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Lightweight paste coating



TECHNICAL DEFINITION CE 78 PERFECT’LISS is a ready-to-use lightweight compound specially formulated for finishing interior substrates (walls and ceilings). COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Resin, water, calcium carbonate, lightening fillers, preservative and various admixtures. The compound is white. SUITABLE SURFACES Plasterboard, plaster, AAC, brick, fibreglass cloth, gypsum block, concrete, render, old paint. APPLICATION Roller, trowel or airless applications of the product are possible. For roller application, the product should be mixed before use. Nozzles recommended for airless application : 35 and 41. AMOUNT REQUIRED Depends on the thickness applied : from 0.4 to 2 kg/m². DRYING TIME The second coat can be applied 6-24 hours after the first, depending on the ambient conditions.

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