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    FRANCE- Geispolsheim-Gare
    LE RESSORT INDUSTRIEL - Verified by Europages

    Our specialists design and manufacture springs from single units to mass production (several million units). For vehicle suspension, garage doors, load compensation, and even fastening, we can...

    Supplier of: Leaf springs | Spiral springs | Springs | compression springs | extension springs [+] torsion springs | helical springs | s/steel springs | flat springs | leaf springs for motor vehicles | springs for agricultural applications | industrial springs | spring manufacturer | 2d / 3d shaped springs | garage door springs

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  • a specialist in highly stressed technical springs since 1919. The product range contains springs of every type and form. Its manufacturing program includes, in particular, compression springs made of round and flat wire, disc springs, helical disc springs, multi-wire...

    Supplier of: Spiral springs | Custom design springs | Springs | springs | die springs [+] carriage springs | flat springs | volute springs | special springs | belleville spring washers | springs for technical purposes | wire springs | helical springs | industrial springs | spring clips

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    GERMANY- Bocholt
    PIERON GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Since 1925, PIERON – a family-owned company now in the hands of its fourth generation – has manufactured technical springs for almost all industry sectors. We focus on the automotive as well as on...

    Supplier of: Coil Springs | Helical springs | Springs | carriage springs | flat springs [+] compression springs | helical springs | formed springs | double torsion springs | torsion springs | draw springs | manufacture of wire items, chains and springs | dynamometric springs | ring contact springs | annular springs

    • Rings and Lamellar Rings Rings and Lamellar Rings
    • Coil-Contact Springs Coil-Contact Springs
    • Wave Springs Wave Springs
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  • ZIMMERMANN Technische Federn is an expert development and series supplier of springs and assemblies for complex applications. ZIMMERMANN Technische Federn GmbH has its registered office in...

    Supplier of: Draw springs | Spiral springs | Leaf springs | Custom design springs | Springs [+] double torsion springs | special springs | flat springs | compression springs | belleville spring washers | wire rods for springs | electronic springs | springs for technical purposes | formed springs | form springs

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  • We have many years of experience and guarantee that our products will provide secure support for all your applications. We operate as a global system supplier for industrial companies from our sites...

    Supplier of: springs | Nuts and bolts | Fastening devices | Nuts | Studs and bolts, fastening [+] fastening parts | special screws to spec | nuts | screws | special screw | logistics services | washers | clamping systems | stainless steel screws and nuts | bolts

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  • ...the Subtil Group manufactures technical springs of all kinds, such as compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, locking/spring sleeves as well as wire parts and stampings/bending parts of the...

    Supplier of: Helical springs | Spiral springs | Leaf springs | die springs | compression springs [+] flat springs | torsion springs | volute springs | springs for technical purposes | double torsion springs | special springs | compression springs with sleeve | form springs | dynamometric springs | draw springs

    Brands : Subtil Connect

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    GERMANY- Sindelfingen
    SCHNORR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We manufacture disc springs, safety washers and load washers, wave springs and stamped parts made of spring steel. SCHNORR® products are the top choice for any application whereby metal – thanks to its strength and shape – can fulfil...

    Supplier of: Leaf springs | Springs | Helical springs | die springs | belleville spring washers [+] springs for technical purposes | special springs | spring steel | springs to design | spring washers | ball bearing disc spring | wave springs | stainless steel disc springs | spring lock washers, corrugated | special springs

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    GERMANY- Werdohl
    GRAF GMBH - Verified by Europages

    GRAF GmbH is a manufacturer founded in 1992 that is active in the sector of steels and metals – forming and stamping. It is also involved in the sectors of belt buckles, springs, wire springs,...

    Supplier of: Wire springs | Springs | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Buckles | Fasteners and buckles [+] bent wire parts | buckles | small stamped parts | deep-drawn stainless steel parts | buckles for footwear | bent wire parts, welded | buckles for leather goods | lashing strap buckles | metal buckle components | d-rings

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    GERMANY- Pfungstadt
    IVG SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We utilise our specialist knowledge and many years of experience to find tailored solutions for our customers. We take the time to thoroughly advise and regularly exchange information with our...

    Supplier of: Springs | Hinges | Cold rooms | gas-pressure shock absorber | threaded inserts [+] toggle latches | support feet | quick closing mechanisms | handles | computer bay | threaded inserts for machine and jig devices | stainless steel manhole covers | industrial cooling | spare parts for cookers | twist locks

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    GERMANY- Arnsberg
    P.J. PRAUSE DUROTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    In 1974, Paul Joachim Prause founded the company Schichtstofftechnik Prause, which was renamed the P. J. Prause Durotec GmbH in 1998. P. J. Prause had previously, as part of 3M Germany, significantly...

    Supplier of: Leaf springs | springs | flat springs | carbon springs | leaf springs made from glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (grp) [+] s-ply leaf springs | high-performance leaf springs | spring technology | fibre composite materials | reinforced fibreglass | carbon fibre components | glass-fibre filled | carbon fibres | working of compounds | fibre optics

    Brands : S-Ply®

    • S-Ply® leaf springs S-Ply® leaf springs
    • Fatigue strength of S-Ply® leaf springs Fatigue strength of S-Ply® leaf springs
    • Spring shapes Spring shapes
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    GERMANY- Neustadt
    FEDERNFABRIK DIETZ GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Spring manufacture requires a very high degree of precision in order to meet all the requirements of complex structures while remaining functional. Due to rising demands on quality, we are...

    Supplier of: Wire springs | Helical springs | Springs | compression springs | springs for technical purposes [+] volute springs | tapered compression springs | double torsion springs | helical springs | special springs | medical springs | draw springs | dynamometric springs | compression springs for writing utensils | customised wave springs

    • Wave springs Wave springs
    • Bent wire parts Bent wire parts
    • Torsion springs Torsion springs
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  • HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik can trace its success back to 1929. The company focusses on vehicle construction. Now, HEMSCHEIDT specialises in systems for the commercial vehicle industry and...

    Supplier of: springs | air springs | damping springs | pneumatic spring systems for multi-wheel drive lorries | standard springs [+] Axles, vehicle | Tramways - equipment and rolling stock | chain strainers | pneumatic suspension | nuts | air conditioning vibration dampers | motor vehicles | pneumatic shock absorbers for vehicles | hydraulic shock absorbers | vibration dampers

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    GERMANY- Lauterstein
    MONNINGER FEDERN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Monninger has been the expert company for stainless steel and steel springs for more than 75 years. Experience, customer relations and quality awareness have always formed the basis for our success....

    Supplier of: Springs | compression springs | springs for technical purposes | dynamometric springs | wire springs [+] coil springs | spiral springs | coil springs | draw springs | torsion springs | flat springs | cnc bent parts | bent wire parts

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  • one of the largest manufacturers of technical springs in the world. Our range of products in spring technology includes wire and leaf springs, punched and bent parts, and gas springs. Our experience in spring...

    Supplier of: Springs | Disc springs | springs | torsion bar springs | push springs [+] suspension springs | springs from stock | spring lock washer | flat springs | compression gas spring | spring tines | roller springs | garter springs | spiral springs | technical springs

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    TURKEY- Kayseri
    BERFA GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Berfa Group is a one of the leading Turkish Manufacturer and Exporter. Berfa Group is specialized in the Manufacturing and Supplying of Home Furnitures, Sofas, Hotel Furnitures, Led Lighting,...

    Supplier of: Wire springs | latex and spring mattresses | mattress springs | Mattresses, inflatable | Mattresses [+] Sofa beds | Hotel furniture | furniture | accessories for mattresses | foam mattress | office furniture | furniture manufacture | european carpets | turkish carpets | carpet

    • High-Count-Pocket-Spring High-Count-Pocket-Spring Steel Wire & Springs
    • Round-Rectangular-Special-Products Round-Rectangular-Special-Products Steel Wire & Springs
    • Round-Rectangular-Towel-Warmer-Tubes Round-Rectangular-Towel-Warmer-Tubes Steel Wire & Springs
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  • Since 2011, Kreitzberg Normalien is your reliable, worldwide partner for standard parts in the field of stamping and forming technology. We have more than 25, 000 standard parts available for you...

    Supplier of: Springs | metrol gas springs | compression coil springs | gas springs, lockable | polyurethane spring [+] gas-pressure shock absorber | slide plates | newstark | standard parts for mould production | standard parts for mechanical engineering and apparatus construction | standard parts for fixture construction | standard parts for tool manufacturing | standards for the automotive industry | standard parts for injection, pressing and die casting moulds | ejector pins for casting tools

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    ITALY- Desio
    ICAM SRL - Verified by Europages

    We manufacture and sell springs and spring systems for mattresses, living rooms and padded items. The company, founded in 1932, is always at the forefront thanks to research and the development of innovative products....

    Supplier of: Springs | springs | springs | mattress springs | mattress springs [+] belleville spring washers | sprung mattress | micropocket | pocket

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    TEVEMA - Verified by Europages

    TEVEMA is the supplier in all technical springs since 1936. With TEVEMA’s wide range in all springs, you can order all of your springs at one partner instead of constantly contacting multiple organisations. TEVEMA delivers all around the world to all kinds of industries. Even when your springs isn’t in everyone’s standard catalogue, TEVEMA easily...

    Supplier of: Helical springs | Spiral springs | Disc springs | Custom design springs | die springs [+] compression springs | extension springs | torsion springs | gas springs | spring manufacturer | industrial springs | special springs | springs for technical purposes | technical springs | spring distributor

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    GERMANY- Langenfeld (rheinland)
    ACE STOSSDÄMPFER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We damp everything except for your expectations. ACE is a globally recognised specialist in the area of industrial damping technology – represented in 45 countries on all continents. ACE has been a...

    Supplier of: Springs | air springs | Rubber products | Sound insulation materials | Anti-vibration supports [+] Vibrators, industrial - installations | Hydraulic brakes | gas-pressure shock absorber | pulling struts | vibration dampers | nuts | elastic bushings | vibration prevention and control consultants | anti-vibration devices | clamping elements for machine tools

    • Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type GZ-15-20-V4A Very low progression rate with FDA approval
    • Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type GZ-19-30-V4A Very low progression rate with FDA approval
    • Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type Industrial Gas Springs – Pull Type GZ-28-50-V4A Very low progression rate with FDA approval
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    AUSTRIA- Ötztal Bahnhof, Haiming
    POHL METALL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Manufacture of stamped parts, bent wire parts, springs, tube parts as well as surface and heat treatment, engineering consultancy for mechanical engineering – material analysis – with X-ray...

    Supplier of: Springs | springs for technical purposes | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Cutting - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining [+] Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Industrial building construction | Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools | Fastening devices | Nuts and bolts | Testing of products and materials | stamping parts | painting (service) | bent parts

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    ITALY- San Giovanni In Persiceto
    MOLLIFICIO G.R. SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...manufacturing and marketing different types of springs: compression springs, tension springs, tension springs with swivel rings, torsion springs, double torsion springs, winding springs, multi-fold springs, special springs, square wire...

    Supplier of: Springs | springs | springs in strips | extension springs | compression springs [+] torsion springs | formed springs | antenna springs | multispire springs | laser marking for springs | setting lever jumper springs | double torsion springs | swivel eyelet draw springs | metal products and small parts

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    FRANCE- Reichstett
    ETS BERTHOLD MARX & CIE - Verified by Europages

    ETS BERTHOLD MARX & CIE. Gas springs manufacturer. We have built a solid reputation through our extensive know-how in the field of gas springs. Whether you are looking for standard, stainless steel,...

    Supplier of: Springs | gas springs | Rubber seals | automotive struts | tailgate struts [+] pulling struts | actuator supports | manufacturer of actuators | clamping actuators | stainless steel actuator | silicone profiles | metal reinforced seals | spherical joint housing | profiles in automobile-grade rubber

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  • Nuovo Mollificio Campano srl designs and manufactures springs and sprung parts in steel and special alloys for uses across all industries. We work particularly closely with the electro-mechanical,...

    Supplier of: Springs | springs | spring manufacturer | formed springs | compression springs [+] extension springs | torsion springs | piston ring springs | band springs | oil wiper springs | shaped rings | automotive | custom-made wires | enamelled copper wiindings

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    ITALY- Castelfidardo
    ADRIATICA MOLLE SRL - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1977 as a family-run business, in little over a decade the expansion of Adriatica Molle brought it to a significant position in the Italian spring manufacturing and metal wire machining...

    Supplier of: Spiral springs | Springs | springs | micro-springs | plate springs [+] wire springs | belleville spring washers | torsion springs | s/steel springs | compression springs | precision springs | industrial springs | spring manufacturer | computer cables

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    BELGIUM- Liège
    KESSEN RESSORTS - Verified by Europages the design and manufacture of industrial springs, the assembly of parts and assembled wires. Compression springs, draw springs, torsion springs, leaf and spiral springs, all parts without...

    Supplier of: Wire springs | Spiral springs | Coil Springs | Leaf springs | Springs [+] industrial springs | hot-rolled springs | cold-rolled springs | spiral springs | parts, outside of strips

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    ITALY- Montecarotto
    MOLLIFICIO SO.MI - Verified by Europages

    ...manufacture of compression, traction and torsion springs for agricultural and industrial machines, torsion springs, compression springs, springs from drawings, micro-springs, special springs, leaf springs, springs for tractors,...

    Supplier of: Wire springs | springs | torsion springs | compression springs | extension springs [+] springs in strips | springs for agricultural applications | spring manufacturer

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  • manufacturer of compression, traction and torsion springs. We primarily specialise in the manufacture of fork springs for bicycles and light motorcycles. Part of our output consists of manufacturing...

    Supplier of: Springs | formed springs | compression springs | precision springs | torsion springs [+] extension springs | industrial springs | motorcycle springs

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    SPAIN- Casserres-Barcelona
    MOLLES MALÉ - Verified by Europages

    The company was founded 50 years ago by Julià Malé i Puig and it specialises in the manufacture of springs from various types of round materials: steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, brass,...

    Supplier of: Springs | die springs | compression springs | extension springs | springs and strip steel parts [+] agricultural springs | moulded products | strip steel

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    ITALY- Milano
    MOLLIFICIO MILANESE - Verified by Europages

    Manufacture of compression springs, shaped springs, draw and torsion springs, from certified materials and using high-precision electronic machinery. Our production range includes wires with diameters ranging...

    Supplier of: Springs | spring manufacturer | carriage springs

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    ITALY- Castelfidardo
    MOLLIFICIO FIORETTI FRATELLI - Verified by Europages

    Mollificio F.lli Fioretti srl boasts more than 50 years' experience in designing and manufacturing springs and small mechanical parts, constantly searching for ever more sophisticated new...

    Supplier of: Springs | micro-springs | compression springs | industrial springs | special springs [+] springs to design | spring manufacturer | small precision parts

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