TECHNICAL DEFINITION Cement-based powder filler with fibres for treating damaged exterior substrates. The filler is multi-purpose: can be used to fill, repair and rectify wall surfaces, with a smooth finish. SUITABLE SUBSTRATES All types of substrates : cement, concrete, concrete blocks, stones, brick, old paintwork, old tiling. COVERINGS Once the filler is completely dry, can be covered with all types of coatings and paintwork. Do not directly cover with solvent-borne paint. TECHNICAL FEATURES • Setting time: 30 to 40 minutes • Adhesion: complies with EN 16566 • AFNOR NFT 36.005 classification: Family IV class 4c MIXING PROPORTIONS • 6 to 6.5 litres of water per 15 kg bag • 2 to 2.2 litres of water per 5 kg bag • 0.4 - 0.43l of water for 1 kg • 2 volumes of water for 5 volumes of powder APPLICATION Application with a plastering spatula, knife, smoothing trowel. Clean tools with water. COVERAGE Approximately 1 kg per m²/mm of thickness.

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