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Lightweight paste plaster for plasterboard joints



TECHNICAL DEFINITION CE 78 PERFECT’LIGHT is a ready-to-use lightweight jointing compound specially formulated for tapered-edge plasterboards, to be used with joint tape. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Resin, water, calcium carbonate, lightening fillers, preservative and various admixtures. The compound is white. SUITABLE SURFACES All types of tapered-edge, paper-lined plasterboard, with or without insulation. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Tape adherence : > 1000 g • Cracking : no cracking up to a thickness of 5 mm APPLICATION Before treating the joints themselves, any gaps where the plasterboards are accidentally out of alignment must be filled, along with any other gaps Apply the product manually, spreading the diluted mixture for 10 or 15 cm with a coating knife before applying the tape (with the rough side against the coating). Then apply a finishing layer, leave to dry and finish to hide the tape and screw heads. In the event of projecting vertical angles, use reinforced tape.

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