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TECHNICAL DEFINITION CE 78 PERFECT’JOINT is a ready-mix paste specially formulated for jointing mitred-edge plasterboards in association with plaster tape. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Resin, water, calcium carbonate, thickener, pre- servation agent and various adjuvants. The paste is white. SUITABLE SURFACES All types of plasterboard with or without insulation (glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene) with mitred edges and carded surfaces. COVERINGS Plasterboard primer. Smoothing filler. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS • CE marking • DTU 25.41 and DTU 25.42 • NF EN 13963 • DoP PACK SIZE 7 and 25 kg buckets. STORAGE 12 months in original unopened packaging away from frost and high temperatures. APPLICATION Before actual jointing, fill any accidental gaps between boards and any other areas (spalls, deterioration of the surface etc.). Apply manually by «buttering» the mitred-edge using a 10 or 15 cm plaster spatula and then ad- ding the tape (milled face against the jointing coa- ting).

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