TANNOX-BREW is an atomized granulate powder of a high purified high molecular weight gallotannin. Gallotanins or tannic acid are extracted from gallnuts. Tannic acid inhibits malt lipoxygenase activity by 50%, reduces metals by its reducing power, removes metals by its chelating power and blocks radicals forming reactions. Tannic acid reacts very selectively with acid proteins containing SH-groups. Only these sensitive proteins are removed. TANNOX-BREW gives a real improvement on lauter-tun or mash-filter filtration rates and improves beer shelf life as far as clarity, taste and flavour are concerned. PROPERTIES PHYSICAL description: appearance: odour: taste: density: high purified high molecular weight gallotannin light yellow atomized granumate powder weak tea-like flavour neutral to light astringent dry 0.35 – 0.45 g/cm 3 CHEMICAL content: moisture: gallic acid: ash: solubility:pH: heavy metals: Arsenic: Lead: min. 96% tannic acid on dry max. 7% max. 1% max. 0.075% clear in...

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