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    NETHERLANDS- Oostkapelle
    FISC EENH B.V - Verified by Europages

    FISCALE EENHEID GROENEWEG BEHEER KA-KAPELLE B.V. EN GROENEWEG ONROEREND GOED B.V. is a cosmetic trading company based in Netherlands. With over 15 years of experience, we have managed to be in the...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Beauty creams | cosmetic accessories | creation of cosmetics ranges | body creams [+] face creams | nail polish | mascara | cosmetic of argan | organic argan oil | lipsticks | beauty products | anti-aging cream | anti-wrinkle creams | body care products

    • Oxygen Cylinder Oxygen Cylinder
    • Aspirator Aspirator
    • Oximeter Oximeter
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    FRANCE- Aubervilliers
    PHARMA EXPRESS - Verified by Europages

    Pharma Express is specialised in the distribution of medical items. Under the Ajan brandname, we supply protective health equipment, namely masks to satisfy increasing demand during the current...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | Masks, safety | masks | medical-sanitary articles | disposable medical articles [+] disposable gloves | disposable face masks | medical gloves | disposable medical gloves | vinyl gloves | protective gloves | disposable shirts | medical gown | hand gel | hand disinfectant

    • KN95 Mask KN95 Mask
    • FFP2 Mask FFP2 Mask
    • 3 ply Mask 3 ply Mask
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    POLAND- Warsaw
    SOL-MILLENNIUM - Verified by Europages

    SOL-MILLENIUM is a global healthcare company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment for people, patients and...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | Needles for syringes | Syringes | Disposable medical and surgical articles | medical devices [+] Masks, safety | protective coveralls | oximeter | needles for medical use | healthcare articles | masks for hospital use | disposable face masks | disposable syringes | disposable needles | disposable medical articles

    • SOL-M Tube Holder with Luer Lock Adapter SOL-M Tube Holder with Luer Lock Adapter
    • SOL-M Blood Transfer Holder SOL-M Blood Transfer Holder
    • SOL-M™ Latex-Free Tourniquet SOL-M™ Latex-Free Tourniquet
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    FRANCE- Aubervilliers
    AIC-SNOWBALL - Verified by Europages

    The AIC company – we are direct manufacturers of adults' and children's medical masks. We only deliver to the trade. Our sales offer comprises: TYPE 2 and 2R medical masks ( blue, black, white, grey,...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | Masks, safety | masks | disposable masks | single-use masks [+] protective respiratory mask | barrier mask | anti-droplet face masks | ffp2 masks | covid 19 masks | covid | children's masks | disposable children's masks | respiratory face masks for children | protective face masks for children

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  • MONTFORT Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of solutions based on plastic injection moulded parts. In doing so, we strive for a cooperative partnership with our customers in which we can...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | medical equipment | plastic casing for medical equipment | Plastics - industrial products | moulding of plastic materials [+] technical-grade plastic parts | plastics manufacturing | mymaskclip | mask clips | mysafetysafe | vicap | dispensing systems | plastic assemblies | plastic moulded parts | plastic precision parts

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    PLUS SAFETY - Verified by Europages

    Founded in 1998, the mission for PLUS SAFETY MEDICAL PRODUCTS CO., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PLUS GROUP) is "To Consolidate and Grow PLUS GROUP as the Premier Supplier of Medical Products and...

    Supplier of: Disposable medical and surgical articles | Medical Equipment | medical overalls | Masks, safety | Overalls and aprons [+] disposable face masks | disposable medical articles | medical gown | protective coveralls | safety goggles | protective goggles and visors | protective visors | disposable aprons | medical-sanitary articles | medical articles

    • Hospital Medical Surgical Sterile Disposable Gown Hospital Medical Surgical Sterile Disposable Gown Non-Woven Material Cheap Sterilized Hospital Medical gowns Sterile doctor hospit
    • Cheaper Hospital Medical Disposable isolation Gown Cheaper Hospital Medical Disposable isolation Gown SS SMS materials ,blue colour ,25 gsm ,30 gsm cheaper surgical ,medical gowns
    • Hospital Medical Disposable  Boot Cover  Shoe Cover Hospital Medical Disposable Boot Cover Shoe Cover Medical Isolation Shoe Cover Boot Cover Hospital Disposable Shoe Cover
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  • Welcome to PRECISION VALLEY - Wellendingen. We are the leading specialist for the production of your worm wheel sets and gear components, offering cost-effective production and a wide range of...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Grinding - steels and metals | precision shafts | threaded spindles | worm shafts [+] worm wheel sets | worm wheels | motor shafts | spindles | special-purpose screws | milled parts | prototype construction | tappet presetting device thread grinding | threaded cores | thread injection moulding cores

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    FRANCE- Dammartin En Goele
    MAYDANOZZ - Verified by Europages

    MAYDANOZZ specializes in sales and retail trade. We supply single-use medical articles such as surgical masks, face shields, gloves and jumpsuits as well as hand-washing solutions including soaps and...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | Masks, safety | medical articles | disposable medical articles | medical-sanitary articles [+] disposable face masks | disinfectants | hand disinfectant | hand gel | antibacterial wipes | cleanroom wiper | bleaches | medical systems | protective goggles and visors | disposable gloves

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    GERMANY- Obergurig, Ot Singwitz
    POREX TECHNOLOGIES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Over the decades, Porex Corporation has proven that they deserve their position as a market leader in the development, manufacture and innovation of porous plastics. We are proud that over the years,...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Filters, liquid | Oil filters | water filtering | ventilation filters [+] compressed air filters | filters | filtering cartridges | filters for the chemical industry | filtering units for the beverages industry | filters and filter elements | air filters | electronics | filter systems for swimming pools | filters made from polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe)

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    GERMANY- Jena
    HERACLE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    This ISO 9001-certified company is based in Jena, Germany, the centre for pioneering research and development in optical fibres for the photonic industry. In addition to an extensive special fibre...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | medical laser equipment | Optical fibres | Lasers - medical applications | optical fibres [+] optical fibre cables | fibre optics | fibre optic cable preparation | fibre optics | glass fibre technology | fibre-optic cables | fibre optics | graded-index fibres | step-index fibres | quartz glass fibres

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    GEOTAR - Verified by Europages

    GEOTAR Manufacturing LLC is engaged in its own development and production of educational simulators, development and modernization of existing simulators, as well as the development and...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | Dentistry - products | Medical imaging equipment and instruments | Dentistry - apparatus and equipment | Dentistry - equipment and instruments [+] Software | Teaching materials | Laboratories, technical and scientific - teaching materials | Models, educational | Medicine and ergonomics - studies and research | Biomedical equipment | simulators | training laboratories | simulation systems | customised production of orthodontic medical devices

    Brands : GEOTAR

    • Dental Simulator Dental Simulator Hybrid Dental Simulator «BE.DENT.PRO»
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    TURKEY- Merkez / Kilis
    BAYMED - Verified by Europages

    We as Baymed Innovative Healthcare Products established in 2016 located in Kilis Industrial Zone as one of the companies of Haskan Group of Companies to design and manufacture innovative medical...

    Supplier of: Disposable medical and surgical articles | Medical Equipment | medical and surgical equipment | Overalls and aprons | Masks, safety [+] disposable medical articles | disposable face masks | medical gown | medical articles | protective coveralls | personal protection equipment | masks | masks for hospital use | disposable articles | disposable surgical clothing

    • Disposable Standard Surgical Gown Disposable Standard Surgical Gown
    • Reinforced Surgical Gowns Reinforced Surgical Gowns High Performance Sterile Surgical Gowns
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  • Simer Sac Metal Processing & Lift is a company based in Turkey that specializes, both in CNC cutting and bending, and lifting machinery manufacturing. With many years of experience in knowledge we...

    Supplier of: Profiled sheets - ferrous metal | cnc cut | alloyed steel sheet metal | lift | plasma cut machines [+] side forklift trucks | spare parts - forklift trucks | plasma cutting | lifting - forklift and pallet trucks | metal processing | cnc bending | forklift truck | laser cutting units | forks for forklift trucks | accessories for forklifts

    • Medical Equipment Medical Equipment
    • Medical Bed Side Support Medical Bed Side Support
    • Medical Bed Medical Bed
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ALFA-MED LLC - Verified by Europages

    Alfa-Med is a manufacturer of medical equipment for health assessment. The basement of the electronic diagnostics of the human is applied on the wave nature of biological objects: frequency-wave...

    Supplier of: Medical imaging equipment and instruments | Medical electronics - apparatus and equipment | Medical Equipment | electro-medical equipment | developers and manufacturers medical equipment [+] medical devices | Orthopaedics and physiotherapy - apparatus, instruments and equipment | medical utensils | medical articles | pharmaceutical research | electromedical equipment | laboratory diagnosis | electronic diagnosis | diagnostic supplies | diagnosis equipment and supplies

    • Sensitiv imago® 530 — MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS Sensitiv imago® 530 — MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS Analysis and healing of organism.
    • DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT Noninvasive blood test - SensitivE Audit® TempoLab
    • DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT Scoring the heart rate vegetative regulation - SensitivE Audit® TempoHeart
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  • Benefit from more than 65 years of experience. The company was founded in 1950 by Friedrich Würth with the corporate objective of producing and repairing heating elements for household devices,...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | heating systems, electric, for industrial purposes | flow heater | technical ceramic [+] foldable batteries | heating elements to heat air inside housings | heating elements to heat air without housings | electric air heaters | electric radiant heaters | quarz infrared heating elements | cable assembly | heating elements for direct contact with liquids | fused silica heating elements | porcupine heating elements

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  • Precision and high-precision turned parts are used in many different areas, such as medical technology, aviation or optics. Precision turned parts such as threaded pins are used, for example, in...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Steel & Metals | cnc turned parts | headless screws | cnc turned titanium parts [+] cnc precision parts | small turned parts | cnc turned steel parts | cnc turned parts made from special materials | plastic turned parts | clockmaking parts | aerospace industry | electrical engineering | microtechnology | turned screws

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    SOUTH KOREA- Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul
    EC PLAZA - Verified by Europages

    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Make-up | Beauty products | Cosmetics | Skin-care products [+] Bags | Textile - import-export | E-business - services | Leather Goods | Tools & Hardware | construction material | electronics | accessories for pets | packing | household appliance

    • TING Disposable Enteral Feeding Tube TING Disposable Enteral Feeding Tube
    • EarlyTect® Colon Cancer EarlyTect® Colon Cancer
    • Negative Pressure Carrier (Ansim Narmi) Negative Pressure Carrier (Ansim Narmi)
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    GERMANY- Rheinau
    SCHNEIDER MEDICAL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a family-managed company with a fascinating 30-year history. What distinguishes our family? Our team spirit, our values and traditions and not least our plans and vision as well. We are not...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Refrigerants | Health and fitness | fabric for thermal comfort | orthopaedic articles [+] instant ice bags | cooling logistics | ice packs | face masks | cold chain | medical compresses | powder compresses | gel compresses | heat cushions | warm/cold compresses

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    GERMANY- Wetzlar
    BEFORT WETZLAR OD GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Design – Systems – Precision Optics – Coatings. Befort Wetzlar is a leading supplier of precision optics for special applications. We develop and produce opto-mechanical components for your...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Optical measuring equipment | Optical instruments | Lenses, camera | optical mirrors [+] mirrors | software | precision optics | optical components | mechanical engineering | metrology | spherical optics | flat optics | achromatic lenses | optical coatings

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    GERMANY- Kierspe
    WALTER POTTHOFF GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Walter Potthoff GmbH is a family-managed supplier of plastic components and systems for use in medicine and industry. As a modern, sustainably operating technology company, we offer our customers...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | development of medical equipment | Plastics - industrial products | tool manufacturing | thermosetting materials [+] plastic profiles, extruded | disposable medical supplies | development of tools | housings for the electronics industry | plastic clamps for aggressive media | plastic parts, electrotechnical | plastic components for medical technology | technical-grade plastic parts | plastic fasteners for the food processing industry | metal parts, plastic-coated

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    GERMANY- Assamstadt
    ANSMANN AG - Verified by Europages

    ANSMANN stands for quality and safety. To keep it that way, we rely on process-oriented quality management. Our claim is the daily work according to the strict rules of ISO 9001: 2015 – worldwide and...

    Supplier of: batteries for medical equipment | Battery chargers | accumulators | batteries | battery packs [+] battery packaging | accumulator assembly | engineering for the building trade | safety technology | e-mobility | lighting systems | garden equipment and tools | trade fair equipment | testing equipment | optics and acoustics

    • Charging systems for any application Charging systems for any application The perfect charging solution. Perfectly matched to your battery
    • Customer-specific rechargeable battery packs Customer-specific rechargeable battery packs Developed in accordance with your wishes.
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    GERMANY- Pforzheim
    MECHASYS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    mechaSYS GmbH is your DEVELOPMENT PARTNER in prototypes, samples and small series in sheet metal as well as electrical sheet metal. Prototype construction and small series production are the clear...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Bending - steels and metals | laser cutting | automotive | metrology [+] laser welding | embossing | bent parts | design | prototype | small series | stamping | precision engineering | chamfering | electrical sheet metal

    • Medical Technology Medical Technology Sous-titre 6
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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    NOVAMASK - Verified by Europages

    Filpar San. Tic. Ltd.Şti, company based in Istanbul, has been in business of filtration industry since 2008. It continues its activities with the aim of meeting the ever growing global demand for...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | Disposable medical and surgical articles | medical and surgical equipment | Masks, safety | masks for hospital use [+] disposable face masks | disposable medical articles | medical articles | protective suits | protective coveralls | medical gown | disposable suits | protective visors | nitrile gloves | protective face masks

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    AUSTRIA- Wien
    IFMS MED GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The certified medical technology company IFMS med was jointly founded by two Austrian service providers, R&S Beteiligung GmbH and A. Ubl Holding GmbH, in 2012. In addition to the legal safety checks...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Masks, safety | sanitisers | disposable gloves | latex gloves [+] endoscopes | hospitals | antigen rapid test | coronavirus rapid tests | coronavirus self-tests | ffp2 masks | ffp3 masks | hand sanitiser | rapid virus tests | amateur tests

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  • Celloflex International with its headquarters in the heart of Germany offers a vast array of services to process and refine foam-based materials. Our core area of expertise involves an extensive...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Packaging | foams, synthetic | latex | polyurethane foam [+] foam processing | foam cut-outs | foams for motor vehicle interior furnishing | pillow cores made of foam | foam mattresses | foam upholstery | foam packaging | foam rubber case inserts | foam custom-made products | foam moulded parts

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  • The fact that the company is being run by the third family generation already says a lot about it. Being able to operate over so many decades in a heartland of specialists in the Baar-Heuberg region...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Steels and metals - machining | cnc boring | cnc turned parts | cnc turned titanium parts [+] taps and fittings | sharpening | polishing | long turned parts | short turned parts | cnc contract manufacturing | cnc turned steel parts | cnc turned stainless steel parts | cnc turned plastic parts | cnc turned nonferrous heavy metal parts

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    GERMANY- Halver
    MEDING GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Meding GmbH is a specialist in plastic technology and produces customer-specific products for many sectors, particularly for medical technology. The company, based in South Westphalia, Germany, uses...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Plastics - industrial products | plastics manufacturing | technical-grade plastic parts | plastic articles for the food processing and canning industries [+] plastic measuring beakers | disposable products for medicine | biodegradable plastics | clean room production | plastic measuring spoons | plastic components for electrical engineering | molded plastic parts | orthopaedic and rehabilitation products | 3d constructions, design and modelling | development of plastic components

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  • We supply COVID-19 antigen rapid tests, respiratory face masks, surgical masks, disposable masks, face masks, medical masks, hand disinfectant dispensers, FFP2 masks, medical gowns and medical...

    Supplier of: medical protective equipment | Masks, safety | boiler suits | coronavirus rapid tests | respiratory face masks [+] coronavirus tests | disposable face masks | ffp2 | rapid virus tests | personal hygiene products | corona antigen rapid test | beier antigen test | corona antigen rapid test kit | hand disinfection | lateral flow test

    • Mhc Mobile Rapid Test Center Mhc Mobile Rapid Test Center Simple, Fast, Cost-effective and scalable! Rapid Test Bus
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    GERMANY- Braunschweig
    RESALE GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Buy used machinery at reasonable prices from RESALE! For printing machines, agricultural machines or packaging machines: Our machinery is not only reasonably priced, but also available quickly....

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Used machines and equipment | Construction machinery | Forklift trucks | used machine tools [+] metal working machinery | wood treatment machines | machines for packaging | textile machinery | farm machinery | engines | industrial vehicles | operator machines | plastic processing machines | disposal technology

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  • RGENAU INDUSTRIES KG, a medium-sized company from Saxony with an international orientation, offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in various sectors. The company focuses in particular on...

    Supplier of: medical equipment | Industrial paintings | Silk-screen printing | Pad printing | wet painting [+] industrial design | furniture painting | plastic components for medical technology | plastic powder coating (service) | painting (service) | rim-moulded polyurethane parts | leaf gilding | cnc machining in wood | design varnishing | final fitting for yachts

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