COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Resin, water, calcium carbonate, lightening fillers, preservatives and various adjuvants. The resulting paste is white in color. SUBSTRUCTURES ADMITTED All types of plasterboard with or without insulation with tapered edges and cardboard faces. COATINGS Printing undercoat for gypsum plasterboard. Smoothing coating. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS - Adhesion of the tape: > 1000 g - Cracking: no cracks up to 5 mm thick - Density: 1.2 STORAGE 9 months in original unopened packaging, protected from frost and heat. APPLICATION Before treatment of the joints themselves, the panels must be filled between accidentally non-joined panels and various fillings). The application is done manually by "buttering" the thinned panels with a 10 or 15 cm coating knife and placing the strip in place. Then carry out a finishing pass, let dry and finish to mask the strip. For vertical protruding corners, use a reinforced strip or a metal angle iron.

Plaster and plaster products

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