COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Plaster-based powder coating containing calcium carbonate, resin and various additives. The mixed paste is white in colour. SUITABLE SURFACES Concrete, chipboards, cement coating, aerated concrete. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS DTU 25.41 and 25.42. Standard NF EN 14496. CE mark. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Setting time: 2 hours. • Reaction to fire A1. PACK SIZE 25 kg bag on shrink-wrapped pallet. 5 kg bag. PREPARATION OF SURFACES The wall surface must be sound, free from dust and oil, and show no signs of damp. In summer if the supports are too dry, they may be slightly moistened. QUANTITY OF MIXING WATER 12.5 litres of water per 25 kg bag. APPLICATION Generally applied in “dabs” approx. 10 cm in diameter, with 30 cm horizontal spacing and 40 cm vertical spacing on the plasterboard or insulation.

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