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  • Operating within the world-renowned PRAHER GROUP, Peraqua focuses on marketing ABS/PVC swimming pool valves, pipes and fittings, ABS white goods, swimming pool cleaning accessories as well as pool...

    Supplier of: Filtering glass | Heat exchangers | pumps for pools | filtering pumps | heat pumps [+] pvc fittings | swimming pool technology and equipment | solar heating solutions for swimming pool | equipment for treating pool water | measurement and control technology for swimming pools | rolling devices for swimming pool covers | swimming pool accessories | swimming pool cleaning | abs/v4a swimming pool white goods | swimming pool sand filters

    • Smart Salt Electrolysis Smart Salt Electrolysis Advanced-Pro Magnesium
    • Smart Heat Pump Plus Smart Heat Pump Plus Full Inverter Technology, heating & cooling
    • IBG® FlexFit® Fittings IBG® FlexFit® Fittings different connection types
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  • Since 1982, KUGLER has been on the market as an equipment supplier for industry and municipal treatment plants and specialises in separating solids from liquids. Recommendations all over Germany and...

    Supplier of: Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment | water treatment | industrial water treatment facilities | sludge treatment | microfiltration [+] machines for draining | separating water | drainage container | construction site sewage | drainage water | mobile drainage | thickener | sewage plants | respirator masks | kn95 (ffp2) face masks

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    GERMANY- Mönsheim
    ATN WASSERAUFBEREITUNG - Verified by Europages

    We have been engaged in water treatment for over 25 years – clean, safe and sustainable. ATN stands for maximum flexibility to implement your individual customer requirements. No matter whether you...

    Supplier of: water treatment advice | cooling water treatment | process water treatment plants | water treatment plants for the drinks industry | water treatment plants for the food industry [+] well water treatment | Water retreatment - equipment and installations | plant construction | activated carbon filter | water conditioning | water conservation | filtration | membrane filtration | ultrafiltration plants | industrial water

    • Consulting Consulting Sous-titre 7
    • Service & Maintenance Service & Maintenance Sous-titre 10
    • Planning Planning Sous-titre 8
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    EUROCARB PRODUCTS LTD - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1986 as the European subsidiary of Haycarb PLC, Eurocarb is now a leading supplier of a wide range of high quality activated carbons into the European market. As the European arm of...

    Supplier of: Treatment of industrial waste water | water treatment | Air filtration equipment | Water purification | activated carbon [+] biogas | cartridge | activated carbon filter | activated charcoal | coconut shell activated carbon | wood based activated carbon | gold recovery | green carbon | eurocarb | iodine

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  • Josef Jasper GmbH & Co KG is a medium-sized family-owned enterprise with several production sites. For our customers from industry, plant manufacturing, the chemical and petrochemical industry and...

    Supplier of: Storage tanks | pressure tanks | heat accumulator | trays | silos [+] pressure devices | buffer tanks | fireplaces | chimney-tops | torches | autoclaves | quick closing mechanisms | plant construction | stainless steel apparatus and containers | apparatus and container manufacturing

    • Water Treatment Tanks Water Treatment Tanks
    • Surface Treatment Surface Treatment
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  • Since 1965, we have been a competent partner for all aspects of industrial exhaust air cleaning and heat recovery. We offer you turnkey systems for various environmental tasks and different...

    Supplier of: Air purification - equipment and systems | heat regeneration systems | filter systems | construction of industrial plants | dust filters [+] air pollution control systems | air pollution control systems, biological | waste air purification systems, catalytic | waste air purification systems, mobile | waste air purification systems, physical-chemical | waste air purification systems, self-cleaning | waste air purification systems, thermal | biofilters for waste air purification | dust extraction systems | gas scrubbers

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  • The fact that the gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH company enjoys such a great reputation as a top expert and innovative specialist in high-quality temperature control and cooling technology...

    Supplier of: Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial | Cooling towers | chillers | cooling plants | industrial cooling [+] heat regeneration systems | water cooler | temperature control units | temperature control system | temperature control unit | compact cooler | variothermal temperature control | dynamic temperature control | container cooling system | central cooling system

    • Water cleaning machine - moldclean Water cleaning machine - moldclean Cleaning and protection of cooling channels
    • Centralized cooling plant Centralized cooling plant Energy-saving combined systems
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  • We are manufacturers of filter nozzles and drainage systems for water and wastewater treatment. Our own development, tool manufacturing and production facilities mean that we are able to react...

    Supplier of: water treatment | drainage systems for water treatment | Nozzles - non-ferrous metal | Waste water recycling | filter nozzles [+] stainless steel filters | plastic filters | filters and filter elements | filters and filtration systems | working of foamed plastic filtering elements | drainage works | drainage pipes | stainless steel filter nozzles | plastic filter nozzles | filter mesh

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    CZECH REP.- Brno
    MIVALT - Verified by Europages

    The MIVALT company has been active and successful on both domestic and foreign markets (incl. oversees) since 2007. The main focus of the company is laid on machines and equipment within...

    Supplier of: water treatment | wastewater treatment | Pressure switches | sludge dewatering | screw dewatering press [+] dehydrator | polymer station | roots blower | belt conveyor | polymer preparation | oil sludge | industrial sludge | food-processing | paper mill

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    SPAIN- Sentmenat
    CDI VALLÈS S.L. - Verified by Europages

    CDI Vallès has been present on the market for 30 years and is specialised in the design, manufacture and packing of household products, detergents and industrial insecticides. we are registered with...

    Supplier of: treatment of water | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Detergents and soaps - professional | production of detergents | disinfectants [+] cosmetics | insecticide manufacturer | manufacturer of chemical products | manufacture and packing for third parties | agrochemicals | bulk detergent | household soap | bathroom installations | manufacturing and packing of chemical products

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    SPAIN- El Palau D'anglesola (lleida)
    AIFIAGU - Verified by Europages

    Olimpe-Agri guarantees you bacteriologically clean water, for drinking troughs and teats as well as in pipework with no biofilm. Water is not re-contaminated on contact with air. Equipment for...

    Supplier of: water treatment | water treatment equipment | mechanical treatment of waste water | water treatment for animals | Veterinary services [+] water disinfection plants and equipment | equipment for treating and disinfecting water

    Brands : OLIMPE-AGRI

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    GERMANY- Rossdorf
    ENVIROCHEMIE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: water treatment | ion exchange systems for water treatment | Recycling - machines and installations | Drainage systems and equipment | wastewater treatment products

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  • Bimaks is a leading company established in Istanbul in 2006. It provides reliable service to its customers by combining the production and sales of water treatment chemicals and industrial cleaning...

    Supplier of: boiler water treatment | cooling water treatment | Water purifying products | biocides | reverse osmosis chemicals

    • MAKS 400P (NSF Certified) MAKS 400P (NSF Certified) Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant
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    SWITZERLAND- Reinach Bl

    Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. We provide process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analytics,...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | metrology | heat counter | temperature probes

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    Suzhou X Chemical Co., Ltd is a company that especially focus on ion exchange resins and adsorb resins fields, including manufacture , research and development, market. We have a huge manufacturing...

    Supplier of: water treatment | wastewater treatment | Water softeners | ion exchange resins | alternators for hydropower plants

    • Ion Exchange Resin-Portable Exchange-XPE100 Ion Exchange Resin-Portable Exchange-XPE100 Amber colored low cost
    • Ion Exchange Resin-Condensate Polishing -XCW910 Ion Exchange Resin-Condensate Polishing -XCW910 high capacity highly regenerated, low sodium hydrogen form cation resin
    • Ion Exchange Resin-Wastewater Treatment-XWT-P710 Ion Exchange Resin-Wastewater Treatment-XWT-P710 Gel type perchlorate selective strong base anion resin
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  • Levtech Service and Production SRL, is based in Transylvania. Our family-owned company has a growing team of experts on the fields of machining, automation, and electronics with more than 15 years of...

    Supplier of: Milling - steels and metals | electronics | 3- and 5-axis cnc machining | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | cnc milling

    • Conductivity 4-20mA transmitter Conductivity 4-20mA transmitter Water conductivity transmitter
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  • Aichi Tokei Denki offers a wide variety of products and services which provide fluid measuring and monitoring technologies to the Gas and Water Industry and the Industrial Market which is essential...

    Supplier of: Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | natural gas distribution | industrial energy cost reductions | compressed air systems and equipment | gas flow metering instruments

    • Model ATZTA VNS series Model ATZTA VNS series Compact Electromagnetic Flowsensor
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    TURKEY- Guzelbahce / Izmir

    Kemisan® has been developing and manufacturing electrolysis technology since 1976 in İzmir, Turkey. With the experience of more than 45 years in Chlor-Alkali and Electrochlorination, today Kemisan®...

    Supplier of: Water treatment products | drinking water treatment | swimming pools - water treatment | cooling water treatment | Electrolysis - surface treatment

    • HypoX® LX Series Mix Oxidant Generator HypoX® LX Series Mix Oxidant Generator On-site Electrochlorination Technology from Brine
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    GERMANY- Heinsberg

    BELKI teknik was founded in 1888 as a small village smithy. The old smithy is still fully functional and now serves as a museum. In 1945, the company was acquired by K. Skjellerup, the father of...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Water retreatment - equipment and installations | Waste water recycling | filter systems | water-oil separators

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    GERMANY- Kirchhundem

    Our company, HERMES® Fassadenreinigung, is based in Brachthausen near Kirchhundem in the heart of Germany's South Westphalia region. We are the experts to turn to for everything concerning cleaning...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Cleaning machines, industrial | façade cleaning | detergents | watering hose winder

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    H2oEliteLabs brings cutting edge technology and solutions to the world of water conditioning. Our chemical free systems not only eliminate problems associated with hard water such as scale build-up...

    Supplier of: Water treatment products | water treatment | descaler | electronic water conditioner | scale remover

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  • MIN Umwelt & Energie Technik GmbH is an engineering and consulting company , We provide tailor-made total solutions and engineering services in the environment and energy sectors. MIN Umwelt &...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Energy - production plants and equipment | ac electric generators | renewable energy | engineering services

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    UKRAINE- Kyiv

    he enterprise was established back in 1991 alongside with the new-born Ukrainian state. The group of PhD chemists gathered in a chemical lab in search of effective solutions for water purification....

    Supplier of: water treatment | Water purification - systems and equipment | water filters | water softners | water purification

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Birmingham

    The Aquadron makes a powerful biocide, that acts directly against bacteria, viruses and fungi and removes the biofilm that harbours them. It is used at food and beverage production sites, and at...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Disinfection and sterilisation services | legionella | beverage cip | beverage disinfection

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    Finding the right water treatment or purification system for your business can be a challenge. However, when you have experienced professionals on your side who know and understand the industry and...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Water purification - systems and equipment | deionisation | water filtration

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  • King Union Group Corp. as a transnational group company was incorporated in Hong Kong. The group possesses of one import & export company and five sub-company in mainland China, which principally...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Filtration, chemical | polyaluminum chloride | polyacrylamide | trichloroisocyanuric acid

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Stevenage

    ...highest quality equipment for the heating and treatment of swimming pools, this has quickly evolved into other markets such as aquatic, tropical marine and bespoke projects, such as building reaction...

    Supplier of: Swimming pools - equipment and installations for water treatment | water treatment | Heat exchangers | electric swimming pool heaters | solar swimming pool heating

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  • ENELSA's roots' based on Antalya Elektrik Bobinaj Co. which has been establish by Ömer BACANAK & Rahmi KÖKÇEN in 1994.In the early years of this small company they have started to serve pool...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Dosing pumps | chemical dosing pumps | electrodes | manufacturer

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  • Sunresin Technology Ltd., Xi'an, is a High-Tech company devoted to manufacturing ion exchange and adsorption polymer resins. Sunresin is well-known special resin manufacturer with the most yields and...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Water purifying products | ion exchange resins

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    ITALY- Avigliana

    Ilmed Impianti, in 30 years of activity, acquired experience and innovation capability, becoming one of the most qualified actor in Water Cooling Towers Application with more than 6’000 systems in 45...

    Supplier of: water treatment | Cooling towers | cooling towers

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