AGIBEL is the commercial name of the purified gibberellic acid from Chemicals and Biochemicals Supplier. AGIBEL, derived from the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi, is a mix of gibberellins with a minimum of 95% of gibberellin A3 which modifies the normal plant growing at very low doses. PURPOSE The main effects of AGIBEL are the promotion of plant growing, by accelerating and increasing it, the acceleration of seed germination and the breaking of dormancy period of the vegetative parts of plants. APPLICATIONS It is successfully used in: almond tree, apples, artichokes, avocados, celery, cotton, cucumber, grapes, hops, lemons, oranges, limes, lettuce, oats, soya, ornamentals, peaches, pears, potatoes, straw-berries, cherries, tomatoes, malting and others. RATE The different application rates for the examples here above are available on request. SOLUBILITY Easy soluble in methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, ethylacetate and pyridin. Slightly soluble in butylacetate, ether,...


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