semi-finished metal products made from aluminium, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, industrial plastic and certain tool steels. We supply our products all across Germany and also... Supplier of: semi-finished aluminium products | semi-finished stainless steel products | semi-finished copper products | semi-finished brass products | Pipes and tubes, aluminium [+] aluminium bronze | industrial plastics | aluminium sheets | square aluminium bars | copper sheets | polyamides | polyethylene | aluminium profiles | copper/nickel alloys | red brass, bronze
    GERMANY - Dossenheim
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  • ...with a focus on non-ferrous semi-finished metals, industrial materials and special materials, and we have made it our mission to combine traditional trade and modern service provision in order to offer our customers an... Supplier of: aluminium-bronze semi-finished products | brass semi-finished products | special brass semi-finished products | teflon® semi-finished products | titanium semi-finished products [+] plastic semi-finished parts | non-ferrous semi-finished metals | Pipes and tubes, aluminium | aluminium | aluminium profiles | aluminium rods | brass turned parts | pig iron | cast spheroid graphite iron | brass
    GERMANY - Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
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  • ...structures out of thermoplastics with the necessary machines and equipment. We process premium-quality plastic semi-finished parts such as boards, profiles and pipes using machining, hot forming and welding/glueing. Supplier of: semi-finished plastic products | plastic sheeting, semi-finished products | Plastics - recovery and recycling | Prototypes, industrial | Industrial piping [+] Plastic material processing | welded structures | plant construction | plastic heat forming | cnc milling | c.n.c milling | plastics manufacturing | plastic work | pvc pipes | thermoplastic pipes
    GERMANY - Albershausen
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  • ...manufactures a vast range of semi-finished products for jewellery and silversmithing. Apart from standard machining, we also specialise in small runs of niche products by moulding, cropping,... Supplier of: semi-finished components and products for jewellery-making | production of semi-finished products for goldsmithing | production of semi-finished products for jewellery-making | goldsmithing components and semi-finished products | Watchmaker's machinery and equipment [+] Jeweller's machinery and equipment | Jeweller's, watchmaker's, gold- and silversmith's machinery and equipment | goldsmith accessories | jewellery | gold jewellery | goldsmiths | articles of gold jewelry | jewellery and silversmithing elements | earrings | welding

    Brands : 1801 AL

    ITALY - Valenza
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  • Sun, sea and taste have always been at the heart of Mediterranean cuisine, in which authenticity and tradition blend to give a harmonious combination of style and simplicity. Supplier of: semi-finished meat products | semi-finished products for bakers | semi-finished products for ice cream makers | Food flavourings | Food essences [+] Condiments, extracts and spices | Food preservatives | essence | sugar | colourants | thickeners | preservatives | vegetable proteins | freeze-dried tea | food additives
    ITALY - Nocera Inferiore
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  • HODA, UAB privately owned Lithuanian capital company, one of the biggest plastic injection moulders in Baltic states with 5400 m² area of production plant and 3500 m² of warehousing facilities. At... Supplier of: semi-finished plastic products | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Plastics - industrial products | Plastics moulding [+] plastic components | injection moulding | plastic products for the food industry | plastic | plastic parts | plastics manufacturing | production of plastics | automotive plastic | injection molding
    LITHUANIA - Verbiskes, Moletai
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  • The Otto Junker high-grade steel foundry in Lammersdorf, Simerath (20 km south of Aachen), specialises in special alloys. Our range of materials offers customers a wide selection of high-alloy iron-,... Supplier of: semi-finished products for forging | aluminium-bronze semi-finished products | bronze semi-finished products | Casting, steel | cast-steel [+] stainless steel | bronze casting | bronze chill casting | rust- and acid-resistant cast steel | quality steel | large turned parts | carousel turning | machining of large parts | nickel alloy castings | cnc milling
    GERMANY - Simmerath
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  • ...section: circle, square, rectangular, oval, semi-oval, octagonal, oval and special, according to customer requirements) with a wall thickness pipe sizes 0.6 - 2.0 mm.The standard pipe length is 6000 mm, but on the request it can be cut at... Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, steel | steel towel radiator | metal furniture | manufacture of steel tubes | welded steel pipes [+] thin-walled steel pipes | steel coil slitting | pipes and tubes for car industry
    SERBIA - Nova Pazova
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  • Supplier of: Plastics - industrial products
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • ...GNUTTI S.p.A. produced their first semi-finished product made from aluminium in 1968, taking advantage of the Gnutti family's twenty years experience working with light alloys, the third generation of which now works within the company. The... Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminium | anodised aluminium | industrial profiled parts | aluminium and alloys [+] precision slicing | hexagonal aluminium bars | round aluminium bars | cutting | flat aluminium bars | extrusion of aluminium sections | metal welding | drawn aluminium bars | slicing | extrusion
    ITALY - Rovato
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  • Based in Heilbronn, Germany, we specialise in manufacturing and selling technical plastic components and semi-finished products. Supplier of: Plastic material processing | plastic | plastic parts | transparent plastic | slide guides [+] thermosetting materials | high performance plastic material | plastic sheets | cnc plastic turning | cnc plastic milling | plastics engineering | engineering plastics | cnc high-temperature plastic machining | plastics trade | curve guides

    Brands : Tranparente Kunststoffe/PMMA, Plexiglass, PC | Kunststoff Platten, POM, PA, PE1000, PEEK | CNC Bearbeietung-CNC Fräsen-CNC Drehen

    GERMANY - Heilbronn/flein
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  • ...and processing of thermoplastic semi-finished products, we have become an important Austrian supplier of complete solutions for the entire machining industry. Our products are used in the following fields: Chemical industry, container and... Supplier of: Plastics - semi-finished products | pet semi-finished product | Sheets, plastic | extruded pipes | street chain tightener [+] plastic films | shaped pipes | plastic machining | plastics conversion centres | plastic rods | rigid pvc sheets | heating strips | structural components for the construction of machinery and equipment | plastic moulded parts | plastic hollow rods
    AUSTRIA - Pöggstall
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  • end products and in refined form as semi-finished products for the food industry. Lienig Wildfruchverarbeitung also caters to the strong trend for organic products in the non-food industry with a wide range of products. A large proportion... Supplier of: Extracts, food | Fruit juices | Cosmetics | vegetable extracts | concentrated fruit juices [+] animal feed | sea buckthorn products | sea buckthorn oil | organic products | fruit extracts | organic fruit juices | jerusalem artichoke products | aronia products
    GERMANY - Zossen
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  • a medium-sized company in the semi-finished aluminium product industry. Here, you will find specialist aluminium products. The advantage for our customers: Extruded and drawn products come from a single source. The entire value chain, from... Supplier of: Sections - non-ferrous metal | aluminium profiles | aluminium pipes | aluminium rods | pressed aluminium tubes [+] seamless aluminium tubes | aluminium billets | porthole extruded aluminium tubes | drawn aluminium tubes | aluminium tubes for aerospace applications | small profiles
    GERMANY - Unna
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  • Company making semi-finished products for craft ice cream makers, cones, and wafer cups, gastronomic confectionery specialities based on wafers and chocolate since 1952. Supplier of: semi-finished products for ice cream makers | Ice-cream makers, professional | Cocoa and chocolate | Cookies | Ice cream-making - machinery and equipment [+] wafers | chocolate cakes | ice cream bases | gift packages | cones for ice-creams | hand-made ice-cream | flavouring and colouring pastes for ice creams | ice-cream ingredients | confectioner's products | business gifts
    ITALY - Bertinoro
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  • ...that meet the highest standards of safety and durability as required within your branch. AVK Gummi (Denmark) produces rubber compounds in various types and qualities and AVK Ravenstein (The Netherlands) manufactures the semi-finished products. Supplier of: Couplings, mechanical | pipe couplings | pipe coupling | pipe repair clamps | repair clamp [+] repair couplings | repair coupling | band repair clamp | stainless steel repair clamps | grip couplings | grip pipe couplings | slip type couplings | restraint couplings | restrained couplings | non-restraint couplings
    NETHERLANDS - Vaassen
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  • ...are on our customer list. By adhering strictly to our customers' specifications, we source from our partners, who deliver a semi-finished product that will be routed and finished in our factory in France. Supplier of: Steel & Metals | Luxury leather goods | anodizing | aluminium components | transport profiled parts [+] steel | steel tubes | metal polishing | steel polish | metal chromium-plating | aluminium chrome | machining of metals | cosmetic packaging | zamak caps | metal components
    FRANCE - Bettancourt La Ferree
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  • Your fibre reinforced semi-finished product specialist. Capitalise on our many years of experience in carbon panels, carbon pipes, carbon profiles, component production and the entire mechanical processing process (turning, milling, grinding, drilling,... Supplier of: carbon-fibre reinforced plastic semi-finished products | thermosetting polymer semi-finished products | Plastic material processing | carbon fibre components | glassfibre slabs [+] carbon fibres | laminated flooring | carbon products | carbon-fibre reinforced plastics (cfrp) | rollers for industrial paper machines | lightweight carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (cfrp) rollers | carbon-fibre reinforced plastic pipes | plastic cnc milled parts | carbon-fibre reinforced plastic sheets | carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (cfrp) bars
    GERMANY - Waldstetten
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  • ensuring the quality of the semi-finished product and its manufacturing process, and finish with modern measuring equipment in order to make working with our products easier for you. It is not just... Supplier of: Steels and metals - welding and brazing | Brazing - steels and metals | Pipes and tubes, copper | Steel, chrome | machines, custom-built [+] welding flux | brazing | machine building | construction of jigs and fixtures | wire welding | hard solder | soft solder | solder rings | lead-free solder | silver solder
    GERMANY - Eisingen
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  • ...rotating parts, standard parts and semi-finished products in the area of connection, fluid, installation and production technology. Our products, processes and workflows are permanently put to the... Supplier of: Nuts and bolts | force-fitting screws | threaded inserts | stainless steel turned parts | turned small parts [+] nuts | steel washers | bar turning | cnc turned parts | cylindrical notched pins | bushings | automatic lathe parts | brass turned parts | insert nuts | special nuts
    GERMANY - Pforzheim
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  • ...has made it its mission to procure semi-finished products and prefabricated parts from stock or manufacture made of highly specialised metals, refractory materials, special alloys, stainless steel... Supplier of: tantalum semi-finished products | semi-finished niobium products | Zirconium | molybdenum | tantalum [+] tungsten | titanium wire | titanium threaded mandrels | titanium | niobium | nickel alloys | molybdenum wire | nickel strips | nickel titanium pipes | tungsten products
    GERMANY - Alzenau
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  • ...- DMH Machines - DMH Software and Tools - DMH Semi-finished Products- DMH Seals. The manufacture of semi-finished products, which produces over 50 different materials, is performed by our internal... Supplier of: Machine tools - metal shaping | Wire drawing and wire rod working machines | Seals | Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | cnc turned parts [+] c.n.c milling | moulded rubber parts | o-rings | sealing technology | cnc software | plastic cnc turned parts | plastic cnc milled parts | cnc-controlled lathes | lathes | lathes for manufacturing seals
    AUSTRIA - Timmersdorf
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  • ...carbide blanks and semi-finished products. Our products include: Ceramic for technical applications, high-performance ceramics, ceramic plain bearings, carbide wear parts for... Supplier of: Bars - ferrous metal | Ceramics, industrial | Plain bearings | Nozzles - ferrous metal | hard metals [+] technical ceramic mixtures | bushings | metal balls | high-performance ceramic | small precision parts in metal | ceramic ball | carbide blanks | carbide wear parts for machines | silicon carbide-ceramic | ceramic slide rings
    GERMANY - Laudenbach
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  • ...natural raw materials and semi-finished products from the respective countries of origin. Drawing on my specialist product and market knowledge, as well as my many years of experience, we offer a... Supplier of: Oils and resinoids | Beeswax | Liquorice | Tea | Condiments, extracts and spices [+] carnauba wax | concentrated fruit syrups | resins | vegetable extracts | lac | aromatic products | food flavourings | natural essentiel oil flavourings | dried cola nuts | repackaging service
    GERMANY - Bargteheide
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  • ...following areas of cereal production: Processing techniques (puffing, coating, cooking, drying, tempering, flaking, toasting). In-house handling of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Supplier of: Food dispensers | drying chambers | stainless steel tanks | systems and equipment for the food and canning industry | big bags for foodstuffs [+] systems for the food processing industry | extruders for the food processing industry | mixers for the food processing industry | puffing systems | rotary cookers | toasters | coating drums | single or double big-bag packing station | container tipping stations | nut roasters
    SWITZERLAND - Bleienbach
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  • ...crush, peel and produce 100% pure semi-finished products using avant-garde equipment and a specialised workforce, enabling us to guarantee maximum quality throughout all the phases of... Supplier of: semi-finished products for ice cream bars | semi-finished pistachio-based products | Fruits, dried | Dried fruits | pistachios [+] fresh pistachios | sicilian pistachios | bronte pistachio | skinned pistachios | hulled pistachios
    ITALY - Z. A. Ss Cristo-Bronte
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  • in stainless steel, producing semi-finished products from customer drawings. We operate an extremely modern production system, from cutting the sheet metal onwards, and we operate a comprehensive... Supplier of: semi-finished stainless steel frames | Extrusion - steel and metals | Steels and metals - machining | wall-mounted hoods | labyrinth filters [+] stainless steel machining | stainless steel sheet work | box extractors | stainless steel hoods | kitchen hoods for communities | metal structural work | frames for commercial kitchens | laser cutting | extraction hoods
    ITALY - Ramera-Mareno Di Piave
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    Riga Ply
    Riga Ply Birch plywood sanded on both the faces. Birch plywood has a wide range of application.... See product
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    Floor tiles Multifunctional plastic tiles with TERRASOL click-system, used in both, the exterior... See product
    FATRA A.S.
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    L-47 (150*150*70 mm)
    Basket of veneer L-47 See product
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