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SensitivE Audit® devices are the premium segment in the range of SensitivE diagnostic tools. The device uses the advanced LifeStream® program and is able to run complete diagnostics of a human body in a short space of time, without any harm to health. SensitivE Audit has the form of a transformer that allows you to supplement and improve the basic set with different modules, as well as a greater number of reference processes with corrected frequency spectra, which provides for substantially increasing testing accuracy. The accuracy of the device SensitivE Audit diagnostics reaches — 97% SensitivE Audit was inspired by cutting-edge high-speed technologies and has been globally recognized by the scientific community.

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The work of the TempoHeart module is based on the method of scoring the heart rate vegetative regulation. This method is popular due to its high information value and non-invasiveness. Cannot be used without an interface block. The module can: • evaluate the heart rate autonomic regulation; • to predict in advance (to prematurely reveal) the hazards of a myocardial infarction, hypertensive crises and strokes; • to determine the metabolic and electrolyte disorders in the myocardium; • identify risk groups for heart rate increased stability; • to make a cold evaluation of the autonomic nervous system's reaction when exposed to electromagnetic fields, intoxications and other pathogenic factors; • to assess the activity of the respiratory component when measuring heart rate variability, recording the parameters of blood movement in the vessels; • to expose the stress resistance level.

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Carries out spectrophotometric analysis with the registration of arterial temperatures infrared radiation. Cannot be used without an interface block. The module can: • noninvasively obtain 85 biochemical parameters of peripheral and hemodynamic blood composition; • obtain hemodynamic parameters; • obtain various information about the oxygen transportation in the blood; • analyze the cardiovascular system activity; • study affiliation with the hematopoietic, immune and enzyme systems of the body.

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SensitivE Audit® DynamicB The module allows analyzing tissue conductivity and microcirculation disorders using certain dosed stimuli. Cannot be used without an interface block. The module can: • automatically conduct an incremental scanning of the head and limbs with impulses of negative and positive polarity (20 derivations), with a repetition rate of 10 Hz. At that, the electric signal test is physiological and does not cause discomfort; • to readjust the signal received via the use of direct or alternating current influence in the measuring range to exclude effect of fabric electrolysis; • use sequential transfer of frequency-wave information to the object under study along the diagonals, in accordance with the distribution of energy meridians; • to carry out early prediction of neoplastic and fibrodystrophic processes in selective foci; • to reveal the hidden foci of tissue conduction disorders and their influence on the studied object's functional reserves of adaptation.

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Alfa-Med is a manufacturer of medical equipment for health assessment. The basement of the electronic diagnostics of the human is applied on the wave nature of biological objects: frequency-wave effect and imprinting. Own research and production facilities, as well as cooperation with the world's leading R&D and medical institutes enables Alfa-Med LLC to produce diagnostic equipment employing modern research methods used in medical institutions of Russia, Europe and the USA •SensitivE Audit allows for a complete medical diagnosis of the body with highest accuracy up to 97%. SensitivE Audit is the latest generation based on Sensitiv imago device, but has a unique capability to plug-in additional modules: TempoHeart, TempoLab, DynamicBIA, LineBIA, NeuroStim. •Sensitiv imago (530/535) is a device for instant health assessment and supplement testing. The company has been manufacturing medical electronics, apparatus and equipment since 2001. Our team is represented by MD and the best specialists with PhD in degree in Medicine, Biology and Technical Sciences, a team of scientists and physicians with 20 years of experience in quantum physics, holistic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, bioresonance and biofeedback systems. We are ready to supply you and develop installations and equipment for health care, electromedical equipment capable of detecting organ dysfunctions at the preclinical stage.

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SensitivE Audit®️ in Croatia

SensitivE Audit®️ in Croatia

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Alfa-Med holding in cooperation with Croatian distributor center are performing a meeting dedicated to the business development and the main strategic objectives for 2021-2022.


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