T-cap dispensing and pushing system - VST

Cap dispensing and pushing machine
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The VST is an automatic module designed for the dispensing and pushing of headed caps. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, this linear machine is developed and produced by CDA. It efficiently dispenses T-shaped caps onto bottles and subsequently pushes them in. With a potential output of up to 1,800 corks per hour (dependent on cork type, etc.), the VST streamlines the capping process. Initially, the corks are placed in the cap lift hopper in a 'loose' manner. The lift then transfers the corks to an orientation bowl, ensuring they are correctly aligned. Subsequently, an automatic distribution mechanism on a ramp feeds the corks (oriented in the right direction) onto the bottle neck. Notably, the lift is a standard feature, enhancing autonomy and simplifying the operator's tasks. Specifically designed for T corks, commonly used in the food processing and distillery industries, the VST stands out for its adaptability and user-friendly operation and adjustment features, such as the

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11100 Narbonne - France