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    We have gained highly specialist knowledge and extensive experience over the years, leading to our strengths in innovation and independent research and development, all of which contribute to our ultra-competitive products of consistently high quality. We owe our strong market position not only to excellent products, but also to our professional advice and outstanding customer service. Experienced, motivated employees and a corporate culture built on a principle of partnership give the company a unique combination of creative thinking and technical expertise. This specialist knowledge has given us the independence we need to provide our customers with impartial advice. Always focused on finding the best solution for our customers' situation, we also consider economic efficiency, which is so important for production. Even when faced with challenging technical requirements, we always seek out options that are in our customer's best interests in terms of practicality and cost.



    The company ADHESIVOS KEFREN, S.A., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Waterproofing construction products industry. It also operates in the PVC Glue, adhesives for shoes, glues and adhesives, and technical glues industries. It is based in Alicante, Spain.



    The company SUPRATEC SYNEO, is a Distributor, which operates in the Dosing pumps industry. It also operates in the technical glues, automatic measuring systems, silicone resins, and complete gluing lines for the cosmetics industry industries. It is based in Bondoufle, France.



    The company STONEDREAM XXI, is a Distributor, which operates in the Marble industry. It also operates in the Construction - Finishings, stone, marketing of granite, technical glues, and Construction - Finishings industries. It is based in Ablaña, Spain.



    The company STAIK INDUSTRIEKLEBSTOFFE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glues, synthetic industry. It also operates in the uv adhesives, and technical glues industries. It is based in Landsberg Am Lech, Germany.

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    The company BEST KLEBSTOFFE GMBH & CO. KG, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glues, adhesives and applicators industry. It also operates in the Glues, synthetic, technical glues, and Glues, synthetic industries. It is based in Kinsau, Germany.



    The company CORDIAL ADHESIVES B.V., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glues, adhesives and applicators industry. It also operates in the technical glues industries. It is based in Winschoten, Netherlands.



    I would like to inform That we are producer of new generation, no solvent, no smell, easy application, Hygienically, easy clean, resistant to UV and bumps , elastic , no demage to health and environment , indoor and out door user , high adherence property, resistant to friction and impacts , 2 compenant Polyurethan waterproofing systems, Concrete Injection system, Floor Coating , roof covering , Industrial glue , tiles adhesives, technical products



    BTU-CENTER is a Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial biologicals for agriculture, one of the 25% of the largest manufacturers of biological products in the world, the largest manufacturer and exporter of such products in Ukraine. The manufacturer has 23 years of experience, more than 450 employees in the group of companies, own manufacture and R&D center Institute of Applied Biotechnology. The enterprise’s portfolio includes more than 60 preparations used in organic and integrated technologies for nutrition and plant protection, as well as for restoration of soil fertility on a total area of more than 4 million hectares. 9 biologicals are registered in the EU and certified for organic agriculture here. The production facilities are 10 000 of biologicals annually. BTU-CENTER is the only Ukrainian company that became a member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA).



    The company S.I.ONTIME TRADE GESMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Glues, adhesives and applicators industry. It also operates in the Hide glue Technical gelatine Animal glue industries. It is based in Graz, Austria.



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    Production of technical sprays for industry: unblocking spray, zinc coatings, adhesives and glues, special lubricants, silicone, anti-adherent substances for welding and plastics, industrial grease; spray canister filling for third parties and customisation; silicone defoamers; silicone-free defoamers; additives for painting, building, waterproofing. We produce adhesives for the embroidery, screen printing and footwear industries.



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    Global Nastri specializes in supplying conveyor belts and appropriate technical support. The company has a range of oil barrier, cut-resistant, non-slip, louvred and smooth rubber and PVC conveyor belts. It also supplies different types of rollers, wear-resistant rubber, rubber and PVC pipes, squeegees, rubber for flooring, coverings, adhesive glues, rubberised sheets, brushes and other technical and industrial items. It does business all round Italy.



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    Global Nastri specializes in supplying conveyor belts and appropriate technical support. The company has a range of oil barrier, cut-resistant, non-slip, louvred and smooth rubber and PVC conveyor belts. It also supplies different types of rollers, wear-resistant rubber, rubber and PVC pipes, squeegees, rubber for flooring, coverings, adhesive glues, rubberised sheets, brushes and other technical and industrial items. It does business all round Italy.



    TM KIAplast working in a specialized market since 2003 and stands out for technical features, wide products range and price policy. Our Company is a manufacturer of a high-quality PILE WEATHERSTRIP (dustproof buffer brush) and others seals for sliding systems, windows, wooden and aluminum doors. Pile weatherstrip is used for closets sliding systems, mosquito nets, sliding facade and interior doors, roller blinds and gates. In the Eastern Europe and CIS countries TM KIAplast is the only manufacturer with a full production cycle. We make this product with a glue base or without, in various sizes and colors. Also It is possible to manufacture the seals according to the customer's specifications.


    United Kingdom

    Rotafix provide technical advice to Architects and Specifiers looking for in situ repair solutions for historic buildings requiring repairs to their timber frames wthout disturbing the removal of the roof or floors of the building. If you need to maintain the period features of the building that is listed or protected, Rotafix will provide a solution to meet your needs that will maintain the character of the building. Restoring and repairing the timber elements in situ is a cost effective method of undertaking repairs with minimal disruption. Rotafix will supply the design and structural adhesives, grouts and connectors required to make your repairs.and give you the calculations to give you confidence that the repairs will last the test of time. Rotafix Adhesives and Grouts have been tested to ISO15274 so you can rest assured the product will consistently give you the levels of performance that you need to make a certifiable repair. Rotafix adhesives have been developed specifically for the restoration and repair of timver, their mechnical properties are very similar to that of wood and can be used externally and internally in all types of wood, accoya, glue laminated timber and wood engineered products such as versalam and paralam. Rotafix were established in 1974 and are currently distributing products to Europe, Asia and North America.



    A tarpaulin manufacturer for over 25 years, DENIS BACHES spoeciliases in the design and production of PVC covers, awnings and nets. We manufacturer all types of tarpaulins, covers, awnings and nets for traditional or specific applications: agricultural tippers, utility vehicles or trailers, roof covers, protective nets, nets for sports equipment, special covers, etc. Each product is manufactured with its use and your needs in mind, in standard or custom colours. DENIS BACHES is a French manufacturer that uses PVC canvas or awning fabric made in France. We also manufacture custom printed banners and kakemonos, a wide range of folding tents and marquees, plus a full range of hardware and accessories: special tarpaulin glue, shock cords, rivets, foam seats, DENIS BACHES offers a high-quality service: technical support, responsiveness, adherence to manufacturing and delivery deadlines, product repairs.



    Non-slip covers, wall linings and deck linings. Manufacturer of bespoke mattresses for boats, yachts, ships, motorhomes, caravans and expedition vehicles. Partner in industry for yacht construction, motorhomes and caravans. GISATEX®, Germany is in its second generation as a family firm. Specialising in technical textiles. DRYWEAVE® original 3D mesh, malleable wall linings and deck linings, non-slip floor covers for ships. Outdoor upholstery materials. Bespoke mattresses. Mattress protectors. Lightweight, low construction height. Highest scores for comfort. Product portfolio: Non-slip for boats, boat carpet, boat floor cover, boat roof lining, boat mattress, bespoke boat upholstery, boat upholstery material, caravan mattress, interior linings, boat glues, bespoke mattresses, AQUA STOP mattress supports, outdoor upholstery materials, motorhome mattress, sound insulation, soundproofing, ship mattress, ventilation mat, yacht mattress, yacht upholstery.



    Thermolan company, offers a paper tape with self-adhesive adhesive droplets (dots). Glue points are used in packaging, printing, cosmetics and other industries. Having our own production, we have a unique opportunity to produce glue points for any customer requirements. Our customers are guaranteed: - high quality product, - quick implementation of orders, - the possibility of conducting experiments in the technical laboratory of the company; - professional assistance in selecting the appropriate adhesive droplet; - availability of necessary stocks.  Glue points are easy, quick and clean glue. This alternative for hot-melt adhesives, cold adhesives and silicones is interesting both in terms of technological solutions and at a lower price level. Glue points are made of hot-melt adhesive on a synthetic basis and applied to a paper tape, coated on both sides with silicone.  The use of adhesive drops: - product mix - kits for holding promotions - packaging - advertising brochures with the application; inserts for newspapers, magazines. - gluing traffic jams - bank cards, etc .- attachment of bank cards, club cards, etc. - attachment of products in packages - closing the package - gluing windows - envelope addressing - labeling - book production The company Thermolan Ukraine offers adhesive points of a transparent color, diameter 8 +/- 2 mm, winding 4000 droplets per roll in individual packaging. 



    KDF LTD is one of the most dynamic and export-oriented Greek companies (currently activated in more than 60 countries in 4 continents), producing and trading a wide range of building materials and complete systems. Among them, our sports materials and systems hold an important place. For decades now KDF has been one of the experts in sports flooring in Europe, providing complete acrylic or polyurethane-based solutions for indoor and outdoor sports courts and halls, as well as wet-pour playgrounds, running, jogging and bicycle tracks and PU binders and glues. KDF goes far beyond trade, providing consultancy in marketing and also technical support all the way, from the costing till the finalisation of the project. Therefore, our systems have all stood the real life test in different climates, from Middle East till North Europe, and this is one of our main assets, enabling us to provide full and vertical technical support from specifying to final application plus supervision when required or even full application and costing. Our systems are certified with ITF, IAAF, EU norms, LNE, LABOSPORT, ISASPORT, to name but a few. Most important, we are not just providing good EU materials and prices. We are offering full service and physical presence, coupled with proven technical expertise. We invite you to discover a world of sports flooring expertise and solutions.



    Since 1977, AHRENS-INNOVATION has focused on the development of glue sticks, oil pens, markers, marking pens, special packaging solutions and dosing devices. And since 1992, the company has specialised in the production of these items as well. In particular, AHRENS-INNOVATION develops and produces super glue pens, precision oil pens with 7 mm and 40 mm nozzles for household, technical, medical technology and model making, screw locking pens, UV glue sticks and UV lamps, glue sticks with ball head or felt for offices, schools or nurseries and metal markers for steel mills and metal companies. AHRENS-INNOVATION is particularly successful with numerous versions of oil pens with the short, stable 7 mm nozzles and with the filigree 40 mm nozzles. The new series of super glue pens, screw locking pens and UV glue sticks as well as matching LED UV lamps are also protected in Europe and the USA.

  1. SPCB


    SPCB, based in Saint Avé, Morbihan, France, is a supplier of solutions for the treatment of industrial liquids, principally surface treatments, treatment of liquids with high contaminant content such as paints, glues, resins, inks, cement, and so on, as well as filtration solutions and sludge treatment technologies. The company is dedicated to achieving zero discharge wherever this is technically possible to enable 100% liquid reuse, cutting costs, increasing maintenance intervals and limiting production outages. These are the core factors for the correct operation of industrial installations. The company has developed its own range of equipment for treating galvanisation tanks, paint stripper, adhesives, detergent tanks and other applications. SPCB is able to provide a solution for all industrial liquid treatment requirements in a wide range of applications.



    Our plywood is made from high-quality Latvian birch, using waterproof phenolic glue and employing a technological process that complies with the best industry practice. Plywood is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials and world-class production equipment. Our understanding of excellence is not limited to the technical quality of our plywood, but also includes an unusually high level of customer responsiveness, flexibility in order fulfillment, and accuracy of delivery. C Interior and exterior finishing, production of packaging materials, sports equipment, and other products. CP Construction work, interior and exterior finishing, production of packaging materials, sports equipment, and other products.BB Application - the plywood is suitable for the widest range of applications including construction and construction structures, interior and exterior finishing, painting or decorations as well as manufacturing of vehicles, production of furniture, packaging materials, sports equipment, toys, etc. S All kinds of construction works, interior, and exterior finishing, production of packaging materials, sports equipment, and other products. F Smooth phenol film on both sides. edges are treated with waterproof paint that protects against deformation and ensures resistance to diverse climatic conditions (humidity, UV exposure, etc.) and exposure to chemicals. W Film on both faces. One face is smooth (F), the other has a rough wire mesh pattern.



    The Skshu pays great attention to research and develop the healthy products .We have established the long-term cooperation with Bayer, Basf, Dupont, and other chemical enterprises. By cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Fuzhou university, Xiamen university and other institutions .In this way, it enables our company to be the leader of the enterprise's technical development and has won many patents, especially the international leading level of E8's technology research achievements .And we has been offered many countries and upgrade special fund project support.Now we have established postdoctoral workstation and national recognition of the laboratory which are admitted by Country. Our adhesive products include healthy glue(neoprene, SBS, etc.), ecological white latex, spray adhesive, furniture (hand) stickers white latex, white latex paint , strengthen white latex and many kinds of other adhesive products.


    South Korea

    We, DAEGIL CO., LTD. is the manufacturer of glue and sticky traps for rats, cockroaches, flies, and other insects. We have produced the environment-friendly and high quality glue traps for over 40 years and became a leading company in Korea with our own experience and technical skills. Now, we are doing our best to enhance our competitiveness in world market. Recently, we have been exporting our first-class products around the world and our quality and technique has been recognized as the best in this field. You can be protected from the toxic effects because our products do not contain any harmful ingredients. Moreover, our products can help protecting the environment by cutting the use of chemical and poison which destroys the ecosystem. Our glue traps are very cost-effective, so you can get a maximum of efficiency at a minimum of cost. Our products have super strong adhesion and long-lasting effects.



    OUR MISSION We are committed to diffuse knowledge and support our partners projects with creativity and integrity. OUR VALUES Being our customers' trusted partner is our reward for innovation and our stimulus for personal fulfilment. THE COMPANY Headquartered in the financial city centre of Milan, CISME, founded in 1987 has grown to become a reliable partner in the research & development, production, and supply of chemicals for the paint & glue, detergency, cosmetic, textile, and drilling industries. CISME implements and maintains since 2002 a Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION Product lines are developed to provide practical and innovative solutions to changing market demands. Our strategy begins by focusing on our clients specific needs and forge the best performing raw materials with the most adequate, and cost effective production process, to satisfy each specific application at best. CISME products are the result of careful and meticulous tests, and provide original alternatives for many production processes. CISME is constantly working in partnership with a network of raw material suppliers selected on the basis of their ability to provide technical excellence, consistent quality, and readiness to innovate to satisfy our evolving market demands. CISME creation of a new product is always a constant search for excellence. https: //youtu.be/utEjv4dIgJc


    South Korea

    We are the fast-growing and customer-oriented eyelash extensions manufacturer in KOREA.We produce many kinds of products using a variety of materials and techniques.All of products are made of the high quality PBT, glue tapes, etc.We adopt the latest drying technology and use precision measuring instruments to produce the high quality and standardized products.The more advanced measurement tools and the inspection of three-step inspectionprocess enable us to minimize the defects rate.Our products have passed the KC Test. KC is systems certifying the safety of raw material and manufacturing process (the quality control, technical management and stock management etc.).



    Shenzhen Can-shine Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is a professional photoelectric products supplier which develops manufacture and sells the optic communication element and manufacture facility. As an excellent management team, the company is consisted of specialists, salesmen and managers from mainland and abroad who are in opto-electrical work many years. The R&D shafts have high-blooded education and excellent ability in technology. The company has far-ranging influence and good reputation in photoelectric area.Products and service: ●Manufacture Facility: Fiber cutting machine, Optic fiber Polisher, Injecting glue machine, Solidify oven, Presser, End face inspector, IL/RL tester etc, we can supply the service for set up product line of Patch Cord, Pigtail and Fiber Stub etc and technical training according to the custom’s demand. ●Optic passive element: Patch Cord, Adapter, Commutator, Attenuator and Collimator etc. ●Optic active element: Fiber Optic Media Converter, Optical mode



    ShenZhen LiYaTe Technology Co., Ltd(LiYaTe) founded in 2000, is a silicone Polymer Materials- research and development, manufactory, marketing, service as one of the high-tech enterprises. LiYaTe service customer with innovative technology and high-quality products unceasingly. Can tailor-made a special solution according to customers’ demand.Our RTV silicone, LSR addition of liquid silicone, silicone glue, double-liquid fast silicone foam production process and product quality have been at home in the same industry leading level. All of the silicone is made from high quality material. LaYaTe owns a strong technical strength R&D Team, form a high-quality staff team, set up R&D, labs, and test department to ensure product consistency and continuity. Products of LiYaTe are diversified, wildly used for Electronics, Medical, Food, Toys, Apparel, Automotive, Beauty, Solar, LED, Etc., about hundreds of various products, LiYaTe is one of the most complete range of manufacturer’s production of



    Yangzhou Cheng Chun Electrical Co..Ltd is a professional factory, have excellent atmosphere and convenient transportation, located in chengxi industrial park of Baoying county, Jiangsu Province, China. Our factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, invested more than 10 million RMB. Now we have 200 staffs, including more than 50 technical engineers.  We are a professional factory research & manufacture all kinds of thermostats, thermal protectors, temperature switches, thermal protection devices, current-mode protectors, etc. Our products are widely used to prevent from overcurrent & overheat situation, can be applied to various types of motors, water dispensers, lamp ballasts, coffee machines, toasters, over glue dispensers, electric water jugs, steam guns, steam irons, microwave ovens and so on.We have a group of skilling workers, advanced manufacturing and testing equipments, all of us working hard just want to provide the best products for each of customers. At the same time,



    China Seven Color Group Co. Ltd. Xuancai Print is a professional manufacturer of various types of packaging and printing products, including color paper boxes, paper bags, instructional manuals, catalogs printing, book printing, packaging boxes, cards, tags, posters, gift boxes, playing cards, file folders and brochures. Founded in 1994, now we have more than 200 employees and 8, 000 square meters of factory area. Under the condition of continual employing and training professional technical personnel, purchasing advanced software and equipment, we can afford high quality and efficient productions. We have a lot of advanced equipment, such as ROLAND two, four-color machines, UV printing machines, automatic die-cutting machines, omnipotence folding paper machines and automatic glue-binding machines. Our company has integrity and quality management system, environmental system and heavy metal control system.

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