Automatic capsule dispensing - DistriCap

Automatic lid dispensing & placing machine
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The DistriCap, an automatic module for dispensing twist-off caps (other formats subject to testing before project validation), is a creation of CDA. Engineered for automatic dispensing and placement of lids onto containers, the DistriCap seamlessly performs these operations "on the fly." This module seamlessly integrates with various machines, either after a CDA filler (such as K-Net Auto or K-Line S) or before an independent screwing machine (like VSA or VS1000). As a result, the DistriCap facilitates the dispensing of a cap or lid before being screwed and/or capped by a screwing module. Depending on the cap type, the machine can have two configurations: Lift/sorter/cap dispenser, typically used for twist-off formats. The lift, a vertical conveyor, sorts capsules by gravity onto a drop-off ramp. Vibrating bowl, commonly employed for plastic lids. The bowl directs caps directly to the appropriate side of the ramp.

  • Hats and caps
  • capping machines
  • capping machines for packaging
  • Capping machines, combined, for bottles

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