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    Established in 1987, Yalcin Group embarked on its journey as one of Turkey's first electroplating additives dealers. With a rich history spanning over three decades, we have consistently been at the forefront of pioneering electroplating solutions in Turkey and beyond. Manufacturing plating plants and rectifiers since 2006, our commitment to innovation has led us to establish two distinguished brands within our group: Alphatech, specializing in a wide array of products ranging from plant production to tumbler cabinet baths, and Alphaworld, focusing on the manufacturing of premium-quality plating rectifiers, battery charging rectifiers, and more. Our flagship products include: •Plant production equipment •Coating baths •Ventilation systems •Facility accessories We have forged a robust presence across diverse industries, catering to esteemed clients such as Turkish Airlines, Aselsan, Autoliv, and Ford. From aviation and telecommunications to automotive and decorative plating, our expertise spans a wide spectrum of applications. We take pride in our Turkish-German partnership for technology, which serves as the cornerstone of our operations. Our goal is to provide comprehensive electroplating solutions, from plant construction to waste water treatment and tailored chemicals. We offer full-service support from project planning to production, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Contact us for more information!



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    Base Group is a family company that has been a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery and high quality welded metal structures for nearly 30 years. 90% of the company sales are effected to foreign customers in the energy, marine and chemical industries, mainly in Scandinavia. Base Group is a leader in the development of state-of-the-art metalworking technologies that have been granted patent protection. Advanced methods of metal production are developed in cooperation with the leading scientific institutions in Poland. In the years 2014-2018, the company allocated over PLN 15 million , i.e. 8% of its revenue, to finance investment projects. As part of Industry 4.0, the company has implemented an IT system for welding control as the only one in Poland.The Company attaches great importance to the proper selection of employees and their professional development. Base Group is a true trendsetter in its industry. It offers its customers a unique technology and organisation of production, a motivated team of employees and efficiently implemented state-of-the-art company management tools. In recent years, the company's revenues have been growing faster than in the industry in general.



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    MMOTORS is a Bulgarian company was founded in 1961 under the name “Micromotors”, engaged with manufacturing activities in five divisions: •Induction electric motors; •Axial fans; •Heat recovery ventilation systems; •Aluminum foundry; •Plastic forming. The induction electric motors MA, MAL, MAT, MR and MRS series are designed for general purposes. They are self-ventilated, the frame size 56mm, 63mm, 71mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 112mm and 132mm. The series are designated as follows: - MA series – three-phase induction motors. - MAL series – lifting three-phase induction hoisting motors. - MAT series – trolley three-phase induction motors with break. - MR series – single-phase induction motors with running capacitor. - MRS series – single-phase induction motors with running and starting capacitors. BASIC CHARACTERISTICS: Power supply: -three-phase: 400/230 V – 50Hz. -single-phase: 220-240V / 50Hz. Design for other voltage and frequencies is possible : -Protection Degree: IP 54 / IP 55 -Insulation Class: “F” -Standard forms: B3, B5, B14, B3/B5 and B3/B14. OPERATING CONDITIONS: The motors are designed to operate in Temperate Climate (Class “N”) at temperatures from -25oC to + 40oC, maximum altitude (above sea level) 1000m, and maximum relative humidity 85%. Standards: IEC: 60034-5: 2007; 60034-1: 2010; 1143: 1985; 10881-85. The axial fans are divided into a few sections: •Elegant & Stylish •Standard •Industrial •High temperature •Heat recovery ventilation systems



    Roth Composite Machinery is an international specialist in special machine construction. The company plans, designs and manufactures units, machinery and whole production lines in the business fields of Filament Winding & Prepreg, Pleating & Coating and Brushes & Brooms. Customer-specific design of machinery is one of Roth's great strengths. Its product range includes machinery for filament winding for the manufacture of fibre-reinforced, stable plastic products for lightweight construction applications. Semi-finished products made from fibre-reinforced composites are manufactured with prepreg systems. Filter pleating machines are used in the production of air, water and oil filters in the automotive industry and in aeronautics, hydraulics, ventilation and medical technology. Paper, foils, laminates and fabrics are refined using Roth coating and impregnation systems. The Roth carrousel, universal and trimming machines are suitable for manufacturing brushes and brooms for the household and for industry.



    As Doya Technology, we manufacture the machines needed by the ventilation and plastic pipe industry with our 24 employees in a 10 thousand m2 closed area with our experience of more than 10 years. We carefully assemble all the parts, producing the entire system needed at every stage for quality pipes. Especially in the plastics industry, our machinery production for PVC, PPRC, sprinkler, coiled, dripping, garden pipe hose, medical pipe, wick, cable, soft PVC (some medical materials), filament, braided hose, spiral hose and silicone hose lines for both domestic and international markets have been continuing steadily since 2021. We closely follow the developments advances in technology and integrate them into our own system. Our advanced R&D department has always adopted the principle of developing user-experienced innovations by successfully performing tests that will minimize the problems that may arise with the products. In addition, by delivering our quality products to approximately 17 countries in 5 continents, we have succeeded in becoming one of the best brands in the world in a short time, and we are aiming for more.

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  1. SURF


    Tork Clamps, which started its adventure with the production of hose clamps in 1995, continues its journey as an exemplary company that leads its sector with its comprehensive product range, more than 190 employees, and exports to 5 continents in its modern facility with an active closed area of 10500 m2. With its annual 11000 tons of sheet metal and 1500 tons of plastic processing capacity, the company successfully represents our country in the international arena with the engineering services it provides to the automotive, hardware, and fixing systems sector, in addition to the production of hoses, heavy-duty, ventilation, pipe clamps, and plastic cable ties. Moving to its new location in Dilovası Machinery Organized Industrial Zone in 2019, Tork doubled its production capacity and continues to come to the forefront in the international arena by adopting a customer-centered focus with its R&D investments and the new products it develops. As Tork Clamps, all processes from the R&D process to the delivery stage are managed by our expert staff, based on international standards, within the framework of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management system, IATF 16496: 2016 Automotive Quality management system and ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system.


    United Kingdom

    We aim to provide all products & services associated with air movement, so we can be pretty much a one stop shop. From a complete system to a spare V-belt or a full site survey to an on site balance - using state of the art equipment and components from premium suppliers we aim to provide value, efficiency & service as standard. Although we are UK based we provide our products & Services Europe & World wide. A sample of our products & services - INDUSTRIAL FANS - A wide range of Centrifugal Fans & Axial Fans. Standard configurations & specials. High Pressure blowers, Fans certified to ATEX. Off shore applications, Stainless steel construction 304, 316, 321, 4003, Duplex steel and corrosion resistant steels. Coated casings & impellers for aggressive environments - Coatings include fluoropolymer, ebonite and plastic. Fans made from anti-wear materials. Fans suitable for high temperature. SERVICES - Installation - fans, ducting and associated ancillaries Preventative Maintenance contracts Condition monitoring, Vibration analysis Dynamic Balancing - both in situ & off site. Repairs & Refurbishment - both on & off site. Duct Cleaning LEV TestingSound surveys FULL SYSTEMS - For a wide array of applications - simple ventilation, dust & fume extract, odour control system - including all ductwork & ancillary fabrication/supply & install We also manufacture & supply Dampers, Acoustics (silencers, Enclosures & walls) and all other fan associated ancillaries.



    ONE STOP SHOP FOR HVCA. Are you labor under searching different spare parts, purchasing, negotiating, quality inspecition and transportation from many different suppliers? We are the answer for the solution to let you get all the HVAC things in one time. Help you to save energy and time and make everything more easier. Our main business range from Air-Conditioner to its relative products, including: 1. Residential Air-Conditioner; 2. Commercial Air-Conditioner; 3. Air-Conditioner spare parts & supporting parts; 4. PU or PIR Ducting panel, Fixable ducting, Pipe cover, 5. Water heater system(for Residential, commercial, swimming pool) [ Selling Categories ] - Construction & Real Estate HVAC Systems & Parts - General Industrial Equipment Air Conditioner Parts - General Industrial Equipment Ventilation Fan Parts - General Industrial Equipment Ventilation Fans - Rubber & Plastics Plastic Products



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    Tekno Air Conditioning and Engineering Inc. is a Turkish supplier of various construction and natural gas materials from Denizli, Turkey. With more than ten years of experience in the construction industry, we always work to expand our product range to provide the best service to our customers. We serve our customers in our 650 m2 Gümüşçay Showroom and 1150 m2 Ege ceramic Showroom branches. We offer everything you need in sanitary ware and ceramics with our experienced sales consultants. In addition, we do our best to increase our product portfolio yearly with our innovative approach. As Tekno Air Conditioning and Engineering Inc. we supply construction infrastructure materials such as : •Pipes and fittings, •Building materials such as plastic fittings, In our Ceramic group : •Bathroom fittings and accessories, •Washbasins, •Lavatory bowls, •Bathroom floor coverings, •Sanitary wares and many more are to be discovered on our website! Our vision is to stand behind our products by not compromising on quality despite the heavy competition conditions in the market and to adopt the innovative approach as our principle. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



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    IREMA-Filter – A global supplier of filter media. IREMA produces synthetic filter solutions for the automotive, air conditioning and ventilation, and medical sectors, and for other filtration applications. In addition to its synthetic filter media, IREMA also offers MiniPleat products and complete filters (3 V cells, hybrid filters) – tested to ISO 16890, EN 779 or Ashrae 52.2. We have the in-house capability to design, develop and construct our machines and manufacturing technologies. Our comprehensive expertise allows us to create customer-specific filtration solutions and also meet the exacting standards of the filter industry. Our most recent developments: an electrostatic medium with excellent filtration efficiency and very low pressure drop as a replacement for tribo media, a unique synthetic HEPA material with particle separation of up to 99.99%, and a new ePM1 filter material with excellent pressure drop = using 30% less energy with a 70% increase in the dust retention capacity. Our products are an asset to your company!



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    For decades, the name of Robering has been synonymous with profiles that stand out for their exceptional quality. Thanks to almost 60 years of experience in the field of profiles, we are not only able to provide this high standard, but are also in a position to use our expertise and innovation to realise new ideas for profiles. We no longer stock window transoms with white lips and black adhesive strip as standard. These combinations are manufactured as required in a special production process with corresponding delivery times. Due to the fact that the profile systems tend to use the colour RAL 9016 Traffic white, the colours RAL 9010 Pure white and RAL 9003 Signal white have become special colours that we no longer stock on site. However, we can of course still produce these colours according to customers' wishes. We produce our standard profiles using only newly produced hard and soft PVC materials (we do not use recycling-grade materials).



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    Our family company has been producing tailor-made plastic solutions since 1991. We now employ 55 people in Gornau, a municipality close to Chemnitz in eastern Germany, in the areas of semi-finished product processing, container and apparatus construction, plant construction and clean room technology. Our solutions are used in sectors such as mechanical engineering and plant construction, medical and environmental technology, the semiconductor industry and photovoltaics. Our company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008, which demonstrates the high quality of our products and services.



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    DiZeta Impianti is a company specialised in the design, production and installation of smoke removal and filtering systems (for steel works, foundries, pressure moulding, stamping, heat treatments etc.) and dust reduction and removal systems (for cement works, brickyards, textile factories, paper factories, mechanical machining workshops, etc.). Extraction and suppression systems for steam, oil mist and bad odours.



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    The company FOLDA-PLUS SP. Z O.O., is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Plastics - construction industry industry. It also operates in the Geotextiles, plastic films, microporous membranes, Geotextiles, and ventilated roofing system industries. It is based in Dabrowa, Poland.



    The company AGM YALITIM VE HAVALANDIRMA, which operates in the Cooker hoods and extractor fans industry. It also operates in the air ventilation systems for stables, Smoke extraction and ventilation conduits, ventilation systems for the construction industry, and industrial ventilation industries. It is based in Antalya, Turkey.



    Aironn started its operations in 2011 as a manufacturer that successfully reflects the power of Turkish engineering in the ventilation industry. Aironn, who wanted to make a difference in the sector since the day it was founded, aimed to offer solutions by combining world standards with cost advantage in technology and innovation. We have created a strong R & D infrastructure in terms of "the most competitive instrument, not the price, but the differences we have created". He took and adopted R & D as a universal culture. From fan to smoke, smoke and pressurized fans, jet fans, subway and tunnel fans to axial fans, EC fans, shelter ventilation fans, roof and duct type fans to bathroom fans.With his expertise in fan engineering, Aironn also included other ventilation system solutions in production planning. Aironn is presently adding innovations to national and international certification studies every day; AIRONN have; • APPlus - 300 ° C / 2h Fire Resistance Certificate according to EN 12101-3: 2002 and UNE EN 12101-3: 2002 / AC: 2006• 400 ° C / 2h Fire Resistance Certificate according to APPlus - EN 12101-3: 2002 and UNE EN 12101-3: 2002 / AC: 2006• CE Certificate (EN 12101-3)• TSE Turkish Standards Institute Certificate of Compliance• TOBB Domestic Properties Documents• ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System• ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System• ISO 10002: 2004 Customer Satisfaction Management System• ISO 18001: 2007 OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Manageme



    INTAX TRADING is a company founded in 2002, located in Romania, specialized in trading ventilation, air treatment equipment for domestic and commercial purpose, and household appliances. Our brand is: Turbionaire Our products are: Domestic and commercial fans, cooker hoods, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, mobile air conditioners, aroma diffusers. Why to cooperate with us? -We have 19 years of experience in trading -We are price competitive -We have our own logistic facilities located nearby Bucharest Romania -We can deliver our Turbionaire brand products both directly form Romania and we can organize shipping containers from China as well. -We are flexible - being able to manage and organize pallet as well as truck deliveries. -We can mix products on the same pallet. Up to 3 years warranty for domestic appliances -Our company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, in order to guarantee a high-level standard to all of those customers which require above-average quality standards and to comply with specific norms. - Our network is constantly growing and we are proud of the creativity and diversity of our talented people, who lead us on an upward trend. We would love to welcome you with us on this journey, as our partners will always benefit from our assistance in both sales and marketing. OUR VALUES -Trust -Professionalism -Dynamism -Perseverance -Long-term vision



    UVENTS Company services the sector from 1978 and from 2009 The Company also continues producting industrial fan manufacturing. For a long time in our company there is a balanca between old and new technology. For well-produced products, UVENTS follows the technological developments that the age demands. UVENTS has adopted as a company principle to provide new product targets, sales policies and after-sales customer support. The industry continues to increase its market share in the industrial fan sector with knowledge and experience transferred from generations to generations. It is one of the rare companies that can offer customized solutions to customers with the confidence given by being a manufacturer. With its expert staff, irenfan Metal always develops itself for the best product and it has quality certificates which is the natural end result. Due to the tax advantages of being a manufacturer we are one of the most selected companies of exporting companies. The quality of the materials used in production and machine parks also provide our customers with the opportunity to work in clean air for a long time.



    The company KOMFOVENT OY, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment industry. It also operates in the air ventilation systems for domestic use, HVAC ventilation system, and air ventilation systems for industrial use industries. It is based in Vantaa, Finland.



    The company ECCO EXTRACTORES EÓLICOS, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment industry. It also operates in the air ventilation systems for industrial use, and industrial ventilation industries. It is based in El Puerto De Santa María, Spain.

  2. POLUS - TM


    Heating, cooling, air-conditioning, ventilation systems, refrigerating engineering for industrial and domestic use.


    United States

    The company SHENZHEN MINXIN INDUSTRY CO, LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Ventilators and fans - industrial industry. It also operates in the air ventilation systems for industrial use industries. It is based in Dongguan, United States.


    United Kingdom

    Prihoda UK supply environmental friendly fabric ducting technology to a range of commercial and industrial companies throughout England to help aid in the flow of both hot and cold air within the workplace. Prihoda work across a wide range of industries and sectors, including retail, catering, and even education.


    United Kingdom

    Heating Products A range of energy efficient industrial and commercial heating solutions built in the UK with Integrity of design and quality of manufacture. Supplied throughout the UK and overseas. • Warm Air Heaters • Air Heating • Gas fired air heaters • Unit Heaters • Destratification Fans • Hot water heat emitter • Hot water heat exchanger • Radiant Heaters • Air Rotation Heating • Aquamatic Heaters • Comfort Air Curtains • Control Systems • Flue & Chimney Systems Ventilation A comprehensive range of highly efficient, cost-effective smoke, natural and powered ventilators. Manufacturing all of our ventilators in the UK gives us the ability to produce bespoke sizes and specials to suit specific project requirements. • SHEV (Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation) • Natural Ventilation • Powered Ventilation • AOV’s • Glazed Ventilators • Louvred Ventilators • Single & Twin Flapped Ventilators Air Conditioning We supply a range highly efficient heat pump air conditioning technology incorporating style and simplicity for any room installation without the need for an outdoor condenser. • Twin Duct Packaged Heat pump air conditioning units • Powrmatic Vision Engineered Products We produce customised HEM high-efficiency gas-fired heat exchangers for air handling units. Available in a wide range of outputs and featuring multi-unit capabilities to offer maximum flexibility in delivering exceptional performance and regulatory compliance • Heat Exchange Modules • OEM Products



    The company PICLIMASUR ICM S.L., is a Subcontractor, which operates in the Heating and air conditioning - works industry. It also operates in the air-conditioning system design, technical consulting services for fans and air conditioning systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems for buildings, and air ventilation systems for industrial use industries. It is based in Sevilla, Spain.



    Rosenberg is a competitive medium sized company with around 1400 employees worldwide. The entire production of all parts including motors, fans, controllers and complete air handling units makes us independent of suppliers and allows us to develop fast and specific solutions for our clients.


    United Kingdom

    FIRESAFE FIRE RATED DUCTWORK Limited have 3 main areas of responsibility. Continuous development of the CASWELL FIRESAFE® product Growth of the business by developing and expanding our network of international Partners Support our existing Partners to enable them to provide ‘best in class’ performance FIRESAFE FIRE RATED DUCTWORK Limited are responsible for the development of the CASWELL FIRESAFE® product to ensure that it is current and meets the relevant standards of fire protection. Our staff take an active role within the Fire Protection and Ductwork industry sitting on ASFP, BESA and British Standard Institute committees. This ensures that we remain at the cutting-edge of developments within our industry. Our market leading product and best-in-class specialist technical knowledge are the key success factors for our business. We have a mission to develop the CASWELL FIRESAFE® brand worldwide. We are actively seeking new Partners across the globe to add to the solid portfolio of our existing Partners in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We work very closely with our Partners and ensure that they are well-trained and fully supported so that they can consistently maintain an unrivalled performance to their customers.



    Local extraction and ventilation for industry, offices, institutions and private.Geovent are experts in industrial filtration, dust removal and fume extraction.



    The company ACTIVENT VENTILATION SYSTEMS CO., is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment industry. It also operates in the industrial ventilation industries. It is based in Istanbul, Turkmenistan.

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