Independent unscrewer - DS2000

Independent unscrewing machine suitable for all types of caps
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The DS2000 stands as a standalone cap unscrewing machine, featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface. While it excels in autonomous operation, it seamlessly integrates into various CDA machines, including fillers like K-Net Auto and K-Line S, or complete packaging lines. Engineered to unscrew a diverse array of caps, the DS2000 finds applicability across multiple industries, including food, cosmetics, chemicals, and e-liquids. Its distinctive capabilities include the adjustment of motor speed, position, torque, acceleration, and deceleration, coupled with clamp movement. With a production rate of up to 1,500 products per hour, it offers versatility to accommodate different product shapes. To further augment its functionality, optional solutions for vial feeding and discharge are available, such as an independent rotative table.

  • Hats and caps
  • capping machines
  • capping machines for packaging
  • Capping machines, combined, for bottles

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11100 Narbonne - France