Cylinder pressure measurement


Methods and equipment for measuring the cylinder pressure in piston machines: p-V 1.0 and PicopV 1.0 user`s software for determination of p-V-diagrams with DiaW - Diagram for Windows. p-V forms a p-V diagram from a PC file containing measured values of the pressure and information about the rotary position of the crankshaft, and calculates the work delivered or consumed by the working cycle represented by the p-V - diagram. PicopV and indicator control are controlling continually the acquisition of cylinder pressure and crankshaft position for individual working cycles. PicopV is forming from these data p-V diagrams, evaluates them and calculates an average of indicated work. In the background the PC memorizes by DiaW - Diagram for Windows - data from the MP Computer about the state of the engine, the specific fuel consumption, and the duration of acquisition and evaluation of p-V diagrams.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • p-V-diagram
  • cylinder pressure

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