Automatic screw capping VS 1000

Capping machine pour all sizes of closures
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The VS 1000 automatic capping module, a standalone capping machine crafted by CDA, is versatile and can be adapted to various cap types such as pump caps and spray caps. Designed to accommodate a diverse range of containers, spanning from 20 cl to 5 liters (encompassing vials, jars, bottles, etc.), the VS 1000 automatic capping machine is suitable for a wide spectrum of industries including food, cosmetics, chemicals, paint, cleaning products, and more. This automatic capping machine is equipped with a screwing system powered by two electric screwing machines, incorporating a detection cell to ensure cap presence and facilitating straightforward torque adjustment. Additionally, an optional pushing module can be seamlessly integrated directly onto the conveyor.

  • Hats and caps
  • capping machines
  • capping machines for packaging
  • Capping machines, combined, for bottles

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11100 Narbonne - France