Cream siphon usage in the food industry -

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Within the food sector, we come across the use of tools, products, or small appliances that a few years ago might have seemed unthinkable. However, trends often emerge and it is important to evolve, to be up to date, and to offer customers novelties. One of these key utensils in today’s kitchen is the cream siphon. This is a product with many possibilities since the siphon can be used to prepare creams and foams, both for main dishes and desserts, which is why it is so popular. The cream siphon is a popular utensil for many reasons. One of them is because it allows us to achieve ‘something’ that we could not do otherwise. For example, it allows us to transform the liquid into a mousse texture so that if we introduce liquid cream in a siphon with an N2O cream charger, we will have whipped cream. This is ideal for making surprising preparations, both at home and professionally.