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    FRANCE- Yssingeaux
    SEVAROME - Verified by Europages

    Sevarome's activities are centred around the creation and production of sweet food flavourings (vanilla, coffee, lemon, strawberry, spices, fruits, flowers, specialities), savoury food flavourings...

    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | Food - import-export | Food flavourings | Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial | Dietary and organic foods [+] Gastronomic specialties | Ice cream and sorbets | Condiments, extracts and spices | Bread, cakes and pastries | Biscuits | Cocoa and chocolate | Dehydrated cooked dishes | Foods, precooked and gourmet | Food and beverage additives | food additives

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    FRANCE- Arles
    GOURMET PROVENCE - Verified by Europages

    Gourmet Provence is a group of Provençal producers and craftsmen. This grouping of food professionals was founded in 2018 with the shared aim of developing sales in Europe and exports. Four main...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Food specialities | Foods, gourmet | Foods, precooked and gourmet | SWEETS [+] Pastries | Honey | Gastronomic specialties | producer of food products | top of the range produce | food industry | luxury food export | preserves | handmade production of fresh fruit juices | hard liquors

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    BELGIUM- Waterloo
    RELLMAN FOODS - Verified by Europages

    Rellman Foods is a leading provider of High Quality Beef from South America. We offer fresh or frozen Beef and Lamb meat. Angus Beef, Halal and Bio certification available. Origin: South America...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | meat import export | Beef | import of fresh meat | argentinian beef [+] fresh meats | fresh meat export | irish beef | red meats | beef | argentine meat | organic meats | organic beef | vacuum packed meat | uruguayan beef

    Brands : Urien Loza | Rioplatense | Frimsa | Estancia Norte

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    FRANCE- Courbevoie
    ODESTO SARL - Verified by Europages

    ODESTO, a company located in Courbevoie, provides clearance quality wines at highly attractive prices. Wine connoisseurs will be able to discover our selection of varied wines. ODESTO SARL provides a...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | distribution of food products | delicatessen products | wines [+] aop and aoc wine wholesaler | food exports | red wine wholesaler | white wine wholesaler | rosé wine wholesaler | food wholesaler | bulk foods | distributor and wholesaler | french wine wholesaler | food wholesale

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    FRANCE- Privas
    CLEMENT FAUGIER - Verified by Europages

    Clément Faugier at Privas in the Ardèche: we've been producing and selling all chestnut based products since 1882: : chestnut ice cream, Ardèche chestnut cream. We produce and sell Marpom's, a mix of...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Fruit preserves and jams | Chestnuts and sweet chestnuts | Gastronomic specialties | preserved chestnuts [+] chestnut meal | fruit chutneys | stewed fruit | marrons glaces | chestnut purée fondants | chestnut-based ingredients for industrial use | chestnut purée sweets | chestnut mousseline | chestnut paste | candied chestnut pastes

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  • Over the last 20 years, Warenhandels-Contor Uetersen GmbH has become a successful specialist in surplus goods, leftover stocks and excess stocks from industry. Our main business includes the...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Trade organisations | Surplus goods | fabric stocks | discontinued products [+] surplus furniture stock | surplus electronics stock | purchasing of special and job lot articles | surplus stock for women's outerwear fabrics | damaged goods | textiles | agent for food | damaged goods | use of goods from insolvency | wholesale with other foods

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  • Namal Egypt for Import & Export, company based in Alexandria, has been specialized since 2006 in the import and export of fruit and vegetables. We provide a wide selection of agriculture crops such as Egyptian citrus, Egyptian...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fruit and vegetable exports | fruit export | export of vegetables [+] fruit & vegetables | fruit and vegetable wholesaler | import/export, production and sale of fruit and vegetables | egyptian colored pepper | egyptian chili pepper | egyptian artichoke | egyptian broccoli | egyptian iceberg lettuce | egyptian garlic | egyptian green peas

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  • Since 1990, we have been one of the most successful food wholesalers in the Berlin wholesale market area. Our sales area of over 5500 m2 includes the following extensive selection of products: Fruit...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Fish, tinned | Vegetables, preserved | Cheese | Olives [+] Spices | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | fresh vegetables | ketchup | milk derivatives | tomatoes | peeled tomatoes | sweet peppers | corn flours | packaging material

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  • PLASTOBREIZ has been providing bespoke and standard packaging solutions for over 35 years. We provide specially designed plastic trays for ready-cooked dishes and caterers who want to enhance the...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Plastics - packaging | Food packaging | plastic food containers | food-grade trays [+] packing | packaging for meat | packaging for fish | packaging products | biodegradable packaging | fruit packaging | trays with freshness seals | flip-top boxes | we manufacture bespoke thermoformed packing | covered trays for vacuum packing

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    AUSTRIA- Eggenburg
    HANFTASIA E.U - Verified by Europages

    Hanftasia (CBD) e.U, based in Eggenburg (AT-3730), 70 km east of Vienna, is a producer, wholesaler and quality supplier of CBD products. It also operates the Austria's most state-of-the-art vending...

    Supplier of: Oils and resinoids | cbd emulsions | cbd crystals | cbd oils | cbd powders [+] hemp oil | food supplements | food supplements, liquid | animal feed supplement | full range of cbd oils | cbd oil thc-free | cbd oil pets | cbd isolate | cbd ointment | pollinate

    • Full spectrum CBD oil 20% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 20% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 20%
    • Full spectrum CBD oil 10% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 10% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 10%
    • Full spectrum CBD oil 5% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 5% - 1 liter Full spectrum CBD oil 5% - 1 liter 50,000mg CBD
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    FRANCE- Reims
    FIRSTFOODS - Verified by Europages large quantity food imports and exports throughout Europe, choosing FIRSTFOODS is to choose a trusted partner to deliver wherever you are in Europe and elsewhere. We attach a great deal of importance to only...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | food importer | Central purchasing office | Drinks | Bread [+] Drinks, soft | online sale of food products | food distribution | foodstuffs export | import of foodstuffs | meats | food packaging | food / beverages - wholesale and retail | wholesale beverages | agri-food

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    SWITZERLAND- Muri B. Bern
    MDM DREYER AG - Verified by Europages

    The food trade is all about trust. Since the foundation of the family business in 1997, MDM Dreyer has enjoyed the trust of well-known clients from different sectors within food production and...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | Vegetables, edible roots and tubers | Dried fruits | Nougat [+] pistachios | peanuts | wafers | plums | pine nuts | walnuts | whole and shelled hazelnuts | organic products | almond specialities | speciality pastry

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ROYAL FOREST - Verified by Europages

    Royal Forest Company produces healthy food products and supplies high-quality organic raw materials. The company has been in existence for 9 years and during this time it has well-established itself...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | Dietary and organic foods | Foods, health | Extracts, food [+] Organic food | Food essences | Cocoa and chocolate | hand-made confectionery | wholesale organic foods | natural foods | dietetic foods | food products | cocoa beans | cocoa mass

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    FRANCE- Port Vendres
    SOMEFIL FRANCE - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Vegetable oils | oil for food use | oil | refined sunflower oil [+] sunflower oil | sunflower

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    TUNISIA- Kebili
    SOUTH ORGANIC - Verified by Europages

    SOUTH ORGANIC was created in 2001, it is committed to promoting organic farming, socio-economic development and environmental protection. The missions we have set ourselves are: 1/ Encourage small...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dried fruits | dates | packaged dates | organic dates [+] deglet noor dates | pitted dates | dates on the branch | standard dates | organic dates | pitted dates for the food industry | import export of dates | tunisian dates | organic dates tunisia | tunisian dates wholesale

    Brands : DEGLET NOUR

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    FRANCE- Paris
    MIM EUROPE - Verified by Europages

    MIM EUROPE is a company that specializes in international imports and exports of various goods. The goods that we import and export are earmarked for businesses all over the world: agrifood products,...

    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | Food - import-export | import-export of canned food | import/export service | Gloves [+] Cosmetics | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Generating units | Construction Materials | food industry | international trade | fresh fruits and vegetables | tissues | import/export of perishable goods | industrial supplies

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    TUNISIA- Tunis
    KINTCOM - Verified by Europages

    ...export various products from the agri-food sector. We are an international trading company specialised in the import-export of Tunisian fruit and vegetables.We sell organic fruit and vegetables from Tunisia: dates,...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | import-export of food products | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Air-freight services | oragnic fruits and vegetables [+] foodstuffs export | road transport of merchandise | transport management system | fruit and vegetables produce brokers | international fruit and vegetable trading | brokers in fruit and vegetables | fruit and vegetables from tunisia | international trading | export of organic agricultural products | export of dates in bunches

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  • We are producers, importers and exporters of fresh and dried tropical fruit and vegetables, organic 100% natural. Transformation of fruit into frozen food in France. National and international short...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Agriculture - import-export | Fruits, dried | Tropical fruits | Spices [+] fruit and vegetable trade | frozen foods - production | fresh fruits and vegetables | frozen fruits | fresh exotic fruit | import export fruit and vegetables | organic fruit and vegetables | dried tropical fruit | exotic organic fruit | organic exotic fruit

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    ALGERIA- Setif
    PRESTIGE DATTES - Verified by Europages

    EURL Boukellal was founded in 2009 as a date exporter to introduce the best Deglet Nour dates onto the European market under the "PRESTIGE DATTES" brandname. We are constantly striving to achieve...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dried fruits | dates | packaged dates | organic dried fruit [+] algerian dates | date packing | date production in algeria | algerian dates deglet nour | 100% natural date based products | date honey producer | organic dates | date paste for confectionery | date paste for bakeries | powdered date producer

    • Deglet Nour dates Deglet Nour dates The finest Algerian Deglet Nour dates
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    FRANCE- Pessac
    L'HEXAGONALE - Verified by Europages

    ...and many other items. We are the official importer for the SIM brand in France, as well as other sector brand leaders. Our mission is to offer you high quality products and the most well-known brands to give...

    Supplier of: Beverages - import-export | Food - import-export | Vegetable oils | Olive oil | Pasta [+] Non-alcoholic drinks | Drinks | Olives | Tinned Foods | Fruit juices | soybean oils | non-alcoholic drinks | food industry | energy drinks | tomato paste

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    SAUDI ARABIA- Medina
    NATIONAL DATES COMPANY - Verified by Europages

    National Dates was founded in 1990 and is located in Medina Saudi Arabia. Our company is the leader in the production and distribution of high-quality dates in our country and in the Middle East. We...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dried fruits | Sugar | Fruit | dried fruit [+] dates | packaged dates | fruit export | medjool dates | date production | premium dates | sokari dates | arab dates | khudri dates | sukkari dates

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    EGYPT- Giza
    GANETELZOHOR - Verified by Europages

    Ganet El Zohor Co. For Trade is a company based in Egypt specialized since 2011 in the import and export of agricultural products. Our mission is to export products of the highest quality all around...

    Supplier of: Garlic | Citrus fruits | Grapes | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fresh parsley [+] sunflower oil | courgettes | pepper | tomatoes | fresh fruit | peaches | lemons | flour | onions | eggplant


    • Egyptian White Beans Egyptian White Beans " GANETELZOHOR "
    • Fresh Vegetables Fresh Vegetables " GANETELZOHOR "
    • Egyptian Strawberries Egyptian Strawberries Organic
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    RUSSIA- Krasnodar
    SEE-ECO FOODS - Verified by Europages

    SEE-ECO Foods produces dietary and organic foods: pâtés and sauces from plant-based ingredients. Our diet products are vegan-friendly - top-choice for a healthy meal fan. We produce dietary and...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dietary and organic foods | Sauces | Pâtés | Vegetables, tinned [+] Foods, health | wholesale organic foods | healthy meal | diet products | canned pulses | coconuts | vegetable products | natural product | soy-based foods | vegetable sauces

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    RUSSIA- Ivanovo
    PUCHEZH CHEESE FACTORY - Verified by Europages

    Puchezh Cheese Factory is the leading processing enterprise in the Ivanovo Region. Smoked soft cheese and butter are signature products of our factory. Our enterprise specializes in production of:...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Dairy products | Cheese | cow's milk cheeses | cheese with milk enzymes [+] processed cheese | regional and typical cheeses | semi-hard cheese | mozzarellas | cheeses and dairy products | parmesan cheese | smoked cheeses | wholesale cheeses | supplies for pizzerias | farm-churned butter

    • Butter Butter
    • Butter Butter KRESTIANSKOE (FARM) BUTTER; mass content of fat: 72.5%
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  • "ADAM DE COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL ET SERVICES" is an international trading company based in Tunisia that carries out exports and imports of Tunisian goods and foodstuffs. We carry a vast and varied...

    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | Beverages - import-export | Food - import-export | Vegetables, preserved | dates [+] packaged dates | international trade | organic dates | tunisian beverages | tunisian dates | tunisian harissa condiment | harissa import export | mechouia salad | tunisian falafel | el gamra brik sheets

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    BENIN- Cotonou
    DECALF TRADING - Verified by Europages

    Situated au Benin, Decalf Trading is a producer of organically-farmed cashew nuts. We offer our partners quality, 100% natural cashew nuts, and we guarantee reliable business relations tailored to...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | Tropical fruits | Organic food | Fruits, dried [+] Fair trade | cashew nuts | dried fruit | cereals and grains | organic dried fruit | organic cashew nuts | production of natural nuts | cashew nuts | import export cashew nuts | agrifood product trade

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    VNESHTORG-RUS LLC - Verified by Europages

    Vneshtorg-Rus imports and exports agricultural products and food from Russia: chickpeas, soybeans, lentils, sunflower oil, wheat, flour, corn, yellow millet, and other crops. Vneshtorg-Rus handles...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | Agriculture - import-export | foodstuffs - import/export | Pulses [+] ORGANIC FARMING | Oilseed crops | Dietary and organic foods | Agricultural Production | pulse vegetables | oil cake | rapeseed cake | ecological farming | millet | wheat

    • Meal Meal Sunflower meal, rapeseed meal, soybean meal
    • Chickpeas Chickpeas Organic chickpeas for wholesale
    • Sorghum Sorghum Sorghum, Safflower, white sorghum
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  • MENGUE INTERCONTINENTAL GROUP is an import-export firm dealing with products from Africa. The firm was set up by Martin MENGUE, a French-Cameroon national in 2014. We have bases in the Cameroon (at...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | Cocoa and chocolate | Import-export - energy and raw materials | palm oil [+] wholesale coffee | raw cotton | pineapple | tinned peanuts | cocoa beans | coffee | international trade | fruit and vegetable exports | ground-nuts | shea butter

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    RUSSIA- Varna Village
    TPK VARNA, LLC - Verified by Europages

    "TPK" Varna" LLC is a foods company specializing in supplying of food products of the following trademarks: - "Tsar" Pasta, Flour, Groats, Multigrain flakes, Instant flakes, Porridge, Oat...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Pasta | Flour and semolina | Dietary and organic foods | Breakfast cereals [+] Cereals and grains | Vegetable oils | Oils and fats, edible | healthy meal | healthy and natural food | cereal middlings | cereal semolinas | linseed oil | macaroni | seed oil

    Brands : DR. NATURI

    • Wheat Corn Flakes Wheat Corn Flakes Cereals Sprouted Grains Wheat Corn Flakes with Bran and Protein
    • Sunflower  Oil Sunflower Oil Edible Oil Cold pressed Unrefined Sunflower oil
    • Whole Grain Cereals with Buckwheat, Wheat and Bran Whole Grain Cereals with Buckwheat, Wheat and Bran Whole Grain Breakfast Cereals with Buckwheat, Wheat and Bran
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    VITO-HOUSE, LLC - Verified by Europages

    Vito-House is part of the Bestseller Group (, an international food distribution company. Vito-House was founded in 2014 (on the market for 6 years) and is engaged in the...

    Supplier of: Food - import-export | Food supplements | Honey | Food and beverage additives | Yeasts and leavens, edible [+] Additives and adjuvants for drinks | Soft drinks | dry brewers' yeasts | alcohols | bread yeasts | yeasts for the beverage industry | food industry | distribution of food products | ethyl alcohol | food ingredients

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