TETRASOL is an aqueous solution of purified potassium salts of tetrahydroiso-humulone produced from the alpha-acid fraction of a hop liquid CO2 concentrate extract in an all aqueous process. The product is free of any solvent residues. The benefits of the use of TETRASOL in comparison with traditional hopping are high flexibility in beer bitterness adjusting, improved foam, enhanced cling and light-stability. AVAILABILITY TETRASOL is available in 10% (+/- 0.5%) tetrahydroiso-humulones in aqueous solution ready for direct addition to beer without pre-warming nor dilution. DILUTION If dilution is desired for metering pump requisites for example TETRASOL chould be diluted 10 times. Soft or deionized water equal to nine times the weight of TETRASOL 10 is needed. (Hard water may cause cloudiness). The pH of the soft water is adjusted to 10 to 11 using potassium hydroxide. The 1:9 dilution is prepared by slowly adding the weighed amount of TETRASOL to the stirred soft pH10-11 water (T...

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