Automatic screw capper - VS2000

Automatic screwing machine
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The VS 2000, an automatic screwing machine crafted by CDA, excels at automatically orienting and feeding caps onto containers before securely screwing them. Enclosed within a robust stainless steel frame with Securit glass, this screwing machine ensures durability and safety. Additionally, the VS 2000 can be configured with three sizes of stainless steel conveyors (82.5, 114, and 190mm chain) to suit various applications. This versatile machine accommodates a range of cap sizes, from Ø20 to 75mm. Depending on the cap type, such as grooved caps, smooth hinged caps, caps with integrated lids, childproof caps, etc., the VS 2000 can be equipped with the appropriate system. Ease of use is a highlight of this machine. A vibrating bowl efficiently feeds caps onto a multi-format conveyor belt, featuring a sensor to detect cap presence.

  • Hats and caps
  • capping machines
  • Capping machines, combined, for bottles
  • capping machines for packaging

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11100 Narbonne - France