whipped cream last in a cream siphon -

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The whipped cream can be kept in the cream siphon for up to 10 days in the refrigerator. To reuse it, just shake the siphon vigorously a couple of times. If we want the texture to be thicker, it works well to add a second charge, but it is not always necessary. The reality is that whipping cream for desserts may seem simple, and in fact, it is. Of course, it is easier for those who are used to dealing with this type of appliance. The first time can be complex and it is important to have some basic notions before using this kitchen utensil. In the catering sector, it is a key utensil because it offers many possibilities and has many advantages, including An authentic flavor flavor is one of the most important aspects when selling products. If what you want is to get a fresh and pure cream flavor, you can achieve this with a kitchen siphon for desserts.