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    The company RG ITALIA PRODUCTION SRL, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Water purifying products industry. It also operates in the Water softening - systems and equipment, water purification installations, Water pollution control, Water softening - systems and equipment, and household water purifiers industries. It is based in Casorate Sempione, Italy.



    The company VANDEZANDE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Marine, port and underwater works - contractors industry. It also operates in the mechanical desilting of waste water, electromechanical constructions, and water purification installations industries. It is based in Diksmuide, Belgium.



    The company PLUS SU ARITMA, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Taps - adjustable controls industry. It also operates in the water purification plant, water purification installations, Water Treatment Equipment, and water filtering industries. It is based in Izmir, Turkey.



    The company REXHEPI, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Plumbing - works industry. It also operates in the boiler installation, installation of control units, air conditioning systems, and water purification installations industries. It is based in Albertville, France.



    The company NOVOTEC, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Water purification services industry. It also operates in the Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow, Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - output and flow, and water purification installations industries. It is based in Merelbeke, Belgium.

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    The company FIDEM SAS, is a Service Provider, which operates in the Treatment of industrial waste water industry. It also operates in the water purification installations, and environmental design industries. It is based in Nettuno, Italy.





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    FLUIDTEC offers various technologies for water treatment and pump technology. FLUIDTEC has made it its business to design technical solutions for water treatment and water pumping for its customers ecologically and economically. Sustainability as well as the quality of our products and services are everyday requirements that the customer strives for when considering the environment and economy. Our product range consists of: Complete technical systems for processing water and other liquids. System components for water and liquid treatment. Consumables for water and/or liquid treatment.



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    KMU LOFT Cleanwater SE is the professional and reliable partner of the water treatment industry – worldwide. From initial analysis and design to installation and commissioning, our industry experts, engineers and chemists are here to help you every step of the way. We have been designing and producing KMU LOFT vacuum evaporators as efficient solutions for waste water treatment since 1989. Currently, over 2400 of our vacuum evaporators are treating waste water all over the world, 24/7. Our evaporators recover up to 98% reusable high-quality distillate, allowing our customers from a wide variety of sectors to treat their waste water efficiently and safely. Using vacuum evaporators helps not only to reuse treated waste water as a resource, but also minimises costs, since you can recover and reuse valuable by-products from your waste water.



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    O.M.C. Collareda di Schio (VI) specialises in innovative solutions for the environmental sector. O.M.C. Collareda is a world leader in designing, producing, installing, mobilising and marketing industrial and domestic water treatment equipment. Its installations are marketed across the world, thanks to an extensive and well-structured sales network.



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    Costruzioni Elettrotecniche CEAR s.r.l. is a company that has been operating for the last forty years in the electrical engineering and industrial sector. It designs, builds and commissions LV/MV cabinets, Transformer Substations as well as Automation and Control Systems that include the PLCs, SCADAs and HMIs as well as the ATEXs.



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    Develops, manufactures and delivers weighing, mixing and dosage systems for impregnation resin and epoxy resin. IFA offers complete solutions for impregnation and coating plants, industrial water purification systems, the glass and rock wool industry, engineering plastics and bulk materials as well as plants for the paint, varnish and building materials industry. Perfect system control and data connection round off the product range. Installation and commissioning by our own employees. IFA Technology offers good and safe handling for storing liquids, solids and bulk materials as well as the appropriate storage containers such as customised shelves, tank farms or silo systems. Among other things, we test and check the compatibility of the materials, the effect of environmental influences and conformity with legal requirements.



    fdt srl, leader in the water treatment plants since 1967, manufactures and markets systems of water treatment in industrial use and assists directly the customer both during the realisation of the plant production, and after longer use of it through its own technical experts, means and laboratory. fdt srl . has design offices, factory and warehouse on an area of 6000 square meters. realizing at its location all technological parts of the most sophisticated systems, including testing. fdt srl, ISO 9001 certified, has the objective to always improve the quality of the customer service: for this reason fdt Ltd. has decided to implement a quality management system of its internal processes conform to a model recognized at national and international level. Offer Portfolio fdt srl specializes in the design and supply of water treatment plants: primary water (purification, softening, carbon filtration, sand filtration, reverse osmosis desalination) waste water containing any type of pollutant (Biological purification Plants at total oxidation process or at MBR membranes process , installations for water treatment containing hardly biodegradable compounds, high COD content or metal content, oil removal installations) Applies its own knowledge on fluids in general Provides molecular separation technologies without altering or adulterate the treated product. Select innovative research and builds on their own pilot plants in semi-industrial scale.


    United States

    We are a manufacturer of transformer, turbine, hydraulic, industrial oil processing equipment, and transformer oil testing instruments. Oil or any fuel blending. Modern hydrodynamic stream fuel blending plant production. USB system for biodiesel blending, antiseptic production. We are manufacturer for fuel, oil purification systems. The GlobeCore installations can regenerate practically any mineral oil or fuel, remove sulfur and hydrogen sulfide compounds. Our technologies such as the CMM-G - Wind Turbine Oil Change units. We have invented an innovative technology for drilling fluid/mud production: a Vortex Layer Device - AVS. The electromagnetic vortex layer unit (AVS) for grease production, wastewater treatment, acid water neutralization, sewage water treatment, water purification, and disinfection, manure decontamination, desinfecting and processing One of the directions where you can use AVS is manure treatment. GlobeCore colloid mill is designed for the production of highly stable colloidal solutions, extremely fine suspensions, mixtures, and emulsions. Bitumen emulsion plant by GlobeCore. Bitumen emulsion plant UVB. The units features process control instrumentation which allows either manual or semi-automatic operation.



    KARMA Water Purification Systems is the leading water filtration company based and operated in Cyprus since 1999. The company's scope is: Design, Trading, Assembly and Installation of Water Treatment Systems and Water Disinfection. The staff at KARMA Water consist of enthusiastic people with academic and technical qualifications who are all expertise in the field of water treatment.​ PRODUCTS & SERVICES: A wide range of water high quality & certified filtration products and services, as well as specialized products, thus offering satisfactory and affordable solutions to consumers. - Reverse Osmosis Systems - Ultra filtration systems - Water Softeners - UV - Water Dispensers KARMA Water operates three shops (in Nicosia, Limassol & Paphos under the name of KARMA WaterShop. You can visit our shops and discuss with our well trained staff about water filtration. In our shops you can find all different types of water filters, water softeners and services in order to enjoy high quality filtered water. KARMA Water Treatment Specialists since 1999



    AQUA LINES is factory which is engaged in the production and installation of pools and pool equipment. We can make pools of all sizes and shapes. Our company manufacture overflow and skimer type of pools. We can made small pools (9x3.5x1.5m) in our place and than bring it to you and just install it for a one day. Pools over these dimensions we make at your place. We have equipment for swimming pools: telescopic coverings for swimming pools, equipment for wastewater, equipment for water purification, pipes and pumps. Aqua lines are general agents for ALUKOV, AQUA COMET i ALUPOL.



    Welcome to R.O.Tack water technology website.We have this opportunity to introduce ourselves as professional in the field of water purification and treatment. We provides total water treatment engineering from consultation and design to supply, installation, commissioning, training and operation of the plant and system. We have the capability in treatment of water for Textile, Sugar, Oil, Pharmaceutical, Mineral water and othe allied industries. We can design and build a system to suit your need as well as affordable. We believes in offering high quality, customized and cost effective product, especially designed according to the need of the customer. Our ideal product ranges are as follows: • Reverse Osmosis Plant Pakistan • Mineral Water Plant • Caustic Recovery System • Domestic R.O. System We are regularly Selling: boilar feed water, deminrealizar, domestic ro, mineral water plant, reverse osmiosis components, reverse osmosis plant, water treatment, water tretment chemical.



    BIONEST is a company specialized in wastewater treatment. We develop efficient wastewater treatment systems to solve two major issues related to our water resources: Contamination of water basins and groundwater The misuse of treated water BIONEST designs, manufactures and markets advanced wastewater treatment solutions that increase water purification to a level significantly above world standards. The exceptional quality of the water treated by the BIONEST system allows it to be reused, discharged into the ground or into waterways, with no adverse effect on flora and fauna. With over 35, 000 systems installed worldwide, BIONEST is well recognized in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, France as well as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.


    United States

    Met-Chem is the leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment and purification equipment. We offer Filter Presses, Clarifiers, Evaporators, Sludge Dryers, Reverse Osmosis, and Wastewater Treatment Systems. We sell new and used equipment to fit anyone's budget. We provide solutions for many industries. For high-performance and durable wastewater and waste de-watering equipment, look no further than Met-Chem. With our equipment and Water Treatment Systems being installed worldwide, we have proven that we can meet the needs and expectations in many different industries and dewatering applications. With Met-Chem you can succeed in lowering your wastewater costs by using our equipment. If you would like to make improvements in your water system, contact Met-Chem Today so we can help you make it happen.  Met-Chem also offers pH adjustment or neutralization systems. pH Adjusment is a common demand that crosses various industries, including manufacturing facilities, laboratories, food processing, and pharmaceutical. Continuous-flow neutralization systems are packaged systems designed for continuous flow neutralization. The systems include reaction tanks with chemical injection pumps, pH meters, and mixers.



    Trade and manufacturing company SANTAN specializes in the production of plastic products using thermoplastics and injection moulds. The wide range of products includes - polypropylene fittings, which are used for the installation of hot and cold water supply, heating and ventilation systems; - filters for water purification from mechanical impurities and harmful impurities such as rust, sand, iron, silt, chlorine and others. Protect water heaters, household appliances, plumbing and heating systems from clogging and breakdowns. Used for both cold and hot water; - flexible water hoses made of food-grade EDPM, which makes them safe for use in drinking water systems; - corrugated pipes for toilet bowls, made from a special alloy of materials, which makes them resistant to all types of mechanical damage; - compression fittings made of polypropylene. This allows them to withstand high pressures and increases strength. Professional plastic moulding and competent selection of raw materials ensure the manufacture of plastic products with the required strength and required accuracy. Due to the strict multi-level production quality control system and the high quality of the materials used, SANTAN products are absolutely reliable and safe.


    United Kingdom

    Finding the right water treatment or purification system for your business can be a challenge. However, when you have experienced professionals on your side who know and understand the industry and the options open to you, you can make an informed decision.Wychwood Water Systems is an independent specialist company that has been serving businesses across the UK with quality water purification systems since 1996. Our experienced team of employees have designed, manufactured, refurbished, commissioned, sold, installed and validated quality water systems for hundreds of satisfied customers over the years.Our dedicated team has the skills and the knowledge to solve your water purification challenges. Because we are a small company, we offer the flexibility our clients need. All of the projects we complete are conducted and dovetailed in with our clients busy schedules.We also maintain water systems for both preventive and emergency purposes.Our support doesn’t end after we build and deliver equipment. In fact, should any engineer assistance be required due to an unexpected occurrence, we aim to be there next day. In the interim, our 24 hour helpline is always available to our customers.Wychwood Water Systems also provides three levels of preventative maintenance contracts to provide customers with varying and customisable levels of support.



    Shenzhen Shine Dew Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of drinking water treatment equipment, auto bottling machines, labeling machines and other auxiliary equipment, with more than 10 years of experience in China. We can provide machines and services as below: 1. Reverse osmosis water purification equipment 2. Ultra filtration systems for mineral water and spring water 3. Auto water filling machines for 3/5 gallon bucket and small bottle (0.35-1.5L) 4. Packaging machines, like labeling machines and date printing machines 5. Bottle blowing machines for small PET bottles 6. Make budget for customers; building water treatment factories as per clients' request 7. Factory layout design, machine installation and adjustment and operation technology training With more than 10 years' experience in water treatment industry, we have exported our machines to Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, we have completed many turnkey projects o



    Our company specializes in industrial purification and conditioning. We carry out turnkey projects and applications in the field of process water treatment, waste water treatment and recovery, design and installation of water facilities, drinking and utility water preparation systems. It carries out international and domestic projects meticulously with its expert engineer staff, technical service and manufacturing team. Our company, acting with the awareness of this issue, has gained a great momentum in a very short time by combining the most advanced technologies with the right engineering service since its establishment in 2018, and has taken its place among the leading companies of the sector. In line with the entrepreneurial management team, experienced engineer staff and the participation of all employees, we aim to provide quality products and services to our customers and continuous development. In addition, we develop innovative solutions to implement all our services efficiently and creatively, while respecting nature and people as a priority social responsibility. We continue our services and activities in order to “create a sustainable world, a life where future generations can live safely”, which is among the principles of environmental awareness. It is among our priorities to protect natural water resources, to support their development and most importantly to add value to the environment by conscious consumption



    Xiamen AQE Technology company is one specialized is in the membrane separation technology , EDI technology , direct drinking water system, ion exchange , water resuse, wastwater treatment technology reseach, development and application of enterprises.the company absorb and the introduction of international advanced technology and equipment, product design sophisticated, stable performance, reliable in quality. Companies with the advantages of equipment set a group of professional engaged in various water treatment project design and manufacture of related equipment, installation and debugging of high-quality engineering and technical personnel. Application of high and new technology of water treatment provide you with: dedicated home water treatment system (household pure water machine, water purifier); Factories and mines, schools, water system, direct drinking water, pure water, water purification equipment); Water supply system (community, building, public place of tap water depth of puri


    United States

    Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment, hydrogen storage equipment and hydrogen purification device for various industries. Zhongxinda is committed to the full ecological coverage of hydrogen energy. We can independently complete the design, on-site installation, commissioning, start-up and operation, maintenance, overhaul and technical upgrading of the whole hydrogen generation and supply station, and provide timely and effective after-sales service The company's products are used in hydrogen refueling stations, new energy, chemical, non-ferrous metals, electric power, steel, aviation and other industries, and are sold globally, such as the United States, South Korea, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa , Taiwan and many other countries and regions. Our goal: Zhongxinda's goal is to be a “standard” in this area. Our mission: Our mission is to reduce the cost of water electrolysis while meeting the most stringent industry standards by providing professional technology, products and services. Our vision: Our vision is to promote green hydrogen globally through renewable energy and set a new benchmark in the industry.



    Crobal Water is European manufacturer and exporter of household and commercial reverse osmosis water purification systems, membrane elements, filter cartridges, diaphragm booster pumps and many other water treatment related products. We combine the most advance technology gained through our 10 years experience as a reverse osmosis water systems manufacturer, our purifiers provide highest quality, unique design, easy installation and operation of water filter purifiers.



    Since its inception in 2004, CONAX has consistently progressed, establishing itself as a prominent player in the production and sales of high-quality home and workplace water purification devices. Within nine years in the domestic market, CONAX has ascended to the top three brands in its sector, setting its sights on becoming the nation's most valuable brand in the water treatment sector. With a commitment to 100% domestic and national production, CONAX operates from a 10, 000 m2 closed production area in Manisa, aiming to bolster its contributions to the country's economy each year. Dedicated to continuous improvement, CONAX prioritizes the development of better, more comfortable, and economical products, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products and services to its customers. Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of CONAX's production philosophy. The company employs an environmentally friendly management approach across all production processes, consistently updating its administrative infrastructure, personnel structure, production line, machinery, and equipment to align with eco-friendly practices. This commitment underscores CONAX's dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices, reflecting its commitment to both customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship. Contact us or visit our website for more information!



    The company TECO GROUP SRL, is a Retailer, which operates in the Water purifying products industry. It also operates in the water purifier installation, cleaner maintenance, and reverse osmosis equipment industries. It is based in Cesano Maderno, Italy.



    The company BEST WATER SU ARITMA, is a Retailer, which operates in the Water purification services industry. It also operates in the water purifier installation, and products and supplies for water conditioning and treatment industries. It is based in Bahcelievler / Istanbul, Turkey.

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