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  • Founded a little over 60 years ago, Régilait is the leading company in granulated milk powders and a major stakeholder in the concentrated milk and infant milk markets. Régilait is present in over 60... Supplier of: Milk | Milk substitutes for babies | Powdered and condensed milk | unsweetened concentrated milk | powdered milk [+] semi-skimmed powdered milk | organic milk powder | sweetened concentrated milk | skimmed milk | whole milk | flavoured milk | uht milk | skimmed powdered milk | whole powdered milk | box of concentrated skimmed sweetened milk


    FRANCE - Saint Martin Belle Roche
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  • Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | unsweetened concentrated milk | milk jam | sweetened concentrated milk | sweetened concentrated milk tubes
    BELARUS - Vitebsk
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  • Welcome to Dana Dairy Group’s home on Europages. We are a world-leading producer and supplier of top quality milk and dairy products. Our DANA brand is our mark of excellence. It is well known to... Supplier of: uht milk | evaporated milk | flavoured milk | goat's milk | baby milk [+] sweetened condensed milk | milk powder | Baby foods | infant formula | long life yogurt | mozzarella cheese | yogurt drink | cheddar cheese | baby cereals
    SWITZERLAND - Geneva
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  • We are a trading company that exports foodstuffs, frozen foods and consumer goods such as nappies, scotch tape and others. We operate in Europe and Africa. Over the years, we have considerably... Supplier of: powdered milk | concentrated milk products | Import-export - food and agriculture | Fish, frozen and deep-frozen | Nappies [+] mayonnaise | potato supplier | meats | coffee
    BELGIUM - Bruxelles
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  • Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | concentrated milk products | baking ingredients
    DENMARK - Christiansfeld
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  • Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | Milk | concentrated milk products | light yoghurt
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  • Condensed milk with sugar DSTU 4274: 2003Ingredients: Whole cow's milk, sugar(43, 5%)Nutritional value: fat(8, 5), proteins(7, 2), carbohydrates(58, 3)Caloric content: 100g – 338, 5 kcalExpiration... Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | condensed milk | evaporated milk | concentrated milk products | dairy product
    UKRAINE - Poltava
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  • MENTMORE FOODS is a dairy products supplier. We supply to food manufacturers. We source from dairies in the UK and Europe, to keep quality up and prices down. We’re happy to tailor our services to... Supplier of: evaporated milk | sweetened condensed milk | concentrated organic milk | Dairy products | custard
    UNITED KINGDOM - Leighton Buzzard
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