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  • PROGRESS SILICONES has been specialised in the manufacture of silicone parts and other elastomers for industry and the medical sector since 1985. PROGRESS SILICONES designs, manufactures and sells...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone injection and compression | manufacture of silicone joints from drawings | inflatable silicone joint | silicone parts for the nuclear industry [+] silicone parts for cosmetics | silicone parts for pharmaceuticals | silicone parts for the food industry | we manufacture silicone parts for the aeronautical industry | medical silicone tube | silicone hoses for the medical sector | silicone tube extrusion for industry | cut silicone and rubber parts | silicone and rubber moulded part | we manufacture moulded silicone parts

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    GERMANY- Weinheim
    MVQ SILICONES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    MVQ SILICONES develops technical solutions with silicone products for every industrial sector, from the automotive, astronautical and aeronautical industries through to the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our products include: Silicone sponge rubber products, silicone cord, silicone sponge...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone | silicone gaskets | silicone extruded | silicon pipe [+] silicone belts | silicone sheets | silicone foam rubber | silicone foam items | silicone glass fibre | silicon foam sheets | silicon moulded parts | silicone moulded parts | silicone o-rings | silicone rubber products

    • Perforated Silicone Sheet Perforated Silicone Sheet Perforated Silicone Sheet
    • Silicone Strip (Solid) Silicone Strip (Solid) Silicone Strip (Solid)
    • Silicone Rubber Sheet (Solid) Silicone Rubber Sheet (Solid) High Temperature Silicone Sheet
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  • Good by tradition – innovative measuring technology from Therma. Welcome to Therma Thermofühler GmbH, your innovative and experienced partner in all aspects of temperature measurement. For over 30...

    Supplier of: Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - temperature | Temperature sensing devices | Thermometers | thermocables | connecting head shape b [+] cord sets | displays and transmitters | compensating cables | straight fittings | screw-in thermocouple | screw-in thermometers | compression fittings | compression fittings for thermocouples | cable thermocouples | sheathing tube thermocouples

    • Grommet Grommet Accessories Standard
    • Plug-in thermocouple | Silicone | Type K Plug-in thermocouple | Silicone | Type K Plug-in thermocouple
    • Screw-type TC | Silicone | Type K | Screw-type TC | Silicone | Type K | Screw-in thermocouple
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    GERMANY- Hamburg
    BCD CHEMIE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For decades, BCD Chemie has concentrated on the Europe-wide marketing and distribution of industrial and specialist chemicals and is one of the leading suppliers in this sector. Our philosophy of...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone emulsions | silicone oils | silicone defoamers | Chemicals - import-export [+] binders | pigments | starches | additives | rheological additives | cellulose ether | dispergents | anti-foam agents | flame retardants | adhesion promoters

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    ITALY- Castenaso
    NEW RUBBER S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    New Rubber manufactures technical items and seals from all types from rubber, polyurethane, silicone, fluoroelastomer and all types of polymer, with metal or plastic inserts. Our experience, the...

    Supplier of: silicone | silicone moulding | silicone rubber gaskets | inflatable silicone joint | silicone gaskets [+] silicone technical items | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | rubber articles for industrial coverings | flexible rubber tubes | rubber sealing rings | technical articles in rubber | various articles in rubber | rubber bearings | rubber gaskets | working rubber

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  • Ites Gummi und Dichtungstechnik GmbH was founded in Emden (Germany) in 1999 by Gerhard Ites. Thanks to ongoing investment in the latest machine technology in the areas of stamping and cutting all...

    Supplier of: silicone | Rubber seals | slabs of rubber | polyurethane | plastic materials [+] drum linings | ptfe | rubber mats | rubber moulded parts | rubber profiles | cellular rubber | foam rubber | soft pvc | reclaimed rubber load securing | rubber elevator belts

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  • Our patented casting resin system, ALWA MOULD D, is the fastest curing casting resin system in the world. It is very easy to process and does not need to be post-tempered. Our easy to use system has...

    Supplier of: Model making | thermoformed | suction tables | vacuum pressure casting | moulds production [+] cast resins | thermoforming | deep drawing | deep-drawn parts | porous plates | sinter plates | porous aluminium | aluminium casting mould | aluminium block | aluminium casting

    • Silicone tube Silicone tube accessories
    • ALWA SIL ALWA SIL Addition-curing silicone rubbers
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  • Goebel is a family-run, internationally active group of companies for fastening and installation technology. We consider ourselves specialists for developing innovative and high-quality fastening...

    Supplier of: silicone | Protective and work clothing | Screws | self-tapping screw | stainless steel screws [+] quick closing mechanisms | toggle latches | work gloves | protective gloves | blind rivet nuts | stainless steel blind rivet nuts | blind rivets | blind rivets, air- and water-tight | studs | drill bits for machining metals

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    GERMANY- Karlsruhe
    ABCR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    abcr. Good chemistry. Our service makes all the difference. abcr is your full service provider for the production and distribution, research and development of organic, inorganic and organometallic...

    Supplier of: silicone | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | Chemical catalysts | Zirconium [+] Chemicals - import-export | Chemistry - laboratory products | inorganic chemicals | organic chemicals | fine chemistry | fine chemicals | catalysts | chemical products | amino-acids | chemical and pharmaceutical

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    ITALY- Torri Di Confine-Gambellara
    SILICONI COMMERCIALE SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...adhesives and glues, special lubricants, silicone, anti-adherent substances for welding and plastics, industrial grease; spray canister filling for third parties and customisation; silicone...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone | silicone-free defoamer | silicone spray | silicone-based softener [+] silicone-based anti-foaming agents | Anti-corrosion products, chemical | Lubricants, industrial | spray adhesive | specialist sprays | spray cleaners | waterproofing products | zinc spray coating | spray lubricants | stain remover sprays

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    GERMANY- Hofheim
    L. BÖWING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    L.Böwing GmbH is a medium-sized family business with great team spirit and fast lines of communication. This makes us highly flexible and allows us to maintain a strong focus on customer...

    Supplier of: silicone | silicone sealants and adhesives | silicone emulsions | silicone defoamers | silicone fats [+] silicone rubber | silicone oils | silicone pastes | silicone lubricants | silicone sprays | hardener for silicones | Greases, industrial | additives for plastic materials | high temperature lubricants | anti-foam agents

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    GERMANY- Bremen
    NKF DICHTSTOFFE EG - Verified by Europages

    NKF.. the good combination, is based on a moving history: In 1912, Bremen glaziers founded the Norddeutsche Kittfabrik eGmbH and thus laid the foundation for our success today - the manufacture and...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone sealants and adhesives | silicone sealants, heat-resistant | silicone sealants and adhesives for aquarium construction | permanently elastic sealants, silicone-free [+] silicone sealants and adhesives for aircraft construction | Polymers | butyl sealing strips | sealant guns | film adhesives | joint sealing tapes | sealant | glazier's putty | adhesion promoters | putty (sealant)

    • Nordsil N Nordsil N Windows– Connecting Joints
    • Nordsil H Nordsil H Silicone Sealant - High Temperatures –Heating –Furnaces
    • Nordsil P Nordsil P Silicone Sealant - Shipbuilding - Fire Protection
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    AUSTRIA- Thalheim Bei Wels

    RICO Elastomere Projecting GmbH, based in Thalheim bei Wels in Upper Austria, is your professional partner for constructing injection moulded tools, automation and producing elastomer parts....

    Supplier of: Silicones | precision moulded liquid silicone parts | silicone moulded parts | silicon/thermoplastic two-component moulded parts | injection moulds for liquid silicone [+] injection moulded silicone parts | liquid silicone rubber (lsr) | silicone o-rings | electrical silicone moulded parts | silicone moulded parts for the automotive industry | silicone moulded parts for electronic equipment | silicone moulded parts for medical technology | silicone cast parts | silicone rubber moulding | silicone rubber moulded parts

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    SILCAP SILICONE - Verified by Europages

    We are Silcap Silicone Kitchenware, a fast-growing high quality silicone rubber products manufacturer company which is located in Istanbul, Turkey since 2014. Furthermore, our company is the winner of the Innovative...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone gaskets | silicone cake tins | silicone tubes and hoses | silicone sealing gaskets [+] silicone egg brush | silicone trivet | silicone hoses | silicone spoon | silicone kitchenware manufacturer | silicone cupcake molds | silicone utensil | silicone egg holder | silicone ice mold | silicone spatula

    • storage container storage container storage container
    • silicone ice box cube silicone ice box cube silicone ice box cube
    • silicone hookah pipe silicone hookah pipe silicone hookah pipe
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    RUSSIA- Chernogorsk
    GLINODOBYCHA - Verified by Europages

    GlinoDobycha LLC is part of the BENTONITE COMPANY LTD. — is a managing company of BENTONITE Group of Companies with enterprises, operating mining and processing bentonite clay, along with sale of...

    Supplier of: Clay and kaolin | Oil - drilling and extraction | Insulation - injection materials | Water purification | Raw materials for construction and public works [+] clay | bentonite | clay-based treatment | production of wines | raw material for cosmetics | biologically active feed additives | well drilling | pets - care products | foundations, walls, roofing | raw clay

    • SiSiCat Silica Gel SiSiCat Silica Gel ABSORBING SILICA GEL CAT LITTERS
    • Kotyara Silica Gel Extra Kotyara Silica Gel Extra ABSORBING SILICA GEL CAT LITTERS
    • Kotayra Silica Gel Kotayra Silica Gel ABSORBING SILICA GEL CAT LITTERS
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    AMALFEA LIMITED - Verified by Europages

    At Hyleys UK we are devoted to craft an outstanding tea and delivering only the best blends to our customers in over 25 countries. We are committed to produce only 100% natural and organic products....

    Supplier of: Tea | Coffee and tea | herbal teas | organic tea | infusions and herbal teas [+] fruit herbal teas | hyleys tea | slim tea | uk tea | tea uk | hyleys slim tea | interesting teas | tea company | london tea | tea shop england

    • Tea Strainer – Flamingo, Pineapple, Kiwi Tea Strainer – Flamingo, Pineapple, Kiwi
    • Owl Tea Strainer Owl Tea Strainer
    • Silicone Lotus Shaped Tea Infuser Silicone Lotus Shaped Tea Infuser
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  • NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the...

    Supplier of: Cold rolled steel strips | Import-export - steels and metals | tungsten carbide | carbon steel | aluminium bronze [+] aluminum manganese | aluminum zinc | aluminum copper | brass bar tube tape | bronze bar tube tape | zinc galvanized steel | hot dipped steel | 304 stainless sheet | stainless coil plate | wolfram oxide

    • Sintered Silicone Carbide Ring Sintered Silicone Carbide Ring Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC) Mechanical Seal Rings
    • Silicon Carbide SiC Nanopowder Silicon Carbide SiC Nanopowder Silicon Carbide SiC Nanopowder
    • Single Crystal Silicon Wafer Single Crystal Silicon Wafer Single Crystal Silicon Wafer
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  • We are one of the most experienced companies in the field of magnesium, having now operated for over 25 years. As a result, light metals and the reworking scrap metal are in our DNA. That is also why...

    Supplier of: silicon | Aluminium alloys | aluminium | magnesium | magnesium alloys [+] respiratory protection clothing | respiratory masks | disposable face masks | aluminium casting alloys | protective work clothing | cast iron scrap | magnesium recycling | non-iron metal scrap | raw materials for foundries | scrap processing

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    FRANCE- Rochefort
    ALLIANCE CAOUTCHOUC - Verified by Europages

    ALLIANCE CAOUTCHOUC has a 17-year track record in the manufacture of all type of injection and compression moulded items in rubber, silicone, EPDM, nitrile, Viton, Chloroprene and other materials,...

    Supplier of: silicone | silicone rubber | rubber silicone seals | high temperature silicone rubber | silicone injection and compression [+] silicone injection and compression | Seals | Rubber - technical items for industry | chloroprene rubber | work to drawing | injection moulding | machining to drawing | precision machining | rubber | sheared gaskets

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  • SDC
    FRANCE- Pusignan
    SDC - Verified by Europages

    SDC specializes in the design and manufacture of tooling for injection moulding. We design and make metal moulds for manufacturing plastic, rubber and silicone parts as well as regulated cold runner...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone injection and compression | moulding of silicone and rubber parts | silicone injection mould | silicone parts [+] Plastics moulding | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | plastic injection mould | plastics manufacturing | injection moulds | mould design and manufacturing | injection moulding tools manufacturer | moulds for plastic parts | plastic parts moulding

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  • COM.A.V. SRL
    ITALY- Sansepolcro
    COM.A.V. SRL - Verified by Europages

    Sale and production of accessories for windows. Production of lead and brass-covered lead sections. We have implemented a sales network in Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Latium and Romagna. Our treated...

    Supplier of: Silicones | silicone insulators for glass | Glass manufacturing - machinery and equipment | Lead and lead alloys | Brass [+] paints for glass | lead profiles | brass profiles | molecular sieve | spacer struts for double glazing | profiles in brass-covered lead | polishing agents for dressed grinding wheels | glassworking machinery

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    ITALY- Fossano
    PIEFFE S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Pieffe deals with technical items in polyurethane, plastics and rubber. The professionalism applied in the formulation of composites and compounds allows Pieffe to transform high performance...

    Supplier of: silicone | Rubber - technical items for industry | Plastic material processing | polyurethane | polyrethene wheels [+] wheels for industrial trolleys | rubber items for industry | roller coverings | technical articles for industry | rubber rollers | rubber bellows | polyurethane foam | slabs of rubber | rollers

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  • Supplier of: Silicones

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  • Supplier of: Silicones

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    TAIWAN R.O.C.- New Taipei City

    DSQ was founded by Mr. Johnny Tseng (CEO) in 1988. Concerning the high market demand for stamping parts, plastic parts, assemblies, terminal and connector, Mr. Tseng made use of his own knowledge in...

    Supplier of: Custom design springs | cables and connectors | stamping metal parts | drawing dies | wire harness

    • Silicone Rubber Parts (8) Silicone Rubber Parts (8)
    • Silicone Rubber Parts (7) Silicone Rubber Parts (7)
    • Silicone Rubber Parts (6) Silicone Rubber Parts (6)
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  • Our company Casaline is one of the leading manufacturer in Turkey for the production of Household goods.our products are Laundry Drying Frames , Ironing Boards, Aluminum and Profile Ladders, Aluminum...

    Supplier of: Scaffolding and ladders | Wheelbarrows | ironing board | household clothes dryers | aluminium ladders

    • Casaline Plastic Silicone Guns Casaline Plastic Silicone Guns Caulk Gun
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    AUSTRIA- Marchtrenk

    Development and contract manufacturing of silicone and multi-component parts using the injection moulding process. Everything from a single source – from the idea to the finished product. starlim//sterner's three fundamental values – growth,...

    Supplier of: Silicones | Rubber seals | Sealing rings | moulded rubber parts | rubber-metal connections

    • Types of silicone used by starlim//sterner Types of silicone used by starlim//sterner on-silicone
    • Properties of liquid silicone (LSR) Properties of liquid silicone (LSR) on-silicone
    • Properties of solid silicone (HCR) Properties of solid silicone (HCR) on-silicone
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    ITALY- Seregno

    VIOR is an Italian manufacturing company operating in the upholstery market with a worldwide sales experience of more than 30 years. Our top notch articles include sofa and armchair paddings along...

    Supplier of: Decorative fabrics | furnishing upholstery | upholstery fabric | hook and loop fasteners | upholstery goods for armchairs builders

    • Silicon added Dacron and thermo-bonded textile spool Silicon added Dacron and thermo-bonded textile spool
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    ITALY- Orio Litta

    RiverPharma is an Italian Pharmaceutical Company, founded in 2005 by Researchers in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Clinical field, specialized in the Research study of Delivery Systems and...

    Supplier of: Medicines | erectile dysfunctions | osteoarthritis knee joint pain | neuropathy liver disfunction fatty liver | hyaluronic acid pre-filled syringes

    • Levicika - Intensive anti scars cream Levicika - Intensive anti scars cream WIDE SPECTRUM ACTION
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  • Siba Chemical Company was founded in 2005 to serve to the construction and insulation chemicals sector along with its sophisticated technological power and solution-oriented and environment-friendly...

    Supplier of: silicone sealants | Building materials | polyurethane foam | adhesives for wood | fast adhesive

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